Chapter 0807

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Chapter 0807: Ning Cheng’s Retreat

Ning Cheng had experienced using the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow only a few months back, so he knew the terrifying power of this arrow. As long as he started powering up the arrow, it wouldn’t stop at all. In other words, once activated, Ning Cheng had no choice but to use the arrow. Moreover, if it couldn’t absorb enough celestial essence, or if its user didn’t have sufficiently powerful spiritual consciousness, it wouldn’t shoot at all. However, it would continue to suck out every scrap of celestial essence.

If the body didn’t have enough strength, then even without waiting for the backlash from the arrow, the violent absorption would turn you in a dried husk.

Man Jiuren looked at Ning Cheng with a cold smile and didn’t take the initiative to attack first. It’s not that he did it to keep his promise, but because he still had some hope that Ning Cheng would become his subordinate. After Ning Cheng attacked, Ning Cheng would have realised that the Laws of Time-related spirit technique was only a small trick in his eyes. And that it would wake Ning Cheng up and force him to consider joining under him. Although destined for greater things, he lacked people under him who could touch the Laws of Time.

Ning Cheng quickly took out a few array flags and a jade strip before placing them in Shen Mengyan’s hand. Then, he sent her a sound transmission, “Once I fall, rush out immediately. Once you reach Moyi City’s main street, immediately throw out these array flags and head to the place marked on the jade strip.”

Ning Cheng knew that he wouldn’t remain conscious for long, to the point that even taking out the array flags might not be possible. Fortunately, Shen Mengyan didn’t leave. But even if Shen Mengyan had left, he would have called out Chasing Bull for the job.

Ning Cheng just finished saying this when he brought out the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. Almost instantly a crescent-moon shaped rainbow-coloured bow appeared suspended in the air. A black arrow exuding a terrifying killing intent rode on this bright crescent moon-shaped bow.

Man Jiuren’s face changed.

The horrifying and violent killing intent from the arrow swept through the sky. At this moment, space no longer remained in Man Jiuren’s control. Rather, the black arrow’s killing intent had taken over it completely.

After the black arrow’s violent killing intent swept through the area, it started to grow lighter. Even the colours of the bow became brighter and more colourful. However, Man Jiuren’s eyes only contained horror. He felt fear for the first time after coming to this place, yet he couldn’t do anything about it. Under the suppression of this horrifying arrow intent, he could only stand and watch.

“Stop! Even if you shoot this arrow, it can’t kill me. I’ll make sure that all those people and places that have anything to do with you will turn to dust……” Man Jiuren cried frantically. He wanted Ning Cheng to believe his words. Besides, Ning Cheng truly couldn’t kill him even if he shot the arrow. But he also didn’t want to suffer the slightest loss over a broken thing like the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

Ning Cheng, however, couldn’t stop even if he wanted. The first time he activated the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, he kept the arrow’s absorption of celestial essence under control. He even deliberately took some time before the arrow could shoot out. But this time, Ning Cheng let the arrow suck away at his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness like crazy.

He felt afraid that the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s killing intent wouldn’t seal Man Jiuren’s movements completely. Therefore, he wanted to shoot the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow as quickly as possible.

Once again burning his essence blood like a crazy person, Ning Cheng even piled on it by burning his life essence. He only had one purpose in mind, and that was to shoot this arrow quickly. He must not let Man Jiuren break free from the Star Splitter Arrow’s killing intent, nor allow Yi Mingyuan and the others to come in and help.

The entire area around this part of the city had turned grey because of the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. But Man Jiuren didn’t continue asking Ning Cheng to stop. He could see that Ning Cheng couldn’t stop the arrow by himself. Realising this, a trace of hatred flashed in his eyes. He vowed to himself to not die before killing Ning Cheng with his own hands.

If he knew that Ning Cheng wouldn’t use his Laws of Time-related spirit technique; if he knew that Ning Cheng would take out a Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, if……

He felt regret, regret about letting Ning Cheng take out such an arrow. He regretted that he shouldn’t have waited to see Ning Cheng’s Laws of Time-related spirit technique.

However, there were no ifs in the universe. It’s not that he had never seen or used such levels of grand spirit techniques before. At this moment, a powerful technique that could transform his current desires into reality appeared in his mind. It was a pity that he could only look at it from afar as it didn’t belong to him. It was also a Laws of Time-related spirit technique. However, it wasn’t Time Wheel, a low-level Laws of Time spirit technique used by the ant in front of him. But a mighty Laws of Time-related spirit technique that could reverse time itself.

Although Shen Mengyan stood behind Ning Cheng and was not the target of the endless killing intent, the terrifying killing intent had made her pale and trembling all over. She didn’t know what to do. She had never seen or experienced such a terrifying killing intent. She felt sure that if she stood in front of Ning Cheng, facing this arrow, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have to release the arrow at all. Just the surrounding killing intent would have grounded her body to dust, forcing her soul to enter the reincarnation cycle.

But when she saw Man Jiuren’s eyes filled with panic, Shen Mengyan’s heart finally started to calm down a little. She sighed slightly and turned her gaze to Ning Cheng, but then her expressions changed drastically once again.

Ning Cheng’s body kept shaking violently, his face had turned grey, and even his hair had started to lose colour and slowly turned grey and then to white. The corners of Ning Cheng’s mouth also overflowed with blood, and she could even hear the bones in his body creaking loudly. It felt as if even a child could easily overwhelm Ning Cheng at this moment.

Shen Mangyan was also a Heaven Seated expert, so she naturally understood why Ning Cheng ended up in such a state. Ning Cheng not only over-burned his celestial essence and Sea of Consciousness’s spiritual consciousness but also burned his life essence and essence blood.

Just what kind of arrow was this? How was it so scary?

“Shoo……” The Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow in Ning Cheng’s hand finally shot out of the bow. The killing intent condensed within it also burst out at this moment. The power of this arrow had reached such terrifying levels that cracks started to appear in space out of nowhere. Even the grey death aura in the sky also coalesced into a single point containing the majestic and boundless killing intent before surging out.

“Puff……” Ning Cheng spat out a large mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, unable to speak even a single word.

Ning Cheng had still not fully healed from the last time he used the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. Yet, he brought out the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow again and even used it in such a hurry. It wouldn’t surprise him if this usage hurt his foundation. Although he still had the support of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, the severe injuries wouldn’t heal in just a day or two.

“Boom” The cascading layers of turbulent space that Man Jiuren had rolled up turned into nothingness in front of this overpowered killing intent. Even his domain popped like a balloon without putting up even the slightest resistance.

Although this Man Jiuren had more power and strength compared to the red-haired man with the flat nose, there still was a limit. Just like how the red-haired man with the flat nose couldn’t avoid the arrow, Man Jiuren also couldn’t avoid it.

The Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s grey killing intent tore through Man Jiuren’s chest in an instant. But at that moment, Man Jiuren’s body shook, and another body seemed to have suddenly materialised out of him, but seated on the ground.

“Bang……” Man Jiuren’s original body gave out a bang followed by a scream as it got blown into smithereens.

Shen Mengyan looked at Man Jiuren, whose body had exploded into nothingness, in shock. Yet, she still saw Man Jiuren sitting in the same spot. This Man Jiuren looked precisely the same as the Man Jiuren from before, the one who turned into nothingness by the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow. However, he sat there with his mouth overflowing with blood, celestial essence in disorder along with an unstable aura.

“Essence Spirit Surrogate……” Shen Mengyan yelled out in shock. As someone born and brought up in Yu Clan’s Corner, and also having an extraordinary teacher, she naturally had heard of Essence Spirit Surrogates.

An Essence Spirit Surrogate was a unique treasure, which provided its user with an extra life. At the verge of death by the hands of others, if you didn’t have any ability to resist, the Essence Spirit Surrogate would replace you and save you from death.

Man Jiuren couldn’t escape the attack, yet he sat in front of the two relatively safe and sound. From this, he should have used his Essence Spirit Surrogate that saved him from death.

Man Jiuren reached out to wipe the blood from his mouth and watched the frightened Shen Mengyan before slowly standing up. He currently had less than 1% of his original strength after using the Essence Spirit Surrogate. Therefore, if Ning Cheng had even a bit of power left, he would have escaped using an Escape Talisman. The loss was something too huge, and it would take him some time and a lot of resources to heal the injuries and recover the lost strength.

However, Shen Mengyan was only a puny Heaven Seated cultivator, someone he didn’t even consider as an ant. That insect forced him to use his only Essence Spirit Surrogate. If he didn’t take care of that insect’s Dao Companion, then he wasn’t Man Jiuren, the Ninth Prince. He was the one who always taught lessons to other people, when was it time for others to teach him?

Shen Mengyan quickly sobered up. She understood that this Ninth Prince didn’t have an absolute power to stop her. Therefore, she immediately rushed and picked up Ning Cheng before turning around and flying away.

When Man Jiuren saw Shen Mengyan daring to escape, he sneered and shot out a ray of red light. In this place, even if he didn’t give chase, Shen Mengyan would never be able to escape Mysterious Yellow Starland.

After Shen Mengyan rushed out of Shui Clan’s mansion, what she saw was pure destruction. Where were the streets of Moyi City? Ning Cheng had told her to throw out those array flags after reaching the streets of Moyi City. But now she saw nothing resembling roads or streets at all. What should she do?

Chuan Xinlou, Qiao Jierui, Zhangkang Tianji and Yi Jiufeng had already left. She also didn’t see that eyeless Yi Mingyuan and that man as thin as a bamboo pole. Only the flirtatious woman and the masked man sat at the edge of a huge ravine.

The flirtatious woman suffered some severe injuries and couldn’t move at all. But the masked man saw Shen Mengyan rushing out holding Ning Cheng and shouted, “Put him down.”

Shen Mengyan didn’t bother to pay any attention to this masked man. Raising his hand, she shot out a ray of red light. It was her most powerful trump card, something her master had left behind for her after she advanced to the Heaven Seated Realm.

The masked man received some severe injuries during the fight with Yi Jiufeng. Combining it with his anger, he could only barely take out a shield and put it in front of him.

The ray of red light tore through the shield, causing the man to spit out another mouthful of blood, but it also altered the light’s trajectory. The very next moment, that ray of red light shot through his thigh, spraying another canopy of blood.

At this point, Man Jiuren also chased out. Shen Mengyan didn’t have the time to think about anything else and threw out all the array flags in her hand.

As soon as she threw out the array flags in her hand, a series of spacial fluctuations emerged around her. In just a few breaths, these spacial fluctuations gathered and formed a huge vortex. The vortex then covered Shen Mengyan, and she disappeared from her place in an instant.

The masked man and Man Jiuren looked at the disappearing Shen Mengyan in a daze. Even they found it a little bit unbelievable.

After a while, Man Jiuren recovered from the surprise and spoke up. “He put a concealed one-way teleportation array on standby. This person is truly a genius.”

He coined Ning Cheng as a ‘genius’ not just because Ning Cheng could arrange this array formation, but also because of two other points. First, after Ning Cheng entered Moyi City, he considered arranging a one-way teleportation array as a way out. Second, even after Moyi City suffered such a level of destruction, he could still use that one-way teleportation array. It showed that Ning Cheng not only arranged the teleportation array. But this fellow had even concealed the teleportation array flags using spacial concealment.

However, Man Jiuren still couldn’t fully grasp Ning Cheng’s accomplishments in array formations. Ning Cheng’s array formation wasn’t a high-level one or even a sophisticated one. Instead, the array flags he used for setting up the array formation could echo with each other. Even if blasted away from the original position, it would restore itself in the shortest time once the control array flags came anywhere near it.

“He can’t walk away. It’s only a short-range teleportation array.” Man Jiuren quickly understood the shortcomings of Ning Cheng’s teleportation array and spoke up a fierce tone. He decided to seal off Mysterious Yellow Starland first and then slowly flush out Ning Cheng while he recovered.

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