Chapter 0720

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Chapter 0720: You Don’t Deserve It

“Who the hell are you?” Ji Yangyao didn’t go to check on Ji Hongliu, whose cultivation Ning Cheng had abolished; instead, he stared coldly at Ning Cheng.

From what he saw, Ning Cheng had a deep comprehension when it came to the Dao of Array, but at the same time, this person had also easily destroyed Ji Hongliu’s cultivation. How could this person be a nameless junior? If it wasn’t a result of body possession, the only other possibility was that this person was an expert from another Grand Starry Sky.

“Bah, how could someone like you even dare question master? This old bull had followed master when he decided to visit Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain; do you even know where it is? Do you even know about Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain? That’s Heavenly Emperor Chuan Xinlou’s domain. You should at least know Striking Order Heavenly Emperor, don’t you? Even he calls my master as Brother Ning. Do you know Gua Sangan? My master declared it openly back then that he would go to the Endless Void Docks in the future to kill him and erase the docks out of existence. Yet, that fellow didn’t even dare to let out a fart in front of my master.” Chasing Bull once again spoke up with great pride.

Although it didn’t mention that they had only stayed at Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain for less than an hour, it did mention almost everything that had transpired.

Ji Yangyao felt shocked on hearing Chasing Bull’s words. He couldn’t verify if what Chasing Bull said was the truth or not, but if what this demonic bull said was the truth then Ji Yangyao truly was not qualified to question Ning Cheng. Regardless of it was the truth or not, he now felt some regret. From the looks of it, he seemed to have indulged the people from his Ji Clan a little too much.

Ning Cheng did not speak to Ji Yangyao and instead glanced at the still-shocked Orchid Borough Celestial River King and said, “King Orchid Borough, long time no see. You do remember me, don’t you?”

Orchid Borough Celestial River King no longer dared to act as arrogantly as when he first arrived. He cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and said, “Yes, I do know you. If I remember correctly, you should have come from my Orchid Borough Celestial River. Your name is Ning Cheng.”

Ning Cheng nodded, “Looks like you do have a good memory. Since I once used your name in Orchid Borough Celestial River’s Revolving Jade City, I won’t pursue the matter of you hurting my companion beast. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t particularly care about you, so you’ll still have to pay my bull for the injuries. As for Lu Yu, she helped me find my sister, so she’s under my protection from this day forward. Actually, you should have already realised that someone had set you up. That’s why you appeared here to set you against me.”

While speaking, Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain started suppressing the latter. Inch by inch, Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s domain started to shatter.

Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s expression suddenly changed. Experiencing such a formidable imposing aura, he now felt sure that he was not Ning Cheng’s opponent. Only an Eternal-level expert could crush my domain this easily.

“Many thanks, Brother Ning.” Orchid Borough Celestial River King, like the reflection in a mirror, now clearly understood why Named Descendant Celestial River King wanted to rope him.

Initially, he didn’t care much about the backing behind Lu Yu, so it didn’t feel too unusual that someone wanted to use him using her. But now that he experienced Ning Cheng’s power, and realised that Ning Cheng had also come from his Orchid Borough Celestial River, it effectively changed his thoughts.

Ning Cheng spoke in a calm voice, “If you’re thinking about why I didn’t kill you, it only because you’re at least not as bad as that fellow. Although you threatened Lu Yu to the point that she had to flee Orchid Borough Celestial River, and even forced Xuan Yu to become your woman, those two matters only reflect your incompetence. Both women didn’t even like you and had to run away with others by risking their lives, yet here you are still feeling reluctant to part.”

Having said that, Ning Cheng shook his head. To be honest, he did feel some pity towards Orchid Borough Celestial River King. Orchid Borough Celestial River King hadn’t done anything particularly reprehensible; it’s just that he used disgusting tactics to pick up girls. This person mostly leveraged his strength and his position as the king of Orchid Borough Celestial River to get women. If he really wanted to pursue Xuan Yu or Lu Yu, he could have done it through other better means instead of flexing his strength and power.

In fact, Orchid Borough Celestial River King never truly opened up to Xuan Yu despite his ‘love’. From this, Ning Cheng could tell that this person held up his hands for fear of falling and kept his mouth shut to avoid looking vulnerable[1]. Because of this, ‘his’ women would always run away with other men. In the same way, he also didn’t approve of women like Xuan Yu, despite him and Jing Wuming becoming sworn brothers. Therefore, he would not kill Orchid Borough Celestial River King, at least not for the sake of Xuan Yu’s sister.

Moreover, Orchid Borough Celestial River King had also shown some kindness to him in the past. Although this kindness was not intentional, Ning Cheng had definitely taken it to heart. Of course, if Orchid Borough Celestial River King didn’t want to accept this outcome, he would definitely take action.

“Go back and manage your own celestial river. Focus on your business. In a world filled with fragrant flowers, why bother with a single flower? Xuan Yu and Jing Wuming both are my friends, so don’t even think about going after them either. If meant to be for you, it would have been for you. If it was never meant for you, then your strength would also be useless.”

“The only reason I’m saying this to you right now is that you haven’t done anything yet. Otherwise, I would have never talked to you at all and you would have ended up with the same fate as Merchant Seeking[2] Celestial River King. He robbed my friends and used all sorts of tricks, so I killed him.”

Ning Cheng’s words felt like a giant drum banging over the head of Orchid Borough Celestial River King. Did Ning Cheng really kill Merchant Seeking King? But then his thoughts sifted to all the ridiculous things he had done over these past years, running around the starry sky for two women, wasn’t it akin to putting the cart before the horse.

Yet, he still went ahead and did it. He continued to think that Xuan Yu and Lu Yu had nothing to rely on and that he could suppress them at will. But with Ning Cheng stepping into the picture, he suddenly realised that he really did act in stupidity. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he had gone crazy because of it.

“Brother Orchid Borough, don’t listen to his nonsense. He’s just afraid to face the two of us together.” Ji Yangyao shouted from the side.

Ning Cheng didn’t even bother to speak. He really didn’t care if the two joined forces.

Orchid Borough Celestial River King ignored Ji Yangyao and spoke to Ning Cheng with cupped fists, “Many thanks to Brother Ning for reminding me. This Lilan Yanlang will take his leave, and will be waiting to welcome Brother Ning at Revolving Jade City.”

When Ning Cheng heard Orchid Borough Celestial River King speak about Revolving Jade City without even a momentary pause, he knew that this person had understood his intent. That is, despite being a dignified king of a celestial river, he ran around looking for a woman who eloped with someone else. It was practically moronic.

After finishing this sentence, Orchid Borough Celestial River King specially sent a ring to Chasing Bull before taking out a flight-type weapon and rushing into the void in an instant before disappearing without a trace.

Failing to persuade Orchid Borough Celestial River King to deal with Ning Cheng, Ji Yangyao’s expressions turned extremely ugly. Although he hadn’t started yet, he already suspected that he was not Ning Cheng’s match.

“Pay up 100 million purple coins and leave Second Revenant Star. That will be the end of this matter.” Named Descendant Celestial River King stared at Ning Cheng and said in a cold voice.

Despite the fear due to Ning Cheng’s presence, as the Named Descendant Celestial River King, he didn’t want to appear weak in this place. Once he showed weakness, he would definitely lose his prestige as the Named Descendant Celestial River King. In any case, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor would not let a weak cultivator take control of a celestial river.

When he mentioned 100 million purple coins, it didn’t really mean anything to him. Therefore, for a powerhouse like Ning Cheng, 100 million purple coins would also mean nothing. If there weren’t so many cultivators standing on the sidelines, he would have rather given something to Ning Cheng himself to leave him in peace, which would have nothing to do with Orchid Borough Celestial River King showing weakness.

Ning Cheng sneered, “Ji Yangyao, I think you’re still dreaming. Let me tell you, Second Revenant Star no longer exist from today, I renamed it to Jiangzhou Star and will remain the same from this day forward. As for Named Descendant Celestial River, you don’t deserve to have it.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng did not feel like talking nonsense anymore and brought out his Nirvana Spear.

The Nirvana Spear swept up a piece of space and locked on to Ji Yangyao, while his Celestial River Domain suppressed the later with its crushing imposing aura. Besides, when it came to cultivators in the Life and Death Realm, Ning Cheng really did not plan to use excessively ruthless moves.

Sensing his domain shattering, Ji Yangyao understood that he could no longer escape a fight. No matter who wanted to snatch his star and his celestial river, he would not give up without a fight.

The same moment that Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear shot out, a grey-coloured axe chop also shot out. It came from his weapon, the Void Breaking Axe.

The moment the Void Breaking Axe came out, it brought along numerous axe shadows that quickly formed into a powerful axe intent vortex before colliding with Ning Cheng’s spear shadows, resulting in a loud explosion that obscured the sky.

The spectating cultivators quickly started retreating. If caught up in a battle of such level, they would definitely end up dead.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng had already decided that Second Revenant Star would be his planet from now on. Therefore, once he initiated a fight with Ji Yangyao, he kept the scope of the celestial essence explosion limited and suppressed it to the limit.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Traceless spear shadows exploded one after another under the effects of the axe intent and left behind only a single trace. That was the real killing intent trace within those traceless spear shadows.

“No wonder you can become the king of a celestial river, you definitely have some moves. Since you use an axe, take a look at my axe too…..” Ning Cheng ignored the Nirvana Spear and simply punched.

A fist shadow materialised out of axe intent, a killing move Ning Cheng used back in the True Cultivation World when he did not have access to an axe. But now he used that same move to deal with an expert at the early stage of Life and Death Realm.

“Axe intent…..” Ji Yangyao screamed in astonishment. He did not expect someone to use fists to condense such a powerful murder-filled axe intent. This axe intent, condensed into a fist shadow, immediately shot out towards Ji Yangyao’s Breaking Void Axe’s axe shadows and seemed to cover up the entire sky.

“Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa…..” The surrounding area turned even more turbulent under the continually shattering axe shadows.

Ji Yangyao’s heart sank. He felt sure that Ning Cheng did not use all his strength while he had definitely gone all out.

Ji Yaozhe and Ji Baisen, who watched the battle from the back, both had Heaven Seated cultivations. Naturally, they could see Ji Yangyao’s situation. The two almost immediately rushed out and brought out weapons to strike at Ning Cheng.

Three against one, every one of the cultivators standing at the sidelines knew it was a bit shameful, but no one dared to speak up at this time. Such terrifying battles were usually not accessible to them at all.

“Back off, leave…..” Ji Yangyao was just about to cast his own spirit technique. But Ji Yaozhe and Ji Baisen had already stepped up to help. He understood by now that even with Ji Yaozhe and Ji Baisen assisting him, they would not be a match against Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng showed no fear and remained calm; as the Axe Fist still raged on, his Nirvana Spear once again shot out traceless spear shadows.

As the spear shadows shot out, the surrounding space started shattering apart like a frozen sheet of ice, with cracks spreading in all directions. This attack, unlike the previous one, contained a new spear trace.

Ji Yaozhe and Ji Baisen had only cast one move. Rather, before they could complete their attacks fully, they found themselves wholly suppressed under Ning Cheng’s domain. They could only watch the spear trace pass by them.

One move, Ji Baisen and Ji Yaozhe had just come up when they both died under the single strike from Ning Cheng.

Ji Yangyao saw Ji Baisen and Ji Yaozhe dying in front of him, and almost instantly snapped. A burst of terrifying imposing aura erupted from him, and his body started to turn blurry.

“Don’t even bother.” Ning Cheng spoke with a flat tone. Ji Yangyao wanted to consume himself up to cast a grand spirit technique. But under the suppression from his domain, Ning Cheng didn’t give Ji Yangyao that opportunity.

As soon as Ning Cheng’s words ended, a more horrifying explosion erupted where Ji Yangyao stood. Within this explosion, space itself seemed to have disappeared.

“Space Spirit technique… No, it’s not a space spirit technique…..” Ji Yangyao murmured to himself in despair. His illusory figure solidified for a moment, allowing the explosion to swallow him whole.

[1] The phrase here means that Orchid Borough doesn’t want to show/feel vulnerable in front of the person he likes

[2]Merchant Seeking” here is ‘Shang Mou’, which is actually the title of the celestial river king

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