Chapter 0740

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Chapter 0740: The Five Golden Chests

Seeing Ning Cheng’s power, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor felt excited and worried at the same time. Ning Cheng’s strength would definitely be an advantage to him, but the current Ning Cheng was just too powerful. One day, if Ning Cheng took fancy to his Striking Order Starry Sky, would he have to give up his Striking Order Starry Sky to Ning Cheng just like Fu Yingkui?

However, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor quickly put aside these thoughts. Whether or not Ning Cheng would end up fancying his Striking Order Starry Sky, he must cooperate with Ning Cheng. If Striking Order didn’t work with Ning Cheng, Chuan Xinlou would definitely want his Striking Order Starry Sky. Previously, he worried more about Chuan Xinlou killing Ning Cheng in a few moments, which was why he had thoughts of shifting allegiances. But now he found this worry unnecessary. Ning Cheng’s strength truly went beyond his imagination.

Moreover, Ning Cheng seemed like a person who wouldn’t offend you unless you hurt him. At first, when he gave the Named Descendant Celestial River to Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng didn’t particularly want it. It was only after he persuaded him about the benefits did Ning Cheng actually agree to it. In other words, if it weren’t for Named Descendant Celestial River’s Ji Clan provoking Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng wouldn’t even want Jiangzhou Star. Facing such a person, as long as he didn’t do anything secretly, how could the other side rob him of the Striking Order Starry Sky?

With the confrontation between Ning Cheng and Chuan Xinlou coming to an apparent end, Qiao Jierui and the others quickly went back to attacking the restrictions to reach their respective golden chests. Ning Cheng naturally did not want to show others a moment of weakness, so he also began attacking the restrictions at his corner.

Although upset, Chuan Xinlou didn’t come forward to stop Ning Cheng. He knew it very well that if he tried stopping Ning Cheng again, the two of them would definitely end up in a fight to the death. Moreover, Ning Cheng wouldn’t even give a damn about the other Heavenly Emperors at that point.

Out of the five chests, apart from the ones taken over by Zhangkang Tianji and Ning Cheng, who dealt with the restrictions individually, the rest attacked in groups of two or more.

Zhangkang Tianji’s body seemed to contain infinite power, as with each attack the defensive restriction would split open a sliver more. Similarly, no one here could match Ning Cheng in terms of the Dao of Arrays. Therefore, every time he struck, it would be precisely at the critical points of the restrictions.

By the time the rest of the people broke open their respective restrictions, Ning Cheng had already taken hold of the chest in his corner.

Similarly, Zhangkang Tianji also broke through the restriction but didn’t put the chest away. Instead, he moved it to the front of him and said, “It’s better to open all the chests here. Maybe the real treasures within the Ancient Shadow Temple have something to do with these chests. What do you all think?”

Naturally, no one actually thought that these chests contained the real treasures of Ancient Shadow Temple. Moreover, apart from opening these chests, the main hall gave them no other options.

Qiao Jierui and Yi Jiufeng hesitated for a bit but spoke up at the same time, “No problem.”

Wu Hong, Striking Order, and the others had worked together to obtain a chest, so they didn’t have any idea on how to allocate it. Therefore, they naturally put it up without any squabbles.

Seeing everyone else looking at him, Ning Cheng also spoke up, “Naturally, I also have no problems with it.”

Even if there was a problem, he had to agree here. He picked a fight with Chuan Xinlou, but it was primarily to establish his might and prestige. If he dared to offend everyone here, it wouldn’t offer any help in setting up his strength or influence, but would definitely result in his death.

Zhangkang Tianji opened his box first and found only a palm-sized piece of dark-grey coloured wood.

“Reincarnation Soul Wood….” When Zhangkang Tianji took out that piece of wood, Yi Jiufeng, Chuan Xinlou and the others spoke up almost at the same time.

Even Ning Cheng looked at the piece of wood in Zhangkang Tianji’s hand with shock. He naturally knew about Reincarnation Soul Wood. An extremely heaven-defying treasure without a price. When it came to its value, it was no worse than the highest grade of treasures.

Reincarnation Soul Wood had only one use, to help one reincarnate on the verge of death. Moreover, after reincarnating, one would have a trace of memories from his or her past life. As that reincarnated individual’s cultivation improved, the memories would also recover proportionally. Almost every cultivator in the world coveted such a treasure.

Even Zhangkang Tianji felt happy about obtaining the Reincarnation Soul Wood, but he didn’t feel too thrilled about it. For him, reincarnation was never an option anyway. Therefore, even if this soul wood had an even higher value, it didn’t have much use for him.

When Ning Cheng saw Zhangkang Tianji’s expression, he started thinking about opportunities to exchange this soul wood in the hands of Zhangkang Tianji in secret.

Seeing Zhangkang Tianji obtain a piece of Reincarnation Soul Wood, Qiao Jierui couldn’t wait to open the box in front of him. Opening the chest, he found a dark high-necked jade bottle. As Qiao Jierui’s hand reached out to grab the jade bottle, he discovered that he couldn’t lift it at all; rather, he found it extremely heavy. Qiao Jierui gave a snort, and redirecting his celestial essence towards his hands, he grabbed at the jade bottle again. Finally holding the jade bottle up in his hand, he pulled the stopper on it.

Qiao Jierui didn’t call out, but Yi Jiufeng called out for him, “Single Essence Heavy Water!”

Chuan Xinlou clenched his fists. Everything here looked so heaven defying. Not to mention the Reincarnation Soul Wood, even this bottle of Single Essence Heavy Water was also a priceless treasure. A drop of Single Essence Heavy Water was equivalent to a small star in weight.

One could even refine that single drop into a peerless weapon; unfortunately, he couldn’t obtain even a golden chest.

Ning Cheng also felt a little fiery in his heart. Each chest seemed to contain a priceless treasure. If he had the Single Essence Heavenly Water, he could add a drop of it to the Good Fortune Spirit Spear. At that time, the power of Good Fortune Spirit Spear would definitely increase by a lot.

Yi Jiufeng became a little more excited and opened the golden chest in front of her. However, it only contained a very ordinary-looking talisman.

Yi Jiufeng grabbed the talisman with some disappointment. Why was there a useless thing in her chest?

Qiao Jierui felt secretly proud about it. Yi Jiufeng was a weapon collector and liked collecting unique weapons the most. But what she obtained now was just an ordinary talisman, which felt ironic.

Ning Cheng clenched his fists. In his opinion, the contents of Yi Jiufeng’s chest was the most useful out of all. That talisman was actually a Child Talisman of the Heaven Opening Talisman. How precious was the Heaven Opening Talisman? In a way, the Heaven Opening Talisman was on the same level as those treasures formed at the beginning of heaven and earth. Moreover, this was a child talisman of that very same Heaven Opening Talisman. From this, he could tell that the Ancient Shadow Temple was not as simple as it looked on the surface.

Yi Jiufeng and the others did not know that it was the Heaven Opening Talisman’s Child Talisman, but he did. He had even used a similar thing before. However, he had used up the Dao Charm of the Heaven Opening Talisman’s child talisman after activating the talisman twice, which made it no longer operational.

“Oh, why do I have such bad luck? Only a broken talisman.” Yi Jiufeng groaned after grabbing the Heaven Opening Talisman’s child talisman.

Chuan Xinlou suddenly smiled and spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix, if you don’t like this talisman, you might as well trade it with me. I like collecting such broken talismans.”

Yi Jiufeng turned her gaze to him and spoke, “Does Senior Apprentice Brother Levelled Heart really want this talisman? If Senior Apprentice Brother Levelled Heart can give me the patch of dirt that stored the Breath Soil, then this talisman……”

Before Yi Jiufeng finished speaking, Ning Cheng also smiled and suddenly spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix, I’m also interested in this talisman. Of course, I can also conduct an exchange with Senior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix, but can Senior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix enlighten me about what you like?”

Controlling a Grand Starry Sky, Yi Jiufeng naturally was not an idiot. When Chuan Xinlou suggested an exchange, she had already guessed that the talisman might be an unusual one. The reason she asked for that patch of dirt was to see if Chuan Xinlou would agree to it or not. If Chuan Xinlou accepted the exchange, then it would have meant that this talisman had a much higher value compared to what she had initially thought. But whether Chuan Xinlou agreed or disagreed, Yi Jiufeng would never exchange the talisman until she knew the origin of the talisman.

Now that Ning Cheng also proposed an exchange, she became even more convinced that this talisman was not an ordinary one. Others might think that Ning Cheng wanted to muddle the waters for Chuan Xinlou deliberately and thus decided to oppose Chuan Xinlou, but Yi Jiufeng did not think so.

“Oh, you see, I like strong junior brothers the most. If you can stay with this big sister for a few days, this big sister might just give the talisman to you. What do you say?” Although Yi Jiufeng spoke those words, she didn’t let go of the talisman in her hand.

Standing next to Yi Jiufeng, the tall and handsome looking male cultivator, called Shi Jinyu, looked uncomfortable. Obviously, Yi Jiufeng’s words about Ning Cheng made him very dissatisfied. It’s just that when it came to Yi Jiufeng or Ning Cheng, both were people who he can’t afford to offend.

Seeing Yi Jiufeng put away the talisman, Chuan Xinlou only glanced at Ning Cheng before shifting to Striking Order and the others.

Striking Order Heavenly Emperor took a deep breath before turning to Heavenly Emperor Shen Mao from Snagging Ascendance Starry Sky and cupping his fists, “Brother Shen Mao, this chest is yours to open.”

Shen Mao smiled, “In that case, I will not be polite about it.”

After that, he raised his hand and opened the golden chest in front of him.

A dazzling red light shot out from inside, revealing a red jade box sitting inside the golden chest. Moreover, the red light coming from the jade box gave it a mysterious feel at first glance.

Shen Mao carefully picked up the jade box before opening the lid and finding a blood-red fruit the size of a baby’s hand lying inside. The faint scent that wafted out immediately aroused the consciousness of any cultivator who sniffed at it. Everyone felt as if their cultivations had taken an invisible step forward, along with a refreshing sensation that spread through their mind. Just above the blood-red fruit, one could also see faint Dao Traces reflecting off one another, giving the fruit a very mysterious feel.

“Is this the legendary Dao Fruit?” Although Yi Jiufeng didn’t know about the Heaven Opening Talisman’s child talisman, she really was knowledgeable about many other things.

Qiao Jierui took in a deep breath and spoke up slowly, “Yes, that’s definitely the Dao Fruit. I heard Daoist Crow succeeded in confirming his Dao and managed to leave this positional plane because of a Dao Fruit.”

If he could, he would rather use his Single Essence Heavy Water to exchange for this Dao Fruit. For people at their level, it was a hard thing to place a value on a Dao Fruit’s Dao Trace.

“Who will keep this fruit?” Xun Zhihe said from the side. Although she felt excited about it, she knew that this Dao Fruit would never come into her personal possession.

“From the looks of it, it’s better to leave this Dao Fruit with Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor for safekeeping. After we’re done with this place, we can then talk about distribution.” Gua Sangan also technically owned a part of this Dao Fruit; therefore, no one felt surprised when he gave a suggestion.

However, everyone knew that Gua Sangan was Chuan Xinlou’s follower. Therefore, once this Dao Fruit made its way to Chuan Xinlou’s hand, it would truly be a strange event if he actually gave it back to them or anyone else for the matter.

Striking Order Heavenly Emperor immediately looked at Ning Cheng; even the rest of the people here shifted their gazes towards Ning Cheng. Obviously, they all wanted Ning Cheng to raise an objection so that Chuan Xinlou wouldn’t get to keep this Dao Fruit.

Ning Cheng sighed in his heart; he didn’t want this type of distinction. He also didn’t wish to let this Dao Fruit fall into Chuan Xinlou’s hand. In case Chuan Xinlou obtained this Dao Fruit, his strength would definitely double at the very least. However, if he raised an objection at this time, Chuan Xinlou definitely would not endure it and immediately start a life and death fight. Chuan Xinlou might have tolerated Ning Cheng’s previous act, but he wouldn’t tolerate Ning Cheng blocking the chance to confirm his Dao. Moreover, Chuan Xinlou had no idea that this golden chest contained such a treasure. If he had known about it, he would have gone all out from the start and wouldn’t care about Ning Cheng getting in the way.

Right now, he already knew that he couldn’t contend against Chuan Xinlou. Therefore, if he stood up to oppose it, he’d only be helping others by offering himself up as cannon fodder.

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