Chapter 0795

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Chapter 0795: The Powerful Golden Light Dragon

Even without Shangguan Fei’s request, Teng Shao raised his hand and shot out a golden light at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng anyway didn’t look pleasing to his eyes. Therefore, even if Shangguan Fei hadn’t asked, he would have taught Ning Cheng a lesson. What if Ning Cheng didn’t fear Qiao Jierui? Even Qiao Jierui felt some trepidation when facing Teng Shao. It’s just that Qiao Jierui lived for tens of thousands of years longer than him; otherwise, even Qiao Jierui wouldn’t be much of a match against him.

Seeing Teng Shao taking the initiative, why would Shangguan Fei be even half a moment slower? The ten flying umbrellas over his head unleashed the killing intent; it gathered without any restraint and shot it towards Ning Cheng. The cultivators near Shangguan Fei couldn’t even put up a resistance when the killing power from those flying umbrellas blew them to pieces.

Ning Cheng passed on a spirit sense message to Ji Luofei. Ji Luofei would naturally not have any resistance against Ning Cheng’s arrangement. Therefore, the moment the shackles around her eased, Ning Cheng sent her into the True Spirit World.

Ji Luofei had just entered the True Spirit World when the golden light shot out by Teng Shao turned into a giant grey dragon with a golden back and four golden claws. The dragon roared and rushed towards Ning Cheng.

It also resulted in a majestic Dragon’s Might descending, forcing the low-levelled cultivators flat onto the ground. With the added murderous aura coming from Shangguan Fei’s ten flying umbrellas, the suppressed cultivators died on the spot.

These cultivators had all come here to catch Yan Ji. Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t have let them off, but he couldn’t take care of them even if he wanted to do it right now.

As soon as Teng Shao made his move, Ning Cheng understood that this fellow was on the same level as Qiao Jierui. Meaning, this person was an expert among experts.

“Roar…” With a heart-shaking roar, the giant dragon quickly grew to a length of almost a thousand miles in an instant. Moreover, that roar even affected one heart and soul at the same time. In just the blink of an eye, the dragon’s giant tail swept towards Ning Cheng. The tail sweep had so much power that it even distorted the surrounding space. It felt as if the giant tail could easily tear open space with just a bit more force.

Facing such a terrifying dragon, Ning Cheng felt like a lone boat out in rough seas, drifting through the fierce winds and rain. As for those cultivators caught in the path of the tail, nothing remained of them. Cultivators in the distance quickly began to escape with all their might. They understood that they couldn’t even stand and watch a battle of such intensity.

The dragon’s tail smashed through Ning Cheng’s domain heading straight towards Ning Cheng’s head.

It was also Ning Cheng’s first time meeting such a violent and powerful creature. Moreover, this dragon didn’t even have a physical form. It was only a dragon condensed by light rays. Although Ning Cheng couldn’t figure out the nature and type of light, he did feel a trace of a unique aura. At the same time, this dragon not only possessed the soul of a dragon, it even had such a soul-crushing battle-type imposing manner.

“Boom….” Ning Cheng’s long spear and the tip of the dragon’s tail banged together. Suddenly, a hundred-mile ravine blasted open just below the point of impact within Thorn Tooth Lake.

The powerful backlash even forced Ning Cheng to take a few steps back unconsciously.

The horrifying power of this dragon didn’t belong to Teng Shao, Ning Cheng understood it in an instant. No matter how powerful Teng Shao was, he could never put forth such terrifying levels of power. But it was also no wonder that this person looked down on him. Most likely, Teng Shao believed that he could easily control people’s life and death with such power.

Even Shangguan Fei didn’t expect Teng Shao to have this much power. But despite the surprise, he once again gathered the murderous aura from the flying umbrellas before using it to form an almost substantial killing intent. It immediately followed the path opened by the dragon’s tail towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and also shot out a golden light. At the same time, the long spear turned into a sunset rainbow that shot towards Shangguan Fei. He had to kill one of the two first. Although Shangguan Fei’s cultivation couldn’t compare to Teng Shao, this fellow worked together with Teng Shao, putting a lot of pressure on him.

The golden light shot out by Ning Cheng quickly surged out and expanded. In just a moment, a huge jade seal about a thousand feet wide appeared over the Thorn Tooth Lake.

Controlling the Hope-powered Jade Seal, Ning Cheng slapped it down towards the dragon who still kept roaring. The resulting explosion felt as if the entire Thorn Tooth Lake had suddenly shattered and overturned. At this point, all the cultivators within Thorn Tooth Lake, even the starry sky demonic beasts, decided to escape the area with all their might.

Staying in this place would only result in death.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Amid the raging and horrific explosions, deep ravines and pits started to appear one after another in the Thorn Tooth Lake.

But even then, Ning Cheng still felt a bit of difficulty fighting the golden light dragon. He tried his best to restrain his strength, as he didn’t want to turn the Thorn Tooth Lake into ruins. At least, not before finding Yan Ji.

“Roar….” The light dragon’s claw shadow blocked Ning Cheng’s Hope-powered Jade Seal, and once again erupted with a violent roar. It now felt as if this golden light dragon’s body had truly come into existence.

Four golden claw shadows blasted down at the same time, along with four times the previous pressure. At this moment, it felt as if the world only contained the four scaly-looking dragon claws.

All except for one place; that is, Ning Cheng’s current location. At this location, the glow from Ning Cheng’s sunset’s twilight covered everything within this piece of heaven and earth.

Shangguan Fei’s ten flying umbrellas’ murderous intent stopped right in front of Ning Cheng’s sunset’s twilight. Under Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight Spirit Technique, Shangguan Fei saw a beautiful setting sun and felt everything around him coming to a standstill.

It was the first time he experienced something like the ten flying umbrellas’ murderous intent coming to a standstill. It was also his first time to face a Laws of Time-related spirit technique.

How could the ten flying umbrellas’ murderous intent stop? Shangguan Fei hadn’t figured it out yet when he sensed an aura of death loom over him. As a middle-stage Eternal cultivator, Shangguan Fei naturally had a unique sensitivity towards death.

No, this was a Laws of Time Spirit Technique. Shangguan Fei’s soul almost left his body on realising that this was a Law of Time-related spirit technique. But by the time he realised it, he felt a chill from his forehead. Suddenly, an explosion erupted, and his essence spirit witnessed the collapse of his body.

The killing intent in Ning Cheng’s long spear then wrapped around his essence spirit. Shangguan Fei couldn’t believe it; even at the moment before his death, he couldn’t block even one move from Ning Cheng.

“Boom.” Almost at the same time Ning Cheng killed Shangguan Fei, a black iron rod came down on Ning Cheng’s long spear. It caused another massive celestial essence explosion.

After Ning Cheng killed Shangguan Fei, the Sunset’s Twilight Spirit Technique dissipated, and the killing intent within the long spear also weakened considerably. Teng Shao had chosen to act against Ning Cheng at this precise moment, which showed that he never considered saving Shangguan Fei at all. Rather, Teng Shao only cared about his interests without caring about anything else at all. He had even taken Shangguan Fei’s death into his calculations.

Ning Cheng’s long spear gave out a burst of buzzing-like noise and blasted away Teng Shao’s iron rod. However, Teng Shao’s iron rod quickly sucked away all the killing power around the two of them, at which point Ning Cheng lost his chance. The next moment, the iron rod, just like a black ray of light, slammed into Ning Cheng’s chest.

“Bang….” With a dull sound, Ning Cheng spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body flew back like a cannonball. Waves of tearing pain erupted from his chest.

“Kakaka….” At the same time, the four giant dragon claws of the golden light dragon opened up once again. The two front claws blasted away Ning Cheng’s Hope-powered Jade Seal, while Teng Shao directed the two rear claws towards Ning Cheng. All within Teng Shao’s calculations.

Ning Cheng snorted and quickly punched.

“Boom.” Celestial essence exploded once again, as Ning Cheng’s punch filled with near-infinite killing intent connected with the dragon’s golden claws. However, Ning Cheng felt like he had punched an iron plate. Moreover, his killing intent dissipated without a trace, showing that his killing intent did not affect this dragon’s giant claw.

“Bang……” The other claw of the golden light dragon swiped down at Ning Cheng’s back. A tearing pain erupted, and Ning Cheng spat out another mouthful of blood. But he also used this force to fly out of the dragon’s immediate range.

Teng Shao looked at Ning Cheng in shock and murmured, “A body-refining cultivator with a starry sky body, a starry sky body….”

If not for the starry sky body, then no matter if it was his iron rod or the dragon’s claw, each strike could have easily crushed Ning Cheng’s body to a pulp.

Ning Cheng landed on the ground and swallowed a few medicinal pills. He also felt secretly glad that he sent Ji Luofei into his True Spirit World. Teng Shao’s strength didn’t match up to Qiao Jierui; however, the gap was not too huge either. But he still hadn’t fully recovered from the fight against Qiao Jierui. Plus, he used up a lot of energy to kill Shangguan Fei to stop him from collaborating with Teng Shao. Teng Shao’s golden light dragon also had considerable strength. But despite all this, he and Teng Shao each suffered a loss during the start of this fight.

But with Shangguan Fei now gone, Ning Cheng didn’t believe that he couldn’t kill Teng Shao. As long as he took care of Teng Shao’s golden light dragon, Teng Shao wouldn’t pose any threat.

This golden dragon contained a one-of-a-kind Light Origin, and also seemed to have a powerful Dragon Soul, which made Ning Cheng somewhat nervous. But Ning Cheng quickly figured out a way to deal with it. He would let the Time Wheel intercept the golden light dragon, and then deal with Teng Shao with the golden dragon restrained.

Time Wheel and Sunset’s Twilight, both were Laws of Time-related spirit techniques. But the Time Wheel and Sunset’s Twilight had opposite characteristics to each other. Time Wheel was a group-kill spirit technique, meaning the more opponents you had to deal with, the more useful the Time Wheel would become. It would turn everything in front of it into nothingness. Although this golden light dragon was only a single opponent, Ning Cheng saw the golden light dragon as a composition of countless light rays. In a way, it felt similar to facing multiple opponents.

“You might have come in contact with the Laws of Time, but even in that case, you will die here today.” Teng Shao quickly sobered up from the shock. He raised his hand to pick up Shangguan Fei’s ring and then immediately rushed towards Ning Cheng.

The golden light dragon also shot towards Ning Cheng the same time as Teng Shao. It’s four claws opened up once again, enveloping the entire space and trapping Ning Cheng in the middle of it.

Ning Cheng’s long spear circled his head, but he didn’t make use of it at all. It made Teng Shao, who rushed towards Ning Cheng, to feel as if something had gone wrong. However, he couldn’t pinpoint it right away.

The four golden claws of the dragon kept growing bigger and bigger, and even the sky above Ning Cheng had started to glow with a golden sheen.

Seeing that the dragon had almost finished capturing Ning Cheng, Teng Shao felt ecstatic. As long as his Origin Dragon Soul caught Ning Cheng, he could then easily control Ning Cheng’s life and death. Not to mention Ning Cheng, even if Qiao Jierui or Chuan Xinlou ended up caught by his dragon, he could then easily squeeze them to death.

At this moment, Ning Cheng moved. He waved his hand, and a ray of light emerged from the tips of fingers. But unlike the golden light dragon’s golden light rays, Ning Cheng had cast a grey light. It looked so faint that it was barely visible to the naked eye.

A dao charm containing a strand of the Laws of Time condensed within this grey light and swept out in a flash.

“Poof….” The dragon’s golden claw, which was about to catch Ning Cheng, suddenly slowed down. Just like a knife plunging into a balloon and popping it, countless rays of golden light started to overflow from inside of it.

The giant golden light dragon shrank down in an instant, even the imposing manner, which had locked onto Ning Cheng, weakened considerably. Even the golden colour on the dragon’s claw started to dim at speed visible to the naked eye.

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