Chapter 0787

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Chapter 0787: After the auction

When Ning Cheng’s Accordance Heavenly Pills came up for sale, he already had decided to give up on the Radish Grass. He could sense Duan Gantai’s determination. So, he understood that if he decided to bid for the Radish Grass, it would result in an all-out wealth battle with Duan Gantai. Ning Cheng had an inkling feeling that his wealth couldn’t match up to Duan Gantai. Moreover, Duan Gantai might even use spirit veins like a brain-dead person to stop him from obtaining the Radish Grass. Besides him, no one, even someone with brain damage, would use spirit veins to bid for a Starry Sky Radish Grass.

After looking at the quote, Ning Cheng simply gave up on forcing Duan Gantai to use up some star veins. Besides, he already made plans to extract Duan Gantai’s star veins, so how could he let Duan Gantai spend it on this auction?

Duan Gantai had just received the Radish Grass when Ning Cheng’s voice rang in his ears. “Congratulations to Brother Duan for winning the Starry Sky Radish Grass. You know, I had to force myself not to put in a bid so that Brother Duan wouldn’t need to spend too many Permanent Essence Pills.”

Duan Gantai also replied with the same playful voice, “Ah, so Brother Ning also has a good side. But Brother Ning, you shouldn’t have done it.”

“Brother Duan, do you know who put up that previous batch of top-quality Accordance Heavenly Pills? Do you know who refined it?” Ning Cheng didn’t care about Duan Gantai’s sarcasm and continued talking.

As soon as he heard Ning Cheng’s words, Duan Gantai understood Ning Cheng’s meaning. He sneered and said, “Brother Ning, don’t tell me you made them and that you want to help me refine the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill?”

Ning Cheng showed a smile, “Brother Duan, you sure know how I think. Yes, I truly refined those Accordance Heavenly Pills. Since I can refine top-quality Accordance Heavenly Pills, then I naturally am a Starry Sky Grade 9 Pill Emperor. Brother Duan, you purchased the Radish Grass. But if no one helped you in refining it, even if you obtained a dozen more Radish Grasses, it wouldn’t be of any use. Brother Duan, you didn’t think that you could readily find Pill Emperors capable of refining Starry Sky Grade 9 Pills everywhere, did you? If Brother Duan truly thinks that, then I won’t say anything more about it.”

Duan Gantai replied with a cold tone, “No wonder Brother Ning did not want to compete and instead took out those Accordance Heavenly Pills. Brother Ning, you truly made some good calculations. But as to whether I invite Brother Ning to refine the pills, that purely depends on my mood.”

Duan Gantai naturally didn’t want to call upon Ning Cheng to refine those pills. He knew that as long as he invited Ning Cheng for the refinement, even if the refining failed, he could not put Ning Cheng at fault. In case the refining succeeded, then Ning Cheng would also stake a claim on the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. However, he also understood that Ning Cheng spoke the truth.

Ning Cheng didn’t continue persuading Duan Gantai. He believed that Duan Gantai would come to him sooner or later, as long as he wanted the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. As for seeking out Cang Caihe the only other person who could refine this pill, hehe, that person was also part of his Mysterious Yellow Sect.

The auction continued, but Duan Gantai quickly realised that he had become a fierce character in the eyes of everyone in the venue, which allowed him to place bids smoothly. During the past few days, he bought almost everything he bid for on the first quote.

After seeing Duan Gantai’s ferocity in the previous offers, no one felt willing enough to stand up and fight the price against Duan Gantai. Everyone realised that when it came to wealth, this cultivator sitting in the lobby seemed to be the richest out of everyone.

Ning Cheng also bid on a few items, buying all the auxiliary spirit grasses needed for refining the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. He also placed a few bids on some good-quality artefact crafting materials.

Whether Duan Gantai came to him or not, he still needed the Radish Grass to refine the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. However, that didn’t mean that he could forget about the auxiliary spirit grasses required to refine the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill.

As for leaving the auction venue early, Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it. Such an auction wouldn’t happen again for a long time. Moreover, he wasn’t short on time either, so why should he rush out? Besides, he still hasn’t received an answer from Duan Gantai.

Halfway through the auction, everyone seated in the auction venue got to know about the two rich fellows in the hall. If these two competed for treasures, no matter how many Permanent Essence Pills it costed, no one else would place any bids.

On the last day of the auction, Ning Cheng finally got tired and felt as if nothing worthwhile would show up. However, just when decided to leave, Shui Wuchang raised a wooden box.

When this wooden box came out, Ning Cheng felt the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan tremble. The next moment, the tremor turned into excitement.

“Everyone, this box contained a Wood Origin Crystal. I believe any wood-attributed, or even cultivators who practice alchemy, wouldn’t let go of this Wood Origin Crystal. Everyone here knows that among the five elemental origin crystals, the most difficult to find in the Wood Origin Crystal. Even if one tried to use a hundred Earth Origin Crystals, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be enough to buy even a single Wood Origin Crystal. This Wood Origin Crystal has a base price of 500,000 Permanent Essence Pills, with each price increase not less than 10,000 Permanent Essence Pills…”

Shui Wuchang had exaggerated a bit with the introduction. But despite this, as soon as her words ended, many cultivators went wild and started shooting up the price.

Ning Cheng understood from the message transmitted by Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan that if it swallowed the Wood Origin Crystal, it would advance by another level.

Ning Cheng rarely relied on the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan during battles. But he understood that if it advanced by another level, it would bring him better benefits. Besides, Ning Cheng had started to value the Underworld Ghost Crow Rattan a little more after the experience within the Eternal Night Domain’s Petrification Wood Forest. If not for the Underworld Ghost Crow Rattan’s help at that time, he simply couldn’t have escaped that forest that easily.

From the message, Ning Cheng also understood that if it advanced by a level, it would end up reaching the level of Starry Sky Grade 7 Demonic Beast. A strength level equivalent to a Heaven Seated powerhouse. It was one thing if Ning Cheng didn’t have the money, but he had the capital now to compete for it. Rather, he had more than enough to fight for it.

But before Ning Cheng even put in his first quote, the price had already risen to 1.6 million Permanent Essence Pills. Seeing this price, Ning Cheng put in a quote of 3 million Permanent Essence Pills. When this price came out, the screen paused for a moment. But this pause remained only for a moment when the screen refreshed again with a new quote of 3.1 million Permanent Essence Pills.

The new quote came from Booth 10. Seeing that, many cultivators started to speculate if Ning Cheng would start another conflict as he did with the fellow from Booth 19. They also wanted to see if Booth 10 would use the same method as the cultivator from Booth 19 to suppress Ning Cheng.

“Four million Permanent Essence Pills.” Ning Cheng updated his quote again without hesitation. The last things he lacked right now were star veins and Permanent Essence Pills.

“This friend from Row 39 Seat 137 bids four million Permanent Essence Pills. Does anyone here want to offer something higher?” As Shui Wuchang voiced the price on the screen, everyone immediately turned their attention to Booth 10. They all wanted to know if Booth 10 would turn angry with the cultivator in the hall trying to snatch away the Wood Origin Crystal.

What disappointed most of the cultivators was that Booth 10 didn’t stand up and negotiate with Ning Cheng. So, in the end, the Wood Origin Crystal went to Ning Cheng without any other offers.

Wood Origin Crystals had a much higher value compared to other origin crystals; it remained an undisputed fact. But Ning Cheng purchasing one for four million Permanent Essence Pills, it far exceeded the cost of a Wood Origin Crystal. In actuality, a Wood Origin Crystal had a value of one to two million Permanent Essence Pills at most. Therefore, this price caused everyone in the auction venue to sigh. They all envied the person who could spend this many Permanent Essence Pills.

Ning Cheng didn’t bid on any of the other items, apart from the last thing, which turned out to be a decent flame. Just like before, many cultivators went crazy for this flame. However, Ning Cheng purposefully didn’t bid after putting a quote once, letting someone else buy it.

The flame, although good, wasn’t something he must get his hands on. Besides, if he bid and won everything, it would also mean offending too many people.

In the end, the cultivator seated in Booth 3 bought the flame, which also marked the end of Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s mega auction. Many cultivators started leaving the auction venue, and Ning Cheng also stood up. However, he didn’t go out but went to the collection chamber next to the auction stage. All the cultivators had already sent in their payments. Therefore, he had to go to this chamber to collect his auction earnings.

Duan Gantai didn’t go out immediately. Only after seeing Ning Cheng stand up and enter the collection chamber, did he stand up and started walking towards Booth 7.


Although the auction had ended, the cultivators outside on the public square in front of Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce had not thinned out. These cultivators remained in wait for Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai. Many within the crowd came here with the intent to spectate. They wanted to see the clash between those two and the force behind the cultivator in Booth 19.

Ning Cheng, unaware, walked out of the auction hall with great satisfaction. He truly hadn’t lost out by attending this auction. He not only obtained many of the things he wanted but also got a low-rank long spear-type Spirit Artefact.

Moreover, the number of star veins, Permanent Essence Pills and Perpetual Moon Pills on him had also increased significantly instead of decreasing.

Currently, he owned 30 Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins, 20 million Permanent Essence Pills and nearly 1.2 billion Perpetual Moon Pills. Plus, the other things he bought during the auction. If not for that, he would have more.

“They’re out.” As soon as Ning Cheng came out, the cultivators immediately spotted him.

In just a glance, Ning Cheng recognised the Life and Death male cultivator from Booth 19. Beside this Life and Death male cultivator, he also saw two Eternal experts. One of them at the late-stage Eternal Realm, and the other at early-stage Eternal Realm. No wonder this fellow had so much arrogance and even dared to pit against his spirit vein at the auction. Most likely, those two Eternal cultivators were his backers.

Ning Cheng also wondered why he didn’t see Duan Gantai around. He didn’t believe that the cultivator from Booth 19 would let Duan Gantai leave.

He had pocketed five million Permanent Essence Pills when Booth 19 tried to pit against him. But Duan Gantai had slapped that fellow in full public display. It stood to reason that Duan Gantai and this fellow shared a much more deep-seated hatred.

As Ning Cheng thought about it, his spiritual consciousness caught Duan Gantai coming out of the auction venue. Seeing that Duan Gantai had come out later than him, Ning Cheng instantly realised Duan Gantai’s intentions. As he mulled over it, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. This fellow truly wanted him to walk into a hole. No matter the craftiness, you can’t use the Perpetual Moon Time Keys now.

“It’s those two. One forcibly took five million Permanent Essence Pills from me, and the other attacked me at the auction.” The Life and Death cultivator from Booth 19, on seeing Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai coming out of the auction venue, immediately called out.

At this moment, all the onlooking cultivators stepped aside unconsciously. In just a short while, the public square in front of Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce turned empty, except for Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai.

“This one is Spirit Devil Island’s Second Island Master Zong An. This one here is my third brother, Spirit Devil Island’s Third Island Master, Shuqiu Hongwen. You two don’t look like ordinary people, so why did you move against my Spirit Devil Island’s disciple Chu Xingshan at the auction? If you think that you can bully us thinking that the Spirit Devil Island is just a non-entity, then today we might just wash this place with your blood.” The person speaking was the late-stage Eternal cultivator wearing blown robes. His face looked quite ordinary, but devoid of any joys or sorrows.

Ning Cheng didn’t even know the location of this Spirit Devil Island, or if it was even a significant power. But since this fellow dared to say such words to him, it showed that this force commanded a certain level of prestige in Devil Domain. Listening to this fellow’s tone, he also understood that this Spirit Devil Island usually acted in arrogance. The only reason why they hadn’t started with them as soon as they came out should be because of his and Duan Gantai’s calm expressions. Expressions that showed that they didn’t care about the two Eternal powerhouses. Meaning, they couldn’t act until they ascertained his and Duan Gantai’s background.

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