Chapter 0804

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Chapter 0804: Time Wheel’s Power

“Ah….” Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang exclaimed at the same time. Refining a starland, was such a thing even possible?

Moreover, the Mysterious Yellow Starland wasn’t an ordinary-sized one, but a huge starland comparable to the Culmination Starland or even the Silent Bubble Starland. Besides, starlands of such sizes rarely formed and even then, developed only in unique locations. Who could refine such starlands?

“How could someone refine the Mysterious Yellow Starland?” Shui Wuchang still couldn’t believe it.

Ning Cheng nodded, “I think I’m not mistaken about it. Although I’ve never personally refined a starland, these people are indeed refining the Mysterious Yellow Starland.”

Not to mention about refining a starland, even when it came to refining a star or a planet, Ning Cheng had never met or heard of anyone who did such a thing. However, he had read that one could refine an ordinary planet into a True Spirit World.

Shen Mengyan took in a deep breath and asked, “Why are these people doing such a thing? The vast universe contains countless abandoned planets and even starlands. If they want to refine one, why don’t they choose an abandoned starland or planet?”

Ning Cheng didn’t have an answer to it, but Shui Wuchang replied, “I think I know why. I heard that only a starland with perfect earth veins as a foundation and well-defined laws of heaven and earth would have any value in refining. Even those uninhabited and broken planets, if they don’t have a good earth vein foundation, and lack complete laws, refining them wouldn’t be of any use.”

“Huh….” Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness forced its way through the Star-protecting Grand Array and spoke in surprise. “Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor and the others seem trapped in a huge array formation. It looks like they’re in a tough spot.”

Ning Cheng didn’t see exactly Chuan Xinlou and the others. However, he could feel the waves of Starry Sky Essence Qi fluctuations, an indication of combat. To be able to trap Chuan Xinlou and the others, Ning Cheng could tell that it wasn’t an ordinary array formation.

“Let’s go down and have a look.” Ning Cheng said to Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang before putting away the Starry Sky Wheel. Then, stepping through the void, they walked towards the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

Even when Ning Cheng and the two women stepped over the periphery of the Mysterious Yellow Starland, no one had shown up to stop them. Seeing this, both Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang felt something amiss, and Shen Mengyan spoke up with some concern. “Ning Cheng. You said Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor’s group is trapped inside. Since we entered the Mysterious Yellow Starland, why did no one stop us?”

“Because they also want to trap the three of us.” Ning Cheng smiled and kept throwing out some array flags.

When the three of them landed on the public square outside Mysterious Yellow Starland, bursts of roars erupted all around them, coming from the starry sky. In just a few breaths, the Ning Cheng’s group could no longer feel the starry sky outside the starland.

Instead, what appeared before the three of them was an endless black world. No, comparing it to a black world wasn’t right. Rather, it was an endless swarm of insects that permeated the entire starry sky around them.

These insects were pitch-black in colour and continually sprayed out a black-coloured water-like mist. The larger of the insects even spat out wind blades and fire.

Moreover, each insect also emitted a burst of pungent odour. Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang, although both in Heaven Seated Realm, still couldn’t help but feel nauseated. Even if they didn’t know anything about these insects, they understood that even touching this black mist would bring forth a disaster. It would be strange if this foul-smelling black liquid had beneficial properties.

These endless black insects were only one part of the attack; the other one was the spacial suppression that suppressed one’s cultivation. It would frustrate and fluster any cultivator trapped inside it.

This time, even without Ning Cheng’s reminder, Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang quickly noticed Chuan Xinlou and the others. The four Heavenly Emperors were in a bit of a mess. They had no choice but to bring out their weapons to protect themselves and constantly bombarded the black insects surrounding them.

The most notable out of the four was Chuan Xinlou. Every time his Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda spat out its dao flame, countless insects would turn to ash. However, no matter how powerful his attack, he still couldn’t kill all of the insects. It’s not that he killed fewer insects, but the number of insects was just too huge.

With Chuan Xinlou’s cultivation, in any other place, his attacks could have quickly shattered a planet if it trapped him inside. But in this place, no matter how powerful his attacks, the array formation still managed to block it, preventing it from causing too much damage.

As long as the four of them couldn’t break apart this Trap Formation, the four would eventually die from exhaustion. Of course, Ning Cheng believed that these four people had their means of escape. It’s just that the situation hadn’t reached that point yet.

Moreover, Chuan Xinlou and the others couldn’t blast open the array formation in a short time. It’s not that their strength didn’t permit it, but because someone was actively controlling the array formation. The cultivator commanding the array formation not only commanded the insects but also suppressed the cultivation of Chuan Xinlou and others through this spacial array formation. Another reason was that among Chuan Xinlou’s four, there was no true master who walked the Dao of Arrays.

Not long after Ning Cheng’s trio entered the trap formation, endless black bugs swarmed towards them. Although Shui Wuchang and Shen Mengyan could block the attacks from these insects, they still turned pale. These insects were just too disgusting. Not just because of the smelly black liquid they oozed, but also because of their grotesque appearance.

These insects were just an eye with serrated appendages coming out of it. Pits and holes covered every inch of its ‘eye’ and filled with black filth. The larger of these insects were about half a foot in diameter while the smaller ones weren’t even the size of rice grains.

“I’ll start.” Ning Cheng smiled when he saw Shui Wuchang and Sheng Mengyan wanting to bring out their weapons and do something.

“Just you?” Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang both looked at Ning Cheng in doubt. With so many bugs, wouldn’t it require everyone to work together? Can one person kill them alone?

Ning Cheng didn’t answer. He raised his hand and condensed several Time Wheels before shooting them out. Pitting his Time Wheel against Chuan Xinlou’s Burning Sun Eroding Sky Pagoda, perhaps his Time Wheel wouldn’t occupy the upper hand.

But if he used the Time Wheel to kill these insects, then even ten Chuan Xinlou’s Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagodas wouldn’t match up to it. Every time a tongue of flame erupted from Chuan Xinlou’s Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda, it would kill countless insects. Although the surroundings would turn empty, the hole would quickly fill up with more insects in a flash.

But Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel worked differently. The Time Wheel was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique. Once cast, everything would turn to dust within Ning Cheng’s reach without consuming too much.

Only those who had entered the Time Wilderness and seen Time Wheels sweeping everything to nothingness would realise the power of Time Wheels.

Shui Wuchang and Shen Mengyan stared blankly at the grey-coloured light wheels that Ning Cheng had cast. Everything in front of the light wheels turned into nothingness without leaving the slightest trace.

Wherever the light wheels went, nothing remained of anything. None of those black insects could block its line of sight.

Ning Cheng waved both hands and cast out light wheels one after another, and in just a moment, the endless insects around them disappeared. The only thing left was the light wheels that kept moving forward.

In just a few breaths, the endless black space around them turned clear. Not to talk about insects, one couldn’t even see a single raised surface within this open space.

Chuan Xinlou and the others had already noticed Ning Cheng’s trio entering. However, they couldn’t pay too much attention to Ning Cheng’s actions. But when Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel came out and saw the endless insects turn into nothingness, they all couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng in shock.

The four, however, quickly reacted, and rushed out of the black swarm to enter the place opened by Ning Cheng.

As soon as the four of them left the area surrounded by those insects, a Time Wheel swept past the location they had just stayed before. They could only watch as everything disappeared without a trace before this Time Wheel. The next moment, the open space around them stretched out. It felt as if as long as these insects existed, this light wheel would continue to move forward to hunt them down.

“What a powerful Laws of Time-related spirit technique. Before time, everything is illusory……” Chuan Xinlou looked at Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel and murmured to himself.

He knew that Ning Cheng had touched the edge of the Laws of Time, but frankly, he didn’t care much about it. After all, he wasn’t afraid of Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight. Even if Ning Cheng had used the Time Wheel in Returning Capital City, he wouldn’t have cared much about it.

Although this Time Wheel looked powerful, he felt confident that his Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda could block it.

But it wasn’t until now did he understand the real strength of the Laws of Time. He could still defend against it, but it was probably because his realm was much higher than Ning Cheng. But if one day, Ning Cheng’s cultivation realm caught up to him, when Ning Cheng’s understanding of the Laws of Time reached a higher level, what would he use to block the Laws of Time?

Maybe apart from the Laws of Time, nothing else could stop the Laws of Time.

“Sect Master Ning, you truly are strong.” Zhangkang Tianji put away his weapon and was the first to approach Ning Cheng and praise him with a thumbs-up.

Qiao Jierui remained silent. He never talked about Ning Cheng’s previous visit to Returning Capital City. But he had started to regard Ning Cheng as a dead man in his heart. Qiao Jierui had decided that as long as he reached Dao Confirming Realm, the first person he would kill was Ning Cheng. He wouldn’t show the same patience as Chuan Xinlou.

But now, his heart turned cold. How long has it been since then? At this time, Ning Cheng had become so strong that even he had to look up to him. Ning Cheng had not only chased down that red-haired man but also remained safe and sound without any apparent injuries. Moreover, since he could come here, it also meant that Ning Cheng managed to kill that red-haired man. Although he didn’t witness how Ning Cheng killed that red-haired man, he had seen the power of Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel today.

These insects were so powerful that he had to deal with them personally and with full concentration. He also had spirit techniques capable of mass destruction, but his spirit techniques couldn’t compare to Ning Cheng’s light wheels formed out of the Laws of Time.

After Chuan Xinlou and the others approached Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng no longer had any concerns. Ning Cheng immediately went on a rampage with his Time Wheels. The Time Wheels instantly turned into a series of Time Wheel-shadows and spread out. After a few breaths, the black space that covered the sky and sun disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng understood that he hadn’t exterminated all the black insects. Maybe these black bugs would continue to gush out endlessly, and he really could kill them all. But the black bugs had voluntarily disappeared from in front of him, which meant that someone had recalled them. Most likely, it should be the owner of these insects who understood that he could no longer use these black insects to deal with Ning Cheng.

A moment later, a man in a grey robe slowly emerged and appeared in front of everyone. This grey-robed man had no eyes. A layer of skin covered the place where his eyes should have been. It made any person who looked at this man feel creeped out and uncomfortable.

After this person appeared, the suppression of the surrounding space seemed to have loosened. Ning Cheng, as an Array Formation Master, immediately understood that this person in front of him had something to do with the space-locking grand array.

“You’re very strong.” The grey-robed man faced Ning Cheng and spoke with a slow voice. He had no eyes, which meant that no one could see the look in his eyes.

Ning Cheng didn’t answer the grey-robed man’s words. He noticed that there was a bamboo cage behind this grey-robed man. Moreover, bursts of aura similar to those black-coloured insects kept erupting from this bamboo cage.

“If you think you could use your means to break through my Space-sealing Grand Array, then you’re wrong.” The grey-robed man’s tone remained steady. “Even if I don’t use my black treasure[1], you still can’t get out of here. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself.”

[1] I’m not entirely sure if it’s the name of a treasure or the grade. I’ll wait till I have more context about it.

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