Chapter 0790

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Chapter 0790: Changes in Mysterious Yellow Starland

“Deal.” Ning Cheng turned and looked at Duan Gantai with a smile.

Duan Gantai felt his heart jump at this sudden reversal and started to consider if he made a mistake. But thinking about how he would get to keep the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys, how could there be something wrong with it?

Neither of them mentioned the deal again and immediately started setting up a variety of restrictions in the room to prevent one from suddenly escaping. When the two men finished arranging the restrictions, Ning Cheng then took out the third Perpetual Moon Time Key.

Duan Gantai resisted the weird feeling in his heart and took out a ring. It contained thirty Star Veins and one Transfer Jade Talisman. Both he and Ning Cheng knew that neither of them could deceive each other with fake items at this time.

The two quickly exchanged things, and Duan Gantai finally felt some relief. Even the two involved parties, Duan Gantai and Ning Cheng, failed to notice that they made this trade because of the Starry Sky Radish Grass. But after finishing the deal, the two didn’t even discuss the distribution of Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. It’s as if the two had never even spoken about Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills, but instead did a transaction for the Perpetual Moon Time Key, which felt too weird.

It wasn’t until Duan Gantai took out the Starry Sky Radish Grass did he feel somewhat strange about the whole situation.

The two didn’t even negotiate the number of Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. Moreover, why did Ning Cheng not ask him to take out the Starry Sky Radish Grass while exchanging items? But this feeling disappeared in a flash. From Duan Gantai’s perspective, Ning Cheng most likely felt confident that his restrictions would prevent him from walking away in a short amount of time. Either that or he didn’t consider the Starry Sky Radish Grass as a rare item. After all, it didn’t have an outrageous price attached to it, only a few million Permanent Essence Pills.

“I need two Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills.” Duan Gantai said while holding the Starry Sky Radish Grass.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate this time and directly agreed. “Yes, as long as I can form the pills, I will give you two.”

Duan Gantai nodded, and only then handed the Starry Sky Radish Grass in his hand to Ning Cheng. He did not fear Ning Cheng not forming the pills. Rather, he wished that Ning Cheng would fail in pill refining. As long as Ning Cheng failed in pill refining, he would only lose a Starry Sky Radish Grass. With the Temple of Time still there for him, would he remain interested in a Starry Sky Radish Grass?

Duan Gantai remained silent, and Ning Cheng also stopped talking.

He then carefully looked at Ning Cheng skilfully taking out and activating the pill furnace, putting a bunch of spiritual grasses inside, and bringing out the Celestial River Flame. But all this caused Duan Gantai to grow even more shocked.

Ning Cheng’s level in Alchemy truly was as strong as he said. But that wasn’t even the most shocking aspect. What shocked him the most was that Ning Cheng had such a terrible flame. No wonder Ning Cheng asked him for a Void Shimmering Light Crystal, that’s because his fire had already evolved to such a level.

Ning Cheng knew that he exposed a few cards here. But since he and Duan Gantai agreed on the transaction, he already expected that he would have to reveal a few secrets. In any case, Duan Gantai would never allow him to refine the pills by himself.

Ning Cheng hadn’t refined many Starry Sky Grade 9 Medicinal Pills, mainly due to the lack of Starry Sky Grade 9 Spiritual Grass. But despite that, Ning Cheng still felt confident about refining Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. He had refined many Starry Sky Rank 8 Medicinal Pills, and a few batches of Starry Sky Grade 9 Medicinal Pills, which set a precedent for future success. Moreover, his Celestial River Flame advanced to another level. Therefore, he now had a much better chance in refining at least good-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills.

Ning Cheng then threw in one spiritual grass after another into the Traceless Pill Furnace in rapid succession. He didn’t even hesitate to throw in the Starry Sky Radish Grass.

Duan Gantai could only see Ning Cheng continually moving his hands and throwing out some impurities from time to time. However, his spiritual consciousness couldn’t sweep into Ning Cheng’s pill furnace. But it wasn’t because of the layers of shielding restrictions that Ning Cheng placed on the furnace. Even Duan Gantai knew that other spiritual consciousnesses shouldn’t sweep into the pill furnace during the pill refining process. Otherwise, it would drastically affect the formation of medicinal pills; it might even lead to failure.

Time passed by as Ning Cheng continued with the pill refining process and Duan Gantai kept waiting. After two hours, Ning Cheng’s hand movements suddenly accelerated.

At this time, even Duan Gantai, who watched from the side, felt nervous. He knew that Ning Cheng had reached the critical juncture in forming the pills. Despite the lack of proficiency in Alchemy, even he could vaguely feel that Ning Cheng’s hand movements didn’t come from any pill arts. As for why he felt this way, he couldn’t say it clearly.

After half-an-incense stick worth of time, a burst of fragrance erupted from the furnace, and Duan Gantai saw Ning Cheng raising his hand and waving it. Even with a sharp vision, Ning Cheng’s hand shielded the furnace from Duan Gantai’s eyes, preventing Duan Gantai from knowing how many pills Ning Cheng refined.

Seeing Ning Cheng put away the pill furnace and withdraw the restrictions, Duan Gantai laughed a few times. “Brother Ning, you truly have a well-deserved reputation. You can easily refine Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills at a whim.”

Ning Cheng casually flung a jade bottle towards Duan Gantai and said, “Brother Duan, the jade bottle contains two Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills as agreed.”

Duan Gantai grabbed the jade bottle and let his spiritual consciousness scan the inside. A moment later, he immediately knew that the two pills inside were two high-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills. After confirming, he quickly put away the jade bottle and smiled, “Many thanks, Brother Ning. Right…”

Duan Gantai had only said a few words when his expression suddenly changed.

Ning Cheng immediately asked, “Brother Duan, what’s the matter?”

“No, someone’s attacking my cave. My cave is my lifeblood. Brother Ning, please wait for me to return….” After Duan Gantai said those words, his body faded away and disappeared from in front of Ning Cheng’s eyes in just an instant. The movement didn’t even leave behind the slightest trace.

Moreover, the restrictions placed in the room couldn’t even stop Duan Gantai for a moment. It felt as if these restrictions were nothing more than decoration.

Ning Cheng, however, showed a cold smile as he watched Duan Gantai disappear. He hadn’t guessed it wrong. Duan Gantai indeed had a much better escape method compared to him. At the very least, he couldn’t trap Duan Gantai. It looks like he had to go back and upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds in addition to speeding up his progress to the Eternal Realm.

As for giving two Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills to Duan Gantai, Ning Cheng didn’t care about it at all. He had refined twelve Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills, six high-quality and six top-quality. Giving away two high-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills, why would he care about it?

Ning Cheng put away the things and removed the restrictions inside the room. But just when he packed up everything and was about to leave, someone touched the restriction on the door.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out and found Shui Wuchang outside.

He knew for sure that Shui Wuchang would never come to see him. It looks like Shui Wuchang and Duan Gantai weren’t as simple as they seem on the surface.

“Why are you here?” Shui Wuchang looked at Ning Cheng in amazement. She always felt that the relationship between Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai wasn’t as harmonious as it seemed on the surface. But she never expected Ning Cheng also to appear here.

“Did you come here to find Duan Gantai?” Ning Cheng looked at Shui Wuchang and spoke with a smile.

The look on Shui Wuchang’s face felt a little strange. But after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, she quickly said, “No, I came to find you. Can I come in and sit?”

Ning Cheng nodded, “Come on in; it’s not like this is my place.”

Shui Wuchang had come here dressed up on purpose, replacing her original crimson robe with a light purple figure-hugging dress. It accentuated her full chest and slender waist tied by a belt. Combined with her long hair that draped over her shoulder, it gave her a shy and gentle appearance. Plus, with a touch of feminine fragrance, it unknowingly gave people a good impression.

Ning Cheng understood enough about Shui Wuchang, and also knew enough about her background. Fortunately, this time he didn’t see the pretentious look on Shui Wuchang’s face, which made Ning Cheng a little more comfortable.

“Can you tell me what’s your relationship with Duan Gantai?” After Shui Wuchang sat down, she immediately asked about the relationship between Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai.

“You tell me first, about Duan Gantai’s origin, and the whereabouts of Butterfly Mountain?” Ning Cheng did not answer Shui Wuchang’s question and instead posed a question to Shui Wuchang.

Shui Wuchang nodded, “In truth, I already have some guesses about your relationship with Duan Gantai. But it seems that you don’t even know about Butterfly Mountain. Judging from this fact alone, when you and Duan Gantai came to my Shui Clan, he should have planned to take advantage of you too. As for Butterfly Mountain, it’s a pretty big deal. I heard that people seldom come out from that place, but whenever they come, it would result in earth-shattering events.”

It’s as if Shui Wuchang truly had come here just to say those words. After answering Ning Cheng’s question, she stood up again and started walking away. But when she reached the door, she suddenly turned back and asked. “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do you think Duan Gantai would be a good Dao Companion?”

Shui Wuchang did not take the initiative to mention the Perpetual Moon Time Key, which immediately alleviated her impression in Ning Cheng’s eyes. If this woman had spoken about the Perpetual Moon Time Key the moment she had walked in, Ning Cheng would have left without any hesitation. This woman wanted to kill him back then, so how could she dare to mention the Perpetual Moon Time Key?

But hearing Shui Wuchang ask about such a stupid thing, Ning Cheng felt a little speechless. He also guessed that something must have happened to her Shui Clan. Otherwise, Shui Wuchang would not come here. Moreover, by saying those words, it was as if she was trying to find a way out of something.

After hesitating for a little bit, Ning Cheng gave a pragmatic reply. “First thing first, Duan Gantai is not a good Dao Companion, at least not for you. Second, you won’t be able to find Duan Gantai, at least not in a short time even if you want to find him.”

Was Duan Gantai a good Dao Companion? Ning Cheng didn’t know. But he knew that Duan Gantai never paid any attention to Shui Wuchang. If Duan Gantai had paid any attention to Shui Wuchang, he would never have used Shui Wuchang. As for not finding Duan Gantai for now, that was the truth. Duan Gantai wanted to advance to the Eternal Realm and go to the Temple of Time. It would be strange if he had any free time to do anything else.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, please don’t go to the Mysterious Yellow Starland again. A teleportation vortex appeared above Mysterious Yellow Starland’s Sacred Light Mountain, and powerful outsiders have established a station there. As for the Mysterious Yellow Starland’s native cultivators, if they failed to escape in time, those outsiders would arbitrarily kill them or force them to build new cities for them.” After Shui Wuchang said those words, she quickly went out.

Ning Cheng looked at Shui Wuchang’s disappearing back and mulled over Shui Wuchang’s words. Ning Cheng naturally knew about Sacred Light Mountain, as it had a Mysterious Yellow Temple. He had almost lost his life in that Mysterious Yellow Temple, if not for the Hope-powered Jade Seal. Moreover, a commanding presence had detected his Mysterious Yellow Bead and even tried to take possession of his body.

After blasting it away, that existence had said that it would return. Was the teleportation vortex that existence’s way of returning? However, it looks like it would still take some time. But that experience thought him a valuable lesson about a body’s essence spirit.

In any case, Ning Cheng knew that he couldn’t delay things any longer. He had to reach the Eternal Realm as quickly as possible. Only by advancing to the Eternal Realm would Ning Cheng have some confidence in facing those experts. As for going to the Mysterious Yellow Starland, he anyway had to make a trip.

Thinking about it, Ning Cheng rushed out and called out to Shui Wuchang, who was about to walk out of the door. He took out a jade card and handed it to Shui Wuchang, saying, “Fairy Wuchang, many thanks for the reminder, this is my Spirit Sense Jade Card.”

Shui Wuchang took the jade card in surprise; even her eyes showed the surprise. She couldn’t understand Ning Cheng’s intent.

Ning Cheng spoke up carefully, “Fairy Wuchang, I want to ask for everything that has anything to do with Wood Origin. The most important thing for me right now is information about the Wood Origin Bead. Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce is the premier Chamber of Commerce within the four grand starry skies. Since you’re working with this Chamber of Commerce, I just want Fairy Wuchang’s help in keeping an eye on any such information. If you find information about the Wood Origin Bead or anything similar, I hope Fairy Wuchang would crush the jade card immediately to inform me. As long as you can let me know about it in advance, I promise not to mistreat you.”

Shui Wuchang’s expression calmed down again before she nodded and said, “I will help Senior Apprentice Brother Ning keep an eye on it. Please rest assured.”

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