Chapter 0750

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Chapter 0750: The ten innate waters

“No, I haven’t heard of this name. But how do you know about the 3000 Weak Water Stream?” Yan Xishuang asked.

Ning Cheng smiled, “I didn’t know that it really is called ‘3000 Weak Water Stream’. I just followed a Starry Sky Positional Diagram Ball with the location of this place. But looking at these strange waters, do you have a way to get in?”

Yan Xishuang gave a calm reply, “I naturally have a method. Since you’re already here, let’s cooperate. We can divide the things in this place evenly, what do you think?”

Ning Cheng shook his head, “I don’t need to cooperate with anyone. Everyone does his or her own things. What they get is what they get.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng wanted to try entering the Weak Water Stream. He could tell that this woman wasn’t sincere with her words and always spoke with reservation despite the previous casual appearance.

“Wait….” Yan Xishuang quickly called out to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked at Yan Xishuang in doubt, “It’s not like I’m stopping you; you can go in by yourself. Since you already have a method to go in, why not just use it instead of stopping others?”

Yan Xishuang shook her head. “Ning Cheng, you will turn into nothingness the moment you enter this 3000 Weak Water Stream. Even with a full circle Eternal cultivation and a late-stage Starry Sky Body, it wouldn’t matter.”

Hearing Yan Xishuang’s words, Ning Cheng quickly stopped moving and stood over his flight type weapon before asking again, “Why?”

“Do you not know anything about the 3000 Weak Water?” Yan Xishuang asked.

Ning Cheng shook his head. He truly didn’t know anything about the 3000 Weak Water. Most of his cultivation related knowledge was just a patchwork from here and there. In fact, the most significant knowledge gain he received came from the Foundations of Artefact Crafting that Zhongli Baichi had given him. If not for that book, he wouldn’t have known many things about the cultivation world. However, even that book had no record of either the Nirvana Bluestone or the 3000 Weak Water.

Although Ning Cheng had heard about 3000 Weak Water in the past, it mainly came from the stories he read back on Earth. But he understood that the 3000 Water Water he heard on Earth should not be the same as this one.

“Then presumably you also never heard of the ten innate waters.” Yan Xishuang said.

Ning Cheng shook his head again before cupping his fists and speaking, “Can Fairy Yan tell me about it?”

Cultivating to this level, Ning Cheng definitely had a good picture of where he lacked. As he never had a teacher to learn from, it also meant that he didn’t understand many things already known by everyone. Therefore, Ning Cheng made it a habit to ask about the things he didn’t understand. If the other party felt unwilling to speak about it, so be it. But if they willingly shared the information, then at least he would learn a little more about the world.

Yan Xishuang, fortunately, did not hide it, “I’ve only heard about five of them, I don’t know about the rest. The first one on the list, I heard, is simply impossible to obtain. It’s called the 5-element Spirit Water…..”

Ning Cheng felt shocked. 5-element Spirit Water, wasn’t it one of the main ingredients required to forge the Good Fortune Spirit Spear? According to what he learned, this water only formed during the formation of a Good Fortune World; in fact, it only condensed within a Good Fortune World with the help of Breath Soil. Therefore, didn’t it mean that only the owners of Good Fortune Treasures would have this water?

Wait, Zhongli Baichi’s book contained information about the 5-element Spirit Water, so why did it not provide any information about the 3000 Weak Water?

As Ning Cheng thought of this, his spiritual consciousness immediately linked up with the book in his storage. However, he found that the last page had disappeared, the page containing information about the Good Fortune Spirit Spear.

Yan Xishuang had no idea that Ning Cheng had already turned over so many thoughts during this momentary pause. Instead, she continued as if speaking to herself. “I don’t know anything about the second, third, and the fourth-ranked[1] innate waters, but the fifth one on the list is called the Inquisitive Heart Water…..”

Ning Cheng sighed internally, he had also never heard of this type of water.

“The sixth one is the 3000 Weak Water.” Yan Xishuang said and then looked at Ning Cheng. “By now you should have realised the value of this type of water.”

Ning Cheng nodded in agreement; counted in the same list as the heaven defying 5-element Spirit Water, he understood that this 3000 Weak Water wasn’t ordinary at all. How could any of these ten innate waters be simple if put on the same pedestal as the 5-element Spirit Water?

“What about the other four?” Ning Cheng asked again.

Yan Xishuang continued, “The seventh on the list is called the Indeterminable Dark Water. I don’t know about the eighth and ninth ones on the list, but the tenth one has the name ‘Single Essence Heavy Water’.”

“Single Essence Heavy Water?” Ning Cheng repeated the words in amazement.

Yan Xishuang asked in confusion, “Have you seen it?”

Ning Cheng gave an honest reply, “Yes, I have seen it before, but it was only one drop. I know that this type of water contains immense weight. A drop of Single Essence Heavy Water roughly equals the weight of a small star, which is why it makes for an excellent material for refining artefacts.”

It also made Ning Cheng a little speechless. The book only contained information about the 5-element Spirit Water. It was at the top of the list, while Single Essence Heavy Water was the last in the list.

Hearing that Ning Cheng had seen the Single Essence Heavy Water, Yan Xishuang felt a little moved. But when she heard Ning Cheng say that it was only a drop, she returned to normal and said, “A drop of Single Essence Heavy Water doesn’t mean much. As you put it, it wouldn’t have much use apart from refining artefacts. However, if you managed to obtain such a large quantity of Single Essence Heavy Water, you could easily dominate the entire starry sky…..”

While speaking, Yan Xishuang pointed at the 3000 Weak Water Stream in front of her.

Ning Cheng remained silent, but she continued, “A drop of Single Essence Heavy Water has the weight of a star, but what if it was a stream, hehe…..”

Ning Cheng didn’t give a smile in return; instead, he remained in thought. Yan Xishuang, as if understanding Ning Cheng’s thoughts, calmly continued. “Did you think that the weight of many drops of Single Essence Heavy Water would simply add up?”

“Yeah.” Ning Cheng looked at Yan Xishuang in confusion. Going by a drop-by-drop basis, just how many drops did this 3000 Weak Water Stream contain? If each drop meant the weight of an entire star, just how many stars would it weigh? In fact, it might be impossible to measure the combined weight at all.

“You’re wrong.” Yan Xishuang said softly. “It’s countless times heavier than you think. It’s not just a simple one-plus-one problem. As for a reason, I don’t know.[2]”

After a pause, she added, “But that’s not what we were talking about. Besides, there wouldn’t be so much Single Essence Heaven Water in this positional plane’s starry skies.”

“Since there is not much of Single Essence Heavy Water, why is there so much of 3000 Weak Water here? If I remember correctly, you said that the 3000 Weak Water was listed sixth among the ten innate waters.” Ning Cheng said immediately.

Yan Xishuang showed a slight smile, “You’re partly wrong. If all the water here were the 3000 Weak Water, then Devouring Bone Sea wouldn’t exist. Even we couldn’t have reached this place. In fact, there is only one drop of 3000 Weak Water in here.”

One drop? How could there be such a ‘big’ drop?

As if knowing what Ning Cheng thought, Yan Xishuang gave a direct reply, “It’s not a ‘big’ drop. It’s just a fist-sized drop of 3000 Weak Water under this sea. But because this drop of 3000 Weak Water had fallen here, it’s what created this area. It not only changed the water’s colour to dark grey, it even caused the water to cave in on itself.”

“What’re the uses of 3000 Weak Water?” Ning Cheng felt moved by the idea of obtaining this drop of 3000 Weak Water, especially since it was on the same list as the 5-element Spirit Water. He very much wanted to get it, even if it was just a single drop.

Yan Xishuang offered a careful explanation, “Don’t look at 3000 Weak Water as ordinary, it doesn’t actually have a fixed form or shape. If not refined, however, 3000 Weak Water is as cold as the coldest ice. It can freeze everything in the world and turn it into nothingness. If any living creature fell into it, it wouldn’t be able to use even half its strength. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to feel this without actually entering the water.”

“Once you refine the 3000 Weak Water into your own treasure, this treasure would then keep morphing according to your opponent’s fears. If your opponent fears the cold, this Weak Water Treasure will become the coldest thing in the world. If your opponent is afraid of flames, this Weak Water Treasure will turn into the most terrifying flame.”

“Of course, this is not the most important role of the 3000 Weak Water. If you integrate this 3000 Weak Water into a weapon, that’s where it would bring out its real power. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful artefact-crafting auxiliary raw materials in the world. Moreover, the reason I asked you to cooperate was that only your Nirvana Blue Stone could help us enter this 3000 Weak Water Stream. Otherwise, even stepping into it would mean death.”

Yan Xishuang seemed to have understood a bit of Ning Cheng’s character. So, she decided to state the role of Nirvana Bluestone first. She had a hunch that Ning Cheng might cooperate if she described how to get into the river.

Ning Cheng didn’t expect 3000 Weak Water to have such an important role. He took in a deep breath and said, “Fairy Yan, you said just now that there was only a single drop of 3000 Weak Water here. Even if we cooperate, how would we divide this drop of 3000 Weak Water?”

Yan Xishuang showed a slight smile, “I can’t take this drop of 3000 Weak Water. So this Weak Water naturally belongs to you. The rest we can divide equally between us. The area around the 3000 Weak Water always transforms into an area filled with treasures. Since this drop of 3000 Weak Water has fallen here, it means that we would definitely find many top-grade treasures.”

“Okay, I agree.” Ning Cheng said without hesitation.

He could feel some pitfalls in Yan Xishuang’s words, but since Yan Xishuang didn’t want this drop of 3000 Weak Water, why would he refuse it? As for the idea of kicking Yan Xishuang away after learning how to enter the Weak Water Stream, he never even thought about it.

Sure enough, Yan Xishuang’s eyes flashed with excitement. “Then please take out the Nirvana Bluestone. As long as you can put the Nirvana Bluestone in the 3000 Weak Water Stream in front of you, we can then stand on top of it and let it directly sink to the bottom.”

Now that they had reached an agreement, Ning Cheng acted quickly. Without a word of nonsense, he took out the Nirvana Bluestone, removed the restrictions covering it, and threw it into the 3000 Weak Water Stream.

Even the feather had sunk to the bottom of the river. Therefore, Ning Cheng somewhat expected that this bluestone would also start dropping after he threw it into the river. As for what to do later, Yan Xishuang definitely would have a method.

Unexpectedly, Ning Cheng found that the bluestone did not sink when thrown into the Weak Water Stream; instead, it remained floating in place.

Yan Xishuang quickly flew over to the bluestone and at the same time shouted to Ning Cheng. “Hurry up; only by standing over this Nirvana Bluestone can we reach the bottom of the Weak Water Stream.”

Ning Cheng also quickly flew over to the Nirvana Bluestone. As soon as he landed, a horrifyingly cold wave blasted over him. The icy chill made Ning Cheng wonder if he could have survived it without advancing to the middle-grade Starry Sky Body.

Fortunately, the moment his feet touched the Nirvana Bluestone, it gave off a wave of heat that neutralised the surrounding cold.

“You seem to have quite a forged body, almost reaching the peak of Starry Sky Body.” Yan Xishuang’s forged body obviously was of a higher grade compared to Ning Cheng. But even so, some frost still formed over her body.

In fact, Ning Cheng’s forged body had only reached the middle-grade of Starry Sky Body, but Ning Cheng did not answer Yan Xishuang’s words. Instead, he felt that if it weren’t for this Nirvana Bluestone, he would have had to wait for death or enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead if he had directly jumped in. Even the terrifying heat waves from the Nirvana Bluestone could not entirely block the icy cold of this 3000 Weak Water Stream. In other words, if he and Yan Xishuang weren’t both starry sky powerhouses, they wouldn’t be able to enter this Weak Water Stream without the Nirvana Bluestone.

“Something’s wrong, the Nirvana Bluestone is starting to melt.” Ning Cheng quickly noticed the change in the Nirvana Bluestone under his feet. He found its size shrinking with each passing moment; maybe this Nirvana Bluestone would dissolve before they could even reach the bottom of the river.

[1] ‘Ranked’ here does not mean an actual ranked hierarchy, it’s just a representation of the items on a list.

[2] For those who don’t know, it basically speaks about the effects of gravitational force, the more mass piles up, the more gravitational pull it will exert on itself, which exponentially increases the ‘weight’.

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