Chapter 0778

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Chapter 0778: Eternal Self-detonation

Ning Cheng behaved as if he never heard Yue Chengfei speak about giving up on Striking Order Starry Sky. Instead, his tone turned even more chilly, “Your Yue Clan originally came from Striking Order Starry Sky’s Die Yuan Star, right?”

“Yes, Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor had invited us, and Striking Order Heavenly Emperor also knows about it.” Sensing that Ning Cheng and Striking Order Heavenly Emperor had a close relationship, Yue Chengfei remained cautious with his words.

Ning Cheng’s tone remained impassive, “I heard that Yue Clan has a person named Yue Yangzhi. Where is he now?”

“Yue Yangzhi?” Yue Chengfei immediately started recalling all of Yue Clan’s outstanding disciples. It took a while, but he still couldn’t remember a person named Yue Yangzhi.

“Let this Emperor help you. Yue Yangzhi came from a place called Ink Essence Star. He brought a 5-elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, which you then gave to a genius from your Yue Clan, named Yue Huangfu.” Ning Cheng’s tone grew colder with each word.

Yue Chengfei, even if he turned into an idiot, immediately realised that Ning Cheng and Yue Clan had a deep grudge with each other. It was this person who killed Yue Huangfu.

Ning Cheng saw Yue Chengfei’s expression change and spoke up with an increasingly cold tone. “You guessed it right. Yue Huangfu died at my hands. The Ink Essence Star’s Yue Clan, should be your Yue Clan’s branch, right? My wife sent many raw materials to your Yue Clan just to get them to refine a talisman. But your Yue Clan killed my wife under Yue Yangzhi’s leadership and took my wife’s 5-elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin…….”

Yue Chengfei’s blood ran cold. He didn’t answer Ning Cheng’s words at all. Instead, he immediately raised his hand and shot out a bright light. At the same time, he shouted, “Yue Clan, immediately leave Culmination Grand Starry Sky. Big enemies….”

Ning Cheng snorted. Bringing out a long spear, it immediately gathered an endless amount of killing power around it. The energy was so dense that a dark space formed in front of it, about a hundred meters in diameter.

Ning Cheng didn’t immediately use his kill shot. He first wanted to know Yue Yangzhi’s whereabouts.

Yue Chengfei roared. In the next moment, both his hands created many mudras. Each mudra then transformed into endless runes. After only a few breaths, a dense world of runes formed around his body. Yue Clan’s apex-level spirit technique, Spirit Rending Myriad Talisman.

The long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand twisted, and the infinite killing power gathered by the long spear transformed into one strand of spear intent after another. These spear intents, like tongues of flames in the sky, quickly tore through the Spirit Rending Myriad Talisman that Yue Chengfei had not yet fully activated. It forced the numerous killing talismans, entrapment talismans, spirit sealing talismans, explosion talismans and thousands of other talismans to explode prematurely.

The exchange between Yue Chengfei and Ning Cheng created a scene like that of a fireworks explosion, drowning the entire Lucky Heaven City in shining colours.

Just at this very moment, a horrifying aura suddenly filled the entire place. Sensing this aura, everyone understood what Yue Chengfei wanted to do and immediately started to retreat.

Aunt Xu turned even paler. She knew that if Yue Chengfei self-detonated, it would result in countless deaths and injuries within Lucky Heaven City. It might even destroy the city.

An Eternal cultivator’s self-detonation, even one at the early-stage Eternal Realm, was not something a city could block.

As for Yue Chengchong in his essence spirit state, he couldn’t help but tremble in horror. He had just come out of seclusion, so how could he have ever expected such a situation? Yue Clan’s Clan Head hadn’t even started fighting, yet he chose to self-detonate. Who the hell did his Yue Clan offend? At this moment, why would he even think of his previous condescending behaviour? Therefore, when Yue Chengfei’s death-filled aura blew over, he did not retreat. Instead, he directly rushed into it.

In any case, he was only a word away from death. Better to have an immediate end rather than wait for others to kill him.

Yue Chengfei only felt hate bubbling up inside him. He had just reached the Eternal Realm not long ago. Yet someone pushed him to the point of initiating self-detonation. He hated Ning Cheng’s strength, but he hated that Yue Yangzhi even more. An ant from a low-levelled interface had created such a powerful enemy for his Yue Clan. He also hated the fact that just when Yue Clan obtained the opportunity to rise to prominence, someone threw them into an abyss.

No one could understand the unwillingness in his heart, as advancing to the Eternal Realm was only a secondary thing for him. Yue Chengfei knew that as long as he had some more time, he would become the premier Talisman Emperor within the starry skies. As long as he had the time, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to achieve complete mastery over the Dao of Talismans. However, he understood that he would never get to enjoy this prestige, that’s because his Yue Clan offended someone who they shouldn’t have crossed.

Ning Cheng didn’t expect Yue Chengfei to be so decisive that he would choose to blow himself up. However, he didn’t back away. In any case, he couldn’t let Yue Chengfei blow up Lucky Heaven City.

In the next moment, Ning Cheng materialised the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and took a step forward.

The Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort transformed into a massive fort in the sky that overflowed with thunder and lightning that instantly targeted Yue Chengfei. “Boom-boom-boom….” Endless sounds of explosions shook the city.

The celestial essence explosion and the thunder rays from the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort collided together, creating a bright blast of fireworks along with a horrifying thunderous roar.

It took more than a dozen breaths before the rumbling sounds finally disappeared. However, the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort still overflowed with thunder and lightning and remained suspended above Lucky Heaven City. Yue Chengfei, on the other hand, had vanished without a trace. Except for the place when Yue Chengfei self-detonated, which created a deep crater, the rest of Lucky Heaven City remained untouched.

Duan Gantai, standing not too far away, felt even more worried at this sight. He vaguely felt that Ning Cheng hadn’t even shown one-tenth of his strength. Even in that scenario, Ning Cheng managed to counter quickly. If Ning Cheng fully utilised his power, just how powerful would he become?

After a moment, his eyes immediately filled with determination; it didn’t matter how powerful Ning Cheng became. Once he, Duan Gantai, took everything from Ning Cheng, who would ever dare to go against him, Duan Gantai? As for Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor? Even he would have to retire to someplace pleasantly cool.

Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain’s Ai Di also remained silent. Ning Cheng’s power had exceeded his wildest expectations. He had heard that after Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor reached Dao Confirming Realm, Ning Cheng could only reluctantly take a move. But the strength displayed by Ning Cheng today did not belong to someone who could face only one attack from Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor.

Ning Cheng put away the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and stared at the female cultivator who came with Yue Chengfei. “Are you also from Yue Clan?”

This female cultivator only had a Heaven Seated cultivation. But when she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she unconsciously shivered and quickly replied, “This junior is not from Yue Clan. This junior is Suo Zihui from Demon Domain Grand Starry Sky. This junior came to Culmination Grand Starry Sky on Senior Ai Di’s invitation. Plus, this junior has another task, to send out a few auction invitations for my Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce. If free, Senior can also come to my Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s auction. This time, Master Yi Cang will personally precede over our Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s auction. Moreover, this auction will include many starry sky treasures.”

Ning Cheng didn’t know anything about Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce, so Aunt Xu standing behind Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up. “Senior, Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce is the premier Chamber of Commerce within the Devil Domain Grand Starry Sky, co-founded by Yi Cang and Zeng Tajiang. Its master, Yi Cang, is a late-stage Eternal expert and its deputy master, Zeng Tajiang, is a middle-stage Eternal expert. Moreover, Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s reach far surpassed that of our Striking Order Chamber of Commerce.”

Ning Cheng nodded and asked Suo Zihui, “What are the main starry sky treasures in this auction?”

Suo Zihui bowed and replied. “A few Spirit Artefacts, Brahmic Ocean Deep Silk, Single Essence Heavy Water, Starry Sky Radish Grass, Repairing Heaven Beginning Essence Pill….”

Ning Cheng had only asked casually, but Suo Zihui’s words truly surprised him. He had never heard of so many good things appearing in one auction. Could this still be called an auction? As for the Single Essence Heavy Water, Ning Cheng already had an inkling about its origin. Most likely, it came from Devil Domain’s Qiao Jierui, who got it from the Ancient Shadow Temple. Ning Cheng, however, never expected that Qiao Jierui would choose to auction it.

But what shocked him, even more, was the Starry Sky Radish Grass. The one item he desperately needed right now. If he didn’t go to this auction, he would have to watch this opportunity slip away.

Not only was Ning Cheng shocked, but even Ai Di also stood on the side in shock. He had only invited Suo Zihui because he and Yi Cang were good friends. Ai Di never even asked Suo Zihui about the highlights of the auction. Just like Ning Cheng’s thought thoughts, he also didn’t think of this as an ordinary auction. If it were a regular auction, it would never have so many precious treasures. If he had known that this auction had so many good things, he would have thought about it more.

Even Duan Gantai, who had seen too many treasures, felt moved. He clenched his fists and secretly vowed to go to the Devil Domain Grand Starry Sky to participate in this auction. Starry Sky Radish Grass, wasn’t it the one thing he desperately needed?

“I want to go to the Ash Pagoda Auction. But I don’t know if I can get an invitation?” Ning Cheng asked with cupped fists.

Suo Zihui quickly spoke up, “It would be an honour for our Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce if Senior comes to our auction. If it weren’t for Senior’s enquiry, this junior would never dare to reveal the treasures in this auction. It’s just that this junior has limited power, and I have already distributed the invitations I received. I do have a few more admission jade cards, but they are the most ordinary ones. If Senior wishes, once this junior reaches Devil Domain Grand Starry Sky, we will send you our best invitation.”

Ning Cheng waved his hand. “No need. Just give me the normal entry jade card.”

He no longer needed to keep his strength hidden. Even if he kept his power hidden for now, once he started bidding on those treasures, people would eventually figure it out.

Suo Zihui immediately took out an ordinary jade card and with both hands presented it to Ning Cheng. “This is the ordinary jade card for entering the auction. Please accept it, Senior.”

Ning Cheng put away the jade card and said, “Many thanks, Fairy Zihui. If you need any help in Culmination Grand Starry Sky, you can come directly to my Jiangzhou Star and ask for me, Ning Cheng.”

“Many thanks, Sect Master Ning.” Suo Zihui bowed in surprise. She didn’t expect Ning Cheng to speak with such politeness. Especially since she only took out a standard entrance jade card.

Moreover, although Ning Cheng did not state it explicitly, Ning Cheng’s words also guaranteed an unobstructed journey for her within Culmination Grand Starry Sky. Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain had Senior Ai Di, while everywhere else had Ning Cheng. In this case, who would ever dare to show any rudeness to her? Besides, she could also use this opportunity to get close to Sect Master Ning.

Duan Gantai smiled and stepped forward. “I’m also very interested in your auction. I wonder if I can also get a jade card?”

Suo Zihui had seen Duan Gantai and Ning Cheng standing together. Moreover, recalling how he slapped an early-stage Life and Death cultivator to death, she naturally did not dare to say no. She quickly sent a jade card to Duan Gantai.

Suo Zihui had come here on the invitation of Ai Di. But since he accepted Suo Zihui’s entry jade card, Ning Cheng’s attitude towards Ai Di also eased out a bit. “Brother Ai, you can go back and tell Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor about Striking Order Starry Sky. Please tell him that Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain no longer needs to worry about it from now on.”

Ning Cheng didn’t directly mention that Striking Order Starry Sky would cut ties with Culmination Grand Starry Sky. But his words indirectly implied it. That is, there is nothing for Chuan Xinlou in this place, so don’t dare to come here in the future.

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