Chapter 0751

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Chapter 0751: Good Fortune Treasure Fragments

Yan Xishuang gave a calm reply, “This is just seawater infected by the Weak Water. If it were real Weak Water, this Nirvana Bluestone would have already melted away into nothingness. Of course, you don’t need to worry about it. This bluestone should be more than enough for us to get the treasures and then get out.”

As the Nirvana Bluestone kept sinking, it started to melt faster, which also shrunk the area jointly shared by Ning Cheng and Yan Xishuang. From this, one could imagine that without the help from the Nirvana Bluestone, even an area set up by the two would not withstand the erosion caused by the Weak Water’s chill.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath before turning towards Yan Xishuang. “According to you, we’re not even close to that drop of Weak Water, yet it’s already affecting us. If this continued, let alone collecting that drop of Weak Water, could we even get close to it? You already know that I couldn’t collect that drop of Weak Water, so you just wanted to take advantage of my Nirvana Bluestone to go down, didn’t you?”

Yan Xishuang’s eyes held a slightly apologetical look. “I already said that I can’t take it, but I’m never told that you couldn’t take it away. Besides, there is no way to get close to this drop of Weak Water unless you used the Nirvana Bluestone. But if you took advantage of the Nirvana Bluestone for that purpose, then I’m afraid that we wouldn’t even have the chance to go back up. You should have already realised that the closer we moved to the drop of Weak Water, the faster the Nirvana Bluestone would melt.”

“Doesn’t that mean I can’t take that drop of Weak Water, and can only go on a treasure hunt with you?” Ning Cheng spoke up with a slightly upset tone. He already guessed that there was something wrong with Yan Xishuang’s words previously. Still, he never expected that the problem would be that he couldn’t take the drop of Weak Water at all.

Yan Xishuang gave a simple nod, “Yes, you can’t take that drop of Weak Water. However, the area around the Weak Water is a treasure ground. If we joined hands to take away as many treasures we can get and share it equally among us, we definitely wouldn’t lose out.”

Ning Cheng muttered to himself, “That’s okay with you because you don’t have to suffer any loss. I’m the one who has to use my Nirvana Bluestone. When we get back up, would there be any Nirvana Bluestone left to use?”

Yan Xishuang showed a faint smile, “Ning Cheng, you only think that because you don’t even know where to look for the most valuable part of the Nirvana Bluestone. The most valuable part of the Nirvana Bluestone is not this bluestone, but the Nirvana Heart. The Nirvana Heart could easily help a tog-grade Starry Sky Flame to evolve once again. As to how far the flame could evolve, I cannot imagine. Moreover, as far as I know, it’s almost impossible to break the Nirvana Bluestone through conventional methods. Only this 3000 Weak Water River can break it open.”

“I did use your Nirvana Bluestone, but I also am helping you break open the Nirvana Bluestone and obtain the Nirvana Heart. One simply cannot put a value on the Nirvana Heart. In fact, its value remains immeasurable. If you gave the Nirvana Heart to me, I would rather not have anything else from this place.”

Ning Cheng felt somewhat better after hearing Yan Xishuang’s words. No wonder Yan Xishuang wanted to exchange his bluestone with so many good things. Apart from using it to enter the 3000 Weak Water Stream, she also had another reason for it, i.e. the Nirvana Heart. But could this Nirvana Heart really help evolve a top-grade Starry Sky Flame? That is, once his flame upgraded to a Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame, could he continue using the Nirvana Heart to improve the flame once again?

“If you still feel like you’re suffering a loss, I will send you a Starry Sky Spiritual Vein later.” Yan Xishuang said softly. She could feel that Ning Cheng wasn’t a sore loser.

“Forget it.” Ning Cheng smiled. He took cultivation resources very seriously, and a Starry Sky Spiritual Vein was even more valuable to him. At this moment, he didn’t even have a small shard of a Starry Sky Spiritual Vein.

But he also felt somewhat grateful to Yan Xishuang. She didn’t hide the truth from him and even explained Nirvana Heart’s role. Compared to the Nirvana Heart, what was a Starry Sky Spiritual Vein? If not for Yan Xishuang telling him, he wouldn’t even know about the Nirvana Heart. He might have realised it later, but who knows how long it would have taken?

His Celestial River Flame had already upgraded to a Grade 5 Starry Sky Flame. Which meant that as long as it advanced another rank, it would become a Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame. If this Nirvana Heart could upgrade his Celestial River Flame once again, he did not believe that the Nirvana Spear would no longer stay impervious.

Besides, if he and Yan Xishuang had switched places for this transaction, maybe he would have also tried to find a way to get Yan Xishuang to cooperate with him. However, he wouldn’t act as cautious as Yan Xishuang did and would have stated the matter directly. Whether the other party agreed or not, he would tell the truth. In any case, cultivators had to seek out their own opportunities, as waiting around would never bring any results. Therefore, although Yan Xishuang’s approach was not very straightforward, it wasn’t at least a dirty plan.

Seeing Ning Cheng unwilling to take advantage of this opportunity made Yan Xishuang a little embarrassed. She didn’t know what to say.

The seawater ran deep. Although the Nirvana Blue Stone sunk quickly, it still hadn’t reached the bottom of the sea even after three hours.

“Are you a rogue cultivator?” Yan Xishuang found the atmosphere around them a little awkward and took the initiative to speak with Ning Cheng.

“I used to be in the past, but I now have a sect.” Ning Cheng had just replied when a blue light swept over them.

Yan Xishuang spoke, “When you reach the bottom of the Weak Water River, immediately move in the direction with the thickest Spirit Qi….”

But Yan Xishuang’s words stopped abruptly. Like Ning Cheng, she looked in the direction from where the blue light had swept over. This blue light made things so clear that even the seawater infected by the Weak Water could not block the gaze of the two, nor could the seawater outside the blue light. However, it still blocked spiritual consciousness.

“Where does this blue light come from? How is it so powerful to penetrate through the 3000 Weak Waters and still shine so brightly?” Ning Cheng spoke up in surprise.

Yan Xishuang took in a deep breath and said, “This is not exactly Weak Water; rather, a patch of seawater infected by Weak Water. Even so, this blue light definitely is extraordinary. Let’s go and have a look.”

Ning Cheng nodded, took out a few array flags and dropped it next to the Nirvana Bluestone. As the array flag melted away, the Nirvana Bluestone also slowly started to move in the direction of the blue light.

“That blue light is in the same direction as the drop of Weak Water. Strange, 3000 Weak Water doesn’t emit blue light.” Yan Xishuang spoke up in doubt.

Even if Yan Xishuang hadn’t said it, Ning Cheng had already guessed it. That’s because the speed of Nirvana Bluestone melting increased proportionally as it moved closer to the source of that blue light.

Yan Xishuang wanted to stop Ning Cheng from moving further in when the scene in front of her stunned her into silence. A fist-sized drop of greywater suspended over a lotus petal; or rather, above an azure-coloured lotus petal.

Ning Cheng had stopped a long time ago and was staring at the lotus petal in shock. He could clearly feel the aura of a Good Fortune Treasure coming from it. From the looks of it, it actually was a Good Fortune Lotus’ petal, a treasure equal to the Mysterious Yellow Bead. It’s just that the drop of Weak Water suspended over it had covered up the Good Fortune Aura, to the point that barely anything surged out.

“This azure lotus petal definitely is a heavenly treasure; otherwise, that drop of Weak Water would not have remained suspended on this lotus flower petal.” Yan Xishuang spoke up with a tremor.

She only knew that the drop of 3000 Weak Water wouldn’t fall just anywhere. Only a supreme Starry Sky Spirit Vein or a large Starry Sky Pill Pond could attract a drop of Weak Water. She never expected that it would fall onto a lotus petal. This also showed that this lotus petal was definitely a supreme treasure.

“I want that lotus petal…..” After uttering half a sentence, Yan Xishuang gave out a sigh. She knew that she couldn’t take this lotus petal, as they couldn’t even get close to it.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath, “I’ll try to take that drop of Weak Water, but I want to tell you that even if you can take away this lotus flower petal, you cannot take it.”

“Why? Do you want half of it?” Yan Xishuang looked at Ning Cheng and asked. It doesn’t matter if he wanted to split the spoils in half since the two had already agreed to it. But, she guessed that there probably was only a single lotus petal here, and nothing else.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment and simply said, “Have you heard of Good Fortune Treasures?”

Yan Xishuang’s eyes almost jumped out in shock. She then grabbed Ning Cheng’s arm and spoke with an almost incoherent voice, “Ning Cheng, are you implying that this lotus petal is a Good Fortune Treasure?”

Ning Cheng smiled to himself. Looks like she really did not know about quite a few things. But he understood why Yan Xishuang couldn’t realise that the azure lotus petal was a Good Fortune Treasure. That’s because that drop of Weak Water had almost entirely concealed the Good Fortune Aura. However, it couldn’t escape Ning Cheng, as he owned the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

“Yes, if I’m not completely mistaken, this lotus petal should be a fragment of a Good Fortune Treasure.” Whether or no Yan Xishuang understood the implications, Ning Cheng did not choose to hide it.

Yan Xishuang didn’t notice the ridiculing tone within his words, as she couldn’t hide the shock and excitement in her eyes. She murmured to herself, “A Good Fortune Treasure, a fragment of the Good Fortune Lotus …..”

But she quickly recalled what Ning Cheng had said just now, and immediately asked, “You took a fancy to this Good Fortune Treasure fragment, so you don’t want to share it with me, is that it?”

While saying this, she completely forgot the fact that she also had comparable cultivation to Ning Cheng.

“Let go of your hand first.” Ning Cheng looked at Yan Xishuang who still held on to him.

Yan Xishuang quickly regained her composure and let go of Ning Cheng. She then looked at Ning Cheng with even more urgency.

“Do you have the ability to split a Good Fortune Treasure?” Ning Cheng asked in a calm tone.

Yan Xishuang thought it over for a moment. Yeah, if one could split a Good Fortune Treasure, then it wasn’t a Good Fortune Treasure. Besides, even as an Eternal expert, she couldn’t break a Good Fortune Treasure even at full power.

Ning Cheng also kept thinking over this question for some time. Since people considered Good Fortune Treasures as apex-level treasures, so how could fragments of them exist? What could actually break a Good Fortune Treasure? Before it was a fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe, but now a lotus petal …

Azure lotus petal? Was it truly a fragment of the Good Fortune Azure Lotus? Ning Cheng grew even more shocked as he kept mulling over it. When he first obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he had gained some sort of an inheritance, which included some vague information about the Good Fortune Azure Lotus.

However, instead of the treasures, he only heard about Good Fortune Indestructible Axe and the Good Fortune Azure Lotus’ fragments. So the most plausible explanation for such a thing to happen was that the owners of the two Good Fortune Treasures fought each other but ultimately lost to each other. Which also resulted in their Good Fortune Treasures fragmenting.

Yan Xishuang didn’t know that Ning Cheng didn’t even think of taking the Azure Lotus fragment as his own. But seeing Ning Cheng’s frown, she thought that Ning Cheng didn’t want to give up on this treasure. Therefore, she sighed and spoke up, “This azure lotus petal is something impossible to get for me. If you can get it, then it’s yours. I don’t have the strength to….”

Ning Cheng showed a smile, “Fairy Yan, I don’t want to take this lotus petal as my own. I only said that because this lotus petal will not do you any good. Once I take this drop of Weak Water, the lotus petal’s Good Fortune Aura would immediately start to overflow. Do you think you can survive safely by walking around with the aura of a Good Fortune Treasure on you?”

Yan Xishuang directly spoke up at this, “Ning Cheng, I really want this lotus petal. If you really want to leave it to me, then I have a way to hide the lotus petal’s Good Fortune Aura. But if you don’t want to leave it to me then say it directly.”

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