Chapter 0796

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Chapter 0796: Origin Dragon Soul

Ning Cheng also felt pleasantly surprised at this development. He initially wanted to use the Time Wheel to stop the golden light dragon and wait until he killed Teng Shao before dealing with it. Unexpectedly, his Time Wheel had such a powerful effect on it, forcing it to shrink rapidly.

Ning Cheng immediately changed his strategy. Instead of dealing with Teng Shao first, he cast one Time Wheel after another. Although the golden light dragon had enough power to go against him, it did not have any Dao Charm fluctuation coming from it. Therefore, for Ning Cheng, even when he had to use spirit techniques to deal with it, it consumed much less power compared to the fight with Qiao Jierui.

The seemingly endless faint-grey light wheels, like a cascade of waves, rushed towards the golden light dragon. Under the assault, the golden light dragon’s golden light grew dimmer. Even its body, which had shrunk to a thousand feet, started shrinking even more and with even more speed.

Teng Shao felt dumbfounded. Since his debut, he had never seen anyone capable of containing his golden Light Origin Dragon Soul. Regular attacks simply did not affect his Golden Light Origin Dragon Soul. At the same time, even spirit techniques did not pose any significant threat to it. So, what the hell was those light wheels Ning Cheng had used? Even if it contained the Laws of Time, how was it so powerful?

At this point, Ning Cheng abandoned the golden light dragon. Clutching his long spear, he shot out a spear trace that slammed into Teng Shao. Without the threat of the golden light dragon, Teng Shao’s strength had reduced by more than half. What’s more, Teng Shao had almost forgotten about Ning Cheng and focussed more on the golden light dragon.

Sunset’s Twilight originally was a Law of Time-related spirit technique that affected one’s senses and mind. If Teng Shao fought with Ning Cheng with full focus, maybe he could escape Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight. He could have at least resisted enough to find a chance to escape. But he felt overconfident about himself and his abilities, to the point that he didn’t even care about Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight.

At this moment, Teng Shao could only see a touch of setting sun. Just as Ning Cheng predicted, the distracted Teng Shao couldn’t have survived his Sunset’s Twilight without the golden light dragon’s interference.

The iron rod shooting towards Ning Cheng also came to a momentary stop. In front of Teng Shao’s eyes, a sun slowly dived below the horizon.

The profoundly beautiful sunset, the moment just before dusk. Spirit Technique Sunset’s Twilight!

A crazy voice struggled to emerge within Teng Shao’s heart. He wanted to bring life to the frozen world around him. Maybe for just a breath. Teng Shao felt that as long as he could survive for a breath, the stillness around him would come to life once again. But this breath felt too far away, so far away that he could never wait. A moment later, Ning Cheng’s long spear plunged into Teng Shao’s dantian.

The power contained in the long spear tore apart Teng Shao’s dantian and meridians. It even tore apart his heart and soul, leaving nothing behind.

Teng Shao’s essence spirit emerged with a panicked look and wanted to escape. However, Ning Cheng’s domain had long bound the surrounding space. In the end, caught within Ning Cheng’s domain, Teng Shao’s essence spirit couldn’t even move.

Seeing a fireball covering him up, Teng Shao only felt regret. He didn’t regret fighting against Ning Cheng but regretted that he didn’t have a life-saving escape technique. If possible, even if it meant giving up everything, he would have exchanged everything he had for an escape-type spirit technique.

By the time the flames died down, Teng Shao’s body and essence spirit had already turned into nothingness. At the same time, two rings also fell into Ning Cheng’s hands.

Ning Cheng breathed in a sigh of relief and then looked at the golden light dragon, which still kept shrinking. The light dragon, at this moment, no longer looked huge. It had already shrunk down to a ball of roughly a foot in diameter.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and cast another Time Wheel. This time, the already dim light dragon gave out a shrill scream before disappearing without a trace.

It only left behind a weak ray of golden light, which Ning Cheng grabbed.

On close examination, this ray of light had the shape of a dragon. That’s right; it indeed was a dragon-shaped light shadow. Although it looked almost invisible, it seemed to contain a one-of-a-kind light essence. Moreover, this light shadow exuded a majestic aura like that of a dragon. From the looks of it, the imposing manner of a dragon had fused with the light shadow.

Ning Cheng recognised it as an Origin Dragon Soul. Moreover, it was also the most powerful Light Origin Dragon Soul among Origin Dragon Souls. Ning Cheng took in a deep breath after realising it. From a certain point of view, the value of this Origin Dragon Soul did not lose out to that of an Origin Bead.

An Origin Dragon Soul formed through a similar process as that of the formation of amber. But unlike amber, it was an exceedingly rare treasure. In general, Origin Dragon Souls could only form in ancient times.

The ancient eras contained thick Origin Auras, which meant that those eras gave birth to many powerhouses. However, the countless power battles during those periods also caused the deaths of numerous powerhouses.

Most likely, an ancient dragon’s body collapsed during one of those battles, leaving behind only an essence spirit soul. If this essence spirit soul fell in an Origin Aura-rich area, the Origin Aura would wrap around the essence spirit soul and seal it inside of it. Moreover, the dragon soul sealed inside the Origin Aura would lose all consciousness unless someone unsealed it quickly. If found later, one could even refine the Origin Aura-sealed Dragon Soul into a powerful helper.

Moreover, the kind of origin that sealed the dragon soul determined the type of origin dragon soul the dragon soul would form. From the looks of it, Teng Shao’s dragon soul gestated within Light Origin, which transformed it into a Light Origin Dragon Soul. Even the strengths and weaknesses of the Origin Dragon Soul depended entirely on the origin that sealed the dragon soul and the power of the dragon soul itself.

In addition to the Origin Dragon Soul, one could also find other Origin Essence Spirits. But the ones that could form Origin Essence Spirits were all noble and powerful spirit beasts, i.e. those with noble blood. Such as dragons, qilins, phoenixes, kun pengs, black turtles and so on.

Ning Cheng carefully placed the Light Origin Dragon Soul within a jade box and sighed in his heart. Such a thing was just too valuable. Fortunately, Teng Shao hadn’t fully refined this Light Origin Dragon Soul. Otherwise, even with the power offered by the starry sky body, this Origin Dragon Soul could have easily smashed him to pieces.

This Light Origin Dragon Soul perhaps was his best harvest till now.

Looking at the battlefield filled with ravines in front of him, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel unpleasant. At this time, he saw no cultivator within the range of his sight. The faster cultivators had already fled a long time ago. As for the slower ones, they all died under the immense killing powers unleashed during the battle.

Ning Cheng called out Ji Luofei but didn’t ask why Ji Luofei had come here. However, Ji Luofei felt utterly shocked on seeing the ruins and devastation surrounding her. How many cultivators had come here looking for Yan Ji? What happened to Nine Jewels Starry Sky Emperor Shangguan Fei?

As if reading the doubts from Ji Luofei’s face, Ning Cheng gently stroked Ji Luofei’s hair and said, “Shangguan Fei and Teng Shao died at my hands. As for the others, they escaped.”

Ji Luofei had no idea about Teng Shao, but she knew that Shangguan Fei’s strength had far surpassed her. Hearing that Ning Cheng killed Shangguan Fei, even if she turned stupid, she understood that Ning Cheng’s strength could compare to an Eternal-level powerhouse. He, most likely, had already advanced to the Eternal Realm. At this moment, only joy filled her heart. She left everything aside and reflexively embraced Ning Cheng again. At the same time, her red lips also found Ning Cheng’s lips.

Even if she had a reserved and restrained personality, after so many years of separation from Ning Cheng, the impromptu meeting couldn’t contain her inner excitement and madness.

The endless thoughts, anxiety, expectations, and anticipations, at this moment, all melted away under this silent kiss. Not to mention that this place didn’t have anyone but the two of them, even in the presence of other people, she couldn’t have held back the longing and desire built up within her.

Ning Cheng also wrapped his hand around Ji Luofei’s slender waist. Feeling Ji Luofei’s soft body pressing against him, all the worries in his heart quickly melted away.

Ji Luofei had also willingly lost herself within the pleasure. But when Ning Cheng’s hand fell on her hips, she suddenly sober up and spoke up with anxiety. “Dear, Yan Ji, they had come here to capture Yan Ji. Yan Ji must be under this entrapment formation.”

Ning Cheng also recovered. To be precise, he had come here looking not for Ji Luofei but Yan Ji.

“Don’t worry. We’ll go down and have a look.” Ning Cheng’s Dao of Arrays had already reached Starry Sky Grade 9. The battle had almost destroyed this entrapment formation. But even if it contained a fully active hidden killing formation, it wouldn’t pose much threat to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng held Ji Luofei’s hand and walked towards the half-broken entrapment formation before suddenly asking, “Luofei, did Qionghua also come?”

Hearing Ning Cheng asking about Shi Qionghua, Ji Luofei flinched. Ning Cheng could feel Ji Luofei’s hand turning a bit cold and suddenly felt his heart sinking. He had a terrible feeling about it.

Ning Cheng stopped to look at Ji Luofei. He truly felt afraid that Ji Luofei would say that something terrible had happened to Qionghua. He had learned from Seeking Caution’s mouth that Qionghua’s injuries had not recovered at all when Luofei and Qionghua left.

“What happened to Qionghua?” Ning Cheng’s tone trembled a bit. But he still believed, or rather hoped, that nothing happened to Qionghua.

Ji Luofei spoke with a whisper-like voice, “Someone took away Sister Qionghua. Moreover, the woman who took away Qionghua had immense power. She said that she was Sister Qionghua’s sister, and said that she would come looking for you to settle the bill. If not for Sister Qionghua, that woman would have killed me……”

Ning Cheng clenched his fist. When did Qionghua have a sister? He never heard of it. But no matter who, if they showed even the slightest intention to kill Luofei, he would never let them go.

Sensing the rage building within Ning Cheng, Ji Luofei took Ning Cheng’s hand and said softly, “Sister Qionghua must be fine. When our cultivation increases, we can go find Sister Qionghua.”

Ning Cheng’s emotions calmed down and stroked Ji Luofei’s long hair before speaking with a sigh, “Luofei, I let you suffer during all these years….”

Ji Luofei shook her head. “I did not suffer anything. I’ve been hiding in a secluded place for cultivation. But you, in just a few years, have already reached the Eternal Realm. You’ve suffered the most.”

Ji Luofei herself was a starry sky cultivator. She naturally knew about the sheer impossibility of reaching the Eternal Realm. Even after cultivating for all these years, and obtaining so many opportunities, she only recently made it to Heaven’s Mandate Realm. Yet, it was still a level 108,000 miles away from the Eternal Realm. Since Ning Cheng could reach the Eternal Realm, she didn’t need to ask at all. She understood that Ning Cheng had suffered many more hardships compared to her.

Ning Cheng also quickly understood why Ji Luofei hadn’t come looking for his Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. Because of her seclusion, she had no idea that he had set up a sect.

“Luofei, I haven’t reached the Eternal Realm yet. After we return, I will go into secluded cultivation to reach the Eternal Realm. You should also return and stay with me. I even created a sect called the Mysterious Yellow Sect.” Ning Cheng spoke up with a soft voice.

Ji Luofei also gave a gentle nod. She didn’t feel surprised on hearing that Ning Cheng could kill Shangguan Fei without advancing to the Eternal Realm. Since the time she started travelling with Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng had always remained the most resourceful and also the most reliable individual in her eyes. Moreover, Ning Cheng even had the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Since Ning Cheng founded the Mysterious Yellow Sect, she also understood that he did it to get her and Big Sister Qionghua’s attention.

“Come on, let’s go and see if Yan Ji is inside or not.” Ning Cheng took Ji Luofei’s hand and walked into the broken defensive formation. Even if this defensive formation remained intact, it couldn’t have stopped him, let alone now when the formation was in such a tattered state.

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