Chapter 0768

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Chapter 0768: Forcibly Entering Jiangzhou Star

“Senior….” When Princess Mann opened her eyes, she found herself standing next to the White-robed Ghost Lake, and her heart suddenly froze. She understood that even if she resisted, it would be meaningless.

“Tell me about your origins.” Ning Cheng left Princess Mann standing next to the White-robed Ghost Lake and asked in a cold voice.

Princess Mann panicked and replied, “This junior doesn’t know. All this junior knows is that it’s just a broken spiritual soul. I have no memories of my previous life. I only know that the eye in this White-robed Ghost Lake is mighty. And that as long as I could refine it, I could find everything I wanted. After roaming around and cultivating for more than 100 years in this place, I finally managed to recall a method of taking over a body. So, I took over the body of Princess Mann of Yaren City. As for the rest of the things, senior should already know about it.”

After hearing Princess Mann’s words, Ning Cheng didn’t ask any follow-up questions. Instead, he just threw out several array flags.

These array flags completely wrapped around Princess Mann, which forced a scream out of her. In just a few breaths, the smoky blue eye on Princess Mann’s forehead transformed into a blue-coloured aura that then rushed into the bottom of the lake and blended into the eye.

After integrating with the blue-coloured aura, the strange aura within the eye at the bottom of the lake started growing weaker. In just half an incense stick of time, the cyan crystal point on Princess Mann’s forehead disappeared without a trace. The moment the cyan crystal point vanished, every scrap of living aura within Princess Mann’s body also vanished.

Ning Cheng then cast a fireball to turn the body, that had already fallen entirely under body possession, into nothingness. He then turned to Ning Ruoqing and said, “I’m going to pull out the dagger. If there’s an accident, please remember to help me.”

“Don’t worry; it’s just a little thing.” Ning Ruoqing said without any concern.

Although Ning Ruoqing answered casually, Ning Cheng still arranged several trapping formations outside the White-robed Ghost Lake. He had a hunch that this dagger wouldn’t remain dormant once he started.

After laying the trap formations, Ning Cheng stepped into the lake in one step. He raised his hand and reached out for the dagger’s hilt.

The moment he touched the black dagger, however, Ning Cheng felt his blood starting to boil, wanting to rush out and into the knife. Luckily, he did not come into contact with this black dagger back then. Otherwise, just the boiling blood would have already ruptured his body, killing him instantly.

But at this moment, although his blood stilled boiled, it couldn’t affect him. Ning Cheng quickly gathered his celestial essence and pulled upwards.

The moment Ning Cheng pulled out the black dagger, a terrifying vortex formed in Ning Cheng’s palm. The next moment, the knife broke free from Ning Cheng’s clutches and rushed out.

Although surprised, Ning Cheng fully deployed his domain outwards and rushed out while shouting, “Ruoqing, help me seal the array formation.”

The same moment that Ning Cheng pulled out the black dagger, the huge eye at the bottom of the lake began to bleed, and the blood quickly stained the whole lake. It’s just that Ning Cheng couldn’t control the eye at all. Besides, he also had a strong feeling that he shouldn’t let this black dagger escape; otherwise, it would only bring him endless troubles.

But even without Ning Cheng’s reminder, Ning Ruoqing had already started sealing the array formations. She had already decided to trust Ning Cheng fully, so how could she let this dagger escape?

While Ning Ruoqing quickly activated the array flags, the black dagger continued to struggle violently. It managed to tear through one formation after another.

However, with Ning Ruoqing helping out, it made things much easier for Ning Cheng. His celestial essence and spiritual consciousness, along with his domain, managed to wrap around this black dagger before it could escape out of range. And with Ning Ruoqing helping him in sealing it, he quickly started to refine it.

As Ning Cheng continued to refine it, the primary trap formation that he had set up around the White-robed Ghost Lake also started to stabilise. Following which, the dagger’s struggles also started growing weaker.

An hour later, Ning Cheng managed to finish destroying the original Spiritual Sense Restriction on the dagger. But just when Ning Cheng erased the dagger’s Spiritual Sense Restriction, a dull, angry roar erupted from somewhere within the void. Fortunately, Ning Cheng had now taken full control of the black dagger, calming its violent nature. Ning Cheng felt relieved on seeing this. With the destruction of the Spiritual Sense Restriction on the blade, it was only a matter of time before he thoroughly refined this dagger.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t continue to refine the dagger; instead, he took out a jade box and sealed the knife inside it.

As for the White-robed Ghost Lake, it had now turned into a blood lake. However, Ning Cheng didn’t feel too worried. With the culprit removed and under control, he could now take away the giant’s eye.

Throwing out a dozen more array flags into the White-robed Ghost Lake, the blood within the lake started coming together around Ning Cheng’s array flags. A moment later, the blood then began to flow back into the huge eye in the bottom of the lake.

After another incense stick worth of time later, the blood colour in the White-robed Ghost Lake faded away, returning to its original colour. The huge eye at the bottom of the lake now looked utterly relaxed, and no longer bled out.

Ning Cheng then constructed a huge jade box and then said to the eye at the bottom of the lake, “I will take you away from here, and I promise that one day, I will bring you to your master.”

After finishing this sentence, Ning Cheng raised his hand and waved. It caused the eye to float up and enter the jade box. He then sealed the jade box with as many restrictions as he could.

“You came here just for this eye?” Ning Ruoqing didn’t speak until Ning Cheng finally put away the eye.

Ning Cheng nodded, “I owe someone a favour. So, I will send this eye back to return that favour.”

“Why?” Ning Ruoqing asked in doubt.

Why? Ning Cheng didn’t know how to answer Ning Ruoqing. After pondering over it for a while, he replied, “It’s to repay the grace of kindness.”

“What if you don’t return it?” Ning Ruoqing asked, still puzzled.

Ning Cheng frowned, and said in a slightly harsher tone, “If you don’t repay the grace of kindness, wouldn’t you be even inferior to lowly beasts?”

Ning Ruoqing nodded as if understanding the words; however, she still kept mulling over the words.

“Let’s go. We’ll go to Tian Continent and then leave from Heaven’s Way.” Ning Cheng gently pulled Ning Ruoqing, who looked as if she was still contemplating his words.


Mysterious Yellow Celestial River, Jiangzhou Star. Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Deputy Sect Master Cang Caihe, someone who rarely took part in external affairs, now stood on a public square. Just outside Jiangzhou Star’s Star Protecting Grand Array.

Six people stood across from Cang Caihe. If Ning Cheng were here, he would have realised that he had guessed it right. Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, who had entered the Ancient Shadow Temple, had truly come out. Not only did he come out in one piece, he now felt like a completely different person. Next to Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor was a woman, Yi Jiufeng of Spirit Heaven Grand Starry Sky.

However, this time, Yi Jiufeng did not stand on the same level as Chuan Xinlou. Chuan Xinlou stood in the lead, with Yi Jiufeng just behind him. It wasn’t like before when Yi Jiufeng and Chuan Xinlou had appeared here both treating each other as beings on the same level.

Behind these two were two men and a woman. Both men were Eternal-level experts; even the woman with them was a Heaven Seated expert. In contrast, the three Heaven Seated experts standing behind Cang Caihe looked a bit too shabby.

“Brother Cang, I, Chuan Xinlou, have always respected you. You are also the premier Pill Emperor of my Culmination Grand Starry Sky. No one can predict the future, so why would you settle down in a small place as Jiangzhou Star? You should come to a wider place.” Chuan Xinlou spoke softly.

Cang Caihe showed a slight smile. “Thank you for your concern, Brother Levelled Heart. But since I promised Sect Master Ning to stay in Mysterious Yellow Sect, I will not go anywhere else. If Brother Levelled Heart still views me, Cang Caihe, as a friend, then please don’t forcibly try to enter my Jiangzhou Star.”

With those words, Chuan Xinlou understood that he couldn’t persuade Cang Caihe, so he stopped with that thought immediately. Instead, he spoke with a smile, “Sect Master Ning laid out quite a good plan. Opening the Ancient Shadow Temple and trapping all of us inside. If it wasn’t for my timing, I’m afraid he would have succeeded. Today, I came here for another reason. That is, to ask for an explanation from Sect Master Ning. Please pass along the message to Sect Master and tell him to come out. The Mysterious Yellow Celestial River is also a part of my Culmination Grand Starry Sky. So, I don’t want to destroy the Defensive Array Formation here.”

Cang Caihe frowned slightly but didn’t refute Chuan Xinlou’s words. Instead, he remained calm and said, “Sect Master had gone out for something and hasn’t returned yet. When Sect Master returns, I will pass the news of Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor’s visit to Sect Master.”

“Huh, how can I let it go just because Ning Cheng is not here? He dared to come to my Culmination Starland and kill my Dao Companion. I will let him know today how sorry he would be for making a move against this Ji Lei.” The early-stage Eternal cultivator standing behind Chuan Xinlou spoke up. Moreover, while speaking, an aura of murder started to fill up his face.

Cang Caihe wasn’t good with talking anyway, so he didn’t know how to answer such a provocation. However, a white-robed woman standing behind him came forward and calmly replied, “Ji Lie, do you still have any shame? How was Bao Lingling your Dao Companion? She was Yu Xingxian’s Dao Companion from my Yu Clan’s Corner. How did she become yours? If Bao Lingling is your Dao Companion, then what about Bao Yingge next to you?”

While speaking, the white-robed woman also glanced at the green-robed woman standing next to Ji Lie with great contempt. In terms of appearance, the woman standing next to Ji Lie was no worse than the white-robed woman and even had a fuller figure.

“Shen Mengyan, my sister died in Yu Clan’s Corner. Did you think you can survive today? You’re not qualified to even ask whose Dao Companion am I. You shameless slut; your own man didn’t want you. So, you could only hide here and mingle with your daughter’s man.” The woman in green robes was Shen Mengyan’s rival, Bao Yingge. However, she had lost on the battlefield of love. So, at this time, why would she let this chance go?

However, Shen Mengyan didn’t feel any anger towards Bao Yingge’s words. Instead, her tone became even calmer. “I’m standing right here. Whether your words are true or not, you already know it in your heart. You and your sister willingly opened your legs for others just to gain some favours. I’m afraid that you’ve already forgotten that you desperately pursued Yu Yuechen for a chance to stay in Yu Clan’s Corner.”

Ji Lie stopped Bao Yingge, who was about to jump out and waved his hand. A man with a chain around his neck then suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Shen Mengyan, look who this is? Yu Clan’s Corner? Your Yu Clan’s Corner is just a pile of garbage in my eyes.” Ji Lie pointed to the man he held in front of him.

Shen Mengyan’s face immediately changed when she saw the man Ji Lie led like a dog. Ji Lie was holding the current strongest member of Yu Clan’s Corner, Yu Baihong.

Since even Yu Baihong ended up in such a position, it wouldn’t be a stretch that Yu Clan’s Corner wouldn’t manage to escape.

“By the way, I heard that Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Sect Master also has a charming little sister. I kind of love the sound of it.” Ji Lie didn’t care about Shen Mengyan’s expressions at all.

Seeing Ji Lie still wanted to speak, Chuan Xinlou waved his hand. “Let’s talk about other things first. We’re going to enter Jiangzhou Star now. Pill Emperor Cang, you better get out of the way. I have neither time nor patience. As I said earlier, I just want to talk with Sect Master Ning.”

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