Chapter 0801

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Chapter 0801: Hidden Trump Card

“Boom….” A sky-shaking explosion reverberated and the City Master’s Mansion, where they were just sitting a moment ago, transformed into a grey mist. Countless mournful screams also emerged that eventually dissipated along with the grey mist. After a few breaths, when everyone appeared in the sky above the City Master’s Mansion, the previously luxurious and beautiful City Master’s Mansion had already turned into a pile of ashes.

Within a ten-mile radius around the Returning Capital City Master’s Mansion, except for Ning Cheng, Shui Wuchang and the four Heavenly Emperors, all other living beings had perished. The destruction only left behind huge ravines crisscrossing each other like cobwebs.

Qiao Jierui trembled with anger. Returning Capital City was the centre of his Devil Domain. Yet, someone had blasted it apart right under his nose. Moreover, the place he was sitting a moment ago was the centre of the explosion.

A tall man with a head full of red hair and a flat nose stood in the void facing Ning Cheng and the others.

“Wasn’t it you who killed the President and Vice-President of Ash Pagoda Chamber of Commerce a few days ago? Today you even dared to return and mess with my Devil Domain, who the hell are you?” Qiao Jierui stared at the red-haired man and spoke with a hate-filled voice.

Ning Cheng looked at the celestial wheel behind this red-haired male cultivator, and his heart sank slightly. He felt sure that this person’s cultivation did not lose out to Chuan Xinlou. Since this person dared to return, it means he had enough confidence to face all of them without the fear of death.

Regardless of if this person returned to die or not, Ning Cheng felt some anticipation when he thought of the Wood Origin Bead on this person. No matter what happened today, he can’t let this person escape. He had to get that Wood Origin Bead at any cost.

“Fairy Wuchang, I’ll send you away for now. Pay attention to yourself. I suspect that this person should still have that thing on him. Don’t worry; I will take care of this guy.” After Ning Cheng conveyed the message to Shui Wuchang, he gathered some celestial essence within his palm and moved it slightly. The next moment, the palm immediately whisked away Shui Wuchang to a far-off place.

Ning Cheng had just sent away Shui Wuchang when he felt something wrong. The red-haired male cultivator raised his hand and unexpectedly shot a black awn towards Shui Wuchang.

This bastard returned for Shui Wuchang. Ning Cheng immediately understood. He didn’t think of anything else and instantly cast a Time Wheel.

The Time Wheel was one of Ning Cheng’s trump cards, but if he didn’t use the Time Wheel at this moment, he wouldn’t be able to save Shui Wuchang at all. No matter how fast he was, he couldn’t physically catch up with that red-haired male cultivator’s black awl.

The Time Wheel, wrapped in the Dao Charm of Time, turned into a grey wheel-shadow. The moment the Time Wheel’s shadow formed, it also instantly affected the black awn, forcing it to slow down slightly.

“Bang……” The grey light-wheel forming the Time Wheel and the black awn collided together and burst into countless specks of black and grey.

Shui Wuchang felt cold sweat trickling down her body on experiencing such a close shave with death. She immediately speeded up and escaped into the distance. If not for Ning Cheng’s timely help, she couldn’t have avoided that black awn.

“Huh….” The red-haired man looked at Ning Cheng in surprise. He could tell at a glance that Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel was a spirit technique containing the Laws of Time. Moreover, it was even a violent Laws of Time-related spirit technique. Anything and everything that wandered into its path would face utter annihilation. That was the feeling he got from Ning Cheng’s light wheel. How could this place have a cultivator who could comprehend and control such a spirit technique relating to the Laws of Time?

At this point, the red-haired man understood that he no longer had the chance to attack Shui Wuchang. Therefore, he took a step forward and threw a punch wrapped with the Dao Charm of Space. This time, he targeted Ning Cheng.

Facing this punch, Ning Cheng felt a powerful spacial suppression around him, which almost wholly suppressed him. He even struggled to breathe. Since this attack produced such a terrifying suppression, Ning Cheng understood that it most likely was a top-grade space-related spirit technique. It contained a power much higher than the five-coloured space that Qiao Jierui had formed to trap him using the Five-coloured Myriad Connecting Banner.

Ning Cheng frantically stimulated his spiritual consciousness and forcibly blasted out countless spiritual consciousness knife lights.

Fortunately, the moment that person took action, Chuan Xinlou and the others also started.

Qiao Jierui’s Five-coloured Myriad Connecting Banner immediately locked the surrounding space. At the same time, Chuan Xinlou brought out his Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda. The moment the pagoda came out, it poured out endless while flames that instantly pounced on the red-haired man.

Ning Cheng could feel the space controlled by the red-haired loosen a little. From this, he understood that Chuan Xinlou and Qiao Jierui held nothing back and used their most powerful techniques. It took a lot of pressure off him.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Qiao Jierui’s five-coloured space and the red-haired man’s suppressive space spirit technique bombed together. The two different kinds of Dao Charms formed from the Laws of Space exploded, making everyone who heard the explosion to feel very stuffy in their hearts.

As soon as the pressure on Ning Cheng lightened, his spiritual consciousness blade lights tore through the Laws of Space-related spirit technique that had suppressed him, and he took a step back. Hearing a burst of ‘clicks’, Ning Cheng understood that the spirit technique of the red-haired man with the flat nose could no longer trap him.

The moment Ning Cheng retreated, Yi Jiufeng and Zhangkang Tianji stepped up. Yi Jiufeng’s weapon was a Floating Snow 6-9 Mirror, while Zhangkang Tianji used an iron rod to attack. One to restrain and one to attack; the perfect combination.

Even Ning Cheng thought that the red-haired man would fall here today. He even planned that once this red-haired man fell, he would immediately rush up to grab that person’s storage ring. Otherwise, he would miss out on the Wood Origin Bead.

Therefore, the moment Ning Cheng broke free from the constraints; he brought out his low-rank spirit artefact, the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear.

But no one expected that the moment the red-haired man was about to die, the red-haired man’s body would suddenly twist and disappear from the middle of the siege. The moment this happened, everyone’s spiritual consciousness swept out and found that this person had suddenly appeared outside the Returning Capital City. Moreover, the moment he appeared in that location, he rushed out of the Silent Bubble Starland like a shadow.

Even Chuan Xinlou felt shocked as he looked at that person rushing out from Returning Capital City’s entrance. To master the Laws of Space to such a terrifying degree, this red-haired man was just too powerful. No one chased after him. Everyone could see that this person could come and go through the Devil Domain freely. If they went to the Mysterious Yellow Starland, would they even have a chance to fight?

“Hey, where’s Sect Master Ning?” Zhangkang Tianji looked at the position where Ning Cheng previously stood and found that Ning Cheng had also disappeared.

Yi Jiufeng sighed and spoke, “He’s chasing that person.”

No matter what reason Ning Cheng went after that person, Chuan Xinlou and the others did not move. Ning Cheng is so arrogant, if he wants to chase that man down, then let him chase that person down on his own.

The only reason why Chuan Xinlou and Qiao Jierui didn’t say anything to help Ning Cheng was because of Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel. It made them a bit more wary of Ning Cheng. Chuan Xinlou, however, had the most conflicting thoughts out of everyone in his heart. He not only hoped for Ning Cheng’s death but also hoped that Ning Cheng would remain alive. That way, he could still come to the Mysterious Yellow Starland with them.


Ning Cheng indeed had rushed out to chase down that man. This red-haired man might still have the Wood Origin Bead on him. How could he give up? If he couldn’t find the Wood Origin Bead, his Mysterious Yellow Bead would never be able to exert the real power of a Good Fortune Treasure.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness had long since locked on to a faint spatial fluctuation. Moreover, those weak fluctuations also seemed to cooperate with him, letting him latch onto it quickly.

The red-haired man seemed to want to lure him in, Ning Cheng understood it clearly. However, he wouldn’t give up on the chase just because the other party wished to lure him. Not even if his cultivation did not match up that person. Sometimes such an opportunity would appear only for a moment, and after the moment passed, the chance would disappear forever.

Since he was looking out for such opportunities, Ning Cheng knew that he couldn’t miss out on it.

Half a day later, the spacial fluctuations Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness had locked on disappeared. At the same time, that tall red-haired man with a flat nose appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

“You sure have the courage. That woman must have told you that I have the Wood Origin Bead, right?” The red-haired man with a flat nose looked at Ning Cheng with a calm gaze but spoke with a hint of disdain. Everyone wanted treasures, but one had to have the necessary strength to obtain them. If you don’t have the power and go out hunting for wealth, it wouldn’t be treasure-hunting, but death-hunting.

After saying that, the red-haired man didn’t give Ning Cheng a chance to speak at all. He raised his hand and threw a punch at Ning Cheng. He didn’t even bother to take out a weapon. In his eyes, Ning Cheng didn’t amount to much except for his Time Wheel.

The moment the red-haired man shot that punch, space solidified in an instant. No, technically it hadn’t ‘solidified’, but rather it started disintegrating. The area where Ning Cheng stood had suddenly separated itself from the surrounding space. That is, the moment that red-haired man took action, it immediately isolated him from everything else.

Almost at the same time, Ning Cheng also attacked.

Spirit Technique Sunset’s Twilight.

The sunset looked infinitely beautiful, just near dusk. A round setting sun suddenly appeared before the red-haired man within the disintegrating space.

Everything stilled at this moment, except for the beautiful sunset. It wasn’t just a setting sun; it also marked the arrival of dusk.

Most people on seeing this beautiful yet bleak sunset’s twilight would see their sad fate. They would even wish and long for everything to remain still, to not flow anymore. If it flowed, the setting sun would eventually sink into the horizon, and their life would also follow.

After Ning Cheng touched the real edge of the Laws of Time, this stillness was no longer the stillness within one’s heart, but an actual moment where time truly stopped flowing. However, this momentary stop in time was just too short.

The red-haired cultivator saw the poignant sunset but gave a cold snort. He didn’t experience even half a moment of stillness. Instead, he randomly threw out another fist that split the space apart.

The sunset was like a flower in a mirror; the moon reflected in the lake. Just like a bubble, it quickly burst and disappeared.

“Paltry tricks and yet daring to be so arrogant in front of me….” The red-haired cultivator sneered and stimulated his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness.

However, at this moment, the space around him suddenly turned sluggish, and a one-of-a-kind greyish aura of death spread around him.

The red-haired cultivator suddenly looked at Ning Cheng in horror. He could feel that the grey aura of death originated from Ning Cheng’s position. But what appeared in front of his eyes was a five-coloured brightly flickering light.

Seeing that light, he wanted to escape immediately, but he couldn’t even move a muscle. He even felt that no matter where he escaped, even if he fled to the ends of the starry skies, this deathly aura would still envelope him tightly. It would leave him no room for resistance.

Ning Cheng’s face also had turned pale but showed no emotions. He hadn’t planned to use Sunset’s Twilight to kill this person. If his Sunset’s Twilight could kill this person, then this red-haired man couldn’t have easily broken through his spirit technique.

Ning Cheng understood that he wasn’t as good as his opponent. But he also knew that it would at least take a moment for his opponent to break through his spirit technique. Therefore, he used Sunset’s Dusk as a prelude to activate the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. Plus, it also served as a barrier-of-sorts against the opponent’s fist shadow.

But despite activating the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, it was still Ning Cheng’s first time using his hidden trump card.

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