Chapter 0770

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Chapter 0770: Suppressing Chuan Xinlou

Hearing Ning Ruoqing’s words, Chuan Xinlou frowned. He didn’t take Ning Ruoqing’s seriously, as after using the Dao Fruit, he realised a new realm. It was the realisation that made his movements much smoother. In other words, although his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness did not increase, his strength had risen sharply because of this feeling of free-handed movement.

It was also how he came up with that Dao Charm-filled handprint. Before that realisation, he couldn’t freely condense such a powerful handprint using just Dao Charm. Yet, it produced an attack much more potent than anything an Eternal expert could create. But it was also a fact that he could only vaguely understand his own Dao in the past. Therefore, he could never use his perception of Dao to condense that Dao Charm handprint. Was this not the Dao Confirming Realm? Although he had some doubts, Chuan Xinlou believed that what Ning Ruoqing said was only intentional.

Regardless, he felt some regrets that confirming his Dao didn’t invoke any thunder tribulation. Although facing a thunder tribulation would involve high levels of danger, if he surpassed that thunder tribulation, it would have explosively increased his strength.

Chuan Xinlou’s feeling wasn’t wrong. Even without any change in celestial essence and spiritual consciousness, his strength had indeed risen exponentially, just like Zhang Wuji’s cultivation that could shake the world. If one took out the cultivation required to shake the heavens, one would find that Zhang Wuji relied mainly on the profound understanding of internal forces. But combined with his heaven-defying cultivation, he could use his internal energy to the fullest, which made all the difference.

Although Chuan Xinlou knew that he had succeeded in reaching Dao Confirming Realm, he still couldn’t refute Ning Ruoqing’s words. In any case, he felt that Ning Ruoqing was at the same cultivation level as him. If he had reached the Dao Confirming Realm, then Ning Ruoqing must have also successfully entered the Dao Confirming Realm. Therefore, he could look down on everyone else in the world, but not Ning Ruoqing.

“Chuan Xinlou, did you think I didn’t know what you’re planning to do with my Jiangzhou Star? And when did my Jiangzhou Star come under your Culmination Grand Starry Sky’s jurisdiction? Why did I not hear about this?” Ning Cheng, on seeing that Ning Ruoqing could suppress Chuan Xinlou, immediately felt relieved.

A flash of surprise once again passed through Yi Jiufeng’s eyes, and her gaze immediately shifted to Ning Ruoqing.

Chen Xingwen’s mouth fell open in shock. He had initially thought that Chuan Xinlou would easily teach Ning Cheng a lesson, with a high probability of Chuan Xinlou killing him. Moreover, after witnessing Chuan Xinlou’s Dao Confirming strength, he understood that at least, he, Chen Xingwen, couldn’t fight against him. But he never expected that Chuan Xinlou would not only fail to teach Ning Cheng a lesson but would also end up on the receiving end of Ning Cheng’s scolding. Chuan Xinlou couldn’t even retort.

Cang Caihe breathed in a sigh of relief. Since the time he saw Ning Cheng’s astonishing thunder tribulation, he understood that Ning Cheng was an extraordinary fellow. Looks like he hadn’t seen it wrong.

As for Gongxiu Zhu and Bei Junyi behind Cang Caihe, they felt even more excited. They already knew that their Sect Master Ning was a mighty expert, but even they did not expect their Sect Master Ning to be this strong.

Shen Mengyan also had a look of surprise in her eyes. She immediately thought of Yu Yuechen, who had left after advancing to the Eternal Realm. Yu Yuechen had left Yu Clan’s Corner with the resolution to find a more powerful cultivation method to improve, leaving her still pregnant with Yu Qing.

She didn’t know if Yu Yuechen had reached the Dao Confirming Realm, but she knew that he was already powerful before leaving. However, she also knew that Ning Cheng did not have the same experiences or lived as long as Yu Yuechen, yet he had already reached that level.

Ji Lie, who acted in full arrogance, now had an ugly expression over his face. Initially, with his early-stage Eternal cultivation, he already felt afraid of Ning Cheng. But after Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor returned, all his fears disappeared. Moreover, when Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor successfully reached the Dao Confirming Realm, he no longer put Ning Cheng in his eyes. Otherwise, he would never have brought Yu Baihong from Yu Clan’s Corner to parade him around Jiangzhou Star like a dog.

He did this on purpose. First, to invoke a feeling of disgust in Shen Mengyan and then to subsequently ridicule Ning Cheng. He wanted Ning Cheng to beg for mercy under absolute suppression. However, he never expected that Ning Cheng would still be so strong. Powerful to such an extent that even Chuan Xinlou couldn’t deal with it.

Facing Ning Cheng’s continuous barrage, Chuan Xinlou couldn’t speak for a while. He had indeed said this not long ago, but back then he had considered Ning Cheng as an ant in front of him. But now, if he fought Ning Cheng, he most likely would suffer a defeat.

Moreover, he couldn’t count on Yi Jiufeng and Chen Xingwen on his side. Once he started, they definitely wouldn’t help him. As for Ji Lie, at early-stage Eternal Realm, he wouldn’t even be enough as cannon fodder.

The surroundings fell silent. No one wanted to speak at this time.

But suddenly, a scream erupted from Ji Lie as he spouted a mouthful of blood and flew back. Yu Baihong, who still had a chain around his neck, flew up and shot out a dazzling ray of light. By the time the dazzling flash of light disappeared, Yu Baihong’s attack had penetrated through Ji Lie’s chest.

Although all of this happened in just a blink of an eye, everyone saw what had happened. Yu Baihong had suddenly attacked Ji Lie, who was in shock on seeing Ning Cheng’s strength.

Yu Baihong, just like Ji Lie, was in the early-stage of Eternal Realm. However, in terms of strength, Ji Lie couldn’t compare to Yu Baihong. Therefore, under Yu Baihong’s sneak attack, Ji Lie couldn’t resist at all. Especially when he was still under the shock induced by Ning Cheng’s strength.

Chuan Xinlou’s face changed, and he immediately rushed up. But just when he moved, Ning Cheng appeared in front of him, followed by Ning Ruoqing, right next to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng understood that he couldn’t stop Chuan Xinlou by himself. But he also knew that as long as he moved, Ning Ruoqing would also move with him. If he told Ning Ruoqing to stop Chuan Xinlou, it would already be too late.

With Chuan Xinlou’s strength, he wouldn’t have any problems in killing Yu Baihong.

Ji Lie had suffered a severe injury under Yu Baihong’s sneak attack. Fortunately, before the attack could go through him, he managed to bring out his weapon and lessen the damage.

However, Yu Baihong had already gone berserk out of anger. Even the killing intent in Yu Baihong’s heart had already started to solidify. Coupled with Ji Lie’s injuries, his strength not matching up to Yu Baihong, and under Ning Cheng’s shock, Ji Lie quickly fell into a disadvantage.

As weapons clashed, the two immediately went into a desperate and intense fight. But everyone could tell that it was only a matter of time before Ji Lie died.

“Chuan Xinlou, don’t you like fighting two to one? Why not let Ning Ruoqing and I play with you.” Ning Cheng said as he once again brought up the Hope-powered Jade Seal.

Chuan Xinlou’s face turned blue from anger. But before he could speak, he once again heard Ji Lie’s scream before Yu Baihong finally killed him.

After Yu Baihong killed Ji Lie, he quickly moved to Ning Cheng’s side and cupped his fists. “Many thanks, Sect Master Ning, for letting me kill JI Lie. Otherwise, I could never rest peacefully, even if I died. From now on, Yu Clan’s Corner will fully obey Sect Master Ning’s words and will never go against it. If we violate this vow, my Yu Clan’s Corner will disintegrate to dust.”

Yu Clan’ Corner was still a significant force within Culmination Starland. But now, in front of Chuan Xinlou, Yu Baihong declared his intention to take refuge with Ning Cheng. It would be strange if Chuan Xinlou could still keep a straight face.

Since Yu Clan’s Corner wanted to surrender to him, Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t refuse it. He even cupped his fists before speaking. “Since Brother Yu wants to come to my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River, this Ning Cheng would naturally welcome you. However, Brother Yu, you will have to restrain the members of Yu Clan’s Corner and make them abide by the laws of my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. If you can do that, you can choose one star within my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River to set down a foundation.”

Yu Baihong already knew about the rules and regulations of the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. That is, the laws treated everyone equally, regardless of one’s background. Now that Ning Cheng specifically mentioned this, he vowed to comply without any hesitation.

Shen Mengyan felt a little speechless at this. She didn’t know much about the relationship between Ning Cheng and Yu Qing, but she had accepted him as a junior. But now Ning Cheng addressed Yu Clan’s Yu Baihong as ‘Brother Yu’ directly, wouldn’t it screw up the generational hierarchy? This thought had just passed by when her gaze fell on Bao Yingge.

Bao Yingge felt Shen Mengyan’s gaze, and her face immediately turned pale. She couldn’t figure out why Shen Mengyan always enjoyed better luck than her every time. But facing that gaze, she subconsciously stepped behind Chuan Xinlou.

Shen Mengyan didn’t ask Ning Cheng to help her kill Bao Yingge. Besides, she had already seen that Ning Cheng’s current strength couldn’t match up to Chuan Xinlou and even felt a little weaker. However, if she killed Bao Yingge, who had already taken shelter under Chuan Xinlou, it would result in completely tearing off all face with Chuan Xinlou. Ning Cheng certainly wouldn’t want this kind of conflict, and neither did she.

Not waiting for the livid-faced Chuan Xinlou to speak up, Ning Cheng laughed. “Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, Yu Baihong killed Ji Lie, but it was more of a personal grudge. Now that Yu Baihong decided to come to my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River, I naturally will be fighting for him. Since Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor made a mistake before, and also because of Yu Baihong’s impulsive actions, why don’t we just let go of it?”

Just as Shen Mengyan guessed, even with the help of Ning Ruoqing, Ning Cheng didn’t want to get into a life and death fight with Chuan Xinlou. He still needed some time.

Chuan Xinlou’s expressions returned to normal and stared coldly at Ning Cheng. “Since Sect Master Ning asked to let go of it, then let’s let it go.”

Ning Cheng had changed the form of address to ‘Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor’. It showed that Ning Cheng didn’t want to go all out against him, which he also felt the same. Since he also didn’t want to go all out against Ning Cheng, he had to step down that ladder willingly.

“Does Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor still want to visit my Jiangzhou Star? If Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor feels willing, I can serve you with some good wine.” On seeing Chuan Xinlou taking a step back, Ning Cheng spoke up without hesitation.

Chuan Xinlou gave a cold snort. He didn’t even want to answer Ning Cheng’s words. Instead, he directly brought out a flight-type weapon with the intent to leave.

Ning Cheng also didn’t want to stop Chuan Xinlou. He already guessed that Chuan Xinlou wouldn’t dare to have any ideas about Jiangzhou Star as long as Ning Ruoqing was around. With Ning Ruoqing here, it would be quite strange for Chuan Xinlou to dare enter anyway. Instead, he looked at Yi Jiufeng and said with a smile. “Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor, I’ve not seen you in a long time. I don’t know if you’re free, but would you like to visit my Mysterious Yellow Sect?”

Yi Jiufeng smiled, “Many thanks, Sect Master Ning. It would be my honour.”

Chuan Xinlou, seeing Yi Jiufeng deciding to stay back, didn’t speak any nonsense. Instead, he just grabbed Bao Yingge and immediately left.

Chen Xingwen, seeing that Ning Cheng did not invite him, only spoke a few words in embarrassment before taking out a flight-type weapon and quickly leaving.

Yu Baihong wanted to move the entire Yu Clan’s Corner to Mysterious Yellow Celestial River as soon as possible. So, he quickly said his goodbyes to Ning Cheng and left. The Yu Clan’s Corner had a long history within Culmination Starland. Plus, the Culmination Starland had abundant celestial essence qi with many opportunities. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an easy thing to convince everyone to move away.

However, Culmination Starland was Chuan Xinlou’s territory. And since Chuan Xinlou had already suppressed Yu Clan’s Corner in such a manner, staying in Culmination Starland would only result in death. Chuan Xinlou didn’t dare to fight all out against Ning Cheng yet, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t eradicate Yu Clan’s Corner.


Jiangzhou Star’s Mysterious Yellow Sect. In one of the guest halls, Cang Caihe briefly greeted Yi Jiufeng before leaving. He understood that since Ning Cheng had called Yi Jiufeng here, he must have something to say to her in private. Most likely, about the Wind-thunder Apricot Tree’s branch.

Yi Jiufeng seemed to have also understood why Ning Cheng had invited her as a guest. Therefore, after Cang Caihe left, she took the initiative to speak up. “Since Sect Master Ning called me in here, then presumably you want to ask for the branch of Wind-thunder Apricot Tree, right?”

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