Chapter 0788

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Chapter 0788: One Punch

Seeing Ning Cheng not speaking, Duan Gantai spoke up, “Brother Ning, do you want to fight or leave? If you want to fight, then I pick Shuqiu Hongwen. If you don’t want to fight, then I’ll leave.”

Ning Cheng understood Duan Gantai’s intent. If he didn’t start, this fellow would leave immediately. Don’t look at the two Island Masters from Spirit Devil Island standing right in front of them. They still would find it impossible to catch Duan Gantai.

“Is Spirit Devil Island famous? I’ve never even heard of it. Stop talking nonsense about your Spirit Devil Island here. Fight if you want to fight; otherwise, I don’t have time to waste talking with you.” Ning Cheng spoke up with an impatient tone. He can’t let Duan Gantai leave just yet. If Duan Gantai left, what about his Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill? What about his star veins?

If the other party had spoken with a reasonable tone, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have replied with such words. But these two Island Masters kept pushing the notion of their Spirit Devil Island being a great place. They even tried to use an aggressive posture in front of him. No wonder they produced a disciple like that Chu Xingshan. And what about spilling blood? Ning Cheng hated such hypocritical people, who used their backgrounds to make threats.

He didn’t believe that these two Island Masters didn’t know about Chu Xingshan’s personality. Since they knew about his behaviour and also used aggressive tactics and pressure, then they didn’t care about things like face and respect. In other words, these people openly bullied others.

Zong An’s expressions suddenly changed when he heard Ning Cheng’s words. He could say such disdaining words to Ning Cheng in front of so many people. But for Ning Cheng to dismiss his Spirit Devil Island in front of so many people, it reversed the situation entirely.

Not waiting for Zong An, Shuqiu Hongwen standing behind him snorted, “Looking for death….”

The same moment he spoke up, he rushed towards Ning Cheng. Raising his hands, he then shot out several shadows towards Ning Cheng.

Of the people standing next to the public square, no one could perceive Shuqiu Hongwen’s actions at all. They only felt an overwhelming killing intent bearing down on them. This level of killing intent made people unconsciously want to step back. If they got caught up in it, even accidentally, a murderous vortex of killing intent would sweep them away and rend them apart into oblivion.

Almost everyone here knew about the power of the Spirit Devil Island. Therefore, seeing the Third Island Master personally take action, everyone decided to stay quiet. Some cultivators, not accustomed to Spirit Devil Island’s overwhelming display of force, sighed in their hearts. They had initially expected that the Island Masters would first try to deal with the cultivator who slapped Chu Xingshan. That way, they could still enjoy a pretty high-level fight. After all, this person had forced Chu Xingshan, a late-stage Life and Death cultivator, into such a sorry state with just a slap. It indicated that he most likely was in the Eternal Realm.

Shuqiu Hongwen decided to deal with Ning Cheng first, who people didn’t even think would manage to put up a decent fight. From the audience’s point of view, Ning Cheng had only reached the peak of Heaven Seated Realm. Therefore, facing an Eternal cultivator’s head-on attack would only result in death.

As the violent killing intent swept over, Ning Cheng didn’t even move and let the murderous killing intent cover him up entirely.

Seeing his killing intent cover-up Ning Cheng, Shuqiu Hongwen’s mouth showed a hint of sarcasm. Sure enough, it was just a Heaven Seated larva, lacking any ability to resist.

One after another, black-coloured blade shadows filled up and blocked off all escape routes around Ning Cheng. It looked as if these seemingly endless black blades would tear apart Ning Cheng, turning him into a pool of blood on the public square.

Or rather, in Shuqiu Hongwen’s eyes, Ning Cheng had already turned into a pool of blood. Trapped under his violent killing intent, reinforced by his Domain, and blocked off by his Psychokinetic Devil Blade, nobody can manage to come out alive.

Ning Cheng’s heart had already started to surge with murderous intentions. This Third Island Master wanted to tear him to pieces. This bastard didn’t even try clearing up the matter before exerting his might.

How could Ning Cheng remain polite in the face of such people? The next moment, his domain erupted at full power, fused with the power of the Celestial River Flame. Ning Cheng even integrated his powerful celestial essence and spiritual consciousness into it. It allowed his domain to tear apart the murderous domain enveloping him in just a blink of an eye.

Shuqiu Hongwen, although an early-stage Eternal cultivator, couldn’t even put up half-a-bit of resistance in the face of Ning Cheng’s domain.

“Hiss Hiss…” Shuqiu Hongwen’s expressions changed significantly.

He had already taken killing Ning Cheng as something granted. Moreover, he had even used his trump card. But despite that, he could see and sense Ning Cheng’s domain utterly crushing his domain. Furthermore, he couldn’t even put up a shred of resistance.

The black blade shadows that had sealed off Ning Cheng’s escape routes also disintegrated in the next moment. They couldn’t even touch Ning Cheng’s body at all. No, this fellow was most likely a late-stage Eternal powerhouse.

Shuqiu Hongwen had just thought of this when he decided to escape. However, it might have been easy for him to rush up, but it wouldn’t be easy for him to leave.

The space around him seemed to stagnate, and even his breathing became difficult. Before he could scream, a huge fist slammed into his chest. He couldn’t even must up half-a-point of resistance, and could only watch the incoming fist strike his chest.

At this moment, he felt deeply regretful. He hated the fact that he acted out in pure arrogance. He should have first taken out an attack weapon, or at least a defensive weapon, and then take action against Ning Cheng. But would taking out a weapon even work against someone like Ning Cheng?

The moment Ning Cheng’s fist slammed into his chest, endless spear intent came pouring in and raged through his meridians. At the same time, he also heard Ning Cheng’s words. ‘Even if I let you bombard me, you can’t hurt even half of my hair.’

Ning Cheng’s truly wasn’t bragging. His Starry Sky Body’s strength had already reached the peak of middle-level. Therefore, even if Shuqiu Hongwen had caught him unprepared, it would have only injured him a little, and that was the best-case scenario. If he prepared beforehand, then even under constant attacks, he wouldn’t receive even the slightest injury. So, saying that Shuqiu Hongwen couldn’t even hurt half a hair, it was the truth.

“Bang….” Shuqiu Hongwen spat out several blood arrows, and his body shot out like a meteor punching through the sky.

In the distance, Zong An’s expressions changed significantly and immediately moved forward to grab and slow Shuqiu Hongwen. At the same time, he realised that his Spirit Devil Island was in big trouble this time.

“Hurry up, call Elder Brother….” Shuqiu Hongwen kept coughing blood in Zong An’s arms, but he still managed to convey a few things to him during the gaps.

Chu Xingshan, who stood in the middle of the public square, turned sluggish. He did not expect Ning Cheng to be so overpowering, even stronger than Duan Gantai.

“Boom….” Only then did the explosion from celestial essence spread out, dispersing towards the public square in all directions. The residual force felt like a hammer blow to the chests for the spectating cultivators.

The Third Island Master of Spirit Devil Island got blown away by a single punch. At this moment, every gaze directed at Ning Cheng had changed. A cultivator at the early-stage Eternal Realm had almost died in a single blow. Within the entire Devil Domain Grand Starry Sky, most likely only Qiao Jierui could do such a thing. Who was this person? Why hadn’t they heard about him till now?

Duan Gantai took a few steps forward and walked towards Chu Xingwen before slapping him once again. Chu Xingshan had already gone into shock on seeing Ning Cheng’s strength. But as a late-stage Life and Death powerhouse, he managed to return to senses the moment Duan Gantai started. However, by that time, he found that a powerful force bound everything in his surroundings.

He couldn’t escape anywhere and could only watch Duan Gantai’s slap connect to his face once again.

“Just an ant, yet still daring to call people to block me.” After Duan Gantai’s slap took out a sizable portion of Chu Xingwen’s teeth, he then kicked away Chu Xingwen.

Zong An, who just managed to catch Shuqiu Hongwen, also managed to stop Chu Xingshan’s fall.

“Sect Master Ning truly is a powerhouse, coming to my Devil Domain from Culmination to show off.” As these words ended, a Daoist shadow suddenly appeared in the middle of the public square in front of Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce.

“Heavenly Emperor Jierui!”


As soon as this person appeared, all noise over the public square disappeared instantly. From this, one could see the status and prestige enjoyed by this person among the people here.

Ning Cheng and Qiao Jierui never had a cordial relationship anyway. Moreover, this was the Devil Domain, which meant that Qiao Jierui wouldn’t show up here to help him, Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng replied in a calm voice, “So what Brother Qiao means is that I should have complied?”

Qiao Jierui glanced at Zong An and said with a flat tone, “Sect Master Ning is only a guest here. Yet, Sect Master Ning started a fight with the Third Island Master of Spirit Devil Island the moment he arrived. Isn’t this a matter of a guest bullying the master? At least, I Qiao Jierui can’t sit by idly on seeing this, can I?”

Ning Cheng chuckled, “Heavenly Emperor Jierui sure looks like in high-spirits. If a dog bit your left leg, would you also let it bit your right leg? Did you think that it’s something that I, Ning Cheng, would do? You might do it, but for me, if some dog tried to bite me, I naturally would slap it away.”

“Yes, yes, Brother Ning said it right. When that dog tried to bite me, I didn’t see the owner come out and say we’re just guests. But now that I’ve beaten the dog, the master comes out right away.” Duan Gantai, on seeing Ning Cheng and Qiao Jierui in conflict with each other, immediately added oil to the fire.

Qiao Jierui’s complexion darkened, and the killing intent oozing from his body grew thicker.

But before he could even speak, another voice sounded out, “Seeing Brother Ning here, definitely is a lucky omen for this little sister.”

“Ah, Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix. It’s indeed a happy event to see Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix in this big man’s territory.” Ning Cheng laughed and also taunted Qiao Jierui. Qiao Jierui, don’t think of yourself as someone famous, I don’t even fear Chuan Xinlou, so how could I fear someone like you, Qiao Jierui?

Qiao Jierui’s expressions turned sombre, making him look even more ugly. Although he didn’t know that Ning Cheng’s current cultivation had grown much higher than before, he knew that Ning Cheng wasn’t someone polite with his words. Moreover, he would never fear him just because he was in the Devil Domain. This person had snatched away and carved a territory for himself within Culmination Grand Starry Sky independent of the grand starry sky. Yet, Chuan Xinlou didn’t even dare to speak up. This fact alone spoke volumes of this person’s strength.

He couldn’t make a move against Ning Cheng, but Qiao Jierui would kill Duan Gantai no matter what. How could he let an unknown Life and Death ant ridicule him in front of everyone?

At this moment, two more Daoist shadows appeared on the public square.

Both were at the late-stage Eternal Realm, with almost solid celestial essence. With Ning Cheng’s current cultivation, he could tell that these two people were even more powerful than Spiritual Heaven Sect’s Chen Xingwen.

“Haha, Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s Yi Cang greets Sect Master Ning. Sect Master Ning travelled a long way to reach our home. I hope Sect Master Ning can forgive our Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s sin of poor reception.” The man on the left spoke enthusiastically to Ning Cheng with cupped fists. However, he had a tall stature and looked extremely strong with an overly muscular frame, giving him a somewhat menacing appearance.

Ning Cheng casually returned some polite words. In any case, he felt pretty impressed with Yi Cang. He truly didn’t look like the person who would create such weird rules for the auction.

Yi Cang also didn’t care about Ning Cheng’s attitude, but turned to Duan Gantai and spoke up with cupped fists, “This must be Brother Duan from Butterfly Mountain, right? My Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce truly was too slow this time, so this Yi Cang specially came here to apologise to Brother Duan.”

Ning Cheng had heard in the past that Duan Gantai came from Butterfly Mountain. But he didn’t know anything about this Butterfly Mountain. Looking at Yi Cang’s attitude now, it seems like this Butterfly Mountain had quite some fame. Otherwise, how could a late-stage Eternal cultivator like Yi Cang address someone in the Life and Death Realm as ‘Brother’?

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