Chapter 0810

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Chapter 0810: The Powerful Dagger

“Boom!” The Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear and Time Wheel blasted onto the Blood-sucking Grand Array composed of those dark-red insects. Despite the aura of time washing over it, the grand array formed by those insects only shook a bit but did not break.

The black Altar of Forefather’s Library whimpered even more bitterly, and more insects rushed out of the heart above the blood lake and the blood lake itself.

The giant didn’t care about Ning Cheng’s attack. But after murmuring to himself, he said to Ning Cheng. “I remember, you’re named Ning Cheng. You can’t save me. But don’t worry, I’ll send you out.”

After speaking, the giant grabbed at the void again and tore open a gap in front of him. After tearing open a hole, the giant ignored Ning Cheng and continued to stretch towards the blood lake.

Ning Cheng saw that the void crack opened by the giant this time was much smaller than the one he opened last time.

Ning Cheng didn’t leave and also didn’t care about the crack opened by the giant. In just a short while, the gap closed up and disappeared.

The Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear stood still in the sky above the Blood-sucking Grand Array formed by those dark-red insects. However, Ning Cheng’s hand furiously formed one gesture after another with much more urgency.

Time Wheels blasted towards the Blood-sucking Grand Array one after another, and the giant’s blood flowing into the blood lake also stopped at momentarily.

Ning Cheng had simultaneously cast Sunset’s Twilight along with the Time Wheel Spirit Technique. It forced the Blood-sucking Grand Array to come to a standstill for a few moments. At the same, he took the opportunity to blast even more Time Wheels towards it. This time, Ning Cheng didn’t imagine a sunset, all he wanted was for time to stop, even one breath would be enough.

No matter how powerful the Blood-sucking Grand Array, it was still only an array under passive control. Once it came to a standstill under the influence of the Laws of Time, he could blast this tough Blood-sucking Grand Array into bits.

“Bang-Bang……” One after another Time Wheels continues to shoot towards the Blood-sucking Grand Array. The now-still Blood-sucking Grand Array started to loosen up for the first time.

The moment the Blood-sucking Grand Array loosened, the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear suspended over it gathering power, came crashing down.

The whimper from the Altar of Forefather’s Library sharpened. But it still couldn’t stop Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear from coming down.

The Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear transformed into a spear intent that crossed through space without leaving the slightest trace. With this kind of power, even if a planet appeared in front of the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, the spear would still blast it into nothingness.

“Katcha……” It was just a Blood-sucking Insect Array without anyone actively controlling it. Therefore, under Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, it immediately gave a cracking sound before the Blood-sucking Insect Array broke down entirely.

Almost at the same time when the Blood-sucking Insect Array broke down, several Time Wheels shot into it. The Time Wheels squashed through countless bugs, and the tenacious insects in their path disappeared without a trace, wiped out of existence.

Without the protection of the array formation, these dark-red insects couldn’t resist for even a moment under Ning Cheng’s Time Wheels.

With Ning Cheng obliterating the insect array, no matter how many insects came pouring out to reinforce it, they all died without leaving anything behind.

Moreover, the moment Ning Cheng broke the Blood-sucking Insect Array, the bridge of blood flowing between the blood lake and the giant’s body also broke. Sensing this, the giant turned his head towards Ning Cheng once again in disbelief. Not only did Ning Cheng not leave, he even stopped his blood from continuing to flow into the blood lake.

Without the Blood-sucking Insect Array, the control of Altar of Forefather’s Library over the giant immediately weakened. At least, the giant didn’t continue to go crazy while trying to grab its heart.

But then, the three chains connected to the giant suddenly started to shrink, seeming to want to pull the giant into the abyss again.

Ning Cheng’s expressions changed. If the giant got pulled into the abyss, he wouldn’t be able to save the giant at all. He didn’t know where the giant came from, but he understood that this giant wasn’t from this planar interface.

He must never let the giant get dragged away. Ning Cheng raised his hand and shot out several Time Wheels towards the Altar of Forefather’s Library. But when these Time Wheels hit the Altar of Forefather’s Library, it only produced a grey light, and the Aura of Time contained in it disappeared without a trace. From the looks of it, his Time Wheels couldn’t even scratch the surface of the Altar of Forefather’s Library.

“You can’t destroy that altar.” The giant wanted to stop its body from being pulled back into the abyss by the three iron chains.

However, the pulling force was just too strong. The giant’s body made a creaking sound; he could only persist for a moment before the three chains started pulling him back.

Even without the giant’s reminder, after Ning Cheng attacked the Altar of Forefather’s Library with the Time Wheels, he understood that he couldn’t destroy the altar with his current strength. Therefore, he quickly brought out the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, condensed all of his celestial essence into it and shot it towards one of the nearest chains.

Only by breaking the three chains could he save the giant.

“Boom……” The violent celestial essence force exploded on the chain, but Ning Cheng felt disappointed. Even after attacking at full strength, the chain didn’t even let out a trace of dao charm.

Ning Cheng understood that it wouldn’t make any sense for him to use the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear to smash open these three chains. The grade of these three chains far outclassed his Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear. Even his cultivation at its peak wouldn’t be able to break it.

As the giant moved farther and farther, Ning Cheng started to grow more restless. If he couldn’t save the giant this time, he might as well have killed the giant.

“Ning Cheng, thank you for coming to rescue me. I’m leaving. No matter if we get to meet again in the future, you are my second friend.” The giant could feel Ning Cheng’s frustration and anxiety, and instead tried to persuade him from turning back.

But at that moment, a poignant sound suddenly erupted from the Altar of Forefather’s Library. The louder it became, the more quickly the chains pulled on the giant. Ning Cheng grew angry at it, but he understood that the Altar of Forefather’s Library wasn’t something he could break by himself.

At no time in his life did Ning Cheng feel as small and as useless as now. Even when at an absolute disadvantage against the Ninth Prince, he didn’t feel this way. The feeling was so uncomfortable and so intense that it made him unable to breathe.

“I’m still too weak.” Ning Cheng clenched his fists, watching the giant’s figure about to get dragged into the abyss. He even felt a terrible pain in his heart.

Seeing the giant about to disappear before his eyes, Ning Cheng suddenly remembered that he still had the giant’s eye one him. Thinking of that, he immediately took out the jade box.

When Ning Cheng took out the jade box with the giant’s eye, the giant also sensed the jade box in Ning Cheng’s hand. Sensing his eye in it, the giant roared even more violently. His body filled with so much force that it prevented him from being dragged down. At the same time, his two hollow eyes stared at Ning Cheng’s hand as if he could still see.

The giant’s skin and bones kept shaking violently, but the giant forcibly stopped the chains from pulling him down. The eye in Ning Cheng’s hand was his eye; it had to be his eye.

Ning Cheng could also see the giant’s demeanour, and a kind of sadness rose in his heart. He immediately rushed forward to pass the eye into the giant’s outstretched hand. When he almost reached the giant, he suddenly remembered something, the dagger that nailed the giant’s eye.

He had never refined the dagger. It’s not that he didn’t want to refine it, it’s because he wanted to give it to the giant. It’s just that he never thought that he would fail to save the giant, so he didn’t recall the dagger until now.

Ning Cheng quickly took out the dagger, rushed behind the giant, and raised the blade in his hand before chopping down. A tearing aura emerged, and it suddenly felt that there was a trace of the void in front of the dagger’s blade. A shallow opening appeared over the chain, but Ning Cheng still felt a sense of regret.

He regretted not refining this dagger. If he had refined this dagger back then, he would have been able to cut off these chains with this blade. But now, it was too late. At this pace, he understood that he wouldn’t be able to cut apart even one chain before the giant got dragged into the void.

Sure enough, after Ning Cheng’s dagger created a shallow cut in one of the chains, the Altar of Forefather’s Library suddenly gave out a trace of black-coloured aura. Even the sharp mournful scream from it turned more violent.

The moment Ning Cheng pulled out the dagger, the giant turned his head towards the knife in Ning Cheng’s hand. There seemed to be a hint of surprise on his face, “Ning Cheng, give me that dagger.”

Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate to put the dagger in the giant’s hand, and the blade suddenly grew to an enormous size. The giant held onto the knife and then slashed at the chain attached to the back of his hand.

“Chi……” Space made a ‘chi’ sound and fluctuated, and a dark spacial crack appeared in front of the dagger. A violent killing intent emerged from it, and Ning Cheng, who now stood a little further away, felt a burst of chill.

“Katcha……” The chain binding the giant’s wrist clicked, and just like a piece of tofu, slid off the giant’s wrist.

The giant bent down and made two more cuts.

“Katcha-Katcha.” With two more clicks, the three chains binding the giant slid off him.

After the giant cut off the three chains, the chains got dragged into the void and disappeared without a trace.

Cutting off the chains that locked him, the giant then let out a violent roar. Then grabbing the dagger, he rushed towards the dark Altar of Forefather’s Library. The altar seemed to have noticed that things have gone wrong and issued another sharp scream before retreating into the dark void and disappearing without a trace, just like the chains.

As if knowing that he couldn’t catch the altar, the giant sighed. The berserk power within him also subsided, and he reached out to grab the heart in the blood lake.

Not knowing if it was because of Ning Cheng killing so many insects that rushed out of the heart, or the disappearance of the altar, the heart now looked extremely dim. Even the pulsing sound from it felt flat.

Ning Cheng also put away the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort. Since the giant gained control of his heart, then the heartbeat’s dao charm would no longer hurt Shen Mengyan.

With the insects disappearing, the altar retreating, the giant grabbing the heart, and with Ning Cheng putting away the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort, Shen Mengyan also walked out.

But when she saw the giant grab the heart, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Big man, there are a lot of insects in that heart.”

The giant shook his head, “After Ning Cheng saved me, those insects turned into nothingness. Only after the altar binds me would the altar’s dao charm help them survive. Now that I’m free, and with the disappearance of the altar, those insects would also disappear.”

After that, the giant placed his heart in the blood lake again. Ning Cheng and Shen Mengyan watched with amazement at the rapidly fading blood within the blood lake. At the same time, the blood lake also grew more and more shallow.

However, the heart also slowly recovered some of its previous life force. Although its beat was still weak, it no longer looked as if on the verge of death.

Ning Cheng also passed on the jade box containing the eye to the giant. “Back then, the aura coming from you felt exactly like the aura coming from this eye. I thought it might belong to you. So after I went out, I especially found it for you.”

The giant took the jade box and opened it. He then took out the eye and placed it into his hollow eye socket. The eyeball seemed to have suddenly come alive. The moment it entered the giant’s eye socket, it quickly merged with the giant. A moment later, one could find no indication of any abnormality.

The giant still didn’t speak. Instead, he grabbed the heart within the blood lake, which gained some life force, and pressed it into the hole in his chest. The giant’s heart quickly recovered, and even the huge hole in his chest disappeared. At this moment, even Shen Mengyan could feel the giant’s aura growing stronger.

Only after doing that did the giant hand the dagger back to Ning Cheng. “Thank you. You saved me. You’re much better than that Yu Yuechen who came before you.”

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