Chapter 0809

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Chapter 0809: There are always good people

“Boom-Boom” The Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort blocked off the sound. Even if Ning Cheng hadn’t fully recovered from his injuries, his current cultivation far surpassed the time he came here in the Heaven Seated Realm.

Ning Cheng changed directions several times but didn’t encounter even one spacial collapse. He knew that to enter that blood lake, he had to find a location with spacial collapses.

After another incense stick of time, a spacial collapse suddenly appeared behind Ning Cheng. Shen Mengyan’s face turned pale. She had never seen such a powerful spacial collapse.

“That’s it.” Ning Cheng exclaimed and rushed away from it. He had already understood that this place should be a huge Spacial Collapse Array.

Entering this place, one would face a certain degree of danger. If unlucky, the Spacial Collapse Array might just swallow you up.

Ning Cheng quickly rushed down at full speed. Ning Cheng only stopped when the spacial collapse behind him disappeared, and the scenery around him no longer looked like that of a collapsed canyon.

“Where is this place?” Shen Mengyan asked in shock after Ning Cheng put her down.

She only saw a dark-red scenery in front of her eyes. Moreover, there seemed to be a peculiar kind of fishy smell permeating the entire place.

But she quickly realised that she still hadn’t put on a robe. She immediately took out a set of robes and put it on hastily.

Seeing that Ning Cheng’s attention wasn’t on her, Shen Mengyan sighed and walked a few steps forward to Ning Cheng’s side and asked, “Ning Cheng, did you already know about this place? Did you specifically come here to find this place?”

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness carefully observed the surroundings. Only now did he confirm that this place was an artificial one built by someone. As long as one entered this place, it meant that one would find danger everywhere.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Yes, I know this place. I owe someone here a favour. Despite being trapped here, he saved my life. When he saved me, I promised him that I would return and save him. Now that the Ninth Prince has taken over the Mysterious Yellow Starland, I’m just worried that he would truly refine this place one day. At that time, I wouldn’t have any chance to repay that favour.”

Shen Mengyan felt surprised. Ning Cheng had come to this place before?

Ning Cheng took a few steps forward but stopped quickly.

Shen Mengyan’s mouth opened wide in surprise and looked at the scene before her in utter shock. She saw a blood lake with a huge heart suspended right over the middle of it. Not to mention that she had never seen such a big heart, Shen Mengyan had never imagined that such a gigantic heart could exist.

Moreover, this heart still had a pulse, and every time it pulsed, it would make a loud ‘thump’. Shen Mengyan finally understood the origin of that heart and soul-shaking ‘thump’ from before. It had come from this heart. She never thought that a heart could have such a power. If not for Ning Cheng’s blue thunder fort protecting her, she would have found it almost impossible even to remain standing.

“This blood lake, that heart……” Shen Mengyan muttered to herself. If the heart was already this big, then what kind of a giant would have such a huge heart?

“Aunt Yan. Stay here. The Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort will protect you. I’ll go and free that person.” Ning Cheng said to Shen Mengyan while staring at the blood lake.

“Save who? There’s no one here.” Shen Mengyan wondered aloud.

Ning Cheng looked at the blood lake in front of him and said with a solemn voice, “This blood lake is not as simple as it looks. It has countless bugs in it. Once our auras come into contact with the blood in the blood lake, the bugs within it will immediately come out.”

Although Ning Cheng said those words to Shen Mengyan, his gaze remained fixed on the blood lake. The heart above the blood lake wasn’t that big; it’s just that there were countless dark-red insects within this heart. Those insects could blow it up and swarm out. Ning Cheng even wondered if this heart could still beat after wiping out all the insects within it.

Shen Mengyan shuddered when she heard Ning Cheng’s words. When Ning Cheng spoke about bugs, she immediately recalled the scene when they had just entered the Mysterious Yellow Starland. The one where they got surrounded by those scary-looking black insects.

The blood lake, as if alerted by the conversation between him and Shen Mengyan, started to bubble up as if someone lit a fire underneath it. At the same time, dense ‘cha-cha’ sounds began to emerge from it as each bubble popped on reaching the surface.

Shen Mengyan watched with a horrified expression as a seemingly endless swarm of dark-red insects emerged from the blood lake. These dark-red insects were only the size of a rice grain but had a layer of thick mucus covering it. Moreover, the sheer numbers crawling out of the blood lake and over each other made it feel like she had entered a terrifying nightmare. From the looks of it, these insects had already noticed her and Ning Cheng’s aura the moment they stepped inside this place.

At the same time, a terrifying and powerful spacial pressure descended over both of them. Shen Mengyan immediately felt her control over the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort starting to slip.

“Aunt Yan, try your best to control the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort, I will go and save that person.” Ning Cheng immediately brought out the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear. If Ning Cheng were still in the Heaven Seated Realm, this pressure would have also suppressed him. But now, Ning Cheng’s cultivation had far surpassed the original Heaven Seated Realm. Even without fully recovering from his injuries, his current strength still far exceeded that of in the Heaven Seated Realm.

As this seemingly endless swarm of insects pounced on Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng raised his hand and cast a Time Wheel. These bugs were not only disgusting but were also extremely tough. However, Ning Cheng believed that no matter how tough these insects were, they couldn’t counteract the effects of his Time Wheel. After all, it was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique.

As the grey Time Wheel swept out, Ning Cheng felt relieved to see piles of those dark-red insects get crushed into nothingness under the Time Wheel. He wasn’t truly afraid of facing these many insects, but he did feel fearful of not having enough power to kill them all.

As long as Time Wheels could take care of these insects, he didn’t need to worry too much. No matter how many or how powerful these bugs were, it wouldn’t mean a thing under the Time Wheel’s sweep.

The insects kept pouncing on Ning Cheng, but Ning Cheng kept dropping array flags while also casting more Time Wheels. He knew that these insects, under the control of the Altar of Forefather’s Library, would form a huge Blood-sucking Grand Array. This Blood-sucking Grand Array could even suck out the essence blood from his body. Ning Cheng felt worried that he wouldn’t be able to resist it, so he decided to arrange an array formation first to counteract it.

As long as he got rid of these insects, even if that Altar of Forefather’s Library emerged, it wouldn’t pose much of a threat to him.

Despite Ning Cheng’s Time Wheels crushing waves of those dark-red insects into nothingness, they still rushed into Ning Cheng’s Time Wheels like crazy.

Ning Cheng could also see that the water in the blood lake had dropped a little. He knew that it probably was the result of his Time Wheels killing off a lot of those insects.

Perhaps aware of the threat Ning Cheng posed, the insect within the blood lake burst out with screeches. At the same time, the huge heart pulsed again and a mountain of insects swarmed out.

Ning Cheng wanted more and more of these insects to come out, that way he could use his Time Wheels to eradicate as many of these insects as possible. In any case, these bugs couldn’t defend against his Time Wheel at all.

At this moment, a loud rumbling noise suddenly emerged, at which point Ning Cheng took in a deep breath. He understood that the Altar of Forefather’s Library was starting to emerge.

Sure enough, after the rumbling sound, a huge black altar slowly started to materialise on the opposite side of the blood lake. At the same time, the words ‘Forefather’s Library’ also appeared over the surface of the altar. A whimper emerged from the platform, and after hearing that whimper, the insects stopped rushing towards Ning Cheng. Instead, they started to arrange themselves according to a pattern.

In just a short time, a Blood-sucking Grand Array quickly formed, composed entirely of these insects. Ning Cheng quickly understood that every insect in it represented an individual array flag.



At the same time that black Altar of Forefather’s Library appeared, a giant, dragging heavy chains, also appeared. Ning Cheng naturally understood that once the Altar of Forefather’s Library appeared, the giant had to appear. The giant served a particular purpose; that is, to provide essence blood for the Altar of Forefather’s Library.

Ning Cheng didn’t want the blood lake to absorb the giant’s essence blood. Therefore, he raised his hand and shot a Time Wheel towards the Blood-sucking Grand Array formed by those insects. From Ning Cheng’s point of view, as long as he took out the Blood-sucking Grand Array, the blood lake wouldn’t be able to absorb the giant’s essence blood. It might even ruin the Altar or Forefather’s Library.

Shen Mengyan, who stood behind Ning Cheng, stared at the dozens of meters tall giant and couldn’t hold back her tears. She had once suffered through something similar, which meant that she could empathise with the giant’s suffering. When she was locked up in the water prison, it was Ning Cheng who had saved her.

However, the giant in front of her looked much more miserable compared to what she went through. The giant had a huge hole in his chest, with one blind eye and the other eye socket empty. He only had a single arm. Moreover, whether it was the hole in the chest or the eyeless eye socket, black blood continually trickled down.

The giant arched his body to grab the heart suspended over the blood lake, but thick iron chains pulled back his two feet and one hand. His hand could only stretch to the edge of the blood lake despite fully exerting himself and couldn’t extend anymore.

“I sacrificed my blood, return me my heart……”

“I sacrificed my blood, return me my eye….”

The sorrowful wails from the giant also made Shen Mengyan unbearably sad. Who was so vicious? Who was so inhuman to torture someone to such an extent? Wouldn’t it be better just to kill them off?

Ning Cheng’s Time Wheel shot towards the Blood-sucking Grand Array formed by the insects. But the array suddenly shot out red-coloured rays of light containing a unique dao charm. These light rays immediately shielded the array from the Time Wheel and made it so that it could no longer kill any of the insects.

Ning Cheng felt shocked. How could he break this array without killing these insects?

Once those dark-red insects completed the Blood-sucking Grand Array, the whimpering sound from the Altar of Forefather’s Library grew even more poignant. Even the giant grew increasingly restless. He even screamed while pushing himself to the limits to grab his heart.

The whimpering from the altar turned into a constant wail. At this moment, the blood within the giant’s body erupted and transformed into a blood bridge that connected him to the lake. But this time, because of Ning Cheng’s interference, the blood bridge was far less violent than the last time it appeared.

Ning Cheng endured the powerful blood-sucking force and frantically shot out a dozen more time wheels. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t destroy this Blood-sucking Insect Array.

The giant, who wanted to grab his own heart, finally felt Ning Cheng’s presence next to him. He stopped and turned his head towards Ning Cheng in confusion, “Aren’t you the one I rescued last time? Why did you come here again?”

The Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand shot out countless rays of spear intent, filling up the area between him and the Blood-sucking Grand Array. Then, combined with the already-cast time wheels, he pushed out with all his strength. At the same time, he also replied, “Because I promised you that as long as I live, I will come back to help you.”

The giant stood rooted in his spot with a blank expression. He had helped countless people in his life but had also suffered deceit innumerable times from the same people he helped. Except for the dead Xi’er, no one had ever come to help him. Not to mention honouring the promises, people wouldn’t even think of returning to this place again.

He had no eyes, yet two lines of tears streamed down his face, while he muttered, “Xi’er, you were right. There are always good people.”

He was moved to tears not because Ning Cheng had returned to save him, but because Xi’er didn’t lie to him. There always were good people.

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