Chapter 0756

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Chapter 0756: Not Against Ning Cheng

Facing a powerful unknown cultivator like Ning Cheng, Yu Baihong did not dare to fight even if he killed two experts from his Yu Clan.

While Yu Baihong pondered over this dilemma, a bright light quickly moved towards their location. In just a few breaths, it stopped just outside Yu Clan’s Corner.

It was an airship-type weapon. On landing, three people came out and started walking towards them after one of them put it away. The one walking in front was a middle-aged Confucian-looking man with a chest-length beard, which gave him an aura of elegance.

Ning Cheng knew this person, Sect Master Chen Xingwen of Spiritual Heaven Sect. He had previously visited Jiangzhou Star’s Covered Snow City with Chuan Xinlou. Moreover, Chen Xingwen’s cultivation had already reached the late-stage Eternal Realm. Therefore, even Ning Cheng had to take him somewhat seriously.

Ning Cheng also knew the male cultivator just behind Chen Xingwen. He was Xiao Yu, a genius. When Ning Cheng saw him this time, this fellow had already reached the pinnacle of Heaven’s Mandate Realm. From this, Ning Cheng could tell that it was only a matter of time before Xiao Yu reached the Heaven Seated Realm.

In any case, with Spiritual Heaven Sect’s wealth, Xiao Yu wouldn’t have to look for cultivation resources like him to advance to the Heaven Seated Realm.

Regardless, Ning Cheng still held some admiration towards this fellow. Without the Mysterious Yellow Bead, not to say matching up with Xiao Yu, he most likely wouldn’t even be able to see the back of this person.

As for the female cultivator behind Chen Xingwen, she was also in Heaven’s Mandate Realm. She wore a light red robe and long hair that draped over her shoulders. Regardless of her appearance, she gave off a faint hint of arrogance. Ning Cheng felt sure that he was not mistaken. This female cultivator most likely had the same qualifications, if not lower, than Xiao Yu. Moreover, she also seemed to have a trace of Immortal Hymns flowing around her. Combined with the arrogance, she didn’t seem to put anyone in her eyes except her and Chen Xingwen.

As Ning Cheng’s gaze swept past this female cultivator’s face, he couldn’t help but appreciate it. Although this woman exuded an arrogant demeanour, her crescent moon-shaped brows enhanced her beauty. It added an elegant touch of delicacy that made her eye-catching to others. If it weren’t for her expressions that didn’t seem to fluctuate at all, and that faint touch of arrogance, she would have looked even more beautiful.

“So, it really is the Sect Master Ning. Since Sect Master Ning came to the Culmination Starland, I must invite you to my Spiritual Heaven Sect.” Chen Xingwen had just arrived when he immediately spoke up.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists, “So it’s Sect Master Chen. Good to see you here.”

As for visiting the Spiritual Heaven Sect, Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it. Besides, he and Chen Xingwen weren’t on such familiar terms anyway. The last time Chen Xingwen had come to the Mysterious Yellow Sect, it was all just an ostensible act. He didn’t even pretend to bring a gift for the occasion. In fact, he had made that visit with no good intentions. He only changed plans after Cang Caihe joined the Mysterious Yellow Sect, and Striking Order and Wu Hong took the initiative to help Ning Cheng. At that point, even Chuan Xinlou had to back off as he didn’t want to tear off all pretence.

Yu Baihong quickly came forward to greet Chen Xingwen, “Sect Master Chen, we’re honoured by your presence. For my Yu Clan’s Corner to not prepare a welcome for you, really is quite disrespectful of us.”

Chen Xingwen chuckled, “Brother Yu doesn’t need to bother with it….”

Hearing Chen Xingwen’s words, Yu Baihong didn’t speak anymore. However, he suddenly felt an ominous sensation in his heart. He had a hunch that Chen Xingwen would show up here to help his Yu Clan’s Corner. Yet, he didn’t say anything about helping. This most likely was because of this Sect Master Ning.

Chen Xingwen feared that this Sect Master Ning and Yu Clan’s Corner had a big feud between them, so he did not want to associate himself too much with Yu Clan’s Corner. Yu Baihong concluded almost instantly. After all, the defensive array lay broken, and Yu Xingxian’s cultivation abolished. Anyone would notice this the moment they arrived.

Yu Baihong quickly spoke up, “Sect Master Chen, Sect Master Ning, please come in….”

At the same time, he also sent Chen Xingwen a message. “Sect Master Chen, I don’t know anything about this Sect Master Ning. He had immediately started killing after coming to my Yu Clan’s Corner. Can I ask Sect Master Chen about this person’s origin?”

Chen Xingwen looked at Yu Baihong in surprise. He had initially thought that Ning Cheng and Yu Clan’s Corner had a deeply rooted grudge with each other; as such, would have at least known about each other. Unexpectedly, Yu Baihong truly had no idea about Ning Cheng’s origins.

Chen Xingwen only showed a smile and said, “That’s right. Let me make the introductions. This is Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Sect Master Ning Cheng. Sect Master Ning, since Brother Yu invited both of us, why not go inside and have a good discussion?”

Yu Baihong might have just emerged from seclusion, but it did not mean that he did not keep himself up to date with the various important events. Ning Cheng had eliminated the Celestial River King of Named Descendant Celestial River, took over the Named Descendant Celestial River and renamed it as the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. At the same time, he established the Mysterious Yellow Sect on Mysterious Yellow Celestial River’s Jiangzhou Star. Moreover, this person also declared that the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River would act independent of Culmination Starry Sky. How could he have forgotten such important news?

Now that he received confirmation that the youth in front of him was Sect Master Ning Cheng, he suddenly felt as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over his head. Ning Cheng didn’t even give any face to Chuan Xinlou or the Endless Void Dock’s Dock Master Gua Sangan, so why would he show any respect to his Yu Clan’s Corner? In other words, if such a person wanted to decimate his Yu Clan’s Corner, Yu Baihong would only be able to stand aside and watch.

Who would dare to separate a celestial river out of a starry sky? It’s like he had never heard of Ning Cheng, isn’t it? Even if he knew that Chuan Xinlou would not let Ning Cheng go, the person in question stood in front of him very much alive, didn’t he? Besides, he had also heard that Chuan Xinlou had entered the Ancient Shadow Temple, but hadn’t come out yet.

Wait, wasn’t the Ancient Shadow Temple in Jiangzhou Star? Wasn’t it in Ning Cheng’s territory?

Yu Baihong didn’t dare to think any further. He knew that even if he and Chen Xingwen were close enough to share a pair of pants, Chen Xingwen wouldn’t move any stones of his Spiritual Heaven Sect only to smash it on his feet. In other words, Chen Xingwen wouldn’t help his Yu Clan’s Corner in this matter.

There weren’t many people in this world who Chen Xingwen wouldn’t want to offend, but Ning Cheng was one of those few. Therefore, despite coming to his Yu Clan’s Corner, he wouldn’t cross Ning Cheng unless he had severe brain damage.

Yu Baihong quickly lowered his posture and gave Ning Cheng a respectful salute. “Sect Master Ning, please come in. I’ve been in seclusion for quite some time now. I can see that the people from my Yu Clan’s Corner have gone blind, and for this, this Yu Baihong sincerely wants to apologize to Brother Ning.”

All the Yu Clan cultivators at or above Heaven Seated Realm who had just rushed out had heard of the name Ning Cheng. Hearing that Ning Cheng, the God of Slaughter who snatched a celestial river from the grasp of the grand starry sky, came to Yu Clan’s Corner, why would they dare to speak any more nonsense? Therefore, they did not find anything wrong with Yu Baihong’s sudden attitude reversal.

Yu Xingxian, with his abolished cultivation, went even paler as he felt even more despair. He understood now that he wouldn’t have any chance to get revenge.

Sisi did not have a high enough cultivation, so she didn’t know about Ning Cheng’s reputation. But she knew about Yu Baihong and Chen Xingwen. Especially Chen Xingwen of the Spiritual Heaven Sect, who she considered as a legendary expert. Yet this person still spoke to Ning Cheng with a polite tone. How did Ning Cheng get so strong? Sister Qing really had a superb vision, but Sister Qing, alas….

Sisi’s thoughts quickly turned to Aunt Yan. She immediately stepped forward and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, we should hurry up and rescue Aunt Yan.”

Ning Cheng patted Sisi’s shoulder and was just about to talk when Yu Baihong took the initiative, “Is Sect Master Ning a friend of Qing’er?”

Ning Cheng didn’t want to waste too many words with Yu Baihong, and spoke without any change in expression, “Where is Shen Mengyan, take me there now.”

Yu Baihong did not dare talk back to Ning Cheng. Looking at Yu Xingxian with a cold gaze, he asked with a cold tone, “Where is Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan?”

Yu Xingxian had long since lost his mind, and his eyes looked dazed. He couldn’t even hear Yu Baihong’s words let alone answer it.

Bao Lingling, who lay slumped on the ground, struggled to get up before pointing at Yu Xingxian and cried out. “It’s him. He used us, sisters, to please other men. It’s also him who used our sisters to take Shen Mengyan’s Essence Qi Praying Mat and imprisoned Shen Mengyan in Yu Clan’s Water Prison. If it weren’t for a purple jade, he would have already killed Shen Mengyan……”

Bao Lingling finished and raised her other hand before patting her forehead. Although her cultivation had dissipated, her Essence Spirit had remained intact, which gave her just enough strength to commit suicide.

Ning Cheng reached out and grabbed Yu Xingxian’s ring and almost instantly broke through the restriction protecting the ring. Looking at the piles of spiritual grasses and materials in the ring, along with heaps of Perpetual Moon Pills made Ning Cheng marvel at Yu Xingxian’s wealth.

Ignoring everything, Ning Cheng quickly found a praying mat inside the ring. This praying mat looked the same as the praying mat he obtained from Time Wilderness. This surprised Ning Cheng. He decided to study it when free and try to understand its mysteries.

Seeing Ning Cheng grab the ring, Yu Baihong didn’t even wait for Ning Cheng to start again. He raised a hand and shot a fireball towards Yu Xinxiang.

The two brothers, Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng, a Heaven Seated expert and a Life and Death expert, were quite helpful in the development of Yu Clan’s Corner. Because of this, he favoured both Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng, quite heavily. After Yu Qing fell, followed by the death of Yu Qing’s master Li Lan, he knew that such a thing might happen. But daring to put Shen Mengyan in the Water Prison, even he never thought Yu Xingxian would go this far.

Yu Xingxian looked on blankly as the flames consumed him, but didn’t utter even a single scream. By gaining control of Yu Clan’s Corner’s cultivation resources and obtaining the Essence Qi Praying Mat, he could one day step into the Eternal Realm. He had never thought that he would lose his cultivation right after reaching the early-stage Life and Death Realm. Moreover, he also never expected that Yu Baihong would personally kill him right at the entrance and in front of everyone.

Ning Cheng took Yu Xingxian’s ring, but Yu Baihong pretended to not see it. After the fireball consumed Yu Xingxian, he then turned to Ning Cheng and once again spoke up with a polite tone. “Sect Master Ning, for such a thing to happen within my Yu Clan’s Corner when I was in seclusion, I really feel guilty about it….”

Ning Cheng gave a snort, “Yu Baihong, saying these things now is just useless blabbering to me. Hurry up and take me to this Water Prison.”

“Of course, of course, Brother Ning ….” Yu Baihong quickly replied. At the same time, he also turned to Chen Xingwen and said, “Sect Master Chen, why not come with us?”

Chen Xingwen knew that Yu Baihong had already succumbed to fear. He most likely felt that something would anger Ning Cheng. And that Ning Cheng would suddenly try to take out his anger on Yu Clan’s Corner. So, Yu Baihong decided to invite him to go together to make Ning Cheng feel more cautious.

“Okay, let’s go together.” Chen Xingwen nodded.

Want me to suppress Ning Cheng, stop dreaming. Not to mention whether he could suppress Ning Cheng or not, even if he could suppress Ning Cheng, he would never fight for Yu Clan’s Corner against Ning Cheng.

Yu Baihong led the way, followed by Chen Xingwen, who suddenly smiled and said to Ning Cheng. “Sect Master Ning, these two are my favourite disciples, Xiao Yu and Xiao Chunan. In the future, when they take to the starry skies, I sincerely hope that Sect Master Ning could take care of them.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t understand why Chen Xingwen wanted to introduce his two disciples to him like this. Besides, he was younger than both Xiao Yu and Xiao Chunan. However, within the starry skies, strength reigned supreme. Therefore, compared to Xiao Yu and Xiao Chunan, Ning Cheng truly was a senior.

Hearing his master making introductions, Xiao Yu quickly came forward. Cupping his fists, he said, “Spiritual Heaven Sect’s Xiao Yu greets Sect Master Ning.”

He had long since known about Ning Cheng’s strength. Last time at Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain, he had personally seen Ning Cheng turning angry. Moreover, he also knew that Ning Cheng was the Jiangzhou’s Wanderer who had taken the top spot in the Celestial Scryer Tower. Even if he felt ten thousand times more bitter about it in his heart, he did not dare to show any rudeness towards Ning Cheng.

Compared to Xiao Yu, Xiao Chunan behaved more indifferently. She just cupped her fists and spoke a vague greeting before retreating to her spot behind Chen Xingwen.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about Xiao Chunan’s attitude at all. Besides, he felt more worried about Shen Mengyan.

Chen Xingwen internally felt a little exasperated. He knew what kind of personalities his disciples had, and he also knew what kind of a person Ning Cheng was. In all honesty, he truly didn’t want to offend people like Ning Cheng unless it was the only choice at hand.

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