Chapter 0820

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Chapter 0820: Space Crystals

Ning Cheng stopped his hand the moment he was about to grab the female cultivator. At the same time, he only felt ecstasy in his heart. Ning Cheng had comprehended the Laws of Space, yet Ning Cheng didn’t even realise it. Had this female cultivator not interrupted him, he might have continued to grasp the distance between two different spacial pockets. Maybe one day he could have succeeded, but how long would it take to reach that day? Ten years or a hundred years or maybe more than a thousand years?

“You’ve successfully comprehended the Laws of Space? How long have you been here?” The female cultivator had forgotten about Ning Cheng tearing off her clothes. Even her eyes showed utter surprise.

Ning Cheng felt grateful towards this female cultivator from the bottom of his heart for waking him up. Therefore, since this person asked him, Ning Cheng also gave an honest reply. “It’s been a few years; this is the longest time I’ve immersed myself in an epiphany….”

Ning Cheng didn’t lie; he had never experienced an epiphany for so many years.

“A few years? The longest…… My god……” The female cultivator’s gaze at Ning Cheng changed utterly. She had considered herself a genius in cultivation. Yet she still had to roam around in Traceless Gate for a few hundred years. But over these past few hundred years, she had only recently got in touch with how to perceive the Laws of Space. But now, someone touched the Laws of Space in just a ‘few’ years. The difference was too huge even to describe.

“Thank you. If you hadn’t woken me up, I might have already fallen into that intoxicated state.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke sincerely.

The female cultivator rolled her eyes and quickly said, “If you want to thank me, can you tell me what Law of Space you comprehended?”

After speaking, she looked at Ning Cheng expectantly. Although she knew that such a request was an unreasonable one, she still couldn’t help but mention it.

Ning Cheng hesitated before speaking, “It’s not that I don’t want to say it, I just don’t know how to put it into words……”

If he could spell it out, Ning Cheng wouldn’t hide it. It wouldn’t have meant anything to him, let alone to this female cultivator who helped him wake up. The concept he comprehended was something like swimming. You had to experience it by yourself. One couldn’t just tell others to float on water and not sink.

The same remained true for all laws. One could only understand the feeling but can’t put it into words. If you understood it, you understood it; if you couldn’t understand it, then you would never understand it. There simply wasn’t any reason for it.

The female cultivator heard Ning Cheng’s words and spoke up with disappointment in her eyes, “I understand, I….”

She did understand. If she had understood the Laws of Space, even she wouldn’t reveal the essence of the law she comprehended to a stranger.

Ning Cheng could see the female cultivator’s disappointment. He tried to describe it the best he could, “I just felt the distance and orientation of the space between two objects. Then, I used my spiritual consciousness to grasp at the spacial distance between two points using one of it as a reference point. Then I used my celestial essence to supplement my spiritual consciousness to grasp the space….”

What Ning Cheng said was just a very general approximation of what he felt and did. But the female cultivator’s eyes lit up after listening. That’s it. The Laws of Space she perceived aimed at the space in front of her. Rather, she only tried to understand the space in front of her. She never even thought of Ning Cheng’s method.

Seeing that his answer finally gave this female cultivator some hints, Ning Cheng quickly said, “I have to go. I’ll be leaving now.”

After comprehending the Law of Space, the first thing that Ning Cheng wanted to do was to head out to Night Essence Celestial River’s Thorn Tooth Lake immediately. He wanted to continue studying the teleportation array. He had a hunch that after comprehending the Law of Space, he would soon become an Array Dao Master.

“Wait-Wait……” The female cultivator, on hearing that Ning Cheng wanted to leave, quickly tried to stop Ning Cheng, “I have something else that I want your help with.”

“What?” Ning Cheng asked.

The female cultivator hesitated before speaking, “I know of a place where you can find Space Crystals containing the Laws of Space. However, I haven’t comprehended the Laws of Space yet, so I can’t get to it. If you want, I can take you to this place, but we would have to divide the Space Crystals equally.”

“Space Crystals?” Ning Cheng repeated in shock.

As a top-grade Artefact-crafting Master and a top-grade Starry Sky Grade 9 Array Emperor, Ning Cheng naturally knew about the value of a space crystal.

Space Crystals contained the Laws of Space within it. It not only allowed cultivators a much higher chance in perceiving the Laws of Space but could also help in refining storage artefacts using the Laws of Space inside of it.

Space Crystals weren’t on the same level as space-attributed artefact-crafting materials like Space Stones. One could use Space Stones and some other top-grade space-attributed raw materials to make storage rings, storage bags, etc. But such storage-type artefacts generally couldn’t store life.

There was only one explanation for it; that is, they didn’t contain any real worldly laws. A top-grade Artefact-crafting Master could use other top-grade treasures to refine a Miniature World or something similar to it. However, despite the Miniature World able to sustain life, it almost had no law shackles around it. The absence of these shackles made such objects extremely fragile, far incomparable with the spacial treasures crafted using Space Crystals.

Space Crystals were different from such spatially-attributed treasures. These crystals usually contained a complete Law of Space. If one combined it with Time Crystals containing Laws of Time and integrated it with other suitable materials, one could refine a special type of Miniature World. One with a perfect living space inside of it. More specifically, the Miniature World refined by this kind of fusion would, in most cases, result in a Law World. This Law World had a much higher value compared to an ordinary Miniature World, apart from being much more stable.

More importantly, Space Crystals were also the best materials for refining long-distance teleportation arrays.

These properties made it much more precious compared to the Time Stones Ning Cheng had obtained previously. Time Stones only allowed one to sense the existence of the Laws of Time and did not contain even a single strand of a complete Law of Time. Only something like Time Crystals would provide Laws of Time that one could use to gain enlightenment. However, Time Crystals were much more precious and even rarer than Space Crystals.

“Yes, I’m sure that it’s Space Crystals. I’ve stayed here for nearly a hundred years, but I’ve never managed to get those crystals. But I do believe that I’m not mistaken about it. I just have one request, that is, equal sharing.” The female cultivator spoke with a firm tone.

Ning Cheng immediately felt a little excited. Who wouldn’t want something like Space Crystals? He subconsciously stretched out his hand for a handshake and said, “I agree with your distribution. I’m called Ning Cheng, and I hope we can cooperate happily.”

The female cultivator saw Ning Cheng stretch out his hand, but didn’t reach out with her hand. Maybe she didn’t understand the concept of a handshake. Instead, she just cupped her fists and said, “I’m called Mu Wei, and I stayed in this pocket only for the sake of those Space Crystals.”

Ning Cheng quickly retracted his hand and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister Mu Wei, please lead the way.”


The spacial pocket Mu Wei had stayed in was a yellow forest-like area without any green colour. But when Ning Cheng heard Mu Wei speak about Space Crystals, he immediately swept out with his spiritual consciousness. However, he did not see any location that had any indications of holding Space Crystals.

An hour later, Mu Wei stopped and pointed at the nothingness in front of her and said, “There is a small inter-special pocket on the opposite side that contains Space Crystals. I’ve tried countless ways, but I simply couldn’t get anywhere near it……”

Ning Cheng looked at the emptiness in front of him suspiciously and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister Mu Wei. According to my experience, entering the emptiness would immediately take you to another spacial pocket……”

Ning Cheng’s words suddenly stopped. He could feel a difference between this patch of emptiness and other places around it.

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Mu Wei quickly explained. “There is an inter-spatial pocket filled with Space Crystals in front of us. I have different eyes compared to ordinary cultivators, which allows me to see through a part of the void in this place. But I didn’t try to enter. Otherwise, I might enter another spacial pocket and would never be able to return to this place. It also means that between the location where those crystals are, and where we are, there is an insurmountable space. Since I haven’t yet comprehended the Laws of Space, I couldn’t pass through it.”

“What you said is correct. That location does feel somewhat different.” Ning Cheng had also noticed the difference. His spiritual consciousness had perceived that this particular patch of space was slightly different from the rest of the area around it. He had switched through so many spacial pockets, but every switch involved the same nothingness.

However, the void in front of him felt different from the pockets through which he switched before. It contained a strong aura of Laws of Space. Not only that, but he could also feel a powerful spacial fluctuation coming from the void in front of him. Under normal circumstances, when Ning Cheng switched between spacial pockets, he could only feel the transition of space. He never felt such strong fluctuations.

If there were such a strong fluctuation of laws whenever he changed spacial pockets, Ning Cheng would have realised the Laws of Space much earlier.

“I want to go over to the other side to have a look at it, but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to reach the opposite side. Moreover, if there is an error, I might end up in an unrelated space, losing these space crystals forever. Will you stay here or come with me?” Ning Cheng finished talking and looked at Mu Wei.

Mu Wei hesitated for a while before asking, “Then, if you can reach the location with those space crystals, can you come back?”

Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “The chance of coming back is one in ten thousand. If you don’t come with me, I can get those space crystals. But if you want to collect them later, I could only tell you about the place from where I come. Once you come out of the Traceless Gate, you can come to my place and ask for your share of the crystals.”

“I’ll come with you.” Mu Wei said without hesitation. She didn’t think that Ning Cheng wasn’t the kind of a person to swallow everything. But if Ning Cheng obtained those space crystals and left, what was the point of her staying here?

If Ning Cheng truly couldn’t reach the location of those space crystals, then she could only blame herself for not having any fate with it. But without such an opportunity, even if she realised the real Laws of Space after countless years, she might end up in the same state as Ning Cheng.

“Okay, I’ll carry you over.” After Ning Cheng said that, he raised his hand and wrapped it around Mu Wei’s waist. At the same time, he stepped into the void.

The distance in the void seemed to have turned into nothingness under his feet. In just over ten steps, Ning Cheng stood at the edge of a translucent world filled with crystals.

“It’s so beautiful……” Mu Wei exclaimed as she looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her in utter shock. This world looked like a transparent world, and at every step, one could feel the fluctuation of laws coming from the space crystals.

Ning Cheng also felt shocked. The scene in front of him was even more impressive than the ice crystal world. It looked like a scene right out of a fairy tale. But what surprised Ning Cheng, even more, was that this place contained too many space crystals. It even had an abundance of Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi.

Seeing Mu Wei’s excitement and her trembling hands, Ning Cheng spoke a few simple words. “Senior Apprentice Sister Mu Wei, there are at least a few hundred space crystals here. Let’s do it like this; whoever gets it can keep it. We don’t have to split it equally.”

“Okay, that’s what I wanted to say anyway.” Mu Wei finished speaking and rushed towards one of the spacial fluctuations in a flash.

Since Mu Wei took the lead, Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t fall behind. He activated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, giving him a speed much faster than Mu Wei.

Mu Wei quickly discovered that her speed wasn’t even one-third that of Ning Cheng. However, she didn’t feel disappointed. Rather, she felt delighted with collecting so many space crystals in this place.

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