Chapter 0708

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Chapter 0708: Blasting open the Mountain Protecting Grand Array

“I went to the coronation of Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s new Sacred Lady on the invitation of Dao Friend Seeking Intelligence. Have to say, Dao Friend Seeking Intelligence’s Dao Laws grow more exquisite every year.” Another dark-faced Eternal Starry Sky Emperor spoke from the side.

The dark-faced Eternal Starry Sky Emperor wanted to take the initiative to talk with Ning Cheng.

It didn’t matter if Ning Cheng had the power everyone suspected he had; he felt it worth the time to get to know Ning Cheng due to the respect shown by Cang Caihe, the friendliness shown by Striking Order and the initiative from Chuan Xinlou.

Ning Cheng frowned, and asked in doubt, “Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s new Sacred Lady?”

Luofei and Qionghua were staying at Everlasting Sacred Shrine, which had put him at ease about their safety. After all, Everlasting Sacred Shrine had the Everlasting Sacred Tree, which could help Qionghua heal slowly. Ning Cheng also knew that even if he returned this time, he might not be able to take away Qionghua if she hadn’t fully recovered; moreover, he had also not yet found the Purple Yin Spirit Spring.

Another factor that had reassured Ning Cheng of that decision was not Seeking Intelligence, but Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Seeking Caution[1]. Ning Cheng felt confident in his assessment of that woman. He could tell that Seeking Caution would not break her word and that she would keep Luofei and Qionghua safe.

Therefore, Qionghua should still be the Sacred Lady of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. So how could they elect a new Sacred Lady?

“Bright Heaven Starry Sky’s Wu Hong greets Dao Friend Ning.” The dark-faced cultivator cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and said, “Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s previous Sacred Lady had fallen, so they chose to select a new Sacred Lady.”

Wu Hong had intentionally spoken up to try to get into Ning Cheng’s good books. Therefore, he did not miss the opportunity to introduce himself.

Ning Cheng’s face turned pale, and an incomparably sharp aura rushed out from him. Several Eternal-level powerhouses standing near him felt an oppressive chill suddenly descend.

With that feeling, the surrounding cultivators felt wholly convinced about Cang Caihe’s words. Ning Cheng truly had powerful cultivation, maybe he really was a ‘senior’ to all of them.

“Brother Wu, you said Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s previous Sacred Lady had fallen, is that really true?” Ning Cheng’s words trembled in disbelief and permeated through almost every word.

Wu Hong hesitated slightly before realising that Ning Cheng most likely had a relationship with the previous Sacred Lady. Thinking of that, he quickly replied, “That’s right. I heard that the previous Sacred Lady, who went by the name Qionghua, had fallen. This was why they had to establish a new Sacred Lady.”

He had only heard about it through the mouth of others. As an Eternal-level Powerhouse, he naturally wouldn’t care about the life and death of a Sacred Lady.

“Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, this Ning Cheng will visit next time…..” While talking, Ning Cheng grabbed Chasing Bull and suddenly disappeared from the guest hall.

“Humph, so rude and disrespectful. I’d like to see…..” Guo Sangan, on seeing Ning Cheng leave, gave a cold snort and began to put out hatred for Ning Cheng.

But before he could finish the sentence, a huge golden seal fell. There seemed to be a fierce-looking bird above this giant seal. Although the bird stood still on the giant seal, it added an extra layer of magnificent and intense imposing aura to it.

The raging imposing aura swept through the entire hall as it blasted towards Guo Sangan. Facing that imposing aura’s oppression, the surrounding cultivators immediately backed away.

Guo Sangan quickly shut his mouth and brought out his Bathing Fire Golden Censure. Just when the two golden lights collided, the force of impact blew Guo Sangan back, and he crashed into two Eternal Cultivators behind him. If it weren’t for the two cultivators in the Eternal Realm stopping him, he would have crashed directly into the wall of the hall.

That seal also blew aside his Bathing Fire Golden Censure, but the golden light shrouding the sky also faded.

After sending Guo Sangan flying with that golden seal with the bird on top, Ning Cheng did not pursue the matter and disappeared from the outside of the hall. However, Ning Cheng left behind a few words, “Guo Sangan, remember to keep your head clean. Endless Void Dock, I will visit it in the future.”

Guo Sangan’s face turned red, but he could not utter even a single word under Ning Cheng’s imposing aura.

One strike, just one hit had blown away Guo Sangan and forced him into such a pitiable state. This scene turned the entire hall silent once again. Even though Ning Cheng might have used a hidden weapon, it had still blown back Guo Sangan easily and without any effort. From this, everyone could see it clearly that Ning Cheng’s strength at least exceeded Guo Sangan. As for whether the difference in power was small or large, no one could tell as the exchange between the two happened suddenly and finished quickly.

Moreover, even if Ning Cheng had used a hidden weapon, no one could see through it; that itself was the strangest thing. One had to know that no one in this hall was a pushover, apart from the juniors that each expert brought.

“He seemed to be using an Imperial Jade Seal with the Power of Hope.” It was a long time before an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor spoke up.

The sentence from the Eternal Starry Sky Emperor caused another round of silence in the hall. Using a weapon powered with the Power of Hope to blow away Guo Sangan, just how much ‘hope’[2] did it need? Where did this unusual cultivator come from?


Ning Cheng felt anxious at this time. Back then, he had decided to leave in confidence because he felt that Everlasting Sacred Shrine could keep Qionghua safe. Besides, Everlasting Sacred Shrine had the Everlasting Sacred Tree that was the only thing available that could help her heal. This meant that even if he went to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, he wouldn’t be able to take away Qionghua; at least not without the Purple Yin Spirit Spring.

Unfortunately, despite being the place with the highest safety, he received the news of Qionghua’s fall from the Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain. This news jolted him to the core, turning him anxious to reach the Everlasting Sacred Shrine as quickly as possible.

Everlasting Sacred Shrine not only housed Qionghua but also Luofei. If something happened to Qionghua, would Luofei remain safe?

For this reason, he not only gave full control of the Starry Sky Wheel to Chasing Bull, Ning Cheng even gave Chasing Bull a good portion of Permanent Essence Pills to burn and push the Starry Sky Wheel’s speed to its limits.

At the same time, he continued to refine the Imperial Jade Seal. Bolstered by the Power of Hope, the Imperial Jade Seal had tremendous power, which had helped him during numerous critical situations. If Qionghua’s death really had something to do with the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, he would definitely fight with the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. At that time, the Imperial Jade Seal would bring him significant advantages.

One month later, when Ning Cheng just finished refining Imperial Jade Seal’s 76th layer of restriction, Chasing Bull sent a message that they had arrived at Nine Plate Starland.


Nine Jewels Starry Sky’s Everlasting Sacred Shrine was not a small academy, but it was also not a top-grade academy. However, after Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master Seeking Intelligence advanced to the Eternal Realm, the status of Everlasting Sacred Shrine quickly started to rise to the peak and moved closer to becoming a top-grade force. Even the Starry Sky Emperor[3] would pay attention to and try roping in any power with a cultivator in the Eternal Realm. Moreover, Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master Seeking Intelligence also had a close relationship with Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor of the Grand Culmination Starry Sky.

“This broken place is far worse than the Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain.” Chasing Bull looked at the entrance to Everlasting Sacred Shrine and spoke up with disdain.

In fact, Everlasting Sacred Shrine definitely was not a broken place. On the contrary, it was one of the ten densest areas of Celestial Essence within the Nine Plate Starland.

With several heavenly rivers stretching between the mountains, it added a fairyland-like atmosphere to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.

“Wait for me here.” Ning Cheng ordered Chasing Bull and landed in front of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.

He ordered Chasing bull to wait for him outside the Everlasting Sacred Shrine out of precaution. After all, he hadn’t battled any cultivator in the Eternal Realm head-on. Securing a path to retreat would be of critical importance if he could not take on the Eternal Cultivator in this place.

“Stop, this is the area of Everlasting Sacred Shrine. You are not allowed to come any closer.” A female cultivator from Everlasting Sacred Shrine stopped Ning Cheng just before he arrived at the entrance to the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.

Ning Cheng forcibly quelled his anxiety and spoke with a calm voice, “I’m looking for Ji Luofei.”

In any case, he had to see Ji Luofei first. Whether Qionghua’s fall had something to with the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, he couldn’t confirm it just yet.

“Humph, a shameless woman who slept with a man, the Sacred Master has already killed her. How dare you talk about that filthy name in my sacred shrine? Get lost before …” Before she could even finish her words, a huge foot landed on her chest, kicking her away as she spewed mouthfuls of blood.

After Ning Cheng kicked away that cultivator in anger, he directly brought out a long spear-type Dao Artefact and struck the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array at its array base.

If Seeking Intelligence had really killed Ji Luofei and Shi Qionghua, as that female cultivator had said, he would wash the entire Everlasting Sacred Shrine in blood today.

“Boom…..” The Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array trembled violently. Ning Cheng himself was an Emperor Array Master who could arrange Grade 7 Starry Sky Array Formations. Therefore, it was already incredible that a Grade 8 Starry Sky Mountain Protecting Formation could handle his full-powered strike.

Striking it a second time, the entire Mountain Protecting Grand Array trembled even more violently.

“Stop, don’t you dare attack the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of my Everlasting Sacred Shrine…..” A clear voice came from behind Ning Cheng. A sword light then followed, aimed at Ning Cheng’s heart. Not caring about the sword light, Ning Cheng threw a backhanded slap at it, while the long spear in his other hand kept bombarding the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Facing such continuous attacks from Ning Cheng, the Mountain Protecting Grand Array finally gave a slight ‘katcha’ sound.

The sword light couldn’t even come near to Ning Cheng when Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain suppressed it completely. Then, under Ning Cheng’s slap, even the voice from behind him disappeared.

“Stop.” A loud voice filled with rage erupted as the Mountain Protecting Grand Array gave out a loud rumble. It seemed as if someone was about to open the grand array from the inside.

However, Ning Cheng did not stop the bombardment with the long spear still in hand. Gathering every scrap of celestial essence in his body, he blew one last shot at the Mountain Protecting Grand Array’s Array Base.

“Katcha…..” Finally, that last spear strike from Ning Cheng managed to blast open Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

Seeking Intelligence appeared in front of Ning Cheng with anger all over her face, and behind Seeking Intelligence, cultivators flew out one after another. Within a short while, hundreds of cultivators stood opposite to Ning Cheng.

“Sacred Master, I couldn’t stop him.” A weak voice came from afar, followed by a cultivator in Heaven Seated Realm appearing beside Seeking Intelligence the next instant, embracing a female cultivator with blood dripping down her chest.

“Sacred Lady Qiang is seriously injured.” The cultivator in Heaven Seated Realm anxiously spoke up, pointing towards a beautiful young female cultivator in her hands.

This female cultivator was the one who had attacked Ning Cheng just now and told Ning Cheng to stop but ended up seriously injured by Ning Cheng’s slap.

“It’s you?” Seeking Intelligence stared at Ning Cheng and spoke in a cold voice. She knew Ning Cheng. In the past, this little ant said he liked Qionghua in front of her. Today, this tiny ant broke open Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array when she was just about to go into seclusion….

Wait, breaking Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array… Seeking Intelligence suddenly felt her heart tighten up. Even she could not break open Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array at full strength. Didn’t this mean that this person’s strength exceeded her?

[1] Mi Jin was actually the title of that woman who came to take back Qionghua from Ning Cheng. The title translates to ‘Seeking Caution’.

[2] Here, hope can also be replaced with faith as the characters can be interpreted in both ways.

[3] Starry Sky Emperor is a general title for Eternal-level cultivators who control a starry sky. Similar to Celestial River King who controls a celestial river within the starry sky and Celestial Lord who control a star/planet in a celestial river.

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