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Chapter 0769: Is Dao this easy to prove?

Cang Caihe stepped forward and said, “Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, please give me some face and wait a little longer. When our Sect Master returns, we will invite Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor to our Jiangzhou Star. I believe Sect Master will return soon.”

Cang Caihe didn’t lie. Ning Cheng had given him a jade talisman with instructions to crush it if Chuan Xinlou came. According to Ning Cheng, as long as he hasn’t left this positional plane, he would return in time.

Chuan Xinlou’s face sank, and his voice no longer sounded as warm as before. “Cang Caihe, the only reason why I haven’t made any moves is not because of the Star Protecting Grand Array, but just to give you some face. If you keep blocking me, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

While talking, Dao Charms started to flow out of Chuan Xinlou’s hands, which immediately sent Cang Caihe into a panic. He could vaguely feel that Chuan Xinlou had crossed the peak of Eternal Realm and stepped into a new realm.

If Chuan Xinlou truly had succeeded in reaching the Dao Confirming Realm, then it most likely was the truth that he didn’t start to give him some face.

Cang Caihe felt full of frustration. He turned his eyes to Yi Jiufeng. However, Yi Jiufeng stood there looking down her nose, acting as if she didn’t want to speak at all.


On the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng was trying to explain something to Ning Ruoqing when he sensed something and suddenly stood up.

“What’s wrong? Big brother.” Ning Ruoqing looked at Ning Cheng in doubt. In her view, there was nothing in the world that deserved such a reaction.

Ning Cheng didn’t have the time to answer Ning Ruoqing’s question. He rushed directly to the control centre of the Starry Sky Wheel and pushed Chasing Bull to the side. Ning Cheng then immediately poured all of his spiritual consciousness and celestial essence into the Starry Sky Wheel. At the same time, he also took out piles of Permanent Essence Pills and threw them into the Starry Sky Wheel’s crystal trough to burn.

The already fast Starry Sky Wheel, under Ning Cheng’s stimulation, reached almost teleport-like speeds as it disappeared through the starry skies without leaving even a shadow or a trail.

“Someone wants to enter my territory forcibly.” After thoroughly stimulating the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng finally answered Ning Ruoqing’s question.

Ning Ruoqing immediately turned furious, “Who’s so bold? Do they want to die?”

Ning Cheng didn’t know who it was, but he already had a vague idea. Except for Chuan Xinlou, Ning Cheng didn’t believe anyone would dare to force their way into his Jiangzhou Star. Besides, Cang Caihe’s reputation was also not for nothing. His fame as the Premier Pill Emperor of the starry skies was not lower than what Chuan Xinlou enjoyed. But since Chuan Xinlou dared to break into his Jiangzhou Star, then he should have already succeeded in reaching Dao Confirming Realm.


“Regardless of if Ning Cheng is here or not, I’m going inside even if I have to use force. No, I’m going in. The Named Descendant Celestial River was a celestial river originally under Striking Order Starry Sky of my Culmination Grand Starry Sky. As the Starry Sky Heavenly Emperor of Culmination Grand Starry Sky, when did I need permission from others to enter my territory?”

Cang Caihe didn’t know how to answer Chuan Xinlou’s words at all. He felt anxious. But suddenly, his face brightened and looked up into the distance.

The Starry Sky Wheel hadn’t even reached, but Ning Cheng’s booming voice came over. “Chuan Xinlou, my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River and Jiangzhou Star, when did they become your territory? It looks like you don’t have any sense of shame. Did you think your shamelessness would work in my Jiangzhou Star?”

Before saying that, Ning Cheng had already explained a few things to Ning Ruoqing on the way and she agreed to help out. Ning Cheng had already guessed that Ning Ruoqing’s cultivation should not be much lower than Chuan Xinlou. Therefore, with his strength, the two should be able to block Chuan Xinlou. If not for Ning Ruoqing, he would never say what he just said. He was still in the Life and Death Realm, so he wasn’t so arrogant about facing a Dao Confirming Heavenly Emperor.

Standing behind Chuan Xinlou, Spiritual Heaven Sect’s Sect Master Chen Xingwen’s mouth revealed a trace of undetectable happiness. This fellow was as arrogant as ever. Most likely, he doesn’t know that Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor had already succeeded in reaching the Dao Confirming Realm. Moreover, before he could do anything to take over the Culmination Grand Starry Sky, Chuan Xinlou had almost crushed him. So, in his heart, he hoped that Chuan Xinlou would give Ning Cheng, that arrogant junior, a profound lesson. It would be even better if Chuan Xinlou killed him directly.

“Sect Master Ning sure has great courage to blabber words without thinking, and I admire you for that. That must be the Starry Sky Wheel. I’ve wanted to try out the speed of the Starry Sky Wheel for a long time now, guess I will today.” Chuan Xinlou raised his hand and made a grabbing motion as if he wanted to grab Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel.

When Chuan Xinlou reached out, the starry sky around the crowd suddenly compressed and almost solidified. Even Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel felt as if it had fallen into a swamp and struggled to move.

At the same time, a Dao Charm handprint, almost undetectable with one’s spiritual consciousness, started to wrap itself around Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel. No matter who it was, everyone could tell that Chuan Xinlou was about to catch the Starry Sky Wheel.

The violent suppression from the Dao Charm handprint caused Ning Cheng’s face to turn pale. This level of pressure almost forced him to spit out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, he understood that the distance between him and Chuan Xinlou had not shrunk at all. Instead, it had grown even further.

Since the start of his cultivation journey, this was the first time he consciously felt this far away from someone else.

Looks like he guessed it right. Chuan Xinlou must have succeeded in reaching the Dao Confirming Realm. If it were true, then he wasn’t Chuan Xinlou’s opponent. But despite understanding this, Ning Cheng still wouldn’t dare to escape. His sister and his friends were still in Jiangzhou Star, meaning that he couldn’t escape. Fortunately, Chuan Xinlou didn’t know that he still has Ning Ruoqing by his side.

Ning Cheng’s appearance didn’t surprise Yi Jiufeng. But a hint of surprise did flash through Yi Jiufeng’s eyes on seeing Chuan Xinlou’s display of might. She understood that Chuan Xinlou had grown stronger by several levels after reaching the Dao Confirming Realm. However, the surprise in her eyes quickly turned into loneliness.

At this moment, a strip of red coloured silk swept out from the Starry Sky Wheel. The red-coloured silk and Chuan Xinlou’s Dao Charm handprint made contact, and the surroundings exploded into chaos.

“Boom….” The violent celestial essence exploded with so much force that it created a tiny crack in the starry sky, exposing the power of each attack. The starry skies’ space had extreme resilience. Even ten peak-level Eternal-level experts teaming up wouldn’t be enough to tear it apart. Although this tiny crack was still a thousand miles away from actually tearing the void, everyone could sense the horrifying power contained within it.

The original suppressive force around Ning Cheng’s surroundings suddenly relaxed. He understood that Ning Ruoqing had taken action. The next moment, he didn’t even think about it and went all out with the Hope-powered Jade Seal.

Chuan Xinlou dared to come to his turf, and if it weren’t for his ‘sister’ Ning Ruoqing, this son-of-a-bitch would have already taken over everything.

Chuan Xinlou never thought anyone could block his Dao Charm handprint. Not to mention that the Starry Sky Wheel was already about to stop, even if the Starry Sky Wheel came at him at full speed, he felt sure to block it.

But the fact was that someone had indeed blocked his attack. Not only was his attack thwarted, but the counter-force had also even destroyed his Dao Charm handprint. The strong impact that washed over even shook the Dao Charm around him.

This sudden development thoroughly shocked Chuan Xinlou, who had just stepped into Dao Confirming Realm. He knew that he still hadn’t fully stabilised his cultivation. Despite that, he wanted to first get rid of Ning Cheng as quickly as possible before doing anything else. Letting a cultivator who understood the Laws of Time stay around him, he wouldn’t be able to get a single night of peaceful sleep. If he waited for Ning Cheng to reach the Dao Confirming Realm, he would have no place to escape. Therefore, he eagerly came to Jiangzhou Star the moment he took that step.

Although Chuan Xinlou felt uncomfortable, the after-shock also affected Ning Ruoqing. The force had pushed her back, hitting the Starry Sky Wheel’s defensive array. Her chest kept tumbling up and down as if filled with water that she would spit out at any moment.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s attack swept out. The Hope-powered Jade Seal turned into a huge seal under the stimulation of the Power of Hope and Ning Cheng’s Domain. The next moment, the jade seal fell, letting Ning Cheng take control of this space.

Chuan Xinlou didn’t have the time to register the shock from the destruction of his Dao Charm handprint. But he still managed to take out the Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda. He could feel that Ning Cheng’s cultivation had grown much stronger compared to the last time they fought. In his case, his cultivation had sharply risen because he had entered the Dao Confirming Realm. But Ning Cheng hadn’t, which confused him even more.

“Boom-boom-boom….” Celestial essence explosions rang out, dull compared to the last attack but with much more momentum. However, unlike the previous time, this time, the void did not crack. Therefore, although the move seemed to contain much higher energy, it did not include the same power as the last attack.

However, terrifying pressure spread out from the Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda, and Chuan Xinlou felt a similar suppressive force surrounding him.

Was this celestial essence force? Even as a late-stage Eternal-level expert, Ning Cheng shouldn’t be able to create such a potent suppressive effect just using celestial essence.

“Power of Hope….” Chuan Xinlou’s thoughts had just turned when he immediately understood what the power within the jade seal was. Just as he thought of this, his expressions quickly changed. If Ning Cheng used that jade seal in tandem with that red-robed woman, who had similar cultivation to him, he truly wouldn’t reap any benefits today.

“Boom….” Despite using the Power of Hope, the confrontation with Chuan Xinlou had still blown Ning Cheng back. He even spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, Ning Ruoqing managed to stop Ning Cheng in time, so he didn’t have to suffer any severe injuries.

Chuan Xinlou didn’t look as pathetic as Ning Cheng. But under the suppressive force of Ning Cheng’s Hope-powered Jade Seal, his face still looked flushed.

From the first time that Ning Cheng and Chuan Xinlou clashed, he had already taken note of some of the counterattacks. So, this time, when Ning Cheng and Chuan Xinlou fought, he knew that he could thoroughly dominate him. In other words, if Ning Cheng didn’t use the Hope-powered Jade Seal, he simply couldn’t have done anything against Chuan Xinlou.

Ning Cheng used the Hope-powered Jade Seal, but Chuan Xinlou only managed to bring out the Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda. Yet, even then, Ning Cheng fell into an absolute disadvantage.

Ning Cheng and Chuan Xinlou fought only two times, and Yi Jiufeng personally witnessed the clashes both times. So, although Yi Jiufeng didn’t underestimate Ning Cheng, Chuan Xinlou still couldn’t kill Ning Cheng despite stepping into the Dao Confirming Realm. Just how powerful was Ning Cheng?

From this, she understood that Ning Cheng had many means, including the Laws of Time, proficiency in Array Formations, and now even that Hope-powered Jade Seal. Moreover, when did Ning Cheng get such a helper? Someone who didn’t seem any weaker than Chuan Xinlou.

Ning Cheng understood that there now existed an absolute gap in strength between him and Chuan Xinlou. So, he didn’t continue to attack.

Chuan Xinlou also felt some fear towards Ning Ruoqing. So instead of continuing with attacking, he tightly held onto the Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda and stared at Ning Ruoqing for a long time before asking. “Who the hell are you? Why do you want to stay here and fight me?”

Ning Ruoqing frowned and looked at Chuan Xinlou and said, “Fight you? Who are you anyway? You dare to step into my big brother’s territory, do you want to die that badly?”

Even if she threatened him with death, Ning Ruoqing spoke with a calm tone. It felt as if she was only stating a fact, not ridiculing him.

How could Chuan Xinlou know Ning Ruoqing’s origins? But regardless of her background, he regarded Ning Ruoqing as a rival on the same level after that clash. However, when he heard Ning Ruoqing address Ning Cheng as ‘big brother’, he immediately felt shocked. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and spoke up with cupped fists, “I, Chuan Xinlou, am from the Culmination Starland’s Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain. I just recently succeeded in confirming my Dao at Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain.”

Ning Ruoqing snorted. “What about Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain? Aren’t you just a Dao Sculpting cultivator with no foundation? Nope, it doesn’t look like you confirmed your Dao? Guess you don’t have any sense of shame. Did you think Dao is this easy to prove?”

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