Chapter 0789

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Chapter 0789: True or False

Hearing that Duan Gantai came from Butterfly Mountain, Qiao Jierui immediately felt surprised. He even forcibly hid his desire to kill him.

As to the man next to Yi Cang, he was a tall, handsome-looking man with a Confucian scarf on his head. He was the First Island Master Chu Angxiong of Spirit Devil Island.

Chu Angxiong had just come out when he turned furious on seeing Shuqiu Hongwen taking a beating in full public view. Even his son, Chu Xingshan, suffered a defeat like a pig on a cattle ranch.

But when he realised the identities of the two people and what had happened, he forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart. Instead, he turned to Duan Gantai and cupped his fists before speaking up with a warm smile. “Spirit Devil Island’s Chu Angxiong greets this friend. My Spirit Devil Island’s Chu Xingshan inconvenienced this friend at the auction. For this I, Chu Angxiong, personally want to apologise.”

Chu Angxiong and Yi Cang came together, so Yi Cang had already explained to him what had happened at the auction venue. But despite the politeness in his tone, he felt quite unhappy with Ash Pagoda’s way in handling things at the auction. How could a few simple statements erase the humiliation his son had to face in the auction venue?

But then he saw Qiao Jierui and Yi Jiufeng’s attitude towards Ning Cheng. Moreover, after Yi Cang mentioning that Duan Gantai came from Butterfly Mountain, how could he not understand the situation?

No wonder the Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce didn’t even try stopping them. Both of them had a significant background.

But Chu Angxiong had guessed a few things wrong. Yi Cang initially didn’t know Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai’s identity during the auction. Only after that incident in the auction venue did Yi Cang investigate their backgrounds.

“Butterfly Mountain wouldn’t care about this incident, nor would they come forward for me. You don’t have to worry.” Duan Gantai finished and turned around to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, this little brother will wait for you at Sandy Street Rest Stop.”

After saying that, Duan Gantai immediately turned around and disappeared into the crowd in a short while.

“Sect Master Ning, it was our Spirit Devil Island who’s in the wrong this time. As the First Island Master of Spirit Devil Island, I will take full responsibility for it.” Chu Angxiong had an extremely stubborn personality. Moreover, when did people from his Spirit Devil Island apologise to anyone? But he had no choice but to apologise to both of them. Otherwise, let alone an apology, he would never give a damn about that little ant in Life and Death Realm.

Spirit Heaven Grand Starry Sky’s Yi Jiufeng addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Brother Ning’ while even Qiao Jierui showed restraint in facing Ning Cheng. He knew that no matter the strength of his Spirit Devil Island, it could never reach a level anywhere close to these two people. What other choice did he have in such a situation?

Ning Cheng had already noticed the suppressed killing intent in Chu Angxiong’s tone. But he didn’t care and still spoke with an indifferent tone. “No need for an apology. If the First Island Master thinks that the matter is over, then let’s forget it. If not, then I live on Mysterious Yellow Celestial River’s Jiangzhou Star.”

Ning Cheng then greeted Yi Jiufeng and quickly left to find Duan Gantai. He had still not accomplished the primary purpose of coming to this place. Duan Gantai had taken away the Starry Sky Radish Grass, so how could Ning Cheng let it go? As for Spirit Devil Island, he didn’t care about any of them. If the people of Spirit Devil Island dared to come to his Jiangzhou Star, then he wouldn’t mind paying a visit to Spirit Devil Island.

Qiao Jierui looked at Ning Cheng’s disappearing figure, but his face still looked ugly. Even if he wanted to fight against Ning Cheng, he couldn’t do it here. However, Ning Cheng dared to leave the Jiangzhou Star alone and came to the Devil Domain. Was he tired of living? Or did he come here with Yi Jiufeng?


Sandy Street Rest Stop was of a much higher grade compared to Ning Cheng’s current rest stop. When Ning Cheng arrived, he saw Duan Gantai already waiting for him.

“I knew Brother Ning would be here on time. Otherwise, I would have already left Devil Domain a long time ago.” Duan Gantai said with a smile.

Ning Cheng casually activated the room’s restriction before sitting down. “Brother Duan, if you agree, I can start on refining the pill immediately. If you don’t agree, I will leave immediately. Let’s not talk any nonsense anymore.”

Duan Gantai laughed and said with a casual tone. “I naturally agree with Brother Ning starting on refining the pill immediately. But how good is Brother Ning? How many pills can you refine? How will we distribute it?”

Ning Cheng didn’t answer Duan Gantai’s questions directly. Instead, he said, “Refining the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill requires seven main spirit grasses and about a hundred auxiliary ingredients. So, before we talk about distributing the finished pills, I’d like to ask Brother Duan, how many auxiliary starry sky spirit grasses do you have? If we don’t have enough, then Brother Duan might have to wait for the pills.”

From Duan Gantai’s tone, Ning Cheng understood that he looked down on his alchemy.

“It doesn’t matter how many ingredients the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill requires. I’m sure we can find them without much effort. But my Starry Sky Radish Grass isn’t something easy to find. If Brother Ning’s refinement fails, you won’t lose too much, but I, on the other hand, would suffer a major loss.” Duan Gantai knew it full well that if Ning Cheng had obtained the Starry Sky Radish Grass, he would never come to find him for cooperation.

Moreover, from the beginning to the end, he did not plan on cooperating with Ning Cheng. As for looking at Ning Cheng to help him in refining pills, he wouldn’t do it even if he turned into an idiot. On the other hand, Ning Cheng had no other choice but to help him in refining those pills, even if it meant suffering humiliation. He waited for Ning Cheng to come here because of the Temple of Time, not for the medicinal pill.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a short while before speaking, “Brother Duan, it isn’t the first time we have cooperated. I believe in Brother Duan, but if Brother Duan doesn’t believe me, let’s make another deal.”

Duan Gantai waved his hand, “Brother Ning, let’s not talk about deals. I know that you have high attainments in Alchemy, and I also know that you used those Accordance Heavenly Pills to get my attention. It might disappoint Brother Ning, but I have to think long and hard about refining those pills. So let’s leave that for now and discuss how to go into the Temple of Time.”

Ning Cheng’s expressions turned a little hard to look at, and he remained silent for a minute or two before speaking. “If Brother Duan fears that I would waste the Starry Sky Radish Grass, I can put down some star veins as collateral for Brother Duan.”

Hearing Ning Cheng mention giving some star veins to him, Duan Gantai felt moved and immediately replied. “Even if you pressure me with some star veins, how can I let materialistic things come between Brother Ning and my friendship? Besides, Star veins are an essential cultivation resource. I can’t just let Brother Ning give it to me. Maybe……”

Duan Gantai hesitated before saying. “If Brother Ning can take out and put the Perpetual Moon Time Key in my care, I can agree to let Brother Ning refine pills.”

Ning Cheng sneered internally. When he sent the second Perpetual Moon Time Key, he already prepared for the possibility of Duan Gantai raising this matter. The only accident was that someone else ended up purchasing the second Perpetual Moon Time Key. But this accident also made it easier for Ning Cheng to implement his plan. Otherwise, with Duan Gantai’s cunningness, if he agreed to place the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys on Duan Gantai, Duan Gantai would immediately grow suspicious.

With everything that just transpired, he truly didn’t plan all of it in vain. This fellow finally came forward with this proposal.

In truth, Duan Gantai didn’t expect Ning Cheng to agree to it. He believed that Ning Cheng’s shrewd personality wouldn’t allow him to agree to this deal. It’s just that he and Ning Cheng had another partnership, which he used as an excuse to push it off.

But Duan Gantai didn’t expect that after he made the request, Ning Cheng would sit there in silent contemplation. Was this a trick? Ning Cheng hadn’t turned into an idiot, did he?

Duan Gantai couldn’t truly confirm his suspicions. But he also understood that people would have a hard time refusing Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. Duan Gantai suppressed his surprise and spoke with a casual voice. “It wouldn’t make much sense whether the Perpetual Moon Time Key was on me or not. After all, someone else purchased the second Perpetual Moon Time Key, and now I don’t even know who bought it. I’m afraid I would have to bother Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce’s Lord Yi Cang for it.”

Seemingly touched by Duan Gantai’s sentence, Ning Cheng slapped the table and said, “Brother Duan, I have always believed in you. It’s just that the Perpetual Moon Time Key is a big deal. I can agree to let Brother Duan guard it, but Brother Duan must promise me two conditions.”

Duan Gantai pretended to frown, “What conditions?”

“First, Brother Duan’s Transfer Jade Talisman to enter the Temple of Time, you must give it to me. I don’t need to explain to Brother Duan about the why. I know that even if I put this Perpetual Moon Time Key on Brother Duan, Brother Duan would only have two keys. But you must already know that the Temple of Time is my biggest expectation. Putting the Perpetual Moon Time Key and the Transfer Jade Talisman on Brother Duan, I dare not take such a risk.”

When Ning Cheng spoke about the first condition, Duan Gantai’s excited heart almost jumped out of his chest. Ning Cheng, ah Ning Cheng, you’re going to have to drink my foot wash for the second time today. You don’t know that I already obtained the second key, do you? If you knew about it, I’m afraid you would have never proposed such a condition. As for the talisman to enter the Time Wilderness, who told you that I only have one? Wasn’t it me who told you about it? Did you truly believe my words?

How could he, Duan Gantai, let the second Perpetual Moon Time Key fall into the hands of someone he didn’t know? When Ning Cheng had entered the collection area, he immediately went ahead and tracked down the owner of Booth 7. He only had to speak two sentences. First, I can give you fifteen Star Veins for your Perpetual Moon Time Key. And Second, I came from Butterfly Mountain.

With just these two sentences, he obtained the second Perpetual Moon Time Key without any extra effort.

On the surface, however, Duan Gantai nodded after hearing Ning Cheng’s words. “Brother Ning makes a justified request. Even if it were me, I’m afraid I would have made the same request.”

Ning Cheng ignored Duan Gantai’s words and continued, “Second, Brother Duan must give me 50 Star Veins.”

“Impossible.” Duan Gantai stood up as soon as he heard the other condition and even threw up his hands. Even with all three Perpetual Moon Time Keys, he would never give Ning Cheng fifty Star Veins. How many star veins did he have right now? If he gave Ning Cheng fifty, how will he cultivate after advancing to the Eternal Realm?

What did the Temple of Time contain? Even he didn’t know about it. Since he didn’t know anything about it, Duan Gantai would never take such a risk.

Seeing Ning Cheng showing intentions to leave, Duan Gantai quickly spoke up. “Brother Ning, please wait. Apart from the discussion about the Temple of Time, it’s indeed true that I can’t find any Pill Emperor to refine a Starry Sky Grade 9 Medicinal Pill. However, the conditions proposed by Brother Ning are just too harsh. What would I do if Brother Ning took my star veins and didn’t return anything to me? Of course, I do not doubt Brother Ning’s character or ability, but I’m afraid of something happening just in case.”

Ning Cheng said in a calm voice, “Actually, there is one other thing I want to add. Even if Brother Duan wants to leave, I already placed some restrictions in this room, to prevent anyone from leaving.”

Duan Gantai’s expression changed a few times. He then gritted his teeth and said, “I can put ten Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins and the Transfer Jade Talisman in Brother Ning’s hand. In exchange, Brother Ning will help me refine a furnace of medicinal pills.”

Ning Cheng laughed internally. This fellow had just a few moments ago said that he would have to consider long and hard about him refining pills. And now, he wanted to speak about conditions for refining pills.

“Ten is too few. I don’t agree. Forty Star Veins.”

“No, fifteen Star Veins at most.”


 “Twenty, that’s my bottom line…”

“Thirty, if you agree, I’ll start immediately. If you don’t agree, I’ll immediately leave. There’s no room for any more bargaining.”

“Twenty-five, if you don’t agree, then let’s forget about it.”

Ning Cheng didn’t put up another price. He simply stood up and walked to the door. He didn’t believe that Duan Gantai would give up on the Temple of Time because of five Star Veins.

Just when Ning Cheng was about to step out of the door, he heard a teeth-grinding sound before Duan Gantai spoke up, “Thirty is thirty.”

Ning Cheng felt relieved on hearing those words. He truly felt a bit worried that Duan Gantai wouldn’t stop him. If Duan Gantai didn’t stop him, he would have started doubting him if he returned.

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