Chapter 0802

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Chapter 0802: No Bow, No Arrow, No Star, No Break

At this moment, Ning Cheng felt his Sea of Consciousness and his celestial essence draining at an alarming rate. Even when burning his essence blood, it could not provide enough energy to unleash the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow fully.

Seemingly endless celestial essence and spiritual consciousness poured into the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. At the same time, the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow seemed to have transformed into a bottomless black hole, sucking away every scrap of power within Ning Cheng.

Even the space around them dimmed, turning into an area filled with a grey death-like aura.

Every scrap of murderous desire permeating in the surrounding space, every bit of deathly aura, all kinds of killing intents, just like Ning Cheng’s celestial essence and spiritual consciousness, gathered and poured into the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow.

The space in their area had disappeared entirely, leaving behind only a single arrow, one that had not launched yet.

The red-haired man kept trembling. He could even hear the space around him disintegrating because of the killing intent from this arrow. The subtle cracking sounds made him understand that his body would turn to dust before this arrow could even plunge into him.

But he didn’t dare to bring out any weapon, he didn’t even dare to move, and could only watch the five colours in front of him grow even more bright. Rather, under the suppression from the black arrow, he simply couldn’t do anything at all. As long as he moved, even if it were just a twitch of a muscle, he felt as if it would immediately cause the killing intent within the arrow to burst out.

Ning Cheng’s face had already turned pale as he stared at the shimmering colours in front of him. He finally understood why this black arrow had the name ‘Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’. It most likely was because of the five-coloured longbow that materialised out of thin air. As more and more of his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness got sucked away, the five-coloured longbow started gradually opening.

A black-coloured long arrow appeared on this five-coloured longbow, with a body covered entirely in the grey of death.

As the five-coloured longbow stretched out and became rounder, the black-coloured long arrow on the five-coloured longbow grew lighter and lighter, to the point that it almost disappeared.

However, the surrounding killing power and the grey death aura didn’t disappear. Rather, the more the black-coloured long arrow faded, the stronger the two grew.

At this time, all other auras within the starry sky disappeared, even the meteorites vanished from this area in space.

Ning Cheng’s mouth overflowed with blood, yet the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow continued to absorb the celestial essence in his body at a crazy rate. The absorbing power had reached such terrifying levels that even his body had started to collapse and trembled even more violently.

“Stop. I’ll give you all my stuff……” The scared red-haired male cultivator finally couldn’t help but scream out loud.

I can’t stop. Not to mention the pleadings of this red-haired man, at this moment, even Ning Cheng couldn’t control the power of this arrow. He had no way to stop it even if he wanted to. But even if there were a way to stop, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have stopped.

But despite that, Ning Cheng felt a one-of-a-kind fear rising in his heart. Sensing such a terrifying aura, he guessed, no, he felt sure, that even a planet couldn’t stop it. Even if he bolstered the array formation around Stately River Star, it might not block this arrow for even a moment. This arrow had the potential to reduce his Stately River Star into power in just one stroke. Maybe one day, this arrow would unleash utter destruction if he couldn’t control it.

He suddenly regretted activating this arrow. True, he could kill this red-haired man with this arrow, but it might also cause everything on the red-haired man to disappear into dust, including his ring.

“Please stop, I’m begging you, put away the arrow……” The red-haired man spoke with a panic-filled hoarse voice. For the first time in his life, he felt that his life was no longer in his control. Under this arrow’s suppression, he couldn’t do anything except beg for mercy.

But instead of heeding the pleads, Ning Cheng started burning his life essence. It caused his voice to turn hoarse, “If you want me to stop it, then give me your ring.”

If he could do it, this red-haired man would have already thrown the ring to Ning Cheng. But suppressed under this death-like killer lock of the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, he couldn’t move at all.

Ning Cheng, convinced that the other side couldn’t throw the ring, forcibly stimulated the last trace of his spiritual consciousness. He wanted to force an order to the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. That’s what he did after burning his life essence. No matter how powerful the killing intent contained within this arrow, it was still an arrow refined by him.

It didn’t disappoint Ning Cheng either. Sure enough, he really could communicate with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. He managed to instruct the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow to spare the red-haired male cultivator’s ring through his spiritual consciousness. The next moment, he felt the surrounding starry sky starting to move like clouds in the wind.


Ning Cheng’s body suddenly loosened and he shot off a blood arrow from his mouth. He could feel his body quickly growing numb. As power frantically swept out of his body, his celestial essence disappeared without a trace, and everything in front of him turned violent.

It felt as if the entire starry sky had started to retreat as the majestic killing intent swept through. Within the starry sky, the killing intent in the arrow’s shadow left behind a faint trace, which in actuality was a tiny gap created by the tearing of space. Ning Cheng swore to himself that he had never seen such a terrifying killing intent before in his entire life. He had never even seen such a scary killer move.

The tiny gap in space wasn’t an illusion, but a fact. The killing intent released by the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow had truly caused small cracks to emerge within the surrounding space.

The colourful longbow disappeared without a trace, and even the arrow vanished. The only thing left behind was pure killing intent, an endless killing intent.

The limitless killing intent tore the space formed by the red-haired male cultivator’s punch as if poking through a sheet of paper. Everything in front of the red-haired man turned into nothingness before this killing intent.

“Bang……” The body of the red-haired man collapsed with a dull ‘bang’. It didn’t create any blood mist, nor did it let his essence spirit escape. Everything disappeared without a trace, except for a floating ring within the space.

Ning Cheng, even in a fragile state, did not dare to delay even half a moment at this time. He instantly rushed forward and grabbed the ring.

He had managed to communicate with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow to spare the ring. However, he was still too weak to control the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s power.

By the time he caught the ring, the restrictions covering the ring had already started to shatter inch by inch, and the ring had almost reached the verge of collapse. Ning Cheng immediately formed a link with the ring and quickly transferred a wooden box giving out the aura of Wood Origin into his storage ring. Next, he then moved a large pile of Permanent Essence Pills and some scattered storage ring into his storage ring.

“Crack……” Even if Ning Cheng moved things quickly, he couldn’t take away all the stuff inside, and in just a few moments, the storage ring turned into ashes that drifted off into the void.

But Ning Cheng felt delighted with the outcome. In any case, he did not lose the Wood Origin Bead.

At this time, his celestial essence had almost reached rock-bottom, and his Sea of Consciousness had virtually emptied. Ning Cheng knew that, at this time, even an ordinary Celestial Novice cultivator could quickly kill him.

Therefore, he immediately called out Chasing Bull and handed it the control of the Starry Sky Wheel. He also gave it instructions to escape from this place as quickly as possible and find a safe place to heal his injuries.


Back in Returning Capital Starry Sky City, Yi Jiufeng finally broke the silence. “Sect Master Ning is currently our ally. He went hunting down that red-haired cultivator alone. Whether for personal reasons or not, he’s avenging the cultivators who died in Returning Capital City today. Moreover, we were the ones who invited him to work with us. So, for the public good or private gain, we should all help.”

Demon Domain’s Heavenly Emperor Zhangkang Tianji nodded. “Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix speaks correctly. We should help.” Although this person looked like a muscle-head, it did not mean that he had a simple brain. He was an equally calculating person and knew what Chuan Xinlou and Qiao Jierui thought.

Chuan Xinlou also nodded in agreement, “Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix is right. Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix and I will help Sect Master Ning. At the same time, Heavenly Emperor Jierui and Heavenly Emperor Tianji will stay in Silent Bubble Starland.”

No one disputed Chuan Xinlou’s words. Chuan Xinlou hoped for Ning Cheng’s death, but he also knew in his heart that Ning Cheng dying at this time would not do him any good. Moreover, the hatred between him and Ning Cheng hadn’t yet reached the level of the threat posed by those outsiders occupying the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

Half a day later, Chuan Xinlou stopped somewhere in space. Chuan Xinlou could acutely feel a difference here, and Yi Jiufeng also felt the same.

“What a powerful killing power and killing intent.” Yi Jiufeng spoke up in shock. Even though she saw no one here, she could still feel the horrifying killing intent permeating the surroundings.

Chuan Xinlou nodded, “Yes, a big fight happened here not too long ago, and neither side was weaker than me.”

After saying this, Chuan Xinlou gave out an untraceable sigh. Apart from Ning Cheng and that red-haired man with a flat nose, who could have fought here not too long ago? He had already estimated that Ning Cheng’s cultivation would make some significant progress during his seclusion. However, he never thought that Ning Cheng would grow so strong and in such a short time.

Yi Jiufeng also felt shocked after hearing Chuan Xinlou’s words. How could she not know what Chuan Xinlou meant? In other words, this was a result of the fight between Ning Cheng and that red-haired male cultivator.

When did Ning Cheng’s cultivation become so powerful? How was it not any bit weaker than Chuan Xinlou? Chuan Xinlou had already reached the Dao Confirming Realm, and yet Ning Cheng also reached the same level. Back then, she had witnessed both fights personally. Therefore, she knew that although Ning Cheng didn’t suffer too much at both times, Ning Cheng still couldn’t match up to Chuan Xinlou. How many years have passed by since? How did Ning Cheng become so powerful?

“Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, who do you think would have won in that fight?” Yi Jiufeng hoped that Ning Cheng would not lose. As powerful as she was, she understood that she wasn’t a match for that red-haired fellow. That person had managed to escape even under the siege of five people. That level of understanding of the Laws of Space wasn’t something these Heavenly Emperors could match. Even Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor’s knowledge of the Laws of Space couldn’t match up to this person.

Chuan Xinlou pondered over it for a few moments before shaking his head. “I’m not sure. But I’ve known Sect Master Ning for a long time. According to my understanding of Sect Master Ning, he’s not an impulsive person. If you think about it carefully, maybe he still has a few trump cards unknown to us. So, I think Sect Master Ning should be fine.”

Chuan Xinlou had not spoken casual words. He and Ning Cheng had fought against each other twice, and both fights were in Stately River Star, which gave rise to such a feeling. Even during the first fight, he still felt the same from Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng even confirmed his speculation with that Laws of Time-related spirit technique, Sunset’s Twilight. On successfully reaching the Dao Confirming Realm, Chuan Xinlou had once again taken a trip to the Stately River Star. There, he found that Ning Cheng had a sister who wasn’t any weaker than him.

It was one of the main reasons why Chuan Xinlou feared Ning Cheng. Therefore, even when Ning Cheng took away Nine Jewel Starry Sky and prevented Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain from interfering with Striking Order Starry Sky, Chuan Xinlou did not do anything. It’s because he felt too wary of Ning Cheng.

“Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, I also have a hunch that Sect Master Ning should be fine. Why don’t we wait for Sect Master Ning in Silent Bubble Starland?” Yi Jiufeng immediately suggested after hearing Chuan Xinlou’s words.

Chuan Xinlou nodded, “Let’s go to Silent Bubble Starland and wait. If we want to go to the Mysterious Yellow Starland, without Sect Master Ning’s assistance, our strength will be much weaker.”

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