Chapter 0755

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Chapter 0755: Crushing Yu Clan’s Corner

Outside Yu Clan’s Corner, a female cultivator with a slightly long face looked around with a frown. But at this moment, a sudden voice emerged from somewhere behind her, “Are you looking for me?”

“You?” The female cultivator stared at Ning Cheng in shock, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She had placed a Spiritual Consciousness Imprint on Ning Cheng before. But when she went out to kill Ning Cheng, her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint had suddenly disappeared. Because her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint had disappeared suddenly, she decided to personally keep a lookout around the entrance of Yu Clan’s Corner.

But now, when she heard Ning Cheng’s voice, she suddenly realised that she didn’t even know how Ning Cheng had appeared in front of her. Not only did Ning Cheng appear in front of her, but she also didn’t notice Sisi and Ai Ku standing just behind Ning Cheng.

“How did you get here?” The more she looked at Ning Cheng, the more surprised she became. Unless his cultivation exceeded her, how could he appear here without even her noticing it?

Also, where did her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint go? To say that Ning Cheng removed her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint without her knowledge, she would never believe it. As for Sisi and Ai Ku, she didn’t even consider them akin to ants.

“You should be Bao Lingling, right? I guess you must be looking for this.” While talking, Ning Cheng raised his hand to grab the Spiritual Consciousness Imprint and sealed it in a low-level talisman before throwing it to Bao Lingling.

Bao Lingling clearly felt her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint after grabbing the talisman. She found that Ning Cheng had really sealed her Spiritual Consciousness Imprint. At this point, she was in a panic and did not dare to talk back with Ning Cheng.

As Ning Cheng stepped forward, Bao Lingling subconsciously backed away, still behind the array formation.

“Let me tell you one more thing. My name is Ning Cheng, and I came here to forcibly open the defensive formation around your Yu Clan’s Corner.” After finishing this sentence, Ning Cheng only glanced at Bao Lingling and punched at the Defensive Array Formation’s base near the edge of Yu Clan’s Corner.

“Katcha.” With just a single punch, Ning Cheng directly opened up a crack in the defensive array formation of Yu Clan’s Corner.

Ning Cheng was already an Array Emperor who could now arrange arrays close to Starry Sky Grade 9 Array Formations. Therefore, the defensive array around Yu Clan’s Corner, barely reaching the level of Starry Sky Grade 8, didn’t pose much effort for Ning Cheng.

Bao Lingling shivered unconsciously. Ning Cheng’s punch made it clear that she was not Ning Cheng’s opponent. Even with the array entrance at Yu Clan’s Corner at full power, Ning Cheng still managed to crack open the array. This obviously indicated that he came here for revenge. Looking at Sisi behind Ning Cheng, Bao Lingling suddenly understood why Ning Cheng came to seek revenge.

“Boom-Boom-Boom….” Ning Cheng didn’t bother about Bao Lingling; instead, he continued to throw out one punch after another. Raging celestial essence accompanied Ning Cheng’s every blow. It widened the crack at the array base of the Defensive Array Formation covering Yu Clan’s Corner. As celestial essence dissipated into the array base, continuous cracking sounds kept emerging from the defensive array.

“Kakaka…. Katcha….” As Ning Cheng’s final punch fell, the celestial essence accumulating within the crack suddenly exploded. It caused the defensive array formation covering Yu Clan’s Corner to also blast open. Yu Clan’s Corner, which remained hidden behind the array, suddenly appeared in front of everybody’s eyes.

“Stop….” Almost at the same time that Ning Cheng blasted open the defensive array, Bao Lingling suddenly returned to senses and shouted at Ning Cheng to stop. It’s just that it was a moment too late. In fact, even if she had yelled earlier, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have stopped.

Bao Lingling looked at Ning Cheng in horror. Even if she attacked this defensive array for several days and nights, she wouldn’t even manage to put a tiny dent on it. Yet, this cultivator named Ning Cheng managed to blast open this defensive array with just a few punches. This went beyond terrifying. This person definitely was an Eternal-level expert.

Wait, suddenly she felt the name ‘Ning Cheng’ somewhat familiar.

“Whoosh-Whoosh….” Dozens of shadows from within Yu Clan’s Corner quickly rushed over, like lightning in general.

The destruction of the defensive array around Yu Clan’s Corner definitely alarmed all the experts residing inside.

“Which rat dares to run wild in my Yu Clan’s Corner….” Before the person had even reached this place, that person’s angry voice reached them.

Sisi, who followed behind Ning Cheng, felt even more shocked. The reason she had dared to follow Ning Cheng was not that Ning Cheng had persuaded her with his strength. But because Ning Cheng said that he had a way to secretly enter Yu Clan’s Corner. He even mentioned that he had a way to conceal their bodies, which would have definitely helped in finding and saving Aunt Yan.

But what connection did Ning Cheng openly breaking the defensive array had with secretly entering Yu Clan’s Corner? Wasn’t this just asking for death? But what shocked Sisi, even more, was how Ning Cheng only had to use just a few punches to break open the defensive array. Born and raised in Yu Clan’s Corner, she naturally knew the power of the defensive array around Yu Clan’s Corner.

“You’re the rat. Piss off this Grandpa Bull, and this Grandpa Bull would swallow your Yu Clan’s Corner whole.” Chasing Bull finally felt at home as it shot back even more curses.

A middle-aged man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and immediately stopped the several cultivators about to rush up. This middle-aged male cultivator then carefully walked to the front of Ning Cheng. He then looked at Ning Cheng from top to bottom before speaking with cupped fists. “This one is called Yu Baihong. My Yu Clan’s Corner doesn’t seem to have any connection with this Dao Friend. So, can I ask why this Dao Friend broke the defensive array around my Yu Clan’s Corner?”

If Ning Cheng hadn’t blasted open the defensive array around Yu Clan’s Corner with just a few punches, he would have definitely sent someone to deal with it. Why would he have waited till now to come out?

Ning Cheng could see at a glance that this handsome-looking middle-aged male cultivator was the one with the highest cultivation here. He was at the early-stage Eternal Realm. Moreover, it looks like it hadn’t been long since he reached this level.

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm voice, “I’m Yu Qing’s friend and came here to find Yu Qing’s mother, Shen Mengyan. Yet, your Yu Clan didn’t allow me to enter and also said nothing to me, which made me quite unhappy.”

“Shen Mengyan and Yu Qing, a pair of mother-daughter bitches, are not worthy of being in my Yu Clan……” Ning Cheng had just finished when a sharp voice reprimanded him.

However, the owner of this voice couldn’t even finish the sentence when the words suddenly stopped midway.

All the people stared at Ning Cheng’s hand in horror. Ning Cheng’s hand tightly gripped the neck of a male cultivator wearing brocaded robes. This male cultivator’s legs kept flailing while Ning Cheng held him up in the air by his neck. It seemed that if Ning Cheng didn’t let go, this person would definitely choke to death.

At this moment, the whole scene had turned silent. Everyone in Yu Clan knew this brocade-robed male cultivator, who Ning Cheng held up in the air. His name was Yu Xingsheng and was a Heaven Seated expert of the Yu Clan. Forget about being in the Heaven Seated Realm, even if someone held up the trashiest ordinary cultivator, in the same manner, it would never cause this choking-like situation.

But now a person held Yu Xingsheng, someone in the Heaven Seated Realm, by his neck and even seemed to choke him to death.

Yu Baihong felt even more shock. This young man in front of him could easily open the defensive array around his Yu Clan’s Corner. That in itself proved that this youth had deep cultivation, which was the reason why he hadn’t retaliated immediately. But now Ning Cheng had easily grabbed onto and squeezed Yu Xingsheng’s neck. From this, he could tell that Ning Cheng’s cultivation far exceeded his initial estimate. In fact, it most likely surpassed his own.

“Dao Friend, please stop.” Yu Baihong forced down the shock and shouted. He knew that if Ning Cheng did not let go, Yu Xingsheng definitely would choke to death.

Ning Cheng glanced at Yu Baihong and flung Yu Xingsheng out of his hand. Yu Baihong felt relieved, but before he could even speak, a fireball emerged from Ning Cheng’s hand and struck Yu Xingsheng. The moment Yu Xingsheng cursed at Yu Qing, he had already turned into a dead person in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

The fireball instantly expanded and covered Yu Xingsheng, obscuring him from everyone. One could only hear You Xingsheng’s scream coming from inside the flame. As the smell of burnt flesh spread out, everyone immediately felt a chill spreading out within their hearts. They knew that Yu Xingsheng was done for, burned to death in front of all experts of Yu Clan’s Corner.

When Bao Lingling saw Ning Cheng burning Yu Xingsheng to death, she finally recalled the name, Ning Cheng. This was an expert from Striking Order Starry Sky’s Mysterious Yellow Sect. Sect Master Ning Cheng. This Ning Cheng had a very fierce reputation. He didn’t even put Chuan Xinlou and the Endless Void Docks in his eyes. So why would he give any face to the small Yu Clan’s Corner?

“I’ll kill you….” A violent roar erupted from afar, as someone tried to rush over.

After recalling Ning Cheng’s identity, Bao Lingling immediately felt terrified. When she saw the person rushing over, she quickly stepped in his path and stopped that person from rushing forward.

“Lingling, let me go. This bastard killed my brother Xingsheng.” The anger on this person’s face had almost turned into a flame.

“Slap….” Bao Lingling slapped this person’s face and angrily spoke up, “Yu Xingxian, you listen well, Yu Xingsheng deserved to die….”

“Bao Lingling….” Yu Xingxian yelled out in exasperation. He was an early-stage Life and Death expert. He controlled most of the cultivation resources within Yu Clan’s Corner. Now that his Dao Companion Bao Lingling slapped him publicly, would he have any face left after this?

Formerly, Bao Lingling and her big sister Bao Yingge served Ji Lei of Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain, giving him a green hat. This had already upset him. But now Bao Lingling dared to slap him in public, preventing him from taking revenge for his brother, how could he still continue to endure it? In anger, he raised his hand and punched Bao Lingling in the chest.

Bao Lingling spouted a few mouthfuls of blood and shot Yu Xingxian a disbelieving look. Caught unprepared, and with Yu Xingxian having higher cultivation, Yu Xingxian’s fist had crushed her dantian and meridians. This caused her cultivation to instantly dissipate. She had served other men for Yu Xingxian’s sake, yet everything for her ended at the hands of Yu Xingxian.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about Bao Lingling or Yu Xingxian at all. Instead, he took another step forward.

Yu Baihong didn’t look at Bao Lingling and instead, focused on Ning Cheng. When Ning Cheng moved, he also immediately moved. However, Ning Cheng’s mighty Celestial River Domain came crashing down, directly sealing away his domain. Before he could figure out what was going on, Ning Cheng had already flashed past him.

Yu Xingxian didn’t even have time to resist, and instantly felt his breathing slowing down. The domain’s imposing aura created a severe death-like pressure around him.

“Bang….” Ning Cheng stepped forward and kicked Yu Xingxian’s chest. Yu Xingxian couldn’t even resist. The force within the kick was so strong that he opened his mouth and spat out patches of internal organs.

The next moment, the inside of his body suddenly turned into something akin to a leaky sieve. The celestial essence stored within him quickly started to dissipate. In just a few moments, his cultivation entirely disappeared, just like Bao Lingling. 

Only after a long time did Yu Xingxian look at Ning Cheng in horror. Just a kick from this person had shattered his dantian and dissipated his cultivation.

All Yu Clan experts rushing out to help suddenly stopped and turned silent while looking at Ning Cheng in horror. At this moment, no one wanted to step forward. Ning Cheng’s display of strength let them know that even if they went up, they would only be heading to death.

Yu Baihong now felt even more horrified. This youth had broken apart the defensive array around Yu Clan’s Corner with a few punches. Besides, he also killed a middle-stage Heaven Seated and an early-stage Life and Death expert right in front of him in just one move. If such a result had happened after a few exchanges, he would have felt some confidence. Yet, this person only moved a few steps, raised his hand and foot to accomplish all this.

How did his Yu Clan make such a strong enemy?

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