Chapter 0821

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Chapter 0821: Tearing Space

After half a day, Ning Cheng harvested 184 Space Crystals, while Mu Wei gathered just a little more than 60 Space Crystals.

Mu Wei couldn’t truly contain her inner excitement. She looked at Ning Cheng gratefully and said, “With these many Space Crystals, I’m sure that I can touch the Laws of Space within a year. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “It should be me who should be thanking you. Without your guidance, I wouldn’t have obtained so many Space Crystals. I’ll take my leave now. We’ll meet again if our paths cross.”

Ning Cheng felt quite happy with the number of Space Crystals he gathered.

“The Starry Sky Spiritual Qi here is quite plentiful, why not stay here and cultivate?” Mu Wei looked at Ning Cheng suspiciously. Anyone else would have decided to stay and cultivate in such a rich Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi environment.

“No, I have something urgent that needs my attention.” Ning Cheng shook his head and said. He naturally wouldn’t stay here and cultivate. With so many things to take care of on the outside, how could he waste time within Traceless Gate?

Since Ning Cheng didn’t want to stay here and cultivate, it naturally would benefit Mu Wei. This translucent space was only so big, which meant a limit on the amount of Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi available to one. Therefore, cultivating alone in this place would have a much better effect compared to two people sharing this space.

“Brother Ning, then I’ll be seeing you around later.” Mu Wei also said her goodbyes to Ning Cheng.

Before leaving, Ning Cheng decided to leave behind a few words of warning. “Senior Apprentice Sister Mu Wei, if you come out of Traceless Gate in the future, be careful about the Traceless Immortal Pond.”

“Why?” Mu Wei asked in doubt.

“I suspect that Traceless Immortal Pond does something to the cultivators coming out of the Traceless Gate……” Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t help Traceless Immortal Pond conceal its shady dealings. Therefore, he relayed all of his speculations to Mu Wei.

“Ah….” Mu Wei felt truly surprised by Ning Cheng’s guesses and speculations. After she entered Traceless Gate, she had immersed herself in trying to sense and comprehend the Laws of Space. Where did she have the time to think about other things?

But this time, she quickly connected the dots to Ning Cheng’s warning from before, the one about getting out of Traceless Gate in the future. She initially thought that Ning Cheng those words out of fear of getting lost in Traceless Gate, and worrying about not getting out of it. After all, everyone believed that the cultivators who couldn’t come out of the Traceless Gate had most likely gotten lost inside, unable to find their way out of it.

But now she understood Ning Cheng’s words about keeping caution against Traceless Immortal Pond.

Mu Wei hesitated for a while, but Ning Cheng had already left this spacial pocket and disappeared without a trace. Mu Wei sighed. She decided to cultivate till she reached late-stage Eternal Realm before trying to come out. Fortunately, this place was just right for her cultivation.


Once he decided to go out, Ning Cheng realised that he truly was lost. Even if he touched the Laws of Space, directions didn’t exist in this place. After wandering around for a while, Ning Cheng took out the three jade strips purchased from Traceless Immortal Pond. However, at this moment, he couldn’t see any instructions on the jade strips. From the looks of it, these three jade strips had also turned useless in this place.

The Traceless Gate contained innumerable pockets inside it. Ning Cheng had gone through many during the past few months but could find an exit. Not to mention an exit, he didn’t even see any other living creature.

Without any progress in the few months, Ning Cheng started to turn anxious. He even wondered if he could get out of the Traceless Gate in four or five years. If it took that much time to get out of Traceless Gate, it would still be reasonable for him. But from the looks of it, he might not be able to get out even within double the amount of time.

As another month passed, Ning Cheng decided to stop the headless dash around the place. He decided to try ripping through space.

Space in these pockets didn’t have the same stability as the starry sky outside. Moreover, Ning Cheng could now control at least one aspect of the Laws of Space. Plus, his spiritual consciousness could now barely stretch outside of these pockets. All of these factors meant that he could touch the boundaries of the surrounding pockets; at least, in theory.

As long as he could tear open these spacial pockets’ boundaries, his chances of coming out could theoretically increase by countless times.

Tearing through spacial boundaries had always been a challenging thing to accomplish for any cultivator. Back then, Ning Cheng could already touch the spacial boundary in the Graceful Star Mainland. It, in theory, meant that he should have been able to tear through Graceful Star Mainland’s space. However, he couldn’t have done it back then even if he wanted to do it.

As for the space within the starry skies, not to mention that Ning Cheng didn’t have the ability, even Chuan Xinlou and Ninth Prince couldn’t tear through it.

Except for Pan Qian and Cang Wei, Ning Cheng had never seen a third cultivator who could directly rip through the spacial fabrics. At least not without using treasures or external items.

Cang Wei had torn through the space of Graceful Star Mainland, while Pan Qian had torn through the real starry sky space.

When it came to the Traceless Gate, Ning Cheng had already come to an understanding that it contained higher-grade Laws of Space compared to the Graceful Star Mainland. At the same time, the space inside it also had much more stability than the Graceful Star Mainland. However, despite the high-grade Laws of Space that one would find in it, it still couldn’t compare to the stability of the starry sky’s space.

At first, Ning Cheng could only touch the space but couldn’t tear it apart. But he kept trying and even took out Space Crystals to understand the subtle changes in the Laws of Space around him. Slowly, he then began to integrate all of the insights into a rudimentary space-related spirit technique.

Whenever he grabbed at a pocket, his space-attributed spirit technique would come together a bit more. In the beginning, Ning Cheng had to spend a lot of celestial essence and spiritual consciousness to physically tear open the spacial barriers, which would exhaust him almost completely. But as he kept tearing through one spacial pocket after another, Ning Cheng slowly started to grow accustomed to it. After some time, Ning Cheng could easily rip the surrounding space in a pocket with just a single wave of his hand.

It was this feeling that made Ning Cheng feel very comfortable. He started to think back to how Pan Qian had ripped apart the space in front of him. When Pan Qian had pulled at the space in front of him, it looked relatively easy and used the same motions. And now, he finally had reached the point where he could tear the space within Traceless Gate without using much energy, and using similar movements.

The space Ning Cheng tore apart couldn’t compare to the space Pan Qian had torn apart. But Ning Cheng believed that as his cultivation continued to rise, one day, he would reach the same level as Pan Qian. At that point, Ning Cheng could easily tear apart the space of the starry sky with just one hand. On that day, he wouldn’t need any Breaking Boundary Talismans to go to any interface he wanted.

Even if he wanted to come to the Devil Domain from Culmination Grand Starry Sky, he wouldn’t need to fly the Starry Sky Wheel for so many days. Ning Cheng could simply tear the void space between the two points with just the wave of his hand and reach his destination in one step.

Once he finally reached that level, it would also mean he had taken a step closer to becoming a powerhouse like Pan Qian.

As Ning Cheng happily tore through the spacial pockets around him, his spiritual consciousness also started to merge with his understanding of the Laws of Space. His spiritual consciousness, which barely could pass through the boundaries of these spacial pockets before, could now easily cross through any spacial pockets in its way.

At this time, Ning Cheng no longer needed to tear through the surrounding spacial pockets at random. Instead, Ning Cheng started using his spiritual consciousness to touch the many spacial pockets and then choose one of them to tear through.

Reaching this level, even Ning Cheng understood that it was only a matter of time before he left this place.

After another half a month, Ning Cheng suddenly felt one of the jade strips vibrate. Seeing the vague directional information on it, he immediately made a few decisions. As long as directional details appeared on the jade strip, it meant that Ning Cheng had come near to one of the spacial pockets controlled by Traceless Immortal Pond. As long as he reached the spacial pocket controlled by Traceless Immortal Pond, he could then meet people from Traceless Immortal Pond.

But just when Ning Cheng planned to tear through the spacial pockets along the way in the direction of the jade strip, his spiritual consciousness suddenly sensed a vibrant life force. It seemed to come from one of the pockets somewhere behind him.

Ning Cheng barely even thought about it before turning around and tearing open the spacial pocket that gave off such a vibrant life force.

Ning Cheng had already heard that the Traceless Gate contained a few top-grade Starry Sky Spiritual Grass Gardens inside of it. It’s just that he had never encountered a spacial pocket with such vibrant life force since entering the Traceless Gate. Now that he met one, how could he miss it?

When Ning Cheng landed inside this spacial pockets and saw the surrounding scenes, he immediately felt surprised. It turned out to be a natural Starry Sky Spiritual Medicine Garden. Moreover, he saw dozens of Starry Sky Grade 9 Spiritual Grasses, and even a few Starry Sky Radish Grasses, with already matured fruits.

He couldn’t help but think back to how he and Duan Gantai played against each other for a Starry Sky Radish Grass. Yet now, he saw dozens of Starry Sky Radish Grasses in front of him.

Facing these many Starry Sky Grade 9 Spirit Grasses, Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t let any of it go. But before he started digging them out, his spiritual consciousness quickly swept through the spacial pocket.

But what puzzled him was that this spacial pocket contained not only Starry Sky Spirit Grasses but also a few cultivator’s residences. He even saw some low-level demonic beast enclosures.

At the very centre of the pocket, three caves appeared within the range of Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness. Moreover, these caves formed a triangle around a lake facing outwards, as if guarding it.

In any case, Ning Cheng wouldn’t give up on these Starry Sky Spiritual Grasses just because cultivators were living here. He didn’t need the Radish Grass anymore, but it still had many uses for the people in his Mysterious Yellow Sect.

Moreover, Ning Cheng had already understood that the Starry Sky Spiritual Grasses here were all wild, not artificially planted at all. Since they were only wild things, then naturally anyone could dig it out.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng also thought about the three cultivators who came here first. He couldn’t help but wonder why did they not dig out the Starry Sky Spiritual Grasses here. As such, Ning Cheng decided to be a bit merciful and only take a quarter of it.

Although a quarter, these spirit grasses were more than enough for Ning Cheng. And he started feeling even happier about entering the Traceless Gate this time.

“Stop….” A cold voice sounded out; then, a long-haired handsome male cultivator appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

Even if no one had come out to stop him, after Ning Cheng dug out a quarter of the Starry Sky Spirit Grasses, he wouldn’t have touched the rest. After all, he was the last to come here, and Ning Cheng still had a bottom line he wouldn’t cross.

“Leave your ring and fuck off.” The handsome male cultivator coldly stared at Ning Cheng, with a dark long-sword circling him. As he said those words, the murderous aura of this dark long-sword merged with his domain, vaguely locking onto Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng frowned. This bastard even wanted to keep his ring, that’s just too much. The man had middle-stage Eternal cultivation with a solid celestial wheel behind him. It put him above ordinary Eternal cultivators.

But before Ning Cheng could speak, two more figures fell in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had already noticed that these three people came from the three caves.

The two who came this time were a man and a woman. The male cultivator had a dark complexion, and although not as handsome as the previous man, he had a well-defined face. It allowed him to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, his cultivation was also at the same level as the first male cultivator, middle-stage Eternal Realm.

Ning Cheng’s gaze then fell on the female cultivator, and couldn’t help but secretly applaud. She was a real beauty. With long black hair rolled into a soaring immortal bun, and a white oval face, it gave her a very ethereal and refined appearance. Moreover, she also had a pair of eyes that visibly sparkled with innocence. However, Ning Cheng could also sense a certain maturity within those eyes.

The dress she wore wasn’t too tight, but it still held her chest up. It made one feel as if one could embrace her waist with just one hand. Moreover, her cultivation didn’t lose out to any of the two male cultivators, at middle-stage Eternal Realm.

With these three people standing together, one could see that the two men shared a tacit understanding. The beautiful woman stood in the centre with two men on her left and right. Ning Cheng had also experienced love in his life. Therefore, he could tell with a glance that these two men were in love with this female cultivator; or at least, wanted to court her.

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