Chapter 0812

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Chapter 0812: Four Exists One Doesn’t

“Is she your woman?” Man Jiuren interjected at this moment.

“I don’t have any problem with what the Ninth Prince wants to do with her. I no longer have any connection to this woman.” Yu Yuechen spoke with a respectful tone, without even looking at Shen Mengyan.

“Truly a scumbag.” Ning Cheng quipped with a heavily sarcastic tone.

Man Jiuren didn’t care about Ning Cheng ridiculing Yu Yuechen. But still, while vigilant of Ning Cheng’s actions, he continued with the giant, “What do you think?”

“Ning Cheng, do you think this person deserves to die?” Pan Qian didn’t answer Man Jiuren’s question but asked Ning Cheng instead.

Ning Cheng glanced at Man Jiuren before he replied to Pan Qian, “If I could kill this fellow personally, I would have killed him a long time ago.”

“Okay, you’re my brother, so I think you’re right.” Pan Qian raised his hand and made a slapping motion in Man Jiuren’s direction.

Although it looked like a simple movement, the surrounding space immediately started to collapse. Man Jiuren felt horrified. He never thought that this giant would have such terrifying powers. Facing this kind of power, Man Jiuren understood that he couldn’t fight against this giant even at his peak.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” The cascading space rolled up by Man Jiuren’s golden whip now looked like a child’s play in front of Pan Qian’s slap. It turned into nothingness the moment it made contact with Pan Qian’s move.

The giant didn’t use any spiritual consciousness. Yet the pure physical force of his slap suppressed the surrounding space and turned into a solid-like enclosure. Not to mention speaking a few words, Man Jiuren couldn’t even breathe in this solidified space.

The mask in Yu Yuechen’s hand erupted with bright rays of light the moment the giant moved his hand. The reason why Yu Yuechen hadn’t put away the mask and kept it in his hand was due to a talisman he had hidden within it. This talisman even exuded a trace of dao charm indicating that it was a top-grade Escape Talisman.

Unfortunately, he also underestimated Pan Qian’s power. Pan Qian’s physical strength utterly crushed the space around them, rendering Yu Yuechen’s Escape Talisman completely ineffective.

When Man Jiuren saw Yu Yuechen activating the talisman hidden in the mask the moment the giant made a move, he finally understood something. Realising the situation, Man Jiuren cursed at him internally, “Yu Yuechen, you crafty little bastard.”

He fully understood that Yu Yuechen didn’t truly want to ‘gift’ the ancient essence blood in the blood lake to Man Jiuren. Instead, Yu Yuechen wanted to plot against Man Jiuren and then claim all of Man Jiuren’s things for himself.

Man Jiuren didn’t know the power of this giant, but Yu Yuechen had witnessed the giant’s strength first hand. Thinking of this, Man Jiuren instantly understood that Yu Yuechen wanted to pit him against the giant. In other words, Yu Yuechen had already planned to kill Man Jiuren.

Unfortunately, Yu Yuechen never thought that someone would rescue the giant. Therefore, once the giant acted against Man Jiuren, the first thing Yu Yuechen did was to escape.

“Bang……” Ning Cheng had already destroyed Man Jiuren’s body once. And under the giant Pan Qian’s palm, it once again turned into a meat paste.

However, when Pan Qian destroyed Man Jiuren’s body, a flash of light suddenly erupted from it. It rushed into the empty void before disappearing.

Pan Qian looked at that flash of light before replying to Ning Cheng with some regret, “His essence spirit escaped, and I can’t chase him down with my current strength.”

Ning Cheng also sighed, this Ninth Prince had too many life-saving options. Not only did he have an Essence Spirit Substitute, but even his essence spirit managed to escape with that flash of light despite the complete collapse of his body.

Seeing Pan Qian’s gaze sweep over, Yu Yuechen’s face turned pale. He had indeed planned to use Man Jiuren to fight against this sealed giant and then reap the benefits like a fisherman. But what he truly wanted was what Man Jiuren left in the Nine Emperor Peak. However, he never expected that someone would rescue the giant, turning all of his planning and wishful thinking into dust.

Therefore, the moment Pan Qian took action, he planned to use a Breaking Boundary Talisman to escape. It’s just that Pan Qian’s strength had exceeded all of his expectations. Under Pan Qian’s spacial suppression, his Breaking Boundary Talisman couldn’t even activate.

Shen Mengyan suddenly fell to her knees, “Senior Pan, please let him go.”

“Why are you still pleading for him?” Pan Qian asked in confusion.

Shen Mengyan looked at Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng instantly understood what she meant. Shen Mengyan didn’t want to plead for Yu Yuechen, but she also couldn’t watch Yu Yuechen die in front of her. If it happened, maybe she would always feel guilty about it in her heart. This guilt didn’t have anything to do with Yu Yuechen, but for the dead Yu Qing, who cherished her father throughout her life.

Seeing Ning Cheng not speaking, Pan Qian sighed. Instead, he raised his hand and opened a crack in space before grabbing Yu Yuechen and throwing him inside. “For the sake of my Brother Ning Cheng, I’ll spare your dog life this one time.”

After throwing Yu Yuecheng away, Pan Qian looked at Yi Mingyuan and the man in green robes. They also couldn’t move under his suppression. He grabbed them and threw them into the space crack as well.

Ning Cheng secretly sighed at Pan Qian’s kind heart. If it were him, he would have at least killed these two fellows.

Only after resolving the annoying pests did Pan Qian turn to Ning Cheng and once again started talking. “The five realms are also called Good Fortune’s Five Grand Realms. They got this name because of the existence of Gates of Good Fortune. Unfortunately, a war erupted between the top powerhouses of these five realms. As a result, the Grand Beginning, the Grand Origination, the Grand Essence and the Grand Pinnacle Realms of the five great realms collapsed and split into many smaller parts. Only the Grand Change Realm remained unharmed.”

“Pan Qian, does it mean that the Gates of Good Fortune in the other four realms have also shattered? In other words, if you want to reach ‘Good Fortune’, you can only go through the gate in the Grand Change Realm?” Ning Cheng was no stranger to the word ‘Good Fortune’. His Mysterious Yellow Bead was one of the Good Fortune Treasures. Moreover, he understood that Cang Wei was also searching for the Gate of Good Fortune.

Pan Qian shook his head, “You didn’t understand what I meant. I’m talking about the Gate of Good Fortune; it’s not a gate that exists or something with form. However, only in those five realms can you have the opportunity to perceive the Gate of Good Fortune. And only when you perceive the Gate of Good Fortune can you touch this gate and then push the door open to enter. However, except for the Grand Change Realm, the laws in the other grand realms remain incomplete and broken due to the power clash from the war. So even if you push yourself to the extreme, you wouldn’t come anywhere close to even touching that door.”

Ning Cheng clenched his fists. He must go to the Grand Change Realm. He felt sure that Cang Wei had already gone to one of those realms; most likely, he was in one of those five grand realms.

Seeing Ning Cheng somewhat thoughtful, Pan Qian said, “Ning Cheng, don’t overthink about it. Since ancient times, the Gate of Good Fortune has always remained a legend. Moreover, this legend has been around for a long time, and many people already know about it. However, no one could even sense this gate, let alone open the Gate of Good Fortune and enter it. In the future, if you have the opportunity, don’t stay in this low-level interface. The laws here barely qualify as incomplete. You should come to the five great planar interfaces. If one day I can find my back to Grand Change Realm, I’ll come to pick you up.”

Ning Cheng gave an affirmative nod, before asking another question, “Pan Qian, can you tell me what kind of place are the five grand realms?”

Pan Qian remained silent for a long time before speaking, “I’ve only been at Xi’er’s side most of my life and rarely ever went out. However, I know that the Grand Change Realm is too vast even for me. It’s filled with spiritual qi and dao charms everywhere. You’d even find spirit treasures everywhere; it’s a beautiful paradise……”

These were all things that Xi’er had told him. In truth, he didn’t even know the direction of the Grand Change Realm. Having said this, Pan Qian thought for a long while before continuing, “Xi’er once also told me that there is a saying in the five grand realms ‘four exists one doesn’t’. I heard that it represents the four most powerful spirit techniques of these planar interfaces: Grand Beginning’s Spirit Trace, Grand Origination’s Spirit Light, Grand Essence’s Spirit Thunder, Grand Pinnacle’s Yin-Yang, and Grand Change’s Formless.”

Almost everything that Pan Qian knew, he told it to Ning Cheng. But all of his knowledge came from Xi’er.

Ning Cheng had never heard of these spirit techniques, but Ning Cheng understood that Pan Qian only knew about the names. Therefore, instead of asking more questions about the Good Fortune’s five grand realms, Ning Cheng changed the topic. “Elder Brother Pan Qian, the Mysterious Yellow Starland’s life force is almost finished. You can come to my Mysterious Yellow Celestial River if you want.”

Pan Qian shook his head, “I want to go back. I want to look for the Grand Change Realm. I promised Xi’er that I’d go back.”

Pan Qian had mentioned Xi’er several times; from this, Ning Cheng guessed that this Xi’er must have a very high status in Pan Qian’s heart. Therefore, he didn’t ask anything else, “Then, if I can come to the Grand Change Realm in the future, I will come to look for you.”

“Okay, that’s it then, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Pan Qian said to Ning Cheng and Shen Mengyan and prepared to tear open the void and leave.

Shen Mengyan suddenly spoke up at this moment, “Senior Pan Qian, I would like to implore you to take me with you.”

Pan Qian looked at Shen Mengyan in doubt, “You want to follow me?”

After saying those words, he subconsciously looked at Ning Cheng again. He could see that Shen Mengyan was quite a beautiful woman. That Yu Yuechen wasn’t worthy of Shen Mengyan at all. He felt that only his brother Ning Cheng was worthy of Shen Mengyan. With Yu Yuechen now gone, it was only natural for Ning Cheng and Shen Mengyan to get together.

Shen Mengyan spoke up with conviction, “Yes, please help me with this wish, senior.”

Ning Cheng didn’t speak; however, he understood Shen Mengyan’s thoughts. Shen Mengyan didn’t want people to gossip. Since even her former husband could come up with such a conjecture, it would be weird if other people also didn’t think like it when seeing her together with him. Besides, Shen Mengyan no longer had any connection to this place anymore. Meaning that it was only natural that she wouldn’t want to stay in this place that only invoked sad memories.

In this place, her daughter had perished, her husband had betrayed her, and someone even schemed and killed her Senior Apprentice Sister. With her only living goal in life shattered to dust, what reason did she have for staying here?

Seeing that Ning Cheng didn’t have any objection to it, Pan Qian nodded, “Okay, I will take you with me. My path, however, is fraught with danger. If you aren’t afraid of some hardship, you can walk beside me. Also, don’t call me senior from now on, just call me Elder Brother Pan Qian.”

“Yes, Elder Brother Pan Qian.” After Shen Mengyan called this sentence, her entire being felt strange. It felt as if she no longer was the Shen Mengyan from the past.

“Okay.” Pan Qian then spoke to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, take care of yourself after I leave.”

Ning Cheng was about to reply when Shen Mengyan also spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, thank you for your continued care. This Mengyan bids goodbye; if fate wills it, we’ll see each other in the future.”

Hearing Shen Mengyan call out to him as Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, Ning Cheng felt taken aback for a moment. He even swallowed the words ‘Aunt Yan’ that came to his lips. He knew that from this point on, Shen Mengyan had decided to no longer look back at her past and to forget it entirely.

Ning Cheng sighed. One could consider this as Shen Mengyan’s rebirth, just like going through a cycle of reincarnation. Although she hasn’t physically experienced a reincarnation cycle, her consciousness has already completed a similar process.

“Elder Brother Pan Qian, Senior Apprentice Sister Mengyan, take care of yourself along the way.” Ning Cheng bowed to both of them.

Pan Qian raised his hand to tear open the void once again, then he took Shen Mengyan and with just a step, stepped into the vast nothingness. After a moment, the torn space healed as if nothing had happened.

Standing alone in the withered Thousand Mound Forest, Ning Cheng stared blankly at the boundless sky above him. A vague feeling arose in his heart that he found hard to describe.

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  1. As I suspected the Gate of Good Fortune is an object. It always irritated me that people would think the MC has good luck because of the title and thus used that as a reason to dog the novel.


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