Chapter 0774

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Chapter 0774: Spirit Technique – Time Wheel

A faint grey, almost invisible, wheel crossed through Ning Cheng’s consciousness. Although just a perception, Ning Cheng still felt his Sea of Consciousness bursting with pain.

Invisible and immaterial, it’s as if this invisible grey-white wheel erased everything that wandered into its path. Ning Cheng vaguely felt that even his Domain at full power couldn’t block this grey-white wheel for even a moment.

What the hell was this, how was it so terrifying?

The shock that emerged from the bottom of his heart awakened Ning Cheng suddenly. He looked up at the Temple of Time’s gate, which still flowed with three colours, and then suddenly turned around. He raised his hand and tried to trace some of those mysterious trajectories, which then immediately spread out.

A faint light wheel composed of the Laws of Time then suddenly shot out of Ning Cheng’s hand. Even Ning Cheng himself felt shocked to see the disc. He felt sure that others couldn’t see it as it comprised entirely of the Dao Charm of Time. Even he couldn’t capture it with either his gaze or spiritual consciousness. Only cultivators who comprehended the Laws of Time, or experts much more powerful than him, could feel this vague light wheel.

Everything before this light wheel would return to dust. Any life that appeared in front of its path would come to an end.

The initially empty Temple of Time’s circular chamber after Ning Cheng’s light wheel came out, immediately started to rattle. It seemed as if Ning Cheng had split apart something. But when Ning Cheng looked at the empty chamber before him once again, he still couldn’t find anything.

No, once the grey-white light wheel came out, the Temple of Time’s circular chamber turned clearer. Ning Cheng took in a breath of air and suddenly realised that something else had appeared in the Temple of Time. It’s just that Ning Cheng couldn’t see it right now. And the reason he couldn’t see it was because of a vague Sealing Array Formation.  His attainments in array formation hadn’t reached the required level yet to see through it.

From the looks of it, as his grey-white disc shot out, it most likely cut through one of the primary nodes of a Sealing Array Formation within the Temple of Time’s circular chamber. It most likely weakened the formation and caused everything in front of him to turn clearer. If not for the contrast, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have realised it at all. Processing everything a few more times, Ning Cheng realised that he currently stood in the array formation’s eye.

“Time Wheel….” Ning Cheng now no longer cared about what was in the Temple of Time. Instead, he raised his hand and carefully looked at his palm.

The huge shock from a few moments ago had drawn in Ning Cheng’s full attention. Even if Ning Cheng turned into an idiot, he realised that he had just unconsciously comprehended another spirit technique.

That’s right. It was the Time Wheel. Although derived from the Laws of Time, it comprised of a very different type of Law of Time. The Time Wheel had a very violent and destructive nature. Anything that stood in its path would turn into nothingness under the annihilating power of time contained within it.

The ice-crystal plain was the best example. Time wheels ravaged the ice-crystal plain for countless years, turning that place into a flat and endless plain. Nothing raised existed in that place as the Time Wheels erased anything in its path and return it to the previous flatness.

Even if he didn’t obtain anything from this place, Ning Cheng couldn’t contain the inner ecstasy. He had just comprehended the second Laws of Time Spirit Technique, Time Wheel.

In terms of power, the Time Wheel was not worse than his initial Law of Time Spirit Technique, Sunset’s Twilight. It’s just that the later was like a gentle wind, while the former was a vicious storm.

As the excitement gradually subsided, Ning Cheng once again started to look at the circular Temple of Time carefully. The circular Temple of Time still looked as if it contained nothing. Rather, even if it did have something, under Ning Cheng’s newly comprehended Spirit Technique, Time Wheel, it might have turned into nothingness.

However, as Ning Cheng carefully looked around once again, a circular jade platform about half a meter in diameter suddenly appeared in the very centre of the Temple of Time. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness repeatedly scanned it and determined that this jade platform didn’t pose any danger to him. But despite that, Ning Cheng still kept caution as he carefully walked up to it.

Ning Cheng had just reached the jade platform when a horrifying wave of Starry Sky Spirit Qi washed over him. Ning Cheng immediately stopped. Even if he had seen and consumed many precious treasures during cultivation, he had never encountered anything with such an abundant Starry Sky Spirit Qi.

An ordinary person would explode just by standing near this wave of Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi, let alone try cultivating using it. This wave of Starry Sky Spirit Qi had a terrifying feel to it. But what felt even more frightening was that this Starry Sky Spirit Qi wasn’t even an overflow, it was just a remnant portion.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath and let his spiritual consciousness penetrate the jade platform. Unfortunately, although he could feel an unparalleled quantity of Spirit Qi inside, and even absorb it, his spiritual consciousness could not enter the jade platform at all. It also meant that, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t take away this Starry Sky Spirit Qi-filled jade platform.

Ning Cheng didn’t have anything else to do right now. In any case, wasn’t he desperately trying to search for more sources of Starry Sky Spirit Qi? This abundant Starry Sky Spirit Qi definitely could help him in cultivation.

Ning Cheng no longer wanted to head out immediately. Instead, he immediately activated his cultivation method to absorb all the Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi.

With the Mysterious Yellow Formless, the thing Ning Cheng feared the most was not drowning in cultivation resources, but not having enough cultivation resources. For others, cultivating within Permanent Essence Pills and Spiritual Veins might produce better results. But for Ning Cheng, they could no longer bring in any significant results.

But in this place, he could absorb nearly infinite amounts of Starry Sky Spirit Qi. Moreover, he also felt that if the jade platform continued to prove the same quantity if Spirit Qi, he might not even manage to incorporate it completely.

Since returning from the Eternal Night Domain, Ning Cheng rarely experienced such a happy cultivation opportunity. Even absorbing Permanent Essence Pills and Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins couldn’t compare to cultivating in this place.

Ning Cheng continuously extracted the endless and pure starry sky Essence Spirit Qi and absorbed it. Very quickly, a starry sky Essence Spirit Qi cocoon formed around him. Once it fully encased Ning Cheng, not a single strand of starry sky Spirit Qi leaked out.

At the same time, Ning Cheng’s cultivation level also started to rise under this kind of crazy cultivation.

Time was the least valuable thing when it came to secluded cultivation. But three months later, Ning Cheng finally had to open his eyes. He felt ecstatic with this cultivation session. However, his Good Fortune Origin Aura could no longer smoothly integrate with the Spirit Qi’s circulation as it did in the past, which undermined the progress by a bit. It resulted in limited growth of his perception and meridian development. Therefore, in these three months, despite absorbing so much starry sky Spirit Qi, his cultivation had only risen from the peak to full-circle of middle-level Life and Death Realm.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng took out the Mysterious Yellow Bead and put it over the jade platform and then entered it. Without the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s full cooperation, his cultivation speed would always remain slow.

After placing the Mysterious Yellow Bead in close contact with the jade platform, Ning Cheng then once again entered another crazy cultivation session inside the bead.

This time, Ning Cheng had just barely begun the cultivation session, when his cultivation broke through the shackles with a much smoother integration of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. An instant later, he entered the late-stage Life and Death Realm.

Ning Cheng felt thankful that he found this place at the right time. Once reaching the late-stage of the Life and Death Realm, his absorption of starry sky Spirit Qi more than doubled, in both volume and speed. Without the Temple of Time, he would not have found a suitable cultivation location at all. Even with many Permanent Essence Pills and Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins, he would only be able to increase his cultivation one step after another. What’s more, he didn’t have any of those things right now.


Since the return of Culmination Grand Starry Sky’s Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, the Culmination Grand Starry Sky once again returned to its usual tranquillity. However, during the past few years, many people discovered a problem. That is, Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor no longer seemed to care about the things going on in the starry sky as he once did in the past.

Even if someone started a big fight in Culmination Starland’s Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor never came out to manage it. Nor did he send out any of his men. Over time, everyone started to get used to it.

Since such things became a common occurrence within Culmination Starland, the Striking Order Starry Sky, the Bright Heaven Starry Sky, the Snagging Ascendance Starry Sky and the Silver Feather Starry Sky became even more chaotic with the lack of their respective Starry Sky Emperors. If Chuan Xinlou had not returned, then the premier stars within these starry skies would have already designated a Starry Sky Heavenly Emperor. But despite Chuan Xinlou returning, he went immediately into deep secluded cultivation. As such, these major starry skies remained in a state without any Starry Sky Emperor.

However, within Striking Order Starry Sky, the Mysterious Yellow Celestial River was the only place no one dared to make any moves. This place was the residence of the Premier Pill Emperor and Eternal expert, Cang Caihe. Moreover, it also contained many Heaven Seated experts loyal to Ning Cheng. Therefore, although Mysterious Yellow Celestial River’s Ning Cheng vanished the same time as Chuan Xinlou, no one dared to come to this place and cause any trouble.


The Radial Immortal Star was on the edge of Night Essence Celestial River. As such, the Radial Immortal Star remained starved of starry sky Spirit Qi. Moreover, because of the Ice Immortal Ridge incident from many years ago, the number of cultivators living on this star decreased even more. But even before the event, one wouldn’t find many cultivators on the edge of such a remote area.

At this time, in a humble mountain range at the edge of the Radial Immortal Star, a young woman wearing a yellow robe suddenly appeared.

If Ning Cheng were here, he would feel ecstatic because this woman was none other than Ji Luofei who went missing many years ago.

After Ji Luofei had obtained that ring from the Ice Immortal Ridge, she immediately went into hiding. Over the many years, she still hadn’t left the Radial Immortal Star.

She understood that hiding on the Radial Immortal Star with her strength was probably the safest option. Once she left the Radial Immortal Star, many more uncertainties would crop up. Especially near the time when the Ice Immortal Ridge opened and closed.

However, she wasn’t without any luck. In the ring, she had found lots of medicinal pills and cultivation resources, and even a small half of a Starry Sky Essence Qi Spirit Vein.

For so many years, Ji Luofei kept herself hidden on the edge of such a desolate star that didn’t even have a decent flow of Starry Sky Spirit Qi. But when Everlasting Sacred Shrine kicked Qionghua and her out, and when that white-robed woman snatched Qionghua from her, she understood that there was nothing guaranteed in this world without strength.

She finally realised why Ning Cheng always made every effort to search for cultivation resources and improve his strength.

Therefore, with so many cultivation resources, she immediately decided to go into secluded cultivation. After cultivating in silence for many years, she finally advanced to Heaven’s Mandate Realm. As a cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm, even if she just reached the early-stage, people in Radial Immortal Star would still regard her as a genuine powerhouse. Achieving this level, Ji Luofei now felt determined to go out and look for Ning Cheng. In any case, even if she continued with secluded cultivation, she wouldn’t reach the Heaven Seated Realm in the short term. It might take ten, a hundred, or even tens of thousands of years.

Ji Luofei walked into the Penannular Jade City’s Trade Union again. The last time she had come here, she had learned about the Ice Immortal Ridge. Despite almost dying in the Ice Immortal Ridge, that place also gave her a heaven-sent opportunity, helping her in reaching Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

This time, Ji Luofei came to the Penannular Jade City’s Trade Union, not to inquire about new mystic realms but to get up to date with what happened over the years during her seclusion. She even hoped to find some information about Ning Cheng.

But as soon as she entered the Penannular Jade City’s Trade Union, Ji Luofei stood rooted in place by a mission flashing on the large screen.

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