Chapter 0752

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Chapter 0752: Take What You Need

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm voice, “Although tempting to own a Good Fortune treasure fragment, but it’s not enough to break my word. If I can collect this drop of Weak Water, you will have to pick up that azure lotus petal quickly. I will only give you half an incense stick worth of time at most. If you can’t take away that azure lotus fragment within that period, then I’m sorry, I will take it for myself.”

Ning Cheng really did not covet this Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment, despite knowing that this fragment could be very beneficial for him. But since the two had joined forces, he can’t take everything for himself. It wasn’t his style at all.

But if Yan Xishuang couldn’t take away the azure lotus petal, then he wouldn’t stay polite either. The Good Fortune Aura from this fragment would definitely overflow the moment he took away the droplet suspended over it. With his current ability, he could only suppress the spread of this aura for at most half-an-incense stick worth of time. Therefore, if Yan Xishuang couldn’t take away the azure lotus petal within that period, he would take it for himself. Otherwise, if someone else caught a whiff of the Good Fortune Aura, it would be akin to shooting himself in the foot.

“Okay, I agree. If I can’t take this azure lotus fragment in half an incense stick worth of time, I’ll leave it to you. But I also have to remind you that everyday storage items cannot contain the 3000 Weak Water. Even if you use a top-rank storage-type Dao Artefact, that drop of 3000 Weak Water would quickly corrode it from the inside. Are you sure that you can take away that droplet?” Yan Xishuang almost immediately agreed to Ning Cheng’s proposal, but still felt puzzled.

If Ning Cheng couldn’t take away the 3000 Weak Water, she also cannot collect the Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment.

Ning Cheng took some time to think over this matter. He had a vague hunch that his Measureless Gourd could take away this drop of 3000 Weak Water. Even he couldn’t explain this intuition. In any case, if the Measureless Gourd couldn’t take away the 3000 Weak Water, Ning Cheng would leave immediately. Although a treasure, preserving his life took priority in this situation.

“Let me give it a try…..” With that, Ning Cheng brought out the Measureless Gourd. At the same time, he also controlled the Nirvana Bluestone to move closer to that drop of Weak Water.

The closer it came to the drop of Weak Water, the more crackling sounds emerged. In just a short while, the icy aura wrapped Yan Xishuang in a layer of white frost. Even if Ning Cheng had the Celestial River Flame, white frost gradually began to condense over his eyebrows.

This was definitely not an ordinary frost. This kind of frost was tens of millions of times colder than a regular chill. Once this frost invaded one’s blood, even if Ning Cheng and Yan Xishuang had peak level Starry Sky Bodies, they would still freeze to death.

“Stop, we can’t go any further…..” Yan Xishuang anxiously called out to Ning Cheng. If he continued to move forward, this Nirvana Bluestone would eventually melt into nothingness. Without support from Nirvana Bluestone, they would without a doubt die.

Ning Cheng stopped and looked at Yan Xishuang and gave a calm reply, “Fairy Yan, I have to move closer. If you don’t want…..”

Despite the calmness, Ning Cheng’s tone had a slight edge to it. Yan Xishuang understood that even if she didn’t want to try anymore, Ning Cheng wouldn’t stop. In any case, he can’t send Yan Xishuang up, because if he chose to take Yan Xishuang up, then he wouldn’t be able to return to this place.

Yan Xishuang sighed, “Ning Cheng, go ahead. I guess we have to take some risks to obtain some good things. But let me tell you this beforehand, once this Nirvana Bluestone melts completely, I still have a method to leave this place by myself. If you can’t leave, I…..”

Ning Cheng replied with a quiet voice, “I don’t need you to worry about me. In case I fail, you can leave by yourself.”

While talking, Ning Cheng quickly sped up.

The hissing sounds from Nirvana Bluestone grew even fiercer, while the bluestone also started to shrink rapidly. At this rate, this bluestone would completely melt away in half an incense stick of time.

Yan Xishuang looked at Ning Cheng with a complicated gaze, took out a talisman, and kept it ready in her hand.

“Boundary Breaking Talisman?” Ning Cheng asked in surprise.

He knew about this talisman very well. In fact, he had used one in the past. Moreover, Cang Wei had given him that one. It helped him understand that this was quite a powerful talisman that could directly tear through the planar boundaries to facilitate the user’s escape. Since Yan Xishuang had a Boundary Breaking Talisman, then she definitely had an unusual background.

Moreover, he could also see that the Boundary Breaking Talisman in Yan Xishuang’s hand was quite different from the one Cang Wei had given him. In fact, the Dao Charm flow around it was definitely of a much higher grade compared to Cang Wei’s talisman. However, its rank couldn’t match up with Cang Wei’s talisman.

Yan Xishuang nodded, “It is a Breaking Boundary Talisman. But my Breaking Boundary Talisman is a bit special. To be precise, it is of a much higher quality than other ordinary Breaking Boundary Talismans. But it can only take you to a specific place and only allows one person. I have no way to take you…..”

As she said that, Yan Xishuang seemed a little embarrassed. Ning Cheng had saved her life before, but even at the juncture of life and death, she could only protect herself and can’t help Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just gave a shrug as if he didn’t care about it. Not everyone would have an empathetic heart like Yu Qing. If Yu Qing had replaced Yan Xishuang in this situation. Then even if the two people had just met, Yu Qing wouldn’t hesitate to send the Breaking Boundary Talisman to Ning Cheng.

For no other reason than the previous instance of saving her life. In fact, even if Yan Xishuang chose not to leave and gave the Boundary Breaking Talisman to him, he wouldn’t take it. It had nothing to do with owning the Mysterious Yellow Bead; it’s just that it wasn’t in his nature to do such things.

Yan Xishuang obviously was not a person like Yu Qing. But he also understood that if her talisman could take away Ning Cheng with her, she would have taken Ning Cheng away without hesitation. But if she could only leave alone, she wouldn’t pass on this opportunity to others.

The hissing sounds grew louder, and by this time, the bluestone under their feet had already shrunk to less than three feet. If the Nirvana Bluestone kept shrinking at the same rate, it would quickly run out of space for two people to stand over it at the same time.

Yan Xishuang quickly leaned closer to Ning Cheng. At the same time, the talisman in her hands started shining with a faint light, indicating that she had prepared herself to escape at any time.

Ning Cheng remained calm, and just when the bluestone underneath them shrunk to less than two feet, he suddenly pushed out the Measureless Guard in his hand.

Under the control of Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness, the mouth of the Measureless Guard suddenly expanded and covered the drop of Weak Water, and immediately tried to suck in the droplet. At the same time, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness also turned into fine consciousness threads and spread out.

However, these consciousness threads turned into nothingness before they could reach the drop of Weak Water. At the same time, the powerful icy aura and the aura from the droplet immediately caused stabs of pain to erupt in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. But even after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he still forced out even more Spiritual Consciousness threads.

He had a starry sky Sea of Consciousness. Moreover, his Sea of Consciousness had also made a qualitative advancement recently. Plus there was also the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and Celestial River Flame residing in his Sea of Consciousness. Therefore, although the powerful counter-attack from the drop of Weak Water could hurt him, it couldn’t stop him.

Ning Cheng immediately forced out even more Spiritual Consciousness threads and increased the Measureless Gourd’s pulling force. The drop of Weak Water finally loosened and transformed into a dark grey stream of water as it rushed into the Measureless Gourd. Although this drop of Weak Water contained immense powers, in the end, it was still only one drop. After this drop of Weak Water entered the Measureless Gourd, Ning Cheng immediately sealed the gourd’s mouth with several restrictions.

He couldn’t help but feel pleasantly surprised with the results. One, he found out that the Measureless Guard could really suck in the drop of 3000 Weak Water, and second, he could feel that this drop of 3000 Weak Water could really help him a lot in the future.

Yan Xishuang, about to activate the talisman, felt surprised to see that Ning Cheng really had taken away the droplet. She quickly came back to her senses, pushed out her other hand and directly grabbed the azure lotus petal.

Ning Cheng’s face had turned a little pale, but despite this, he kept his promise and threw out dozens of array flags to cover up the aura of Good Fortune Azure Lotus’s fragment.

Yan Xishuang truly wasn’t bragging. She didn’t even use up the full half-an-incense stick worth of time, and quickly took away the Good Fortune Azure Lotus’s fragment. As to where it went, even Ning Cheng couldn’t sense it.

This woman definitely had secrets, Ning Cheng thought to himself in surprise. However, he didn’t show it. Instead, Ning Cheng picked up the Nirvana Bluestone, which had already shrunk to less than half a foot in size. He could faintly feel that this half-foot long Nirvana Bluestone contained something within it that kept shaking.

Was it the Nirvana Heart? Something that could upgrade Grade 6 Nirvana Flames? Ning Cheng thought to himself.

The surprise on Yan Xishuang’s face looked even more obvious than that on Ning Cheng. She directly threw a ring at Ning Cheng with the words, “These are for you. Thank you for your generosity. I’ll be taking my leave now. If you can come to my place in the future, I will definitely thank you sincerely again…..”

The same time that Ning Cheng received the ring, Yan Xishuang had already activated the Boundary Breaking Talisman in her hand. The Boundary Breaking Talisman shone with bright rays before instantly teleporting her away without even a trace left behind.

After Yan Xishuang got the Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment, she had immediately decided to leave. But Ning Cheng didn’t feel too surprised about it. He wouldn’t have felt surprised even if she had also prepared some defences against unexpected situations. Even if he had to take away a Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment, he would have also put up at least a few layers of defence. Therefore, Ning Cheng understood why she immediately activated the Breaking Boundary Talisman. That is, she feared that he would attack her to take the Azure Lotus petal.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about it though. Let alone a Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment, even if it was the whole Good Fortune Azure Lotus, if he agreed to it then he wouldn’t ever go back on his word to snatch it.

Moreover, even though this was the first time he and Yan Xishuang cooperated, he didn’t feel like he came out at the losing end. Of course, he also understood that Yan Xishuang obtained more.

With Ning Cheng taking away that drop of Weak Water, the chill permeating within the surrounding waters had already disappeared in an instant. This allowed Ning Cheng to set up some defences around him that blocked off the lingering effects of the seawater, as he rushed out in just a few breaths.

The 3000 Weak Water Stream, which initially had a distinct appearance compared to the surrounding dark blue seawater, also disappeared without a trace. Even that knife-like boundary had vanished into the surrounding waters. The patch of Weak Water Stream, which initially was a few feet lower than the surrounding seawater also quickly rose up, reaching the same level as the surroundings. Even waves and winds started to once again flow through the area, with nothing blocking their path.

This 3000 Weak Water Stream really was a strange phenomenon; Ning Cheng sighed to himself and with a thought, brought out the Starry Sky Wheel before disappearing without a trace.


As soon as Ning Cheng left the Devouring Bone Star, he immediately started to look inside the ring Yan Xishuang gave him. Opening the ring, he found a Starry Sky Spiritual Vein and ten million Permanent Essence Pills, which made Ning Cheng quite satisfied. What he lacked most right now were adequate cultivation resources. Although the Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment’s value exceeded these cultivation resources by countless times, Ning Cheng did not feel disappointed about it.

He and Yan Xishuang only shared a cooperating relationship. Besides, even if Yan Xishuang didn’t give him anything, he wouldn’t feel any regret.

After putting these things away, Ning Cheng quickly began refining the drop of 3000 Weak Water. Regardless of the usefulness of this drop of 3000 Weak Water in the future, he urgently wanted to refine this drop of Weak Water to cover up the Mysterious Yellow Aura for him.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead still lacked the Wood Origin Bead. Therefore, once he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead for cultivation, Mysterious Yellow Aura would definitely overflow. Since this drop of Weak Water could mask the Good Fortune Aura of the Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment, then it surely could hide the Good Fortune Aura from his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

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