Chapter 0714

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Chapter 0714: The Powerful Bull Demon

Fu Yinghe, the head of Named River Chamber of Commerce, he really came here. Everyone understood that a good show would ensue.

“That’s him. He was the one who acted arrogantly in our Ji Clan’s restaurant. He not only beat our people but also took away Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s wanted woman.” One man wearing brocaded robed pointed at Ning Cheng from within the crowd and spoke with gnashing teeth to a black-robed male cultivator standing next to him.

“Uncle Baisen, you go and take him down. I want him to beg for death, let this ant know the consequences of offending our Ji Clan.” The brocade-robed male spoke almost word for word. However, he knew that he was not Ning Cheng’s opponent. If he could have taken down Ning Cheng, he would have already rushed forward.

The black-robed male cultivator, called Baisen, waved at the brocade-robed male, “Let’s wait for a bit. Fu Yinghe is here. This person not only provoked our Ji Clan but also provoked Named River Chamber of Commerce. I want to see how he plans to deal with it. If he can’t even cope with Fu Yinghe, why should my Ji Clan even bother with him?”

The brocade-robed man did not dare to contradict him and just muttered, “Uncle Baisen. If Fu Yinghe can take him out, would I even get the chance for revenge?”

The black-robed male cultivator showed a smile, “Revenge can never be obtained easily. But if Fu Yinghe can beat this person, then he would definitely humiliate him. At that time, you can go up and get revenge in whatever way you want. As long as you are in Named Descendant Celestial River, Named River Chamber of Commerce will have no choice but to give our Ji Clan some face.”

“Many thanks, Uncle Baisen.” The brocade-robed man felt overjoyed on hearing this.

Ning Cheng calmly stood with his hands behind his back as he glanced at Fu Yinghe before speaking with a calm voice. “If people from your Named River Chamber of Commerce did drive the owners of the previous winery away and even hurt them just because they walked a little slower, then Named River Chamber of Commerce should no longer exist in Named Descendant Celestial River.”

“Haha….” Fu Yinghe laughed in anger. “I’ve seen crazy people before, but I’ve never met anyone as crazy as you. Since that is the case, allow this Fu Yinghe to tell you that my Named River Chamber of Commerce doesn’t need an unknown ant telling us what to do. Since you destroyed my Named River Chamber of Commerce’s merchant house today, use your flesh and blood and your life essence to pay for it…..”

While speaking, killing intent kept oozing out from Fu Yingzhe and pressed down layer by layer. The nearby cultivators continuously retreated. Yet under the suppression from the imposing aura, they all felt extremely uncomfortable.

Ning Cheng kicked Chasing Bull beside him and said, “Chasing Bull, take care of this fellow. He’s not worth my hands.”

Chasing Bull looked forward to watching its master kill Fu Yinghe before going up and acting arrogant once again. It never expected that its master would send it up to fight. It quickly put down its head and spoke with a mournful voice, “Master, I’m still a child…..”

“Go up and fight. If you lose, then stay in the ring and never ask to come out.” Ning Cheng flicked at Chasing Bull’s tail.

Hearing that it wouldn’t be able to come out on losing, Chasing Bull immediately rushed forward. Staying inside with those damn wasps with no chance of coming out, suicide would be a much better option. Now that it saw the outside world, how could Chasing Bull willingly go back inside to live by itself?

This old bull really would have to lead a lousy life if that happened. Besides, since master told me to fight, he definitely would not let me die.

After Chasing Bull consoled itself with this, it rushed straight up, seemingly ignoring Fu Yingzhe’s domain suppression. Opening its mouth, it spat out a thick blade light. At the same time, it lifted its front hooves and stomped down at Fu Yinghe.

“Looking for death….” Fu Yinghe, on seeing that a Starry Sky Grade 6 demonic beast dared to ignore his domain, gave a snort and punched out. He felt too lazy even to bring out a weapon.

He believed that as long as this stupid bull remained within the range of his domain, it would have to exert a lot of strength to move even an inch. This way, he could easily smash it to a pulp with his fist. One punch, one move, it was more than enough to kill this stupid bull.

This wild yet young cultivator most likely pretended arrogance by concealing his cultivation. Therefore, Fu Yinghe wanted to let this bastard to know that not everyone was a coward.

However, Fu Yinghe felt something wrong the next moment. His domain showed no effect over this stupid bull. Moreover, his domain was cracking apart inch-by-inch, indicating suppression from an even stronger domain. He also felt his fist suddenly slowing down.

Suppression from an Eternal expert, Fu Yingzhe’s expressions suddenly changed. Only an expert in the Eternal Realm could suppress him with such an absolute advantage. He didn’t know that Ning Cheng was only at the Life and Death Realm, but his domain and spiritual consciousness went beyond even ordinary cultivators in the Eternal Realm.

Before he could even speak, Chasing Bull’s Wind Edge arrived. This Wind Edge completely ignored Fu Yinghe’s domain and directly collided with his fist.

“Poof….” A stream of blood erupted and Fu Yinghe’s fist bones broke instantly. It’s just that the cultivations of Chasing Bull and Fu Yinghe were too far apart; therefore, even with Ning Cheng’s help, its attack could only break Fu Yinghe’s fist.

Chasing Bull grew ecstatic on seeing this. If I knew that it would be this simple, this Grandpa Bull would have volunteered for it, instead of letting master look down on me. It reaffirmed that its master would not send it out just to die, and this incidence further cemented it.

Ning Cheng frowned when he saw that Chasing Bull’s Wind Edge lacked power. Looks like this stupid bull did not have any real ability apart from flattery.

Therefore, to finish this quickly, Ning Cheng shot out several spiritual consciousness blades. With Ning Cheng, possessing stronger cultivation compared to Fu Yinghe and secretly helping Chasing Bull against Fu Yinghe, how could Fu Yinghe survive?

As the several spiritual consciousness blades cut into Fu Yinghe’s Sea of Consciousness, Fu Yinghe’s Sea of Consciousness suddenly cracked.

Fu Yinghe had already gone into panic mode when the Wind Edge breaking his fist. But when he suffered severe injuries to his Sea of Consciousness, it made his fist even less effective. As for taking out a weapon, he simply did not get the chance at all. Even if he had a chance, Fu Yinghe understood that he was not an opponent of this man standing not far from him.

He realised that he had made a blind judgement. This unknown young cultivator was an absolute powerhouse. Other people might not have sensed Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness blades, but he naturally experienced their power first hand. However, before Fu Yinghe could even speak, Chasing Bull’s hoof had already fallen.

“Katcha…..” Chasing Bull’s hoof struck Fu Yinghe’s chest directly, immediately breaking his sternum and forcing him to spew several mouthfuls of blood. Chasing Bull did not let go and took the opportunity to raise its hoof once again.

Ning Cheng knew that if he didn’t take any action, then even if Fu Yinghe suffered severe injuries today, Chasing Bull would not be able to kill him. Therefore, Ning Cheng raised his hand and threw out a fireball, and simultaneously took away Fu Yinghe’s ring while still in the air.

In just a few dozen breaths, Fu Yinghe turned into ashes. Ning Cheng had previously upgraded the Scarlet Crow Flames to Nirvana Grade 3 using the leftover Fire Origin Crystals, and Fu Yinghe had not undergone any type of body refining. Therefore, Fu Yinghe couldn’t last long surrounded by Ning Cheng’s Scarlet Crow Flame.

Chasing Bull proudly stood at the place where Fu Yinghe fell and raised its head before speaking, “Just a puny chamber master, yet dares to fight me; this old bull could still kill you with just a sneeze.”

Whether or not Chasing Bull could do it, the crowd immediately went silent. No one could tell if Ning Cheng took action. Therefore, everyone looked at Chasing Bull with awe. Looks like the demonic beast was the stronger of the two, it definitely was a powerful bull demon. No wonder this young cultivator dared to go against Named River Chamber of Commerce so openly. Many people couldn’t help but think that if they had such a powerful demonic beast as their pet, maybe they could have also dared to provoke Named River Chamber of Commerce.

“Go….” At the far end of the crowd, the black-robed male cultivator called Baisen pulled that brocade-robed man away before rushing out and quickly disappearing.

Ning Cheng’s gaze coldly followed the back of the black-robed male cultivator. However, he didn’t try to catch them. Now was not the time for it, his primary focus was to find Ruolan.

“Uncle Baisen…..” It was not until they passed through the Covered Snow City’s East Gate did the brocade-robed man speak up in horror. He never expected the arrogant bull would be this powerful. It killed the master of Named River Chamber of Commerce as if he was just a common fly; no, as if it was as natural as breathing.

“Pa….” After the black-robed male cultivator put down the brocade-robed man, he immediately slapped him. Five bloody marks appeared over the brocade-robed man’s face, forcing him to open his mouth and spit out a few teeth.

“Uncle Baisen….” The brocade-robed man looked at the black-robed male cultivator with some disbelief.

The black-robed cultivator originally had a bronze-coloured face, but now it looked red in anger, “Ji Zhengsheng, you bastard. You actually dared to create such a big enemy for my Ji Clan.”

After Chasing Bull killed Fu Yinghe, Ji Baisen understood that \ Ji Clan now had a powerful enemy. Although Ji Clan was not afraid of such an opponent, this kind of opponent was not something the Second Revenant Star’s Celestial Lord Ji Yaozhi could handle. In terms of cultivation, Ji Yaozhi couldn’t even match up to Fu Yinghe.

If that bull could kill Fu Yinghe, then it could also kill Ji Yaozhi or even him, Ji Baisen. Perhaps only the foremost person of their Ji Clan, Named Descendant Celestial River King Ji Yangjiao, who had reached the Life and Death Realm, can kill that arrogant beast.

“Uncle Baisen, that man knows about our Ji Clan, but did not dare talk about it in the restaurant, we don’t need to…..”

“Pa…..” This brocade-robed man named Ji Zhengsheng didn’t finish his words when Ji Baisen slapped him again.

“Pig.” Ji Baisen pointed to Ji Zhengsheng and said, “You really are a pig. Didn’t you see that he was looking for someone? He didn’t touch your broken merchant house because he got a clue there. The reason he made a move against Named River Chamber of Commerce was that the clues about the people he was searching for ended there. If you don’t believe it, then just wait and see if that person will return to your broken restaurant. I’m sure, in the end, whether he found them or not, he will come back to our Ji Clan’s establishment at the end of the East Gate Grand Bridge.”

Ji Zhengsheng felt shocked on hearing this, and only spoke up after a long time, “What should we do?”

“What else can we do? Tell the Celestial Lord about it immediately, and at the same time, pass on the message to our Ji Clan’s ancestor, Named Descendant Celestial River King as soon as possible.” Ji Baisen spoke with an ugly expression.


After Ning Cheng killed Fu Yinghe, the surrounding cultivators no longer dared to make even the slightest sound. Some of the weaker cultivators, who did not want to involve themselves with this matter, started to carefully step back. Fu Yinghe’s death showed that the words of this strange cultivator, the talks about uprooting Named River Chamber of Commerce from Named Descendant Celestial River, were not just some random ramblings, but an ironclad fact. Since Fu Yinghe died today, he wouldn’t even need to do anything to Named River Chamber of Commerce. It would disappear automatically.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists towards the spectating cultivators and spoke up, “Friends, there were three cultivators who had opened a wine store here before this merchant store came up. But Named River Chamber of Commerce drove the three people away by force. Does anyone here know where these three people went? If you do, I can give you another middle-rank flight-type Dao Artefact.”

While talking, Ning Cheng waved his hand again and threw out a middle-rank Dao Artefact airship. At the same time, he asked Lu Yu to project the image of Helian Dai in the air for everyone to see.

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