Chapter 0739

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Chapter 0739: Ning Cheng’s Trump Card

“Laws of Time, a true time law spirit technique…..” Qiao Jierui stared at the frozen Chuan Xinlou and murmured as a flash of terror appeared in his eyes.

Even he couldn’t touch the Laws of Time, let alone control it; yet Ning Cheng actually commanded a bit of the real Laws of Time. This definitely was not a pseudo-spirit technique. This was the actual Laws of Time, without anything false about it. When Qiao Jierui saw Ning Cheng’s Laws of Time, he immediately felt regret building up in his heart. He shouldn’t have offended Ning Cheng for those trivial things.

Since Ning Cheng can control a portion of the Laws of Time at such a young age, then as long as he didn’t fall, he would eventually surpass Qian Jierui.

Not just Qiao Jierui, Yi Jiufeng, Zhangkang Tianji and the others also thought of the same thing. Yi Jiufeng had already made plans of snatching things from Ning Cheng’s body, but as soon as Ning Cheng’s Laws of Time came out, those thoughts disappeared instantly. Ning Cheng had truly surpassed her scariest expectations. No wonder Cang Caihe addressed him as a senior.

Even if one looked at the person with supposedly the most Time Stones, Striking Order Heaven Emperor was the only one among everyone else here closest to the Laws of Time. Yet, even he could only look at Ning Cheng with an open mouth, not wanting to believe that Ning Cheng controlled a portion of the real Laws of Time.

Everyone could only stare at the long spear, which Ning Cheng thrust forward ever so slowly. Although not the ones facing the long spear, every cultivator present here could see a melancholy-filled sunset in front of his or her eyes. They vaguely saw their own dusk within that sunset.

Cultivators who looked at Ning Cheng’s technique always held on to the hope that the bleak sunset would not end. Because once this sunset ended, it would mean an end of their lives too, without any time for glory.

Ning Cheng held a calm expression, and his spear still moved slowly. Despite that, his celestial essence had completely stimulated this spear, not reserving anything at all. Facing a powerhouse like Chuan Xinlou, Ning Cheng understood that he couldn’t hold anything in reserve. However, this single spear wasn’t the most potent spirit technique in Ning Cheng’s arsenal. After coming in contact with the Dao of Returning-to-one, it had helped him create an even more powerful Sunset’s Twilight by fusing it with the None-to-depend-on Spirit Technique.

Any spirit technique can fuse together. That was what Returning-to-one implied.

However, he didn’t integrate the None-to-depend-on in the current spear strike; he wanted to have a hand to play when needed.

But because of Chuan Xinlou’s strength and a miscalculation on Ning Cheng’s part, Ning Cheng could only move the long spear very slowly despite stimulating all of his celestial essence. From this, Ning Cheng also understood that if he merged None-to-depend-on into this spear technique, the long spear’s speed would fall even lower and the consumption would increase exponentially. In any case, Ning Cheng couldn’t control the Laws of Time for too long. If he fused too many spirit techniques, Chuan Xinlou might break free before he even got close.

Besides, if it were any other Eternal-level cultivator, Ning Cheng’s spear would have already pierced through that person’s glabella, killing them instantly.

“Poof…..” Ning Cheng’s long spear finally penetrated into Chuan Xinlou’s heart, causing blood to spurt out. At the same time, Chuan Xinlou also returned to his senses.

The Sky Burning Sun Eroding Pagoda blasting towards Ning Cheng instantly weakened, and the blazing white sun that had burst out from it also immediately dissipated. As the Sky Burning Sun Eroding Pagoda dimmed, it quickly flew back before changing directions and shooting down in a straight line.

“Boom…..” The Sky Burning Sun Eroding Pagoda almost instantaneously clashed with the tip of Ning Cheng’s long spear. With Ning Cheng’s long spear jolted, everything still around it suddenly came to life.

“Ka…..” As the celestial essence blew up and scattered all over the place, the long spear in Ning Cheng also got blown away, forcing Ning Cheng to open his mouth and spurt out another mouthful of blood.

Chuan Xinlou’s mouth overflowed with blood, while his heart also oozed with blood through the hole created by the spear. However, he didn’t seem to care about it. He still looked at Ning Cheng with a cold and venom-filled gaze, “You definitely have the capital to be arrogant. But even if you comprehending the real Laws of Time, you still can’t do anything to me.”

Ning Cheng remained calm; however, he felt a similar level of shock as Chuan Xinlou. From the looks of it, Chuan Xinlou not only was a body-refining powerhouse with a Starry Sky Body, he even seemed to have an inner armour integrated with his body. Otherwise, even if that spear did not have the speed, it would have been more than enough to injure Chuan Xinlou severely, if not fatally. As long as it struck Chuan Xinlou, Ning Cheng had felt sure that Chuan Xinlou wouldn’t be able to leave unscathed. Moreover, he had arranged all those Sealing Array Formations for this very reason.

Chuan Xinlou’s murderous aura rapidly started to overflow, and the killing intent from his body grew stronger at an alarming rate.

Ning Cheng clasped the half top-ranked Dao Artefact long spear in his hand, while his own killing intent also flared up, closely following Chuan Xinlou’s levels. However, he felt confident that Chuan Xinlou wouldn’t do anything despite the soaring imposing aura unless he was an idiot. If Chuan Xinlou truly dared to clash once again, then Ning Cheng would also go all out to kill this fellow.

In fact, if Chuan Xinlou did give up, Ning Cheng also wouldn’t push it any further. When glancing at the expressions on the faces of those Eternal-level experts around them, Ning Cheng understood that he had already achieved his purpose. Besides, Ning Cheng had an inkling feeling that even his new Sunset’s Twilight wouldn’t kill Chuan Xinlou. In fact, he not only expected that Sunset’s Twilight would not kill Chuan Xinlou, it most likely wouldn’t even cause any fatal injuries to Chuan Xinlou.

The primary purpose of showing this hand to Chuan Xinlou was mainly to frighten him and everyone else. When these Eternal-level experts came to his Jiangzhou Star, they didn’t even see Ning Cheng as their equal. They didn’t even bother to greet him, which made Ning Cheng truly angry, but also helpless at the same time.

To instil the fear of his Jiangzhou Star and even the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River in the future, he had to show at least a part of his real strength. Otherwise, even Striking Order, who wanted to rope him in, would quickly turn against him in a heartbeat.

Chuan Xinlou was the best litmus test. Today, using the Laws of Time against Chuan Xinlou resulted in both suffering some loss and injuries. But Ning Cheng believed that from now on, as long as Ning Cheng stayed alive, no one would dare to have other intentions about his Jiangzhou Star. Since he did not fear even the four top Heaven Emperors, why would he need to worry about other ordinary Eternal experts?

If not for the Jiangzhou Star and the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River, Ning Cheng would have definitely chosen to kill Chuan Xinlou in secret, not unlike now. He had to let everyone know that he Ning Cheng was not a soft persimmon.

While Chuan Xinlou’s killing intent kept soaring, Ning Cheng’s killing intent also kept pace. For an added precaution, Ning Cheng even linked his consciousness with the five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow on his wrist. Whether to kill or to block Chuan Xinlou’s next attack, Ning Cheng wasn’t strong enough at present. Therefore, if he had to succeed, other than the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, Ning Cheng could not think of any better trump card.

Ning Cheng’s killing intent and imposing aura merged with that of the five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow and grew even more powerful. This caused Chuan Xinlou’s gaze to become more and more solemn. In truth, Ning Cheng’s spirit technique containing the Laws of Time had almost fatally injured him, to the point that it could have actually killed him. If not for his unique forged body and if not for that armour, would Chuan Xinlou still be standing?

When he finally calmed down and analysed the decision to kill Ning Cheng, he finally started to feel a threat of death from Ning Cheng. A feeling that he had not felt in a long time, yet today he felt it while facing Ning Cheng. Because of this, Chuan Xinlou suddenly had a bad premonition emerging in his heart. No matter if he managed to kill Ning Cheng, it would definitely put him in a perilous spot.

This was the first time Chuan Xinlou felt regret about moving against Ning Cheng. He was an extremely cautious person and took extreme measures against putting himself in mortal danger. But today, looking at Ning Cheng’s increasing imposing aura, even if he managed to kill Ning Cheng, he would have to suffer severe losses.

If it were any other place, he would have definitely gone all out, but not in this place. Quite a few Heavenly Emperor were staring at him in this place. If he actually went all out here against Ning Cheng, it would definitely result in his death.

Could he count on his followers Yang Yu and Gua Sangan to help him? It was definitely a joke.

After carefully analysing the situation, Chuan Xinlou grumbled and raised his hand, causing his killing power, which intertwined with Ning Cheng’s killing power, to separate immediately. With the killing intent and celestial essence of one of the involved party disappearing, the suppressive confrontation in the middle suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng felt secretly relieved. Chuan Xinlou, sure enough, did not want to go all out in this place. But if Chuan Xinlou did dare to go all out, he would have also had to use the five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. It’s just that Chuan Xinlou still had control on the initiative. Therefore, if Chuan Xinlou didn’t go through with it, he also cannot start.

“Today, for the sake of coming to Jiangzhou Star’s treasure hunt, this emperor will let you go once. Next time, you will not have such good luck.” Chuan Xinlou spoke up in a cold voice but felt slightly relieved after seeing Ning Cheng slowly pull back his killing intent.

He felt afraid that Ning Cheng might not have thought it through. In any case, even if he survived, the rest would definitely kill the remaining survivor.

Qiao Jierui, on seeing that Ning Cheng and Chuan Xinlou didn’t fight to the death, felt a little disappointed. But after seeing Ning Cheng’s power, he no longer dared to sneer at him. Moreover, despite Chuan Xinlou saying those words, no one laughed. Everyone could clearly gauge the current situation. That is, although Ning Cheng did not fear Chuan Xinlou, Chuan Xinlou still had the upper hand.

Ning Cheng only gave a calm reply, “Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor really speaks some strange words. First, this Ning Cheng never needed anyone to let me go. Second, Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor took the first shot, yet now you talk about letting me go. Oh, could it be that Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor thought there were only two of us here? Or did you think that I’m the only one who heard what you just said?”

After Ning Cheng said those words, even Zhangkang Tianji’s gaze turned a little more dignified. Since Ning Cheng dared to speak such provocative words, it showed that he really did not feel any fear towards Chuan Xinlou. Otherwise, once Chuan Xinlou spoke about letting him go once, he would have definitely backed away, and would never have continued to trigger the fight.

Chuan Xinlou’s heart skipped a beat at this moment. He also thought and even believed that once he took the initiative to stop, Ning Cheng would also know when to stop and back off. He stopped not because of the fear of Ning Cheng, but because he worried more about the people around him. Yet Ning Cheng continued to provoke him, which meant that Ning Cheng truly did not fear him at all. From this, he could tell that Ning Cheng most likely had another trump card. Thinking back to Ning Cheng’s ever-increasing imposing aura, Chuan Xinlou frowned before speaking up with a faint voice, “Since you want to die so much, let me fulfil that wish.”

Although Chuan Xinlou felt that the situation was not an ideal one, he would never allow juniors like Ning Cheng to suppress him. He wouldn’t have any prestige left if he didn’t do anything despite Ning Cheng’s aggressive behaviour.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile, “Although Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor might have the strength to continue, and although I don’t fear you, I don’t want either of us to lose. My Jiangzhou Star is not a place where any random cat or dog can show arrogance. Moreover, I don’t have a high tolerance level, especially for those fellows who like to act arrogantly on my turf; I always take that to heart. Besides, even if you died just now, there still remains a few more……”

Ning Cheng’s powerful spirit technique had already scared Fu Yingkui to the point that cold sweat poured out from him in buckets. Plus, when Ning Cheng kicked him back then, it had ended up creating an inexplicable and profoundly rooted fear towards Ning Cheng in him. Therefore, when he saw Ning Cheng’s eyes glance at him, how could he not know that Ning Cheng was talking about him?

Moreover, when he saw Chuan Xinlou frown, Fu Yingkui’s heart sank to the bottom and knew that he wouldn’t get any help. Since Ning Cheng could contend against someone like Chuan Xinlou, Fu Yingkui would definitely face death against him. Therefore, without even waiting for Ning Cheng to speak up, he quickly cupped his fists and spoke up, “I offended Brother Ning previously, so even though Brother Ning didn’t call out, I do feel really guilty about it. After all, coming to the Ancient Shadow Temple on Brother Ning’s site was already taking too much advantage of Brother Ning’s kindness. Therefore, I decided to hand over my Silver Feather Starry Sky to Brother Ning. I hope that Brother Ning will not refuse.”

Ning Cheng immediately dissolved his killing intent and spoke with a smile, “The things that Heavenly Emperor Yingkui said, I had never taken it to heart. But I have to thank Heavenly Emperor Yingkui for showing such generosity, especially since you know that I just entered the starry sky, and don’t have much of a place to live in. Since Heavenly Emperor Yingkui feels so passionate about it, I definitely wouldn’t dare to refuse it. Many thanks, Heavenly Emperor Yingkui.”

Although Chuan Xinlou showed a calm face, he had already killed Fu Yingkui a thousand times in his heart. If someone else had forced Fu Yingkui out of his domain, he could have still re-captured it. But this Ning Cheng was just too strong. As long as he didn’t have a sure-shot way of killing Ning Cheng, he can’t even think about taking advantage of Ning Cheng.

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