Chapter 0726

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Chapter 0726: Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Deputy Sect Master

Ning Cheng’s sneer grew even wider; these fellows really did come here with plans. Chen Xingwen most likely suspected that the Foreign Heaven’s Arrow was on him, so he came here to inquire about it in a roundabout way. At the same time, this fellow wasn’t even kind enough to pass on the news of Foreign Heaven’s Arrow to others.

As for Yi Jiufeng, she obviously came here for the Earth Origin Bead. Not to mention that the Earth Origin Bead had already integrated into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, even if it had not integrated into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he would never exchange the Earth Origin Bead.

When everyone heard the words ‘Earth Origin Bead’, they immediately focussed on Ning Cheng. Even Striking Order Heavenly Emperor looked at Ning Cheng in confusion.

Ning Cheng showed an everyday smile, “Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, do you know why my sect is named ‘Mysterious Yellow’?”

Yi Jiufeng nodded and smiled before replying, “Yes, it’s because you obtained a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone. If I had such a treasure, maybe I would have also renamed the Spirit Heaven Grand Starry Sky to the Mysterious Yellow Grand Starry Sky.”

Ning Cheng smiled before replying with a solemn expression, “That’s right, it is because of this Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone that I managed to reach my current level in such a short time. One could even say that without this Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, I would have no chance to sit here with you. Although I used up the Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, I could not forget the root cause of why I advanced so quickly. Therefore, I set up a Mysterious Yellow Sect.”

The primary purpose of Ning Cheng establishing the Mysterious Yellow Sect was not because of the Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, but for Luofei and Qionghua. Both Luofei and Qionghua knew that he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Therefore, as long as they heard about the Mysterious Yellow Sect, they would definitely come here to check it out. 

Chuan Xinlou, Yi Jiufeng, and others glanced at each other; they had already suspected it to be the root cause of Ning Cheng’s cultivation advancing so rapidly. But even if the Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone allowed Ning Cheng to develop to this level in such a short time, it was a piece of old news by now.

Yi Jiufeng giggled, “Sect Master Ning, I naturally dare not ask for your Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, but just want to conduct an exchange for the Earth Origin Bead.”

Ning Cheng sighed before speaking, “That’s exactly what I wanted to say. The reason I obtained the Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone is the Earth Origin Bead. I exchanged the Earth Origin Bead for a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone. Therefore, even if I wanted to exchange it with Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, I wouldn’t be able to take out the Earth Origin Stone.”

Yi Jiufeng showed a frown, “Is Sect Master Ning joking with me? It’s already impossible for ordinary people to obtain a single Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone. So why would such people use a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone in exchange for the Earth Origin Bead with you?”

Although she didn’t say it directly, everyone definitely understood Yi Jiufeng’s meaning and intent loud and clear. How could an ordinary cultivator give out a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone? People already know that you have the Earth Origin Bead in your hands, which means you must have obtained it by killing and stealing it from others. I’m only trading with you because I have some free time.

Ning Cheng smiled, “When I obtained the Earth Origin Bead, I hadn’t even reached the Celestial Bridge Realm. Besides, those who have such treasures are not necessarily powerhouses like Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperors. Of course, I’m not saying that the person who traded with me was not a weak person like me. In fact, the senior who exchanged the Earth Origin Bead with me is indeed an absolute powerhouse. I dare say that even if we added up all the people present here, we wouldn’t even be able to stop a casual wave of his hand without suffering serious losses.”

“Is there really such a powerhouse?” Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, everyone, including Chuan Xinlou, looked at him with some doubts. They didn’t believe that Ning Cheng could have such a chance encounter with such a powerhouse, much less manage to trade with him.

“Sect Master Ning, it’s not that we don’t believe your words, it’s just that your words appear to be quite shocking. I don’t know if Sect Master Ning can show us this senior’s appearance.” Yi Jiufeng’s tone no longer remained as relaxed as before, it quickly turned solemn.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Naturally.”

After speaking, he drew a clear portrait with his hand and spoke, “This senior goes by the name Cang Wei. I caught the favour of this senior, and he passed on a spirit technique to me.”

“I feel like I heard this name before.” Yi Jiufeng stared at the portrait and spoke up after some time. She could tell that Ning Cheng wasn’t lying to her about this person.

Whether the others believed it or not, Ning Cheng didn’t care. In any case, Cang Wei existed, and he didn’t exaggerate his connection to him at all.

Striking Order smiled, and wanted to help Ning Cheng clear the air, “Now that the Earth Origin Bead is gone, so be it. But since we rarely get together, wouldn’t it be good to trade for something else. Let’s start with me first; I’m putting up Time Stones. As for what I want for it, I’ll accept anything that will please me. If you have a body-forging cultivation method, it would be even better.”

Having said that, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor took out two Time Stones; moreover, the two Time Stones were not small at all.

Ning Cheng realised that Striking Order Heavenly Emperor really wanted to help him out. Striking Order always regarded Time Stones as his personal treasure. Even during high-profile auctions, he would never take out even one. Although he didn’t know why Striking Order Heavenly Emperor had such an attitude towards him, Ning Cheng definitely took note of this gesture.

Sitting in this place, who didn’t want Time Stones, except for Ning Cheng? This treasure seemingly contained the Laws of Time. However, none here was ordinary. As such, they would not readily compete with each other to snatch the items like in an auction.

Cang Caihe smiled when he saw this and took out a jade box before placing it on the table, “This box contains an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill, but unfortunately, because of some flaws in my refining, it resulted in a poor-quality pill. All I need are some Starry Sky Grade 9 Spiritual Grasses.”

The medicinal pill from Cang Caihe immediately attracted the attention of everyone. If he had put this Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill in an auction, it would definitely cause the entire venue to erupt in flames. Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills allowed cultivators in the Life and Death Realm to advance to the Eternal Realm. Even if not of high quality, it was still a rare treasure, almost impossible to obtain even for Eternal-level experts.

Except for Ning Cheng, all the cultivators here were in the Eternal Realm. Even so, this medicinal pill still looked attractive to them. Imagine, who wouldn’t want to own such a medicinal pill, and then use it to cultivate a loyal helper in the Eternal Realm?

“Pill Emperor Caihe really does have a good hand and an even better spirit.” Heavenly Emperor Shen Mao exclaimed. Despite personally wanting this medicinal pill, he knew that everyone here also wanted it.

Compared to Heavenly Emperor Shen Mao, Sect Master Chen Xingwen of Spiritual Heaven Sect wanted this medicinal pill even more. Logically speaking, Ning Cheng needed this Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill the most. But in fact, Ning Cheng was the last person who wanted this medicinal pill. Despite the allure of the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill, the quality of Cang Caihe’s medicinal pills was not up to standard for him. Using such a low-quality item, although it could help him advance to the Eternal Realm, it most likely would affect his future development.

If he could obtain a treasure like the Starry Sky Radish Grass, Ning Cheng could then produce the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill with relative ease by himself in the future.

“Thank you, Dao Friend Caihe.” Ning Cheng thanked him with cupped fists. He knew the reason Cang Caihe came up with such a top-grade medicinal pill was mainly to obtain his approval. Although Cang Caihe regarded him as his senior, Ning Cheng knew that this time he must not project of himself as one. Otherwise, it would definitely cause others to look down on him.

Yi Jiufeng suddenly laughed, “I think anything you bring out is a top quality treasure. But I’m just a poor woman; I really don’t know what to do. By the way, does Sect Master Ning has something he wants to exchange?”

Ning Cheng didn’t reply; instead, he took out two jade bottles and said, “Of these two jade bottles, one contains a drop of Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence and the other is a bottle of Accordance Heavenly Pills……”

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Yi Jiufeng immediately stood up in surprise. Even Striking Order Heavenly Emperor stood up in shock.

“Sect Master Ning, did this Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence come from Time Wilderness?” Striking Order Heavenly Emperor asked in shock. He knew that Time Wilderness contained Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence, but no one had ever obtained it. He never expected that Ning Cheng would unearth this treasure.

“I want this thing, what does Sect Master Ning want for it?” Yi Jiufeng couldn’t keep her expressions straight anymore.

As for the Accordance Heavenly Pills, nobody even thought about it. Although one could consider Accordance Heavenly Pills as treasures, it was only relative to ordinary cultivators. When it came to the several Eternal-level powerhouses here, they didn’t think much of the Accordance Heavenly Pills. In fact, people here actually wondered why Ning Cheng came up with such low-levelled medicinal pills like the Accordance Heavenly Pills.

Ning Cheng turned to Striking Order Heavenly Emperor and cupped his fists before speaking, “That’s right Brother Striking Order. I was lucky enough to obtain a drop of Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence within Time Wilderness. But today is the day my Mysterious Yellow Sect has just opened, so I only have a few good things on me, and decided to take them out for everyone.”

With that, Ning Cheng continued, “This drop of Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence and the bottle of Accordance Heavenly Pills, I only want to exchange them for two things. One is materials that could help upgrade Nirvana flames. The second is the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree……”

Yi Jiufeng slowly sat down and spoke up in a dull tone, “Sect Master Ning, although your Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence is truly precious, if you want to exchange for these two things, I’m afraid that it’s still not enough, don’t you think?”

Ning Cheng didn’t care, “Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, I don’t want the entire Wind Thunder Apricot Tree, I just want a small segment of the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree’s branch. Besides, this bottle contains not just one Accordance Heavenly Pill, but fifty. Moreover, all are top-quality Accordance Heavenly Pills…..”

“WHAT?” Ning Cheng’s words immediately shocked the cultivators all around.

Fifty Accordance Heavenly Pills; moreover, all top-quality pills. What kind of a concept was this? One could consider one or two Accordance Heavenly Pills as normal, but taking our fifty Accordance Heavenly Pills; it definitely was a rare thing to see. Almost equivalent to being a real treasure. That’s because even if there was a Pill Emperor who could refine Accordance Heavenly Pills, there were not many Great Heaven Essence Fruits in circulation to refine that many pills.

Besides, it would be impossible for any cultivator to take out fifty Accordance Heavenly Pills. Unless that cultivator refined those pills himself. At the same time, it was practically impossible to buy so many, as one couldn’t buy these pills in the market at all.

“Is Sect Master Ning also a Pill Emperor?” Cang Caihe asked with a flushed expression.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists, “I’m indeed an Alchemy Master, and would love to ask for advice from Dao Friend Cang.”

Cang Caihe’s eyes flashed with excitement, “Can Sect Master Ning let me take a look at those Accordance Heavenly Pills?”

“Of course, you can.” Ning Cheng took out an Accordance Heavenly Pill without hesitation and sent it to Cang Caihe.

Cang Caihe carefully placed the medicinal pills in the palm of his hand and looked at it for a long while before exclaiming, “A treasure pill! Even I can’t refine such a medicinal pill.”

After saying this, Cang Caihe stood up, respectfully returned the medicinal pill to Ning Cheng and immediately bowed to Ning Cheng, “Sect Master Ning, I’m a person who drifts around in the starry skies. I always thought that the medicinal pills I made were of top quality. But after looking at Brother Ning’s medicinal pill today, I realised that I was just a frog looking at the sky from the bottom of a well. I hope you don’t mind if this Cang makes a presumptuous request.”

Ning Cheng had a good impression of Cang Caihe. Therefore, after hearing Cang Caihe’s words, he smiled and spoke up, “If Dao Friend Cang has something to request, I will not refuse it as long as I can do it.”

“I’d like to stay here permanently to discuss the Dao of Alchemy with Sect Master Ning.” Cang Caihe spoke up with a slight embarrassment.

Ning Cheng felt shocked. He never thought that Cang Caihe would actually want to stay here. This was truly a huge deal. Cang Caihe was a Starry Sky Tier 9 Pill Emperor. Moreover, he was also a late-stage Eternal Realm powerhouse. If Cang Caihe joined him, wouldn’t it propel his Mysterious Yellow Sect into a top-class starry sky sect?

Not to mention Ning Cheng’s shock, even the rest of the people here felt stunned. Chuan Xinlou frowned slightly. But just when he was about to speak, Ning Cheng immediately stepped up and spoke, “My Mysterious Yellow Sect has just formed, so I do require a capable person like Dao Friend Cang. If Dao Friend Cang does not mind, I would really hope that you can become the Deputy Sect Master of my Mysterious Yellow Sect, what do you think Dao Friend Cang?”

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