Chapter 0775

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Chapter 0775: A Great Harvest

The screen highlighted a mission to kill a female cultivator named Yan Ji. The mission details also had a portrait of the female cultivator attached to it.

Who was Yan Ji? Ji Luofei naturally knew about her. Ning Cheng had spoken about her quite a few times. Moreover, Ning Cheng had also shown her a portrait of Yan Ji in the past. On arriving at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, people had forced Yan Ji into the void. Learning this, Ning Cheng ended up destroying several local forces in anger.

Therefore, seeing someone offer a reward to kill Yan Ji, even if Ning Cheng wasn’t here, she couldn’t sit back and watch.

The mission also stated an approximate location and cultivation of Yan Ji. From the information, she learned that Yan Ji hid somewhere within the Thorn Tooth Lake with cultivation somewhere in the range of Undead and Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

Ji Luofei lived in the Night Essence Celestial River for quite a few years, so she naturally knew about the Thorn Tooth Lake. Thorn Tooth Lake was on Orchid Restraining Star, two stars away from Radial Immortal Star. Moreover, Thorn Tooth Lake was a famous testing ground within the Night Essence Celestial River, second in fame only to Devouring Bone Sea.

But what made Ji Luofei even more worried was the reward next to Yan Ji’s name. It was a Great Heaven Essence Fruit. Ji Luofei’s cultivation reached Heaven’s Mandate Realm. So how could she not know about the value of a Great Heaven Essence Fruit, the main ingredient required to refine the Accordance Heavenly Pill?

Moreover, Accordance Heavenly Pills were rare treasures that could help a cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm advance to the Heaven Seated Realm. Yet, someone used it as a reward to kill a cultivator who most likely hadn’t even reached the Heaven Mandate Realm. Was this person crazy?

A Great Heaven Essence Fruit wasn’t the same as an Accordance Heavenly Pill. But it was still a valuable starry sky spirit fruit that would drive almost all Heaven’s Mandate cultivators crazy. Even if one couldn’t refine it into Accordance Heavenly Pills, it still gave people a better chance to advance to the Heaven Seated Realm.

To use such a treasure as a lure to kill an ordinary cultivator, it also showed how much hatred this person had for Yan Ji.

“Are there any other teams working on the 36th mission? If not, let’s go to the Thorn Tooth Lake together. Besides, even if you can’t complete the 36th mission, we can still obtain a lot from the Thorn Tooth Lake.” An early-stage Heaven’s Mandate cultivator stepped forward.

Ji Luofei frowned and clenched her fist. She naturally knew that the 36th mission was the one relating to Yan Ji.

Another cultivator sitting in the Trade Union’s lobby spoke up with disdain, “So many have teamed up to take the 36th mission. What’s the point of taking up this mission?”

“Going to the Thorn Tooth Lake doesn’t necessarily have to do with the 36th mission. In any case, that place still has other treasures. Moreover, if we didn’t sign up for this mission, what would you do if you did encounter Yan Ji?” That Heaven’s Mandate cultivator with a smile.

At this moment, someone exclaimed, “Huh, someone updated the 36th mission. In addition to a Great Heaven Essence Fruit, the 36th mission also mentions a Starry Sky Basic-grade Battleship, 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills and 100 million purple coins. My god, isn’t this reward too much even for killing a cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm?”

Just a Great Heaven Essence Fruit drove a significant portion of the cultivators here crazy. But the addition of a starry sky battleship, 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, and 100 million purple coins thoroughly shocked everyone within the Trade Union.

At this time, no one paid attention to any of the other tasks and missions. Almost all people immediately flocked to the desk to form teams and sign up to kill Yan Ji.

“We need four people to form a group, and we already have three. Anyone can join our group as long as your strength is above the Undead Realm. I already have a positional diagram of Yan Ji’s approximate position, so we shouldn’t miss her.” That same cultivator who had spoken about the Thorn Tooth Lake and the one who asked for the 36th mission spoke up after looking at the updated rewards. However, this time his tone became even more excited.

It’s just that there weren’t many cultivators here with cultivation above Undead Realm. Moreover, most of the cultivators above the Undead Realm had already teamed up.

“I’ll join.” Ji Luofei stood up without hesitation and said. Initially, she planned to head out to the Thorn Tooth Lake alone and find Yan Ji by herself. But after hearing that this person say that he had a positional diagram of Yan Ji’s hiding area, she immediately changed her mind and joined them without any hesitation.

Seeing the celestial wheel behind Ji Luofei, he understood that Ji Luofei was either at the late-stage Undead Realm or the early-stage Heaven’s Mandate Realm.


Within the Temple of Time, the Mysterious Yellow Bead placed on top of the jade platform flashed lightly. It then disappeared without a trace. After another moment, Ning Cheng’s figure suddenly appeared over the jade platform.

The pure Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi coming of this jade platform still hadn’t diminished by even the slightest. Moreover, even under Ning Cheng’s crazy absorption speed and long cultivation time, the starry sky Spirit Qi coming from the jade platform did not decrease at all. In anything, it grew even denser.

However, Ning Cheng couldn’t continue cultivation anymore. He had already reached extremely close to the full-circle of Life and Death Realm. Despite that, he still couldn’t sense the Thunder Tribulation for the Eternal Realm.

Without thunder tribulation, even if he cultivated for countless years, he would remain in the Life and Death Realm. He had to go out and find opportunities to trigger the thunder tribulation, or find the Starry Sky Radish Grass and refine a furnace of Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills.

But what worried Ning Cheng was that once he went out, it might become impossible to return. At least not before he found Striking Order Heavenly Emperor. However, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor hadn’t come out from the Ancient Shadow Temple, which he might have already fallen.

After looking at the jade platform below his feet, Ning Cheng started to hesitate. His cultivation required horrifying quantities of cultivation resources. As such, only by staying in this place could he make rapid progress. Otherwise, anywhere else, his cultivation speed would once again drop to an almost turtle-like pace. There was even a possibility that it wouldn’t improve at all.

Over time, Ning Cheng had come to understand a few crucial points in regards to his method of cultivation. Unlike others, he had a much more difficult path when it came to advancing. Even with the Mysterious Yellow Bead, his cultivation sessions were starting to grow longer and longer. If not for the Temple of Time, Ning Cheng estimated that it would take him decades to advance from the early-stage Eternal Realm to the middle-stage Eternal Realm.

Although reaching the peak of Life and Death Realm significantly improved his strength, Ning Cheng knew that it still wasn’t enough. He understood that if he fought against Chuan Xinlou right now, Chuan Xinlou wouldn’t take him seriously without Ning Ruoqing.

Chuan Xinlou’s cultivation progressed at a consistent pace, which meant if he, Ning Cheng, couldn’t advance, he would die an ugly death in the future. Although Ning Ruoqing could match against Chuan Xinlou right now, he couldn’t tell if the stalemate against Chuan Xinlou would still exist in the future.

After pondering over things for a while, Ning Cheng decided to head out. The first thing to do after going out was to find the opportunity to advance to the Eternal Realm. In any case, he had no other choice but to make some trade-offs to obtain the most benefits.

After advancing to the Eternal Realm, he would then head back into the Ancient Shadow Temple to find Striking Order Heavenly Emperor. As long as he found Striking Order Heavenly Emperor, he could once again enter the Temple of Time for cultivation.

Ning Cheng took out the three keys for the Temple of Time and then sent the three keys into the three keyholes. The triangular ice-crystal gate of Temple of Time once again started flowing with the black, white and grey Dao Charm. But even after waiting for a long time, Ning Cheng still did not see any signs of the gate opening.

Ning Cheng frowned; if he couldn’t open the Temple of Time’s gate, wouldn’t it mean that he would remain locked up inside for eternity?

After an incense stick worth of time, the three-coloured Dao Charm flowing over the Temple of Time’s gate started to grow thinner and thinner. When the three-coloured Dao Charm disappeared, the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys fell to the ground once again.

Ning Cheng picked up the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys but did not continue to use them to open the Temple of Time’s gate. He wasn’t caught up in the Laws of Time epiphany but continued to stare at the gate in front of him for another incense stick worth of time. Yet, even after an incense stick worth of time passed, he couldn’t see any gap opening up in the Temple of Time’s gate.

Could he use brute force to open the gate? Ning Cheng had just thought of using a strong attack, when he immediately thought of the new spirit technique, Time Wheel, he had learned from this triangular gate.

He decided to use it. Even if it caused the same crazy phenomenon of flowing time like before, he could immediately hide in the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

After a short while, Ning Cheng condensed the Laws of Time Dao Charm and used the same profound movement to cast the technique. A grey and white coloured light wheel appeared out of thin air, and following Ning Cheng’s gestures, transformed into an invisible disc that shot towards the triangular Temple of Time’s gate.

“Click….” With a small noise, Ning Cheng felt surprised to see that his spirit technique, Time Wheel, had easily opened the triangular-shaped Temple of Time’s gate. Even the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys in his hands couldn’t produce such an effect.

Ning Cheng resisted the doubt creeping up in his heart and walked out of the Temple of Time’s gate. Turning back, he found that the entrance already closed up, returning to its previous state.

Ning Cheng really couldn’t help it. Turning around a full 360 degrees, he once again blasted out another Time Wheel.

With another ‘click’ the Temple of Time’s door opened, and another moment later, the gate closed once again.

Ning Cheng finally understood that the Perpetual Moon Time Key was only a one-time use item to open the Temple of Time. After that, one would need to cast the Time Wheel Spirit Technique each time one wanted to enter. Otherwise, don’t even think of getting in or out of the Temple of Time.


“Haha….” With a burst of laughter, a figure suddenly appeared within the empty starry sky.

Duan Gantai had finally come out of the Guardian Temple. He had always held a great desire to enter the Guardian Temple even before truly entering it. But he never expected that the Guardian Temple would give him such a big surprise. Within the Guardian Temple, he not only obtained a bunch of Starry Sky Spiritual Veins, but he also got a huge harvest of Permanent Essence Pills. But these weren’t even the most pleasant of surprises. What surprised him the most was that he found ten jade bottles of Repairing Heavens Beginning Essence Pill. Moreover, most were top-grade Repairing Heavens Beginning Essence Pills.

As a modern-day starry sky cultivator, hardly anyone would know about the Repairing Heavens Beginning Essence Pill. It was a long-lost ancient medicinal pill, with no one capable of refining it in the present day. Even the Premier Pill Emperor Cang Caihe wasn’t capable of producing the Repairing Heavens Beginning Essence Pill, even the lowest grade.

Repairing Heaven Beginning Essence Pill was a top-quality pill even with the top-quality Grade 9 Starry Sky Medicinal Pills. Taking this medicinal pill would speed up a cultivator’s absorption of starry sky Spirit Qi. At the same time, it would even help in completing the Dao Charm missing during cultivation. Without this pill, if someone tried to cultivate too fast, it would result in an unstable foundation and ultimately create a situation where one would succumb to the devilish flames.

Because of the heaven-defying effects, this medicinal pill had ‘Repairing Heavens’, which pointed to its ability to make up for the innate deficiencies and shortcomings during cultivation.

With so many cultivation resources and Repairing Heavens Beginning Essence Pills, in just a few years, his cultivation had made significant progress. It wasn’t any wonder why Duan Gantai felt so full of pride.

However, within the Guardian Temple, he still hadn’t managed to open the Guardian Door, but that did not matter. After advancing to the Eternal Realm, he would return and open that Guardian Door. The reason he had come out right now was to find opportunities to reach the Eternal Realm.

But he also had one regret. The regret of not finding any medicinal pills in the Guardian Temple that could help someone advance to the Eternal Realm.

As soon as Duan Gantai came out, he unlocked the seal on the Connecting Spirit Silk. He felt quite eager to find Ning Cheng. He wanted to see if Ning Cheng could persist in front of him now and also to force Ning Cheng to return the Temple of Time’s key. Even if he knew that Ning Cheng couldn’t enter the Temple of Time, he did not feel at ease with leaving all three keys with Ning Cheng.

Just when Duan Gantai unlocked the Connecting Spirit Silk, he felt Ning Cheng’s location. Sensing Ning Cheng’s position, Duan Gantai felt so ecstatic that he left without any hesitation.

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