Chapter 0715

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Chapter 0715: This Temple Is Mine

For the wealthier cultivators in Heaven’s Mandate Realm or even some in the Celestial Bridge Realm, a middle-rank flight-type Dao Artefact was definitely a precious treasure, precious enough to scramble head-over-heels for it. But this area mostly contained rogue cultivators who did not carry much wealth; moreover, many cultivators here were in the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Therefore, when Ning Cheng took out a middle-aged flight-type Dao Artefact, it immediately caught the attention of almost every single cultivator present here. Everyone immediately started asking each other about the whereabouts of the previous three people who ran this place.

However, many people didn’t know about the three in question. Besides, even if they did, they wouldn’t tell others about it.

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept through the crowd. After half-an-incense-stick worth of time, an old man with white hair and beard, and with cultivation in the Undead Realm, came forward after some hesitation. After arriving in front of Ning Cheng, he bowed before speaking, “Senior, I only heard a few words exchanged between those three people, so I’m not completely sure about the authenticity of it.”

“Whether authentic or not, you should speak first.” Ning Cheng said immediately.

“Yes.” The old man didn’t dare to hesitate, “I was here when the two female cultivators moved away from this place, supporting a male cultivator with a sickly face between them. One of the female cultivators said something about heading to the Ancient Shadow Temple, but the male cultivator said that he could not go to the temple in his current state. He also said that the two female cultivators’ cultivation was too low to explore that place. As for whether they really went in, I’m not sure as I didn’t follow them.”

“When did this happen?” Ning Cheng asked in a deep voice.

The old man quickly replied, “It’s been almost three months, right after their shop got occupied.”

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept through the crowd again, “Who else knows the exact news?”

No one in the crowd came forward to speak. In fact, of the cultivators here, who would be free and bored enough to keep track of others, especially since they had nothing to do with them? As for fooling this expert with such a powerful demonic pet, no one even dared to entertain such a thought.

Seeing that no one else came forward with news about Ning Ruolan, Ning Cheng put the middle-rank Dao Artefact into the hands of the old man, “This airship is yours.”

The old man felt pleasantly surprised at seeing the airship hovering over his hand. Quickly coming to his senses, he shouted, “I’m selling this flight-type weapon to the highest bid.”

For him, the most important thing was not the flight-type weapon, but celestial coins. With enough celestial coins, he could buy all sorts of medicinal pills. Besides, the flight-type weapon in his hands was too hot for him to handle.

Ning Cheng didn’t care too much about it. He arranged an array formation that covered the ruins. Then, just after completing the array formation, he put up a huge sign, Cheng Ruolan Materials. Although much bigger than the signs of the nearby stores, no one dared to speak up that this sign might affect their business.

Even Named Descendant Celestial River’s remaining four chambers of commerce did not dare to say anything about the sign affecting their business.

Ning Cheng believed that as long as Ruolan came here, she would definitely recognise this sign. Even a look at this sign would tell her that he was here. In this place, only he and Ning Ruolan knew about the significance of Cheng Ruolan Materials.

“I’m going to the Ancient Shadow Temple now. You can come with me if you want.” Ning Cheng looked back at Lu Yu and Dong Li, who led him here.

Lu Yu had a calculating mind. She knew that if she followed Ning Cheng and received Ning Cheng’s protection every time, it would not help her and Dong Li in making a connection with Ning Cheng. If they wanted to make a reliable connection with Ning Cheng, they had to leave a more profound impression in the eyes of this Senior Ning.

Thinking of this, Lu Yu bowed, “Senior, Dong Li and I will stay here and wait for senior to return. Besides, we might get in your way inside the temple with our low cultivations.”

Ning Cheng was just about to remind them about the potential revenge from Ji Clan. However, he quickly understood Lu Yu’s intent. Lu Yu wanted to stay here, despite the fear, in case Ruolan and others returned after seeing the sign. She wanted to risk her life to wait for Ruolan to show that she did have a clear heart. She wanted to prove that for the sake of Ruolan, she did not mind putting her life in danger.

“Ok, you can stay here. I’ll leave a cave abode. Crush this jade talisman the moment Ruolan returns or if there is any danger.” Ning Cheng took out a jade talisman and gave it to Lu Yu. At the same time, he also brought out a cave above and integrated it with the original array formation.

“If you look after the place well, my master will not treat you two too badly.” Chasing Bull also pretended to put up a pretence.

“You stay here too.” Ning Cheng spoke while glancing at Chasing Bull.

He didn’t think that Ji Clan would take the initiative right away. Besides, even if Ji Clan did want to harm them, he could arrive in time the moment Lu Yu crushed the jade talisman. In case Ruolan returned, there was still Chasing Bull here, so it could at least flee with them. At least in speed, Chasing Bull had an overwhelming advantage.

Chasing Bull did not dare to refute Ning Cheng’s words. Fortunately, there were so many people here; therefore, it didn’t matter if others stayed with it or not, it felt quite satisfied with the arrangement.


Ning Cheng reached the entrance of the Ancient Shadow Temple, but a blockade of restrictions stopped him. Four late-stage Heaven’s Mandate cultivators stood at the front, blocking the only entry that also had a layer of restrictions covering it.

“What’s going on?” Ning Cheng looked at the entrance and doubtfully asked.

The Heaven’s Mandate cultivator at the front respectfully saluted Ning Cheng before speaking up with cupped fists, “Friend, all cultivators who want to enter the Ancient Shadow Temple must pay 10,000 purple coins. It’s a requirement set up the Celestial Lord.”

The four of them stood guard at the entrance of the Ancient Shadow Temple and naturally knew what had happened a few moments ago. Ning Cheng’s companion beast had easily killed Fu Yinghe, the founder and master of Named River Chamber of Commerce. They understood that all four of them could not match up to a single hoof of this companion beast, so how could they dare to be rude to Ning Cheng?

At this time, many cultivators followed behind Ning Cheng and wanted to see if Ning Cheng would actually pay the entrance fees. Many people hoped that Ning Cheng would not pay the fees and even open the entrance to them. That way, everyone would be able to make a fortune following in the footsteps of this person.

10,000 purple coins meant nothing to Ning Cheng, but to ordinary cultivators, even if they saved up for many years, they would not be able to amass 10,000 purple coins. It also showed that despite wanting to enter the Ancient Shadow Temple, many cultivators would not be able to do so.

Ning Cheng guessed that the purpose of this entrance fees was to reduce the number of entering cultivators, while at the same time adding some extra money to the coffers. It also pointed to the fact that if any cultivator obtained some good things inside and wanted to come out, they would have to go through another round of exploitation. Thinking of those cultivators who came from afar, how could they stop after reaching this entrance? Apart from the huge capital spent to arrive here and enter, those cultivators from afar would also have to find a way to get the items obtained to the outside undetected.

Ning Cheng felt worried. If this entrance fees had been set up since the start, Ruolan would definitely find it impossible to get in. Three people would mean 30,000 purple coins. Running just a small restaurant would not generate them such a huge chunk of money.

“When was this entrance fees set?” Ning Cheng asked after some thought.

The cultivator, who had initially spoken to Ning Cheng, replied once again with a respectful voice, “A little more than two months ago, on the order of the Celestial Lord.”

This fellow had repeatedly mentioned the words ‘Celestial Lord’ to Ning Cheng to let him know that this place still came under the jurisdiction of Second Revenant Star’s Celestial Lord. He can’t think of this place as those stores opened by Named River Chamber of Commerce.

“Are you implying that this place belongs to Second Revenant Star’s Celestial Lord Ji Yaozhi?” Ning Cheng’s tone turned cold. He already planned to visit the gates of Ji Clan eventually. Since Ji Clan had forced Ruolan away from this place and he had no idea if she was alive or not, the hidden intent in those words immediately flared the anger already burning in his heart.

“Exactly.” The cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm gave out a sigh of relief, finally having to move away from the euphemisms for the Celestial Lord’s name.

However, he quickly felt something wrong. What was wrong? This cultivator standing in front of him had directly called out the Celestial Lord’s name. Moreover, seemingly without any respect.

Just when he figured out the problem, Ning Cheng gave out a snort, “There’s no need for you to stay here anymore. From now on, there will no longer be a tollgate here. Anyone can enter or leave this place freely. As an ownerless mystic realm, it belongs to everyone.”

Another cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm standing at the back spoke up with an anxious voice, “How is it ownerless? Since this mystic realm appeared in Second Revenant Star, it naturally belongs to the Celestial Lord…..”

Ning Cheng laughed before speaking, “It appeared in Second Revenant Star, so it belongs to the Celestial Lord, heh. Looks like this Celestial Lord really has some prestige. But since I’m the closest to the entrance of this mystic realm, I declare that this Ancient Shadow Temple now belongs to me.”

“You….” The cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm instantly turned furious at Ning Cheng and did not know what to say.

But Ning Cheng did not let him speak at all. Raising his hand, Ning Cheng slapped the air a few times. The slaps immediately blew away the four cultivators. The next moment, Ning Cheng brought out the Nirvana Spear. From this display, he could understand the overbearing and bullying behaviour of the Ji Clan. They had even set up an entrance fee for an ownerless mystic realm.

The Nirvana Spear shot out a few spear shadows, “Katcha, katcha….”

Ning Cheng blew away all the restrictions covering the entrance in just a few breaths. With nothing blocking the access to the Ancient Shadow Temple, anyone could now enter the temple without paying a single celestial coin.

The crowd felt emotional at this and immediately applauded. At the same time, no one wanted to fall behind and rushed into the Ancient Shadow Temple.

Ning Cheng stood at the entrance and said, “Everyone, if you see her, please do help me look out for her. When I come out, I will definitely reward you all.”

Ning Cheng then drew an image of Ning Ruolan but did not mention that Ruolan was his sister. He only portrayed their relationship as ordinary friends. Moreover, others would only extend their help if there were some benefits involved. If he mentioned a familial bond, who knows if someone harbouring a grudge against Ruolan, might end up capturing her to gain favour from Ji Clan?

“Many thanks, Senior. We definitely will keep it in mind.” The cultivators who went in vowed one after another. Besides, this was just a simple promise to help if they could. Moreover, it was also a good thing to develop a good relationship with such a formidable expert.

Every cultivator who rushed into the temple first cupped their fists and bowed towards Ning Cheng as a form of thanks.

Ning Cheng also did not hesitate anymore and rushed into the temple. Ning Cheng did not feel any familiarity with the Ancient Shadow Temple, but he did feel the weirdness of its name. It made him worry about Ruolan. If Ruolan truly entered the Ancient Shadow Temple, it might turn out dangerous for her, especially with her cultivation.

Blue-coloured stones made up the path leading to the Ancient Shadow Temple, and every step on it made a distinct noise. However, Ning Cheng couldn’t see the surrounding scene, even with his spiritual consciousness. As Ning Cheng walked a few meters inside, he felt his body turning empty and instantly realised that this path was actually a transfer array.

Looks like if one wanted to ‘enter’ the Ancient Shadow Temple, one had to go through this transfer array. It implied that the Ancient Shadow Temple was definitely not just ‘outside’ the east gate of the Covered Snow City.

Ning Cheng landed on the ground a moment later and found that the surrounding area did not look like a hall, yet his spiritual consciousness could not extend far in any direction. He did not immediately step up to check the situation but turned around to see if he could still get out.

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