Chapter 0727

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Chapter 0727: Leaving In Frustration

It didn’t matter if Cang Caihe wanted to become the Deputy Sect Master of Mysterious Yellow Sect. Ning Cheng wanted to show Cang Caihe that he was willing to forge a genuine friendship between the two; otherwise, how could Ning Cheng offer him the Deputy Sect Master’s position in Mysterious Yellow Sect?

Besides, Cang Caihe also wished for it, as he felt in awe of Ning Cheng. The thunder tribulation that Ning Cheng had surpassed was truly a thunder tribulation that no one could ever overcome. From this, he understood that Ning Cheng’s achievements would far exceed those of Chuan Xinlou and others in the future. Staying in Mysterious Yellow Sect and becoming the Deputy Sect Master of Mysterious Yellow Sect, he could not only have a high degree of contact with Ning Cheng but also wholeheartedly discuss the Dao of Alchemy with Ning Cheng.

“This Cang is truly willing to take it up. Many thanks, Sect Master for showing so much care. Starting today, this Cang Caihe will take the position of Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Deputy Sect Master as requested.” Cang Caihe quickly responded.

How could any cultivator who managed to cultivate to the Eternal Realm be an idiot? Moreover, Cang Caihe was a true rogue cultivator, who reached this level through his own ability and hard work. Therefore, he naturally could pick up one or two clues about Chuan Xinlou and Yi Jiufeng’s thoughts; however, he had his own thoughts.

“Haha, great. With Sect Master Cang supporting the Mysterious Yellow Sect, it definitely will go a step further.” Ning Cheng said with joy.

Timber had already turned into a boat[1], so everyone stood up to congratulate Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng already had unfathomable cultivation. Now, with the addition of Pill Emperor Cang Caihe, the prospects of Mysterious Yellow Sect looked extremely bright.

Chuan Xinlou showed a refreshing smile, “This truly is a joyous event. With Striking Order Starry Sky now having four Eternal Starry Sky Emperors, it will definitely soar once again.”

If Striking Order Heavenly Emperor believed Chuan Xinlou’s words this easily, then he was not Striking Order. Besides, he came here to make friends with Ning Cheng. Therefore, just after Chuan Xinlou finished his words, Striking Order also spoke up with a smile, “You bet. Regrettably, Jiangzhou Star does not belong to my Striking Order Starry Sky from now. However, with Brother Ning and Premier Pill Emperor Caihe in Mysterious Yellow Sect, it will make it easier for me to ask for medicinal pills in the future.”

Chuan Xinlou wanted to say that Ning Cheng was much better and much stronger compared to him, to cause at least some alarm in Striking Order Heavenly Emperor’s heart. He knew that Striking Order knew about Ning Cheng having a bright future. Therefore, if Striking Order wanted to fight against Ning Cheng, Striking Order would not have waited until Cang Caihe joined. Moreover, he would have never talked about handing over Named Descendant Celestial River to Ning Cheng.

“That being the case, let’s continue trading things. I do have a Purple Light Treasure Eye, but I guess I’m not the only one with a purple eye today.” Heavenly Emperor Wu Hong chuckled, and diverged the topic.

Chuan Xinlou knew that more words would not work anymore, and could only live with it. He had tried drawing people like Cang Caihe to his side for many years, but no one had joined Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain. He never expected that Ning Cheng would easily pull this fellow over, or even the fact that Cang Caihe would actually take up the offer. This showed that this fellow was much better than he was, and it made him truly angry. Moreover, this was just when Ning Cheng made his debut. If Ning Cheng had debuted a few hundred or a thousand years ago, the current Grand Culmination Starry Sky might have had nothing to do with Chuan Xinlou.

Ning Cheng felt surprised, and quickly asked, “Does Brother Wu Hong really has Purple Light Treasure Essence[2]?”

Purple Light Treasure Essence was one of the few materials that could help upgrade Nirvana Flames and was an extremely precious treasure. After Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame underwent nirvana, he started to feel worried about not having enough materials to upgrade it further. Ning Cheng truly never expected Heavenly Emperor Wu Hong to have it. Moreover, Heavenly Emperor Wu Hong mentioned that he was not the only one here with it.

“Naturally…..” Heavenly Emperor Wu Hong raised his hand, took out a jade box, and sent it to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng opened the jade box and felt a terrifying heatwave surge out. Sure enough, it was the Purple Light Treasure Essence. Unfortunately, there was only a single piece inside. A single Purple Light Treasure Essence could only upgrade the Celestial River Flame to Nirvana Grade 2, which was still quite far from the level of a Starry Sky Flame.

“If Brother Wu Hong requires something, please do state it.” Ning Cheng spoke up in excitement. He wanted to immediately put away this Purple Light Treasure Essence and ask who else here had this thing.

Wu Hong laughed, “Brother Ning, us two hit it off quite well the instant we met. Plus, today is your sect’s opening ceremony. Please consider this Purple Light Treasure Essence as a gift.”

Although there were so many ‘guests’ here, no one offered any gifts. From this, everyone could see that although these people came here to congratulate Ning Cheng on the establishment of his sect, they did not take it seriously.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists, before speaking with some caution, “Many thanks, Brother Wu Hong. Then, I won’t be polite about it.”

Ning Cheng didn’t purposely didn’t express gratitude about such a matter. He had a vague feeling that Wu Hong wanted to befriend him. If Ning Cheng received something, and Wu Hong then immediately asked something in return, it would show that Wu Hong had something else in his mind. However, if after receiving the gift, he didn’t mention anything in return, it would mean making a friend with a Starry Sky Heavenly Emperor.

Sure enough, Wu Hong did not say anything resembling a transaction after seeing Ning Cheng put away the things, and immediately spoke up with great joy, “Since today is the Mysterious Yellow Sect’s establishment, this is how it should be.”

Shen Mao also stood up before speaking with a bitter smile and cupped fists, “Although I also obtained two pieces of Purple Light Treasure Essence, I also had obtained a flame. So I already used up the Purple Light Treasure Essence. If not for that, I would have definitely given it to Sect Master Ning.”

Ning Cheng felt some pity. He also understood that Wu Hong and Shen Mao must have gone to the same place to obtain these treasures. But Ning Cheng didn’t continue to question him about it. If he wanted to, he could ask Heavenly Emperor Wu Hong privately about it in the future.

Yi Jiufeng could see that Shen Mao and Chen Xingwen wanted to act as neutral parties, while Striking Order Heavenly Emperor and Wu Hong intended to strike up a friendship with Ning Cheng. As for Cang Caihe, he actually became the Deputy Sect Master of Mysterious Yellow Sect. From this, she also understood that her provocations had failed miserably. Even if she and Chuan Xinlou joined hands, they wouldn’t necessarily obtain any advantage in this place.

Although Yi Jiufeng had a strong personality, she was not an idiot. She understood that the Mysterious Yellow Sect now had two Pill Emperors. Since they couldn’t force them, it would be better to try to make friends.

“Congratulations Dao Friend Cang for becoming the Deputy Sect Master of Mysterious Yellow Sect, and also congratulations to Sect Master Ning for obtaining the Purple Light Treasure Essence. As for Sect Master Ning’s request for a branch of Wind Thunder Apricot Tree, it wouldn’t be completely impossible. I know that when Sect Master Ning obtained the Earth Origin Bead, you also picked two Wind Thunder Apricots. If Sect Master Ning can give me those two Wind Thunder Apricots, as well as the Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence and the bottle of those Accordance Heavenly Pills, I will send a branch of the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree to Sect Master Ning.” Yi Jiufeng spoke with a smile, trying to show a friendly attitude.

Ning Cheng felt moved in his heart, he really liked this idea. If his Twin Wings of Heavenly Clouds could also undergo nirvana, it would allow his strength to soar to new levels. Moreover, none of these things had much use to him anyway.

Even though Ning Cheng felt interested, he spoke with a bland tone, “Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, there’s a small problem with what you just said. I’m not asking you to send me a branch of Wind Thunder Apricot in pity, but to exchange it with what I have. If Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor doesn’t want to trade with me, then at least don’t treat my things as ‘gifts’[3].”

Yi Jiufeng smiled, “Sect Master Ning, why would a big man like you care about a little girl like me? If Sect Master Ning says that it’s not a gift, then it’s not a gift.”

Ning Cheng remained unmoved. Yi Jiufeng’s methods were not even a half-point worse than Chuan Xinlou’s methods. If one considered this woman as a little girl, then it would be almost impossible to find any ‘grown women’ in the universe. But he didn’t point it out to Yi Jiufeng. Instead, he asked with some confusion, “Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, as far as I know, that Wind Thunder Apricot Tree had eight fruits. Since I took two, there should still be six more fruits on it. So, the question is, why does Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor particularly need these two fruits?”

“I think of the eight fruits as siblings. With two fruits missing, it makes me feel regretful.” Yi Jiufeng spoke with a slightly aggrieved tone.

Cang Caihe suddenly asked, “Sect Master, the two fruits you picked, are they a red fruit and a purple fruit?”

Yi Jiufeng’s expression suddenly changed after hearing Cang Caihe’s words. Cang Caihe, as if oblivious to Yi Jiufeng, spoke up, “The Wind Thunder Apricot Tree typically has eight fruits, that is, seven red-coloured Wind Apricots and a purple-coloured Thunder Apricot. Giving it a name ‘Seven winds and a thunder’. If you planted a living Wind Thunder Apricot, it would produce seven red-coloured Wind Apricots every year. But the precondition is that the purple-coloured Thunder Apricot remains on it untouched.”

“If you picked the purple-coloured Thunder Apricot, the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree would no longer bear fruit. In other words, if Sect Master Ning picked the purple-coloured Thunder Apricot, it would be equivalent to cutting off the possibility of Wind Thunder Apricot Tree bearing fruits. It would also eventually lead to the complete death of the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree. Only the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree’s branches would show some growth before stopping; however, it can’t grow any Wind Thunder Apricot Fruits.”

“Moreover, Wind Apricots had many functions, and could be refined into many wind-attributed medicinal pills, and even help in cultivation for wind-attributed cultivators. At the same time, if you plant the Wind Apricot and Thunder Apricot’s Apricot Kernel together, and as long as you can supply it with sufficient Earth Origin, it would grow into a new Wind Thunder Apricot Tree.”

Yi Jiufeng’s expressions grew uglier the more she heard; however, Ning Cheng grew more and more happy the more he heard. He didn’t expect that of the two fruits he took back then, one was the highly valuable Thunder Apricot. No wonder Yi Jiufeng wanted the two fruits with him.

Ning Cheng felt happy but spoke with a sad expression, “Oh, what a pity. I gave the two fruits from the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree from back then to my companion beast. No wonder it helped to improve my companion beast’s speed by a huge margin.”

“What about the Apricot Kernels?” Yi Jiufeng couldn’t care less about it.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “It used up everything, not even leaving behind any dregs. Besides, with my Earth Origin Bead gone too, we can’t do anything even if the Apricot Kernels survived. Oh, by the way, since Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor can support the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree, does it mean that you have some Earth Origin?”

Yi Jiufeng’s tone calmed down, “No, my Wind Thunder Apricot Tree is also dying. Since Sect Master Ning does not have the apricot kernels, then let’s forget about this transaction.”

With disappointment in his eyes, Ning Cheng put away the Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence and Accordance Heavenly Pills. Besides, he already achieved his purpose.

Chuan Xinlou and Yi Jiufeng no longer were in the mood to stay here. After taking out some simple things and trading it for other miscellaneous items, they immediately choose to leave. After Cang Caihe’s announcement of joining the Mysterious Yellow Sect, Chen Xingwen and Tang Yitang didn’t talk much and almost went mute but stood around for some more time. As for the two Time Stones from Striking Order Heavenly Emperor, he traded them with Shen Mao, while Cang Caihe exchanged the medicinal pill for two Starry Sky Grade 9 Spiritual Grasses from Chuan Xinlou.

Ning Cheng understood that Cang Caihe had deliberately given some face to Chuan Xinlou; otherwise, two Starry Sky Grande 9 Spiritual Grass would not be enough to exchange for an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill.

At the same time, Wu Hong left a jade strip with Ning Cheng before taking his leave. Ning Cheng did not need to scan it at all. He guessed what was in the jade strip. The place where he obtained the Purple Light Treasure Essence.

Tang Yitang also left eventually after leaving behind a few words, but Striking Order Heavenly Emperor chose to stay behind.

Cang Caihe knew that Ning Cheng and Striking Order had something important to talk about in private, so he stood up and said, “Sect Master, I’ll go get my place arranged. Please take your time talking to Brother Striking Order.”

Ning Cheng smiled and said, “Caihe, you’re not an outsider. You can also sit down and talk with us.”

Cang Caihe waved his hand and said before stepping out, “Sect Master doesn’t have to be polite with me. If you have anything for me to do, just give me the orders. Besides, I’m still a layman when it comes to managing a sect.”

Striking Order quickly spoke up after making sure that Cang Caihe had left, “Sect Master Ning, Chuan Xinlou kept provoking you and me today. I think Brother Ning must have also realised it.”

[1] The phrase means ‘what’s done cannot be undone’.

[2] Purple Light Treasure Essence and Purple Light Treasure Eye are the same thing.

[3] Here, it more appropriate to replace ‘gifts’ with ‘useless/pitiable things’. But since the raws mention it as gift, I kept it as it is, except for adding quotation marks to it to signify that it means something else. FYI, Ning Cheng just low-key dissed at Yi Jiufeng and she return fired.

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