Chapter 0753

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Chapter 0753: The Strange Yu Clan’s Corner

After Ning Cheng finished refining the drop of 3000 Weak Water, he kept it suspended in the corner of the Starry Sky Wheel’s inner cabin. One could also see the Mysterious Yellow Bead suspended right beneath this drop of Weak Water. However, none of the Mysterious Yellow Aura leaked out.

If not for Ning Cheng, this drop of Weak Water couldn’t have covered up all of the Good Fortune Aura. In fact, the main reason it masked the Good Fortune Azure Lotus fragment’s Good Fortune Aura, was due to the Devouring Bone Sea’s interference. This also meant that it couldn’t hide the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Good Fortune Origin Aura.

However, the Mysterious Yellow Bead belonged to Ning Cheng, and it had recognised him as its master. Also, the Mysterious Yellow Bead already had four types of Origins integrated into it, except for Wood Origin. Moreover, when Ning Cheng comprehended a part of the Returning-to-one within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it had unknowingly stabilised the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s laws. Although not complete, it already had a starry sky feel to it. Therefore, even if not for this drop of Weak Water, Ning Cheng could still converge about 99% of its Good Fortune Origin Aura.

Now that Ning Cheng refined this drop of 3000 Weak Water and suspended it over the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it perfectly masked the remaining 1%.

Setting everything up, Ning Cheng then went into the Mysterious Yellow Bead to improve his cultivation as much as possible. Before giving control of the Starry Sky Wheel to Chasing Bull, he had also set its course towards Culmination Starland. Ning Cheng knew that his cultivation was still a weak point. And regardless of Chuan Xinlou successfully reaching Dao Confirmation or not, he had to take advantage of all available time for cultivation.

Besides, even if Chasing Bull piloted the Starry Sky Wheel at a leisure pace, it was still ten times faster than ordinary starry-sky battleships.

Inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, piles of Permanent Essence Pills quickly turned into dust as Ning Cheng absorbed it all. Even the Starry Sky Spiritual Vein from Yan Xishuang gradually narrowed.

The abundant and pure Starry Sky Essence Qi and the Mysterious Yellow Origin, Metal, Water, Fire, and Earth Origin Aura continuously merged. It then formed into a huge dragon-shaped manifestation that Ning Cheng absorbed through his body.

With such a vigorous absorption intensity, Ning Cheng’s cultivation soared like crazy. As he absorbed the Starry Sky Essence Qi, it also helped strengthen his Sea of Consciousness before eventually condensing into celestial essence.

Because of the insane absorption rate, and with a wide range, the Starry Sky Essence Qi around Ning Cheng gave off roaring-like sounds. If he had tried to cultivate like this outside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, the effect would have been even more dramatic.

Five months later, Ning Cheng finished consuming more than 10 million Permanent Essence Pills. Even the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein under him had disappeared.

Ning Cheng then opened his eyes and came out before standing up and putting away the Mysterious Yellow Bead. It didn’t make sense to continue with cultivation, as he now only had about 3 million Permanent Essence Pills left. In just a few months, Ning Cheng had consumed over 10 million Permanent Essence Pills, plus a Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein. Yet, despite the consumption, he only advanced to the peak of the middle-stage Life and Death Realm, just a step away from the late-stage Life and Death Realm.

This caused some disappointment in Ning Cheng. He understood that his cultivation had improved by quite a lot. But he also realised that he now needed even more cultivation resources to advance. It’s just that he never expected that his requirements for cultivation resources would grow to such horrifying levels. Initially, he had thought that 10 million Permanent Essence Pills and a high-grade Starry Sky Vein would be more than enough to reach the peak of Life and Death Realm. But now it seems he needs at least ten times as much to reach the full-circle of Life and Death Realm.

Fortunately, his strength had also multiplied. Compared to when he had just entered the Life and Death Realm, his power had taken several steps forward.

If Ning Cheng was at a disadvantage before when facing Chuan Xinlou, he now believed that he could at least compare to Chuan Xinlou. Even if he couldn’t, it wouldn’t be too far off. But he felt more concerned if Chuan Xinlou successfully reached the Dao Confirmation Realm. If Chuan Xinlou truly succeeded in reaching Dao Confirmation Realm, Ning Cheng would continue to remain an ant in front of Chuan Xinlou.

As for whether Chuan Xinlou died in the Ancient Shadow Temple, Ning Cheng had already guessed that he was not the only one among those who entered to come out alive. But if he had to guess which other person managed to come out from the Ancient Shadow Temple, then Ning Cheng would definitely place all his bets on Chuan Xinlou.

“Master, we’ve reached Culmination Starland.” Chasing Bull felt that Ning Cheng had come out of the Mysterious Yellow Bead and quickly called out.

Seeing the expectation in Chasing Bull’s eyes, Ning Cheng understood that this fellow wouldn’t stay in the True Spirit World and cultivate. Rather, it wanted to roam around.

“You don’t need to enter the True Spirit World. Just follow me.” Ning Cheng didn’t care. Although Chasing Bull was a spirit beast, it wouldn’t reach a level equivalent of the Eternal Realm in just a short time. Unless it cultivated within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Unfortunately, Chasing Bull couldn’t cultivate in the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

“Many thanks, master. I promise I won’t let down your prestige.” Chasing Bull felt overjoyed.


A huge defensive formation blocked Ning Cheng’s path, with three words ‘Yu Clan’s Corner’ appearing in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng didn’t choose to go around gathering information before coming to this place. But seeing the words ‘Yu Clan’s Corner’, Yu Qing’s face had suddenly appeared in his mind. He knew that Yu Qing would never appear before him in person. Even if Yu Qing reincarnated, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

Ning Cheng sighed as he thought about Yu Qing’s last request. But he also felt worried about Qionghua and Luofei. Therefore, after completing Yu Qing’s request, Ning Cheng had already decided to leave. If Qionghua and Luofei still didn’t return by the time he completed this request, he would immediately look for ways to issue a search order for the entire starry sky. He wouldn’t allow the same thing to happen a second time.

“Who are you looking for?” A patrolling Celestial Bridge cultivator stopped and looked at Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull with some confusion.

Chasing Bull wanted to speak for its master, but even it didn’t know Ning Cheng’s purpose here.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke politely, “Excuse me, but is Shen Mengyan here?”

When this cultivator in the Celestial Bridge Realm heard Ning Cheng’s words that he was looking for Shen Mengyan, his tone immediately turned a bit cold. “This is Yu Clan’s Corner, I don’t know this person. Please help yourself out.”

Ning Cheng frowned slightly. Yu Qing had made it clear that Shan Mengyan was her mother. Since she was Yu Qing’s mother, then she definitely would be in Yu Clan’s Corner.

“You better watch your tone, kid. Irritate this Grandpa Bull and this Grandpa Bull will swallow you whole.” Seeing its master frown, Chasing Bull immediately snarled and kicked his hook.

Chasing Bull had much higher cultivation compared to this cultivator in the Celestial Bridge Realm. Therefore, as soon as Chasing Bull’s imposing aura crashed down on him, it almost suffocated this Celestial Bridge cultivator into paralysis. But this Celestial Bridge cultivator was also not an idiot, knowing that Chasing Bull’s strength exceeded his, he simply chose to keep silent.

Ning Cheng didn’t stop Chasing Bull. But asked once again, “Did Yu Qing live here?”

This Celestial Bridge cultivator wanted to rebuke Ning Cheng once again. But the aggressive imposing aura of Chasing Bull standing beside him forced him to lower his voice as he spoke, “Yu Qing has already died. There is no person named Yu Qing living here. Besides, even the fallen Yu Qing doesn’t have any relationship with my Yu Clan Corner. Please leave.”

“Then I’ll ask again, is Yu Qing’s mother called Shen Mengyan.” The politeness in Ning Cheng’s tone disappeared without a trace, and his voice grew harsh.

He had chosen to speak politely for Yu Qing’s sake. But since the people here didn’t seem to respond in politeness for Yu Qing, he naturally would also not remain polite.

“Shen Mengyan is indeed Yu Qing’s mother. She went out looking for Yu Qing many years ago, and now there exists no such person in my Yu Clan’s Corner.” A clear voice emerged, and a Heaven Seated female cultivator appeared behind the Celestial Bridge cultivation.

The Celestial Bridge cultivator quickly turned around and bowed, “Greetings Aunt Ling.”

Ning Cheng also looked at this woman, at the early-stage of Heaven Seated Realm, and saw a somewhat long but pretty face. However, he also felt some dissatisfaction in his heart. Arguably, Yu Clan’s Corner shared considerable fame within Culmination Starland. So why were they so eager to send away the person who came here looking for someone? Moreover, they didn’t even seem too keen to invite him inside to talk about it privately.

“I’m Yu Qing’s friend. Yu Qing had asked me to bring something to her mother, a senior by the name of Shen Mengyan……”

Ning Cheng said this because he wanted this Aunt Ling to invite him inside for further discussion. He wanted to know more about Yu Qing’s situation and then ask where Shen Mengyan went to look for her.

But before Ning Cheng could even finish his words, this Heaven Seated female cultivator immediately interrupted him. “Yu Qing is not here, and Shen Mengyan is not here either. If you have anything, then just leave it to me, and I’ll take care of it.”

If she hadn’t noticed the strangeness of the bull beside Ning Cheng, she might have said something even worse.

In fact, in her eyes, Ning Cheng didn’t amount to anything. Yu Qing’s friend, what was Yu Qing’s cultivation? It was already a strange matter that her ‘friend’ knew about this place.

Chasing Bull snorted. Ning Cheng knew that Chasing Bull was about to explode again, so he just patted Chasing Bull’s head and said, “Since we’re not welcome here, let’s go.”

Yu Clan’s Corner was Yu Qing’s hometown after all. He didn’t want to make any trouble before knowing the facts. As for giving Yu Qing’s purple half-moon jade to someone else, Ning Cheng didn’t even consider it.

Yu Qing had asked him to hand it over to Shen Mengyan, so he would hand it over only to Shen Mengyan and no one else.

Seeing that Ning Cheng didn’t mention giving Yu Qing’s things to her, this Aunt Ling also didn’t ask for it forcefully, and also didn’t try to stop Ning Cheng from leaving. Instead, she just gave a cold snort and raised her hand to point at Ning Cheng’s back.

A faintly discernible aura fell on Ning Cheng’s back, but Ning Cheng acted oblivious to it.

“Master, where are we going now? Do you want to take a tour of the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City?” Leaving the periphery of Yu Clan’s Corner, Chasing Bull immediately asked. It felt quite nostalgic about the lively Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. Since they returned to Culmination Starland once again, it really looked forward to exploring the city even further.

“Not for the time being. If we went, wouldn’t it be too far for the person who marked us?” Ning Cheng asked with a calm voice.

A Heaven Seated cultivator dared to leave a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on his back. Since this Aunt Ling put a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on him, she most likely planned to kill him after he left. Maybe this was the reason she didn’t force him to take out the things Yu Qing entrusted to him at the entrance to Yu Clan’s Corner.

From the looks of it, after Yu Qing left Yu Clan’s Corner, something must have happened to her mother, Shen Mengyan. If this Aunt Jing had not put a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on him, Ning Cheng would have sneaked into the Yu Clan’s Corner to investigate. But since this Aunt Ling dared to put a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on him, then she can’t blame him for the consequences. Since this Aunt Ling wants to deliver herself to him, he can just ask her about it in detail.

Although Chasing Bull acted like an idiot, it wasn’t an idiot. Therefore, as soon as it heard Ning Cheng’s words, it understood that someone had put a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on its master. Realising that, it suddenly grew angry. Did that woman eat the heart of a bear, to dare place a Spiritual Consciousness Mark on my master’s body?

After leaving the area controlled by Yu Clan’s Corner, Ning Cheng just casually loitered around. He felt confident that Aunt Ling would definitely come to get rid of him, and would wait for him to leave the area before making a move. True to his expectations, just as he left the Yu Clan’s Corner, his spiritual consciousness immediately spotted someone following him. However, what made him speechless was that the cultivator following him was only a Celestial Shatterer junior.

Ning Cheng couldn’t understand this development. Even if a donkey had bashed in Aunt Ling’s head, she wouldn’t send out a Celestial Shatterer cultivator to hunt him down, right?

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