Chapter 0805

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Chapter 0805: Sacred Light City’s Ninth Emperor’s Peak

“Really?” Ning Cheng smiled, raised his hand and threw out an array flag. At the same time, he also threw out a bunch of Permanent Essence Pills.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…” Sounds of successive explosions rang out, sounding like the roars of a dragon. After only a dozen breaths, everyone’s eyes opened up in disbelief.

The suppressive spacial force had utterly disappeared; even the residual smell had vanished without a trance. Everyone here had experienced the power of this grand array; it was just as described by that eyeless cultivator. Yet now, Ning Cheng had broken this array as easily as swatting a fly.

Even the eyeless cultivator’s expressions changed drastically. He had never thought that this young cultivator who had just entered the array would manage to break his Space-locking Grand Array with such ease.

From this, he understood that this young cultivator had entered the grand array voluntarily. Otherwise, no one would even get close to it.

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm voice, “Did you think that a trivial Starry Sky Grade 9 Sky-locking Array could trap me? You think too highly of yourself.”

However, this eyeless male cultivator had truly not thought highly of himself. He just never thought that Ning Cheng would also be a Starry Sky Grade 9 Array Master. Besides such people, who would address a Starry Sky Grade 9 Grand Array as ‘trivial’?

If he knew that Ning Cheng was a Starry Sky Grade 9 Array Emperor, he would naturally have not said that. Even if he took full control of the Starry Sky Grade 9 Sky-locking Array, it wouldn’t be able to trap a Starry Sky Grade 9 Array Emperor for long. Moreover, this Array Emperor, most likely, had already arranged a breaking array before entering the grand array. But because he wanted to use the array formation to suppress Chuan Xinlou’s group of four, he didn’t think much about the three who entered later. In other words, the eyeless cultivator didn’t believe Ning Cheng would amount to much. Because of this, he never even considered that Ning Cheng would have such high attainments when it came to the Dao of Arrays, which led to such a mistake.

Was this the result of a breaking array? Chuan Xinlou looked at the now-empty space in front of him in disbelief. He could acutely feel the disappearance of the suppressive space.

He didn’t truly care about what the eyeless man said. The array couldn’t have trapped him for long if he used his full power. Yet Ning Cheng had broken the array so easily and so quickly, which utterly shocked him. This revelation had truly shaken him to the core. He had made a lot of plans to deal with Ning Cheng in the future, yet he didn’t even consider Ning Cheng’s attainments in the Dao of Arrays.

Against an opponent like Ning Cheng, even a small slip could cost his life. What’s more, how could he have ignored such an important thing? Chuan Xinlou kept pondering over it and even momentarily forgot why he came to the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

The eyeless cultivator kept staring at Ning Cheng. He truly couldn’t figure out how Ning Cheng attained such a high level of proficiency when it came to cultivating the Dao of Arrays.

“Haha…… I didn’t expect that this side of the starry sky would still have someone who controlled the Laws of Time. I’ve been negligent. Mingyuan, please invite them to my Ninth Emperor’s Peak.” A laugh suddenly sounded in everyone’s ear, but no one could see from where it originated.

After hearing this voice, the grey-robed eyeless cultivator immediately became polite. “Guests, please come with me.”

This time, he spoke with a mild tone. It felt as if he wasn’t the one who had trapped them in this grand array.

Everyone looked at Ning Cheng; even Chuan Xinlou also looked at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng’s strength did not lose out to his, but the key was Ning Cheng’s proficiency in array formations.

The person who spoke hadn’t appeared anywhere near the group, but this person knew what happened. It showed and highlighted this person’s powerful cultivation. But since Ning Cheng had already planned to come to the Mysterious Yellow Starland, he naturally wouldn’t get scared by a voice. He looked at the eyeless grey-robed cultivator and said, “Lead the way.”

The eyeless cultivator bowed to Ning Cheng, “I’m called Yi Mingyuan.”

Ning Cheng nodded but did not speak. He understood that since this cultivator took the initiative to give him his name, it meant that the force behind this person wanted to rope him to their side. However, Ning Cheng didn’t plan on going over to that side. Especially when he knew nothing about the other party. If he had a chance, he wouldn’t mind killing this eyeless cultivator.

After Ning Cheng broke the array formation, his spiritual consciousness could now sweep through a part of the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

The once prosperous Moyi City now looked like an abandoned and derelict ruin. From the looks of it, it looked more like a city of the death, with only Death Qi permeating throughout the surroundings.

As for the rest of the Mysterious Yellow Starland, it looked even more barren. From this, he could tell that this group of outsiders came here with the full intent to exterminate this starland’s lifeforce. In other words, this was a bunch of ruthless and cold-blooded killers, someone who murdered without blinking an eye, someone who he disdained from even making acquaintances.

Seeing that Ning Cheng ignored him, Yi Mingyuan didn’t continue to ask anything else and took the initiative to enter the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

After stepping on the ground of the Mysterious Yellow Starland, Shui Wuchang’s face immediately changed. At this moment, it didn’t look like there was even a single creature alive within the Mysterious Yellow Starland. Only a layer of grey met everything in the range of one’s eye while Death Qi permeated every corner.

As for Moyi City, it looked more and more like a ghost town. As Shui Wuchang took in everything, how could she not know that her father most likely suffered something terrible? Not to mention her father, most likely all the cultivators within the Mysterious Yellow Starland suffered the same fate.

Ning Cheng stopped outside Moyi City, seemingly thoughtful.

“The Ninth Prince is waiting for the few guests in Sacred Light City. Please come with me.” Yi Mingyuan smiled and stretched out his hand as if to lead them in the direction of Sacred Light City.

Even without Yi Mingyuan’s invitation, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness had already swept towards Sacred Light Mountain. The Sacred Light Mountain, which only had yellow sands covering it from top to bottom previously, had now transformed into a sprawling city. But this city looked a bit weird with a steep mountain peak right in the middle of it.

But unlike the grand majesty of this city and the exterior engraved with the words ‘Sacred Light City’, it barely had any life force. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness moved in without hesitation but found no Spiritual Consciousness Restrictions within the city. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness unreservedly swept through everything inside and saw the mountain peak-like building erected in the middle, near the top of the mountain. In front of this abrupt-looking mountain building, he then saw a few odd characters overflowing with dao charm, ‘Ninth Emperor’s Peak’.

“Please follow me into the city.” Seeing Ning Cheng stop outside Moyi City, and not moving at all despite the previous reminder, Yi Mingyuan had to repeat it.

Since Ning Cheng could scan the Sacred Light City, then Chuan Xinlou and the others could also naturally use their spiritual consciousness to examine it. They also had some doubts as to why they found no Spiritual Consciousness Restrictions within this Sacred Light City.

Ning Cheng calmly replied to Yi Mingyuan, “Go back and tell your Ninth Prince that I will wait for him in Moyi City.”

After speaking, Ning Cheng didn’t wait for Yi Mingyuan to answer before turning around and entering Moyi City.

Seeing Ning Cheng entering Moyi City, Shui Wuchang and Shen Mengyan naturally followed Ning Cheng. Although Chuan Xinlou’s group did not understand Ning Cheng’s actions, they all realised that they stood in one camp right now. Therefore, they couldn’t fight against each other just yet.

Seeing Ning Cheng and the others enter Moyi City, Yi Mingyuan didn’t feel any anger. Instead, he cupped his fists and spoke with a polite voice, “In that case, I will go back and report to the Ninth Prince.”

Seeing Yi Mingyuan walking away, Yi Jiufeng frowned and said, “What is the origin of this Ninth Prince?”

Shui Wuchang gritted her teeth and said, “No matter what his origin, he is a demon. Death Qi drowns the entire Mysterious Yellow Starland. From this, I’m sure that he killed all the natives.”

Ning Cheng spoke with a deep voice, “They might not have killed everyone. The Mysterious Yellow Starland is just too huge. As long as he hasn’t finished refining it in a day, he wouldn’t be able to kill all the people here.”

Ning Cheng immediately thought of the Altar of Forefather’s Library in Thousand Mound Forest. He felt confident that no matter the power of this Ninth Prince, he wouldn’t be able to refine the Altar of Forefather’s Library.

“That Ninth Emperor’s Peak in the middle of Sacred Light City feels strange; it feels like an altar.” Chuan Xinlou spoke up with a solemn tone.

“It doesn’t just feel like an altar; it is an altar, central to refining the Mysterious Yellow Starland. But from the looks of it, the Ninth Prince would still need at least a few centuries to refine the Mysterious Yellow Starland at his current rate.” Ning Cheng had studied array formation for a long time. Therefore, he had quickly noticed that the Ninth Emperor’s Peak was part of a top-grade sacrificial array.

The reason he didn’t choose to enter the Sacred Light City was that he had a vague feeling that this Sacred Light City wasn’t as simple as it looked on the surface. It didn’t look any different than other cities, except for the lack of spiritual consciousness restrictions. However, after Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness entered Sacred Light City, he immediately felt a threat.

He felt sure that the Sacred Light City had a concealed battle formation; he just couldn’t see it. Naturally, Ning Cheng wouldn’t take such risks for such uncertain things.

Moreover, the Star Protecting Grand Array outside Mysterious Yellow Starland was just a simple array, something he could break easily. But right now, there wasn’t any array formation around Moyi City. If he stayed in Moyi City without at least a Trap Formation, then he might just enter Sacred Light City like an idiot.

After the few people walked into Moyi City, everyone noticed a rotten aura and smell permeating the air. The aura and smell were so thick that even Ning Cheng and Shui Wuchang felt nauseated despite not standing in the middle of it. This place was one of the more bustling and prosperous areas within the starland just a few years ago.

The crowd remained silent, and only after a while did Chuan Xinlou speak up, “Sect Master Ning, where should we meet that Ninth Prince?”

“Go to Shui Clan’s place.”

After speaking those words, Ning Cheng looked at Shui Wuchang and said, “Wuchang, you take Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor and the others to your Shui Clan’s guest hall first. I’ll be there soon.”

Shui Wuchang naturally wouldn’t ask Ning Cheng about his business. Instead, she bowed and said to Chuan Xinlou and the others, “Several Heavenly Emperors, please come with me.”

Chuan Xinlou and the others already guessed what Ning Cheng wanted to do, but did not ask anything about it. At least for now, Ning Cheng was their ally.

After Chuan Xinlou and the others left, Ning Cheng took out some array flags and distributed them all around Moyi City. After dropping the array flags, they either quickly disappeared into the void or sank into the rubble, without any celestial essence fluctuations.

Half an hour later, when Ning Cheng arrived at Shui Clan’s guest hall, he found everyone already seated. Shui Wuchang had cleaned the Shui Clan’s guest room, and with the few people sitting there, it injected a little more life force to the place.

When Ning Cheng came in, he found the seat of honour empty. Shen Mengyan sat beside the place of honour, followed by Chuan Xinlou, Yi Jiufeng, Qiao Jierui, Zhangkang Tianji and Shui Wuchang.

Ning Cheng quickly understood everything from the order of the seats.

The main person facing that Ninth Prince today wasn’t Chuan Xinlou, but Ning Cheng. Chuan Xinlou stood very clear on this. Otherwise, with Chuan Xinlou’s status, he would never sit below Ning Cheng.

As for why Shen Mengyan sat next to Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng also understood the meaning behind it. Chuan Xinlou must have already known about his relationship to Sheng Mengyan. In other words, Chuan Xinlou and the others saw Shen Mengyan as Ning Cheng’s mother-in-law. Letting Shen Mengyan sit next to Ning Cheng, in addition to ‘respect’ for Ning Cheng, it also had another meaning. That is, Sect Master Ning will take care of everything today. Since we gave you this status, then you have to see it through to the end.

Ning Cheng smiled faintly. He didn’t particularly care about where he sat. For Ning Cheng, seating location didn’t matter. He would do what he should do. He wouldn’t do things differently just because he sat in a different place.

Not long after Ning Cheng sat down, the space in the hall distorted, and a moment later, a few daoist shadows suddenly appeared in the middle of the guest hall.

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