Chapter 0709

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Chapter 0709: Ice Bind against Setting Sun

“Where are my wives Qionghua and Luofei?” Ning Cheng’s killing intent merged with his domain and slowly spread out, forcing cultivators with lower cultivations who could not bear it to retreat one after another.

Seeking Intelligence never cared about the life or death of an ant, especially one like Ji Luofei. So when Ning Cheng asked, she just gave a snort and spoke, “What qualifications do an unclean woman has to live in my sacred shrine…..”

Having heard those words, how could Ning Cheng bear it? His killing intent instantly exploded outward, and the long spear in his hand shot out, creating a hollowed-out black space around it. At the same time, he sneered, “Did your parents not commit the same sin when giving birth to something like you? Or did you forget that you also came from a mother and a father…..”

The hollowed-out black space around the spear was the result of Ning Cheng’s killing intent and not because of the space around it cracking. His killing intent had become so powerful and concentrated at this moment that it ignored the surrounding area entirely. Facing such dense killing intent, people immediately got the illusion that the spear created numerous black holes in the space around it.

The surrounding space seemed to shrink under the influence of Ning Cheng’s spear. It felt like Ning Cheng’s spear would crush through and kill every single person that came in its way.

Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s low-levelled cultivators instinctively retreated. If they did not retreat quickly, they felt that the vacuum created by the spear intent would harvest the hearts and the life essence of everyone in its path.

However, the one feeling the most significant psychological shock was Seeking Intelligence. Facing such a powerful and monstrous spear intent, Seeking Intelligence forgot the anger induced from Ning Cheng’s words. She was not someone who hadn’t seen the world, but when she saw Ning Cheng’s spear thrust, she saw it pierce through a planet and completely obliterating it to dust. Although she could tell that the planet in question was just a tiny one, she felt that if she continued to wait, this spear would turn her to dust just like the planet.

With her cultivation advancing to the Eternal Realm, Seeking Intelligence quickly understood that this phenomenon was a result of mental oppression brought forth by Ning Cheng and his spear. Regardless of if she realised it or not, she knew that she could only use the Everlasting Sacred Sword to guard against it.

Ning Cheng’s invisible spear intent left no traces at all, so even as an Eternal-level powerhouse, Seeking Intelligence couldn’t find the real source of the murderous spear intent. That’s because this was his Traceless.

Seeking Intelligence, however, did not try to search for the source of Ning Cheng’s spear intent. Her Everlasting Sacred Sword did not bring out any sword light; instead, it brought forth an icy white sky that started to cover the area under it in snow.

The murderous aura from Ning Cheng’s Traceless Spear Intent coalesced instantly into a point. The snowflakes, manifestation of the majestic and seemingly incomparable sword rays, then quickly wrapped around Ning Cheng’s spear intent. A moment later, an icy explosion erupted.

Ning Cheng gave a grunt just before the explosion. He knew that cultivators in the Eternal Realm were powerful, but Seeking Intelligence was only a cultivator in the early stages of the Eternal Realm, so it did not make any sense for her to be this strong. She actually manifested a sword domain that stopped his Traceless Spear Technique and exposed the technique’s traces.

“Boom” When the spear intent and sword domain exploded, Ning Cheng’s powerful celestial essence and imposing aura blew away Seeking Intelligence. At the same time, Ning Cheng also flew back a few tens of meters because of the explosion.

“Crumble……” Although Ning Cheng stood tall, he saw the shaft of the high-rank Dao Artefact long spear in his hand split into two with the top half crumbling apart as it fell down.

That sword actually broke a high-rank Dao Artefact long spear. Seeing this, Ning Cheng frowned. Looks like the sword in Seeking Intelligence’s hand definitely was an unusual one.

Ning Cheng simply dropped the other half of the long spear and raised his hand to bring out the Nirvana Spear before stepping forward once again. The long spear had not left his grasp, but it still stirred up monstrous killing intent.

Seeking Intelligence, on the contrary, felt even more shaken, feeling that Ning Cheng had a much stronger spiritual consciousness. Otherwise, her sword domain wouldn’t have just pushed back Ning Cheng. But the fact was that Ning Cheng had truly blown her away. If not for the Everlasting Sacred Sword in her hand, the second-ranked treasure of Everlasting Sacred Shrine, she would have suffered even more injuries, let alone just breaking Ning Cheng’s weapon.

Seeing Ning Cheng bring out a new weapon, Seeking Intelligence took in a deep breath and uttered a sharp cry, “Falling Snow Ice Bind…..”

Ning Cheng turned out much more powerful than she had imagined.

All of a sudden, the Everlasting Sacred Sword in Seeking Intelligence’s hand started crumbling, transforming into snowflakes that began to flutter around in the sky. In just a moment, everything in the world around it changed into snowflakes. Even Seeking Intelligence, just like the rest of the things, transformed into snowflakes that began fluttering around in the sky.

Strong restrictive forces and repression started to spread out from the snowflakes, and Ning Cheng felt his body turning cold. He then saw cracks forming on his skin, giving him the impression that his body would break apart the next moment and transform into the same ice-cold snow all around him.

A spirit technique……

Ning Cheng quickly understood. In just an instant, the endless snowflakes started to gather around him. Icebergs began to form in the sky as they grew bigger and bigger as they rushed towards Ning Cheng like comets. The combination of snowflakes and icebergs squeezed the space, restricting Ning Cheng’s movement.

The ice and snow carried whisperings that affected one’s heart and soul, while the icebergs cast death-like repression; however, it targeted Ning Cheng alone. Only death could dissipate this repression, and only death could release him from those whisperings.

The sky seemed to have turned misty, and the disciples around Everlasting Sacred Shrine could only see a white world at this moment, feeling a cold aura permeating throughout the area. Occasionally whispering, occasionally roaring!

Beautiful-looking snowflakes kept raging in this world, filling it with a one-of-a-kind death aura. No one’s spiritual consciousness could penetrate into this ice and snow world, and no one could touch this ice and snow world. It seemed that as soon as one approached this world, one would dissolve into nothingness and devoured by the ice and snow.

“That’s our Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s strongest spirit technique, Falling Snow Ice Bind…..”

“Such a mighty spirit technique, Long live our Everlasting Sacred Shrine!”

“Long live Sacred Master….”

“Kill that ant that does not know the immensity of heaven and earth….”



When this Ice Bind Spirit Technique created this world, everything within this world came under the control of the technique, which in turn powered it further.

At this moment, no one thought that Ning Cheng would survive. Who could stay alive under such a spirit technique? It would be a huge joke otherwise. At this time, the disciples of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine only had a single feeling. That is, every one of them felt proud to be a disciple of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine and about having such a powerful Sacred Master.

With Everlasting Sacred Shrine having such a powerful spirit technique, and with such a powerful Sacred Master leading it, it would only result in death for anyone daring to challenge its authority.

However, Ning Cheng did not come to Everlasting Sacred Shrine to find death. He came here to take away Luofei and Qionghua. He came to tell Everlasting Sacred Shrine who Luofei and Qionghua were to him.

No matter the power contained within the snow and ice, it only caused some superficial marks over Ning Cheng’s skin, and cracked Ning Cheng’s robes. Even if Ning Cheng did not actively try to resist it, this Falling Snow Ice Bind Spirit Technique wouldn’t be able to tear through Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Body. In fact, this level of a spirit technique was far from enough to pose any danger.

Ning Cheng intentionally allowed the icebergs to suppress him, and let those whisperings of the ice and snow world tear away at him. After experiencing the full extent of this technique, he took a step forward and drew a semicircle with the long spear in his hand with him at the centre before pointing it at Seeking Intelligence.

With that point, the ice and snow world stopped moving. Even the icebergs shooting towards Ning Cheng also stopped at this moment. Not only that, even the snowflakes formed by the Ice Bind Spirit Technique came to a standstill.

A dustpan-sized sunset then appeared in the ice and snow world, bringing with it the sadness of dusk. Sadness birthed from the feeling of imminent decline.

As long as anyone looked at this sunset, they would all think that they would all meet the same fate as the setting sun one day, gradually sinking down, turning into dead bones, and ultimately forgotten……

This indicated despair, the stillness of desperation, the stillness of desperation for life.

The beautiful setting sun, yet so close to its dusk!

Spirit Technique, Sunset’s Twilight!

“Will I be the same as this dusk, gradually falling into obscurity one day?” Seeking Intelligence completely forgot about her spirit technique and muttered to herself while gazing at the sunset’s twilight as it kept sinking in front of her eyes.

No, I will never end like this dusk. I’m a powerhouse in the Eternal Realm. I will continue as an Eternal, I will live as long as the heaven and earth, I will make the Everlasting Sacred Shrine the same as heaven and earth, let it shine through the starry skies…

No, this was not the twilight of a sunset. A spirit technique, a spirit technique had suppressed her…

But why do I feel stillness all around me? Was this a spirit technique relating to the Laws of Time?

As Seeking Intelligence gathered her wits, her soul was already in a state of flux. Although she had heard about Laws of Time related spirit techniques in the past, this was the first time for her to experience one.

No, I can’t die! Seeing the long spear arrive in front of her glabella, Seeking Intelligence gave out a crazed tearing cry.

She succeeded; she finally broke away from the Sunset’s Twilight cast by Ning Cheng. However, her success came a little late, as Ning Cheng’s long spear had already pierced through her glabella.

“Old tramp, today this Ning Cheng will wash your Everlasting Sacred Shrine with blood….”

When Seeking Intelligence heard those words, she completely forgot that she was about to die under Ning Cheng’s spirit technique and even completely forgot about her pride. Instead, she fell to her knees and moaned, “Please don’t destroy the Everlasting Sacred Shrine….”

Some remorse and regret finally poured into her mind, and she recalled what Seeking Caution had told her. That Ning Cheng did not seem simple and not to push him too much. Yet, she still did everything.

“Poof…..” The long spear pierced through the glabella of Seeking Intelligence and brought forth a canopy of blood as the tip exited from the opposite side of her head.

Seeking Intelligence still kept staring at Ning Cheng with her dead eyes while murmuring, “Please don’t destroy my Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Let the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s inheritance get passed on….”

Ning Cheng clenched the long spear and spoke in a cold voice, “What qualifications do you have to speak to me about passing on its inheritance? You, trash who even forgot your parents, asking me to spare your shrine’s inheritance, could you be any more shameless?”

After saying that, Ning Cheng twisted the Nirvana Spear in his hand and crushed the already shattered life essence of Seeking Intelligence.

Maybe it was Ning Cheng’s words reminding her at the dying moment, but Seeking Intelligence suddenly thought of her parents. She had already forgotten about her parents even before she started cultivating at the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Did she truly not have the right to speak about its inheritance? The question rang in her mind before her consciousness finally blurred into oblivion…

Still immersed in the beautiful dusk, the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s disciples finally sobered up at this moment and saw the scene of Sacred Master Seeking Intelligence’s body falling to the ground.

“Sacred Master……” The new Sacred Lady, still severely injured, gave a loud cry and rushed up.

Ning Cheng held on to the Nirvana Spear tightly and did not move. Although he spared no effort to kill Seeking Intelligence using the Sunset’s Twilight, he also realised that the stronger the opponent’s cultivation, the more powerful Sunset’s Twilight had to be.

Fortunately, he was also a body-forging cultivator with a robust body-forging cultivation method. Otherwise, under the effects of Seeking Intelligence’s spirit technique, he might not have obtained an upper hand against her, even when using Sunset’s Twilight.

Looking at the frightened expressions of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s disciples, Ning Cheng’s eyes once again turned red and killing intent began to rise in his heart. From the moment he learned that Luofei had died due to Seeking Intelligence, the killing intent in his heart continued to grow stronger and stronger.

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