Chapter 0811

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Chapter 0811: Good Fortune’s 5 Grand Realms

Ning Cheng pushed the dagger back to the giant again and said, “Senior, I planned to give this dagger to you. I found this dagger nailed to your eye. I believe that one day, you can use it to nail your enemy’s eye.”

“What? Did you say Yu Yuechen?” Shen Mengyan, who had just reached Ning Cheng’s side, spoke up with excitement before the giant could even speak.

Seeing Shen Mengyan’s excitement, the giant immediately replied, “Yes, many years ago, a man named Yu Yuechen had also come here by accident. He told me that as long as I saved him, he would come to save me in the future. Then, he did not return.”

Ning Cheng naturally knew about Yu Yuechen. But then he suddenly thought back to what the giant said to him just before the giant saved him. “Many years ago, I helped a person just like this, but he never returned ….”

At that time, Ning Cheng had cursed at this unscrupulous fellow in his heart. Fortunately, the giant had a kind heart and still helped him despite the situation.

Ning Cheng worried that Shen Mengyan would feel sad, and was about to speak, but Shen Mengyan spoke up before him. “Senior, maybe he got delayed by something. I think he will return once he gets the chance in the future.”

The giant shook his head, “When I saved him, I already understood that he would never return. I’ve seen enough people in my life and can tell whether a person has a duplicitous heart or not. That Yu Yuechen is one such person with a duplicitous heart. Even if he has nothing to delay him, he would never return to save me. He even took a drop of my blood from the blood pool, thinking that I wouldn’t notice it.”

Shen Mengyan lowered her head. She wanted to defend Yu Yuechen, that he would return to this place, but the giant’s words had already left her speechless. She also didn’t understand why the giant saved Yu Yuechen when he said that Yu Yuechen wouldn’t come to save him.

The giant wasn’t as dull as his appearance indicated. On the contrary, he spoke and thought quite clearly, showing that he had adequate intelligence. He could tell with a glance that Shen Mengyan and Yu Yuechen knew each other, and could also seem to understand Shen Mengyan’s thoughts. So, he gave a calm reply, “Even if it happened once again, I would still save him.”

After speaking, the giant looked up at the void and seemed to answer Shen Mengyan’s unasked question but also seemed to be talking to himself. “Xi’er told me never to treat a life based on the good or bad impressions you have of them. It would be unfair to them. No matter the time or place, there would always be good people. Xi’er wouldn’t lie to me, Xi’er didn’t lie to me.”

With that, the giant withdrew his gaze and looked at Ning Cheng, “Thank you. You and Xi’er strengthened my faith. You’re my friend too. I’m called Pan Qian, from the Great Change Realm. We’ll be friends from now on, so just call me Pan Qian.”

He only thought of Xi’er’s words, to not be unfair to others. It seems that he never thought whether others would come here to return the favour, whether it was fair to him.

“Grand Change Realm? Where is this place?” Ning Cheng asked in confusion. He knew that there were many things in the world that he didn’t understand. Since Pan Qian seemed to have come from a very high-grade planar interface, maybe Ning Cheng could ask him about those things. Perhaps he could also inquire about Cang Wei.

Pan Qian told Ning Cheng, “Give me some materials first; I’ll make a few sets of clothes.”

Only then did Ning Cheng realise that Pan Qian’s clothes were in tatters. He quickly took out a ring and handed it to Pan Qian. “Pan Qian, you can use the things inside. I still have a lot more if you need it.”

The ring contained five star veins, a pile of Permanent Essence Pills and a collection of artefact-crafting materials.

Pan Qian also didn’t remain polite with Ning Cheng. Once the ring reached his hands, the pile of materials quickly turned into several sets of robes. The giant’s artefact-crafting approach was entirely different from what Ning Cheng had learned. Ning Cheng couldn’t even feel any fluctuations in space before the giant finished the refinement.

After putting on a set of robes, Pan Qian then spoke to Ning Cheng. “Stuck in this planar interface for many years, I know that the laws here are incomplete. It should be a very low-level planar interface. The Grand Change Realm I come from is one of the five highest positional planes and is probably the only one we would reach from here.”

“The remaining four are Grand Beginning Realm, Grand Origination Realm, Grand Essence Realm and Grand Pinnacle Realm[1]. I will tell you about these later. This place is a huge array formation set up between planar interfaces, which means we’re currently standing between two planar interfaces. Now that I’m free, and have also cut off the three chains, this place will soon collapse.”

Ning Cheng, who wanted to ask another question, felt speechless after hearing this. If he knew that this place was about to collapse, he would have left this place immediately. He wouldn’t have wasted energy to refine clothes and also answer questions. Only at this time did Ning Cheng realise that Pan Qian had nerves of steel.

Ning Cheng rushed to the side with Sifting Ferry Grass before pulling up dozens of strains of Sifting Ferry Grass before saying, “Aunt Yan, let’s get out of here.”

Pan Qian nodded, “You just follow me.”

With that, Pan Qian picked a direction and strode out. Although Shen Mengyan went through some complicated emotions and had a lot to ask, she understood that this was not the right time.

Not long after the three walked out, bursts of spacial collapses erupted behind them.

Pan Qian walked fast; he covered hundreds of meters with each step. But despite the speed, the three still took considerable time to walk out from the deepest part of the Altar of Forefather’s Library and reach the Thousand Mound Forest once again.

When Ning Cheng’s trio walked out, the first thing they saw was Man Jiuren. Standing beside Man Jiuren were Yi Mingyuan, the masked man and the green-robed cultivator. As for the thin almost-skeletal fellow, they didn’t see him. Nor did they know if Qiao Jierui and Zhangkang Tianji killed him.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept over Man Jiuren’s body and realised that Man Jiuren had already restored his cultivation.

Man Jiuren’s cold gaze passed by Ning Cheng before landing on Pan Qian. He scrutinised Pan Qian from top to bottom before asking, “Yuechen, he is the giant locked in the Altar of Forefather’s Library, right?”

Even though it looked like he didn’t care about Ning Cheng, his focus always remained trained on Ning Cheng’s every action. Once Ning Cheng brought out that terrifying black arrow, he would immediately escape. He can’t let that black arrow’s killing intent lock onto him. Moreover, Man Jiuren knew that Ning Cheng couldn’t fully control the arrow. But once Ning Cheng used up the arrow, he could come back again. At that point, he could easily decide Ning Cheng’s life or death whenever he wanted.

The masked man bowed and said, “Yes, Ninth Prince, that’s the man. There is a blood lake-worth of blood in him, containing the purest ancient blood. The drop of blood I brought to the Ninth Prince came from his body.”

Man Jiuren laughed and nodded, “Well, since he came out, he must have brought that ancient essence blood with him. Yuechen, you did a good job; you made a great contribution.”

“It’s an honour for me to do things for the Ninth Prince. I dare not take credit for it……” The masked man bowed and spoke.

Man Jiuren looked at Pan Qian and said, “In addition to refining the Mysterious Yellow Starland, I came here for you. If you’re willing to take refuge under me, I can save your life. But only if you give me two-thirds of your essence blood.”

Pan Qian ignored Man Jiuren’s words. Instead, his gaze fell on Yu Yuechen and spoke with a calm voice, “Yu Yuechen, I saved you back then, and you said you would help me. I already knew that you wouldn’t return to help me, but why did you bring someone to seek my essence blood?”

When she heard Man Jiuren call the masked man as ‘Yuechen’, Shen Mengyan immediately focussed her gaze at the masked man. She hadn’t paid attention before, but now she thought of a terrifying consequence.

But when Pan Qian called out ‘Yu Yuechen’ directly, Shen Mengyan finally couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer and screamed. “You’re Yuechen, you, you……”

After she uttered two ‘you’s, she became more and more sure that this man wearing the mask and hiding his aura was the person she was looking for, Yu Yuechen, her husband.

The masked man finally took off his mask and stared at Shen Mengyan with an ice-cold gaze, “You bitch, no a whore. I was blind to have married a slut like you.”

But instead of putting the mask away in his ring, he held it in his hand.

Shen Mengyan’s face turned pale, pale as a bleached sheet of white paper. She never expected such a thing to happen after she worked so hard to find this person.

Not only did her husband follow that despicable Ninth Prince like a loyal dog, he even ignored her when she stood right in front of him. Moreover, he even insulted her with such degrading words. If he still thought of her even a bit, he would have spoken out when Man Jiuren abused her and Ning Cheng back then. If it wasn’t for Ning Cheng having some means, that Ninth Price might have already had his way with her.

Even if she didn’t think of this, Yu Clan’s Corner imprisoned her in that water prison for so many years. Yet, he never returned to see her. Pan Qian had saved him, yet not only did he not want to repay the favour, he even brought his master to seek out Pan Qian’s essence blood.

Why did I never see this behaviour when I was with him?

Shen Mengyan no longer could force down the despair building up inside of her. She spat out a mouthful of blood and even felt her cultivation dissipating. She hated the fact that she was blind. After he secretly advanced to the Eternal Realm, he did not return to his Yu Clan’s Corner as promised, but instead, he even cut all ties with her. She should have known that this person had an incredibly selfish heart.

How much did Yu Clan’s Corner spend to nurture him? When he gained the ability to help Yu Clan’s Corner, he didn’t even show up. Rather, he silently turned his back to it.

But she never thought of it in such a direction. She only felt that Yu Yuechen would return to take her away in the future just like he promised.

Yu Yuechen’s cold gaze then swept over Ning Cheng, before once again glancing at Shen Mengyan with disdain, “Did you have a good time with your lover over these past few days? That’s what you like, don’t you?”

Shen Mengyan didn’t even have the strength to argue. The celestial essence within her dantian had already gone out of control and was about to explode.

Shen Mengyan was Yu Qing’s mother, so Ning Cheng naturally couldn’t watch Shen Mengyan blow herself up in front of him. He raised his hand and patted Shen Mengyan’s back. The celestial essence raging within Shen Mengyan’s body calmed down immediately.

“Aunt Yan, blowing yourself up for this kind of person, it’s not worth it.” Ning Cheng gave out a sigh and tried to persuade her.

If Shen Mengyan truly wanted to commit suicide, then even he couldn’t stop it. He can’t always stay beside Shen Mengyan to monitor her actions.

Shen Mengyan looked at Yu Yuechen in a daze and only spoke up after a long time, “You’re right. It’s truly isn’t worth it to commit suicide for this kind of a person.”

She then thought of Yu Qing, but Yu Qing had long since passed on. So what else was left of her relationship with Yu Yuechen? Now, the two had nothing to do with each other, so she no longer needed to bother with it. However, when she thought of Yu Qing, Shen Mengyan gave out a sigh.

[1] Grand Change Realm – Tai Yi Realm (太易界), Grand Beginning Realm – Tai Chu Realm (太初界), Grand Origination Realm – Tai Shi Realm (太始界), Grand Essence Realm – Tai Su Realm (太素界), Grand Pinnacle Realm – Tai Ji Realm (太极界)

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