Chapter 0719

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Chapter 0719: Frighteningly Powerful

“So it’s Brother Ji. Sorry, I came here in a hurry. But I did plan to visit Brother Ji later. I hope it didn’t alarm Brother Ji, and if so, please do forgive me.” Lilan Yanlang stood with cupped fists in front of Named Descendant Celestial River King, Ji Yangyao and spoke with a not-so-warm tone.

Ji Yangyao didn’t seem to care about Orchid Borough King’s tone and still spoke with a smile, “In any case, since Brother Orchid Borough is here, let me do my best as a host and a friend.”

Orchid Borough Celestial River King shifted his gaze to Lu Yu and spoke with a cold tone, “I came here to find someone. I would have left after finding this person. But it seems like someone is sheltering this person. But since this is a good site, I suddenly don’t want to leave anymore. I want to stay here and so some business.”

As a Celestial River King, he naturally was not an idiot. Someone had informed him about Lu Yu’s presence here, which was the main reason he came here. But this Ji Yangyao arrived just behind him. From this, he could tell that Ji Yangyao also received this information, but this fellow purposefully waited for his arrival before showing up.

Regardless, he found the situation quite strange. Taking in everything, he found no particularly remarkable person within the crowd. Why did Ji Yangyao put up such an act just to rope him in? If he had grabbed Lu Yu and sent her to Orchid Borough Celestial River, he might have felt more grateful for it.

Ji Yangyao laughed, “These are just trivial matters. I was just about to invite Brother Orchid Borough to work together before you showed up here. You see, I found a perfect place within the Ancient Shadow Temple, but I’m just too weak to explore it by myself, and wanted to find some like-minded friends to team up and explore it.”

“That’s easy to do, but it will have to wait till I take this person away.” Orchid Borough Celestial River King raised his hand and punched at the array formation that Ning Cheng had arranged.

Chasing Bull knew that it would have to bear the brunt if it didn’t do anything right now, so opening its mouth, it shot out a blade light.

“Boom…..” With a bang, the fist’s imposing aura burst Chasing Bull’s blade light burst into nothingness. The strong shockwave forced Chasing Bull deeper into the defensive array formation around store rubble.

Lu Yu and Dong Li hurried over to help Chasing Bull.

“Hmm….” Ji Yangyao frowned while looking at Chasing Bull, as well as the defensive array that the Orchid Borough Celestial River King has just punched.

He had previously received news that a formidable demonic bull had appeared in Covered Snow City that had killed the master of Named River Chamber of Commerce, Fu Yinghe without much effort.

Since this demonic bull could kill Fu Yinghe without even letting him fight back, its strength should definitely be at least on par with him, Ji Yangyao. This was also the main reason why he wanted to rope in Lilan Yanlang.

But it wasn’t worth all the trouble now, did it? Although Lilan Yanlang had just advanced to the Life and Death Realm, his real strength remained slightly worse of the two. So how could that punch push back the demonic bull and even injured it? From the looks of it, if not for the protection of the defensive array, that punch would have definitely killed that demonic bull.

Which meant that this defensive array did not look as simple as it looked on the surface. Only a powerful Array Formation King could arrange such a formidable defensive array.

“Quickly, call master….” After Chasing Bull got up, it immediately yelled at Lu Yu to call Ning Cheng.

“Ah, senior…..” Just as Lu Yu took out the jade talisman, she saw Ning Cheng coming over with Ning Ruolan and Helian Dai.

Chasing Bull also saw Ning Cheng and no longer hid behind the defensive array formation. It immediately rushed out and cried with a miserable voice, “Master, while you were gone, your bull was almost killed by these people. A group of Celestial River Kings attacked me. I wanted to protect Cheng Ruolan Materials, but they severely injured me. Master, you have to avenge me…..”

Chasing Bull said those words with a miserable tone and even put up a performance filled with snot and tears.

The people around the edges felt speechless. A group of Celestial River Kings attacked you? How could one exaggerate things this much? From the looks of it, this fellow couldn’t even contend against a punch from Orchid Borough Celestial River King. The only reason it could keep its life was due to the defensive array. With such skills, how could it be worthy of being attacked by a group of Celestial River Kings? Besides, there was no group of Celestial River Kings here. Only Orchid Borough King and Named Descendant King.

Ning Cheng knew that Chasing Bull was spewing bullshit. He ignored Chasing Bull, but his gaze moved to Orchid Borough Celestial River King and Named Descendant Celestial River King’s side. The two of them were at the Life and Death Realm. Moreover, they were both at the early stages of the Life and Death Realm. To be honest, this level of cultivation couldn’t even let him warm up.

“Sect Master Ning, Ruolan…..” Luo Ziyan was the first one to call out in surprise.

“Sect Master…..” Zhang Qian felt equally surprised. He truly didn’t expect to meet Sect Master Ning in this place. In his mind, Ning Cheng was akin to a deity. Even Sect Master Rui Baishan could not match up Sect Master Ning in his heart.

Li Lingfan smiled, “Brother Ning, I didn’t expect to see you here. Sorry, I should be addressing you as Sect Master Ning.”

Ning Cheng also saw Luo Ziyan as the three of them came over to greet him. He felt quite happy to see those three in this place. Ning Cheng had always been looking out for an acquaintance but hadn’t found any. But now, in addition to his younger sister, he met three acquaintances at the same time.

“Zhang Qian, Ziyan, Lingfan, wait with Ruolan for a bit. I have a few words to exchange with those two great men who injured my companion beast.” Ning Cheng showed a grin.

Ning Ruolan also saw Orchid Borough Celestial River King and Named Descendant Celestial River King. Although she didn’t know and had never seen Orchid Borough Celestial River King, she had definitely seen Named Descendant Celestial River King, Ji Yangyao, once before. Moreover, she also knew several people standing behind Ji Yangyao, Second Revenant Star’s Celestial Lord Ji Yaozhe and the scarlet-robed female cultivator who slapped her…

“Brother….” After seeing these people clearly, Ning Ruolan was so shocked that she grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand and said, “You can’t go up, they, they….”

At this moment, Ning Ruolan only held fear and confusion in her eyes, and could not find the right words to describe it at this time.

If she were alone, it would have been fine. But now that her big brother was here, she really did not want it to affect her big brother. What should she do? Could she do anything? At this moment, she felt utterly lost. She also couldn’t process this matter thoroughly, especially since she had already given up the restaurant. Why would people from Ji Clan try to look for and stop them? Moreover, even Named Descendant Celestial River King was here in person.

Helian Dai also quickly came up and grabbed on to Ning Cheng, “Big Brother Ning Cheng, you can’t go up. Let’s just pay the penalty and leave.”

But then she realised something, would it really work? Against a Celestial River King, even if they fled for tens of thousands of miles, that person would still catch up to them and kill them quickly at any time. So how could they escape against two who stood right in front of them?

“For what crime? Why should we make amends?” Chasing Bull spoke despite the injuries. Now that Ning Cheng had returned, it once again started to feel pride well up inside it.

For what crime? Helian Dai also felt at a loss. She couldn’t think of any crime that they would have to pay.

Ning Cheng frowned when he saw the fear in Helian Dai and Ning Ruolan’s eyes. He looked at Helian Dai and asked, “Little Sister Dai, what‘s scaring you to this extent?”

Helian Dai spoke up on the verge of tears, “She almost killed Big Sister Ruolan back then, and she is here again….”

When Ning Cheng heard this, the murderous intent he kept suppressed within immediately burst out, causing Helian Dai, who stood next to him, to shudder subconsciously. Ning Cheng quickly reigned in his killing intent and asked in a cold voice, “Tell me who did it.”

“The one in scarlet-robes… she came again. When we met last time, she slapped Big Sister Ruolan and almost killed her with that slap….”

Before Helian Dai finished her words, Ning Cheng disappeared. Even Named Descendant Celestial River King Ji Yangyao couldn’t stop or even see Ning Cheng move. On appearing once again, everyone saw Ning Cheng holding that scarlet-robed female cultivator in the air by her neck.

“Put down Hongliu.” Ji Yangyao turned furious and pressed down his domain over Ning Cheng. If Ji Hongliu were not in Ning Cheng’s hands, he would have moved to kill Ning Cheng instantly.

However, when his domain collided with Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain, it could not produce even the slightest ripple at all before disappearing without a trace.

Ji Yangyao felt shocked, and his anger instantly evaporated. A moment later, he forcibly calmed himself down. He immediately understood that the information he received before coming here was incorrect. That demonic bull was not the powerful one, this young man in front of him was.

Ning Cheng ignored Ji Yangyao completely, pulled Ji Hongliu closer to him while still grabbing her neck, and asked, “Before, when you tried to kill my sister Ruolan, did you beat her up?”

Ji Hongliu had already gone into shock. She never thought that even with her grandfather Named Descendant Celestial River King and her uncle who was the Second Revenant Star’s Celestial Lord present here, someone would still dare to pick her up like a rubber chicken. She couldn’t put up any resistance at all. One had to know, she was also a cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

“If you don’t say it, then you don’t need to say it. Go to hell.” Ning Cheng’s chilly killing intent invaded and overwhelmed Ji Hongliu’s consciousness.

Ji Hongliu shivered uncontrollably before finally speaking, “Yes, I slapped her, but she walked away quickly, so I didn’t kill her…..”

Caught in Ning Cheng’s hands, she found no reason not to give all the facts.

Seizing my sister’s shop and even trying to kill her, let’s see what ability your Ji Clan has.

Ning Cheng then raised his hand, slapped Ji Hongliu’s face twice, and said coldly, “I usually don’t hit women; I’d rather kill them directly. But since you ‘only’ hit my sister, I’ll make an exception today.”

After slapping her two times, Ning Cheng flung his hand and threw Ji Hongliu away.

Ji Hongliu screamed in horror after falling to the ground, “My foundation, you ruined it….”

With her foundation ruined, her cultivation quickly dissipated; it also indicated that she could no longer cultivate again. Within the starry sky, if cultivator’s cultivation scattered, or the foundation destroyed, it was akin to a judgement worse than a death sentence.

After Ji Hongliu screamed those words, she quickly lost conscious.

Numerous cultivators looked at Ning Cheng in shock. Initially, they had all thought of Chasing Bull as the powerful one, but now they understood that the real expert was not the demonic bull, but the master of the demonic bull. Despite two Celestial River King present here in person, he had easily managed to ruin Ji Hongliu’s cultivation. This showed that the strength of this person did not lose out to any of the two Celestial River Kings.

Orchid Borough Celestial River King also felt equally shocked. He had already recognised Ning Cheng the moment Ning Cheng walked in here. Moreover, Orchid Borough also knew that his Imperial Concubine had run away with Ning Cheng’s friend. However, before he could even do anything, things had taken a turn for the worse. Just the thought of that little cultivator growing to such a terrifying level made him feel appalled.

“Brother…..” Ning Ruolan, who was also in a state of panic, finally understood that her Big Brother Ning Cheng was already an expert. Moreover, an expert no weaker than the two Celestial River Kings. At this moment, nothing could replace her inner joy and surprise. She was even trembling a little from the excitement. Her big brother was the most powerful. Regardless of the place, irrespective of the time, nothing could ever change this fact.

“Ruolan, Sect Master has always been the most powerful.” Luo Ziyan could also feel Ning Ruolan’s excitement and reached out to keep her steady. She also felt equally shocked in her heart. In her view, Ning Cheng always remained the strongest, no matter when or where they met.

“Yes, Sect Master is definitely the most powerful.” Zhang Qian didn’t feel too surprised. No matter what Ning Cheng did, Ning Cheng’s actions would no longer shock him anymore.

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