Chapter 0806

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Chapter 0806: Immediate Refusal

Six people had suddenly appeared in the guest hall, led by a young-looking man. If not for the faint wrinkles on his face, one could consider this person as a handsome young man. However, Ning Cheng would never think about this person’s handsomeness. The fluctuations of dao charm around this man didn’t lose out to that red-haired cultivator he killed; rather, it felt slightly stronger.

The young man had a charming girl at either side, with one having silver hair, which gave her a very dignified appearance. The other girl had fair skin but felt somewhat strange. Her body, however, gave out an aura filled with seduction.

Three men stood behind these three, with one being Yi Mingyuan who had arranged the array formation and used those black insects to trap Chuan Xinlou and the others. Standing next to Yi Mingyuan was a skinny cultivator who looked no different from a bamboo pole, perhaps even thinner. He had a face that looked almost identical to that of a skeleton without even the slightest expression. It gave others the impression that this person wasn’t a person but a puppet made out of bones.

The last male cultivator wore a mask, which made it difficult to see his appearance. The mask also seemed to hide this person’s aura.

The man with wrinkles over his face took a step forward to reach the top seat opposite to Ning Cheng. At the same moment, the two women on either side of him disengaged and stood separately behind him. Only after the man with the wrinkled face sat down, did Yi Mingyuan’s trio sit down one by one next to him.

It wasn’t until his group sat down did the man with a wrinkled face turned his gaze towards Ning Cheng. “You’ve got a lot of arrogance, forcing me to make a trip to his place in person. But since someone like you came to my place, I’ll not behave as a stingy person. I’ve always been kind towards capable people.”

Ning Cheng didn’t care about these rough words. Even when Yi Mingyuan’s spiritual consciousness fell on him on arrival, Ning Cheng didn’t care about it. Rather, what he felt doubtful about was the man with the mask on his face, who kept staring at him since arrival. It felt like being stared down by a life and death enemy, to the point that this person couldn’t even control the murderous intent in his gaze.

Even if this person wore a mask, Ning Cheng felt sure that he had never met this fellow, which made him quite puzzled as to why this person showed so much hostility towards him.

Hearing Man Jiuren’s words, Ning Cheng did not pay attention to the masked man anymore and calmly replied. “You should be the Ninth Prince that Yi Mingyuan spoke about, right? But before I even consider it, we have a problem that needs a solution. This place isn’t yours Ninth Prince but belongs to Shui Clan of Mysterious Yellow Starland’s Moyi City. And currently, there are people from Shui Clan in attendance. Remember to not describe other people’s things as your own; otherwise, I might just end up despising you.”

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Man Jiuren froze for a moment before laughing, “That’s a thing of the past. Now the Mysterious Yellow Starland belongs to me, Man Jiuren.”

With an unassailable tone, powerful fluctuations of dao charm emerged before dissipating. As long as Ning Cheng spoke even a word against him, he would immediately start.

Originally, Chuan Xinlou wanted to kill all the outsiders of Mysterious Yellow Starland. But now he changed his mind in an instant. Chuan Xinlou quickly understood that he didn’t have such a great ability to kill all outsiders here. Even if he disregarded Man Jiuren, the other three people sitting beside him could easily match him in strength. Once a fight erupts, successfully retreating would be one thing. But more importantly, it wouldn’t fulfil his purpose of coming here.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, Chuan Xinlou stepped in front and said. “Since the Ninth Prince occupied the Mysterious Yellow Starland, then it naturally belongs to the Ninth Prince. We came here to create an agreement with the Ninth Prince….”

But before Chuan Xinlou could complete his words, Man Jiuren snorted and cut him off, “You’re not qualified to reach any kind of agreement with me.”

Chuan Xinlou’s face coloured with anger on hearing those words, but he still didn’t dare take the initiative to strike.

Man Jiuren didn’t care about it and turned to Ning Cheng. “I came here today for you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even bothered with these people. Your cultivation is not high, yet you can touch the Laws of Time and even have a way to kill Hong Lun. It makes me very interested in you. Tell me, what’s your name.”

Ning Cheng’s heart sank a bit. He immediately figured who Hong Lun was; it should be the red-haired man with the flat nose, someone he killed about two months ago.

Seeing Ning Cheng frowning and not speaking, Man Jiuren spoke up with a cold voice, “I like you, so I want you to work for me, Man Jiuren. As long as you agree, I won’t mistreat you. I’ll even write off your offence of killing Hong Lun. Otherwise, this Man Jiuren will have his revenge for Hong Lun’s death. As for that charming Dao Companion beside you, hehe, you can just imagine the consequences for her.”

When that male cultivator with a mask on his face heard Man Jiuren refer to Shen Mengyan as Ning Cheng’s Dao Companion, his fists immediately clenched. One could even hear the sounds of his bones cracking.

Ning Cheng spoke with disdain, “Man Jiuren, did becoming a prince muddle your brain? Or did it turn you into an idiot?”

When Man Jiuren heard Ning Cheng’s words, the wrinkles on his face suddenly puckered up, making him look terrifying. Today, he took the initiative to visit Ning Cheng personally and invite Ning Cheng to join his camp. One could say that this was the first time he lowered himself to such an extent. If he hadn’t seen Ning Cheng’s proficiency in the Dao of Arrays and that Laws of Time-related spirit technique, how could he have come to this place?

Yet, now an insect had called him an idiot. If he didn’t kill this ant today, would he, Man Jiuren, still have any face left? Man Jiuren liked collecting talents, but he never tolerated any disobedience from his subordinates. Even though Ning Cheng has not yet taken refuge in him, in his eyes, Ning Cheng has already committed the crime of disobeying his superior.

“Kill them all, keep that woman next to this ant alive. We’ll fuck her together later.” After Man Jiuren finished, he raised his hand and brought out a golden-coloured whip.

“Truly a bunch of beasts.” Shen Mengyan muttered while trembling with anger.

The moment that Man Jiuren called for their deaths, Ning Cheng also brought out his Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear. Just a heartbeat later, Chuan Xinlou, Yi Jiufeng and the others also brought out their weapons one after another.

From Ning Cheng’s side, Chuan Xinlou had the highest cultivator. Therefore, Ning Cheng initially thought that Chuan Xinlou would choose to take on the Ninth Prince. Unexpectedly, after Chuan Xinlou brought out his Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda, he went straight for Yi Mingyuan. He even shouted the words, “Like using a paltry array formation to plot against me, huh. Then die for me.”

While talking, the flames from the Burning Sky Eroding Sun Pagoda burst forth from the pagoda at full force, almost liquefying the space around him.

People who didn’t know about Chuan Xinlou would have thought that Chuan Xinlou truly resented Yi Mingyuan, so he chose to deal with Yi Mingyuan first. Only Ning Cheng realised that Chuan Xinlou didn’t dare to fight Man Jiuren, wanting him to deal with that fellow.

Qiao Jierui and Zhangkang Tianji also brought out their weapons at the same time. They quickly joined forces to deal with that almost-bones cultivator. They could gauge that the Ninth Prince had the highest cultivation among the group, followed by Yi Mingyuan, with that bamboo-like cultivator coming in at a close third. As for the cultivator wearing a mask, although a bit mysterious, he didn’t seem to have powerful cultivation. At best, late-stage Eternal Realm.

Yi Jiufeng was the last to pick her targets and chose to deal with that masked cultivator and the two women near to Chuan Xinlou.

As for Shui Wuchang and Shen Mengyan, they were both Heaven Seated cultivators. In this kind of battle, they simply couldn’t participate at all and immediately stepped back.

The golden whip in Man Jiuren’s hand moved and rolled up layers of turbulent space, “Let me experience the depth of your Laws of Time-related spirit technique.”

The moment Chuan Xinlou and the others started fighting, Shui Clan’s already broken mansion quickly crumbled to dust.

At this moment, even the space around Moyi City turned extremely turbulent, and celestial essence explosions continuously rang out. At the same time, various Law-related spirit techniques clashed with each other. Moyi City, which had already turned into a ghost city, experienced so much damage that even the already-broken buildings disappeared. Even the streets and roads had turned into ravines.

Although Yi Mingyuan had trapped Chuan Xinlou before, it only happened because of the array formation. In terms of strength, Chuan Xinlou did not lose out to Yi Mingyuan. As the two fought, they quickly moved out of the city. In contrast, the intensity of the fight continued to increase exponentially with each passing moment. At the same time, Qiao Jierui and Zhangkang Tianji remained tied with that almost-bones cultivator. Only Yi Jiufeng seemed to enjoy the upper hand. Yi Jiufeng’s strength was only second to Chuan Xinlou; therefore, she could easily face off against her three opponents. But in retrospect, the three weren’t as strong as the others anyway.

Ning Cheng stared at the layers of space rolled up by Man Jiuren. Looking at how easily Man Jiuren manipulated space as if it was just a paper, Ning Cheng secretly felt bitter. He understood with a glance that he wasn’t Man Jiuren’s opponent. Not only could he not fight against this fellow on even grounds, but even the difference in strength wasn’t just one or two points. Even though the other party hadn’t made any moves, the layers of turbulent space rolled up by the golden whip kept surging. It felt as if there was an entire universe trapped inside the whip. As long as he moved, the layers of spacial turbulence would crush him to powder.

That Chuan Xinlou truly didn’t have any balls, to give him the strongest opponent out of all.

“This prince will let you make the first move; otherwise, once I take action, you may not be able to display your Laws of Time-related spirit technique for the rest of your life.” Man Jiuren stared at Ning Cheng and spoke with a mocking tone.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath. He understood that Man Jiuren wasn’t talking nonsense. Once Man Jiuren started, this space would no longer belong to him. Even with Sunset’s Twilight, Ning Cheng didn’t feel confident that it could help him break free. In other words, if Man Jiuren took the initiative, he truly might not have the chance to move his hand.

Ning Cheng’s thoughts immediately connected with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. At this moment, he couldn’t think of any other means to suppress Man Jiuren. The difference in power between him and Man Jiuren simply couldn’t be compared on the same level. But this also invoked a strong desire, almost an obsession, in his heart to seek out more strength.

The previous usage of the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow had severely injured him. How long has it been since then? Yet, he understood that he had to use the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow once again. After recovering from that previous injury, Ning Cheng had warned himself not to use the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow casually. But what other choice did he have right now?

The last time was to complete his Mysterious Yellow Bead, but this time it was to save his life.

“You two leave immediately. Get out of Mysterious Yellow Starland. I’ll take care of the things here.” Ning Cheng transmitted his voice to Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang.

Apart for him and Man Jiuren, only Shen Mengyan and Shui Wuchang were left here. The rest had already left Moyi City while fighting.

Shui Wuchang had an opportunistic mindset. She knew full well that since things had reached this point, staying here would only mean dragging her feet to death. Ning Cheng had just finished speaking when she brought out a talisman. The talisman flashed, and she immediately disappeared from the place.

Shen Mengyan sighed; she didn’t have such a talisman. However, she didn’t want to leave either. She vaguely felt that Yu Yuechen had truly come to this place.

Seeing Shui Wuchang using a talisman to escape, Man Jiuren snorted, “Since you don’t want to start, then just die.”

The golden whip coiled around itself and for a moment, the entire sky above Moyi City transformed into turbulent space. A thought that he no longer belonged to this place suddenly arose in Ning Cheng’s heart for no reason at all. Sensing the changes, Ning Cheng instantly stimulated his Sea of Consciousness and activated the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow.

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