Chapter 0823

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Chapter 0823: Traceless Immortal Pond’s Reward

“Why do I need to wait? I already paid ten thousand Permanent Essence Pills just to enter the Traceless Gate. Do I now have to pay more Permanent Essence Pills after coming out?” Ning Cheng’s face sank. Want to play hardball with me, huh?

The middle-aged female cultivator quickly replied, “Of course not. Why would my Traceless Immortal Pond ask the guests who came out of the Traceless Gate for Permanent Essence Pills? I’m sure this friend already knows about my Traceless Immortal Pond’s task. Anyone who enters the Traceless Gate and brings out my Traceless Immortal Pond’s disciples would receive Permanent Essence Pills as rewards. Since you brought out our Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sacred Lady, you have already completed our sect’s most important mission. We naturally can’t let you leave Traceless Immortal Pond empty-handed.”

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile. He didn’t believe that Traceless Immortal Pond would show such kindness. But he still decided to play along and asked with an indifferent tone, “So, what’s the reward for bringing back Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sacred Lady? If it’s too small, I might not be interested in it.”

Other people might have no idea about Ning Cheng’s wealth. But this middle-aged female cultivator naturally knew about it. Back then, Ning Cheng had taken out half-a-million Permanent Essence Pills to purchase those jade strips without even blinking.

The middle-aged female cultivator was just about to speak when Ning Cheng suddenly interrupted her. “Among the disciples of Traceless Immortal Pond that got lost inside the Traceless Gate. Sacred Lady Man, the one I brought out, should be the most important, right?”

The middle-aged female cultivator paused slightly. She understood Ning Cheng’s meaning. However, she still nodded and said, “You’re right. Within the Traceless Gate, Sacred Lady Man is the most important disciple from my Traceless Immortal Pond.”

Ning Cheng then suddenly interjected, “Before I went inside, this dao friend shared a few things with everyone. Something about 100,000 Permanent Essence Pills being the lowest reward for bringing out Traceless Immortal Pond’s disciples. At that time, didn’t you also say that the highest reward was around 100 million Permanent Essence Pills? Since I brought out Sacred Lady Man, shouldn’t I get that 100 million Permanent Essence Pill reward?”

The middle-aged female cultivator showed a faint smile, “Dao friend is correct. It is indeed a reward of 100 million Permanent Essence Pills.”

The other three Eternal Cultivators who came to meet Zhai Chuman looked calm. They didn’t think this middle-aged female cultivator spoke anything outrageous. However, Zhai Chuman looked at the middle-aged female cultivator in surprise. One hundred million Permanent Essence Pills, it was something that even she couldn’t imagine.

Even Xiong Wuzhi and Bian Zhuo looked at Ning Cheng in shock. A hundred million Permanent Essence Pills, just what kind of reward was it?

Ning Cheng looked at Zhai Chuman’s expression and instantly realised that she didn’t know about Traceless Immortal Pond’s black shop. It immediately alleviated Zhai Chuman’s impression in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

“Then, lead the way. I will collect the Permanent Essence Pills before leaving. Although I’m rich, I won’t be indifferent to a hundred million Permanent Essence Pills.” Ning Cheng stopped and even deliberately brought attention to his wealth. Since a fight was inevitable, he also didn’t need to stay polite.

He understood that this middle-aged female cultivator would never show such kindness of offering a hundred million Permanent Essence Pills to him. It also meant that they wanted to silence him immediately. Since you willingly came up for a fight, this Ning Cheng will oblige. I’ll let you know that I’m not a gentleman who would go gracefully into the night. If Traceless Immortal Pond truly kept its promise and took out so many Permanent Essence Pills, he would do nothing. But if the Traceless Immortal Pond had any thoughts about him, then he also wouldn’t mind destroying a Traceless Immortal Pond or two. It would also create benefits for the cultivators in the starry sky and himself.

The middle-aged female cultivator, who took the lead, walked past the chain once again without any hesitation. Since Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sacred Lady didn’t know about her sect’s nefarious activities, it also meant that they ran it away from her gaze.

“Sacred Lady Man, Sect Master had not come out of seclusion yet. Please head to the Sacred Lady Hall first. We will arrange things for Dao Friend Xiong and Dao Friend Bian.” After walking down the chain, the middle-aged female cultivator immediately spoke to Zhai Chuman with cupped fists and a respectful voice.

A late-state Eternal cultivator accompanying them also echoed her words. “Junior Apprentice Sister Qian Song speaks correctly. The return of Sacred Lady Man is a major event for my Traceless Immortal Pond. Our sect will hold a return ceremony to celebrate Sacred Lady’s promotion to the Eternal Realm, and the Sacred Lady’s return.”

When Ning Cheng heard this, he realised that Zhai Chuman hadn’t reached the Eternal Realm when she entered the Traceless Gate. Since Zhai Chuman now was a middle-stage Eternal cultivator, she most likely had spent a lot of time inside Traceless Gate. From the looks of it, she obtained quite a few treasures inside. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been easy to reach the Eternal Realm within Traceless Gate.

Zhai Chuman seemed to have picked up on something as none of the two mentioned Ning Cheng. She looked at Ning Cheng in a puzzled manner. But when she was about to speak, the middle-aged female cultivator spoke up. “Since this dao friend brought Sacred Lady Man out of the Traceless Gate, we want to thank him properly. I’ll take care of these things, Sacred Lady Man, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Zhai Chuman immediately felt something wrong on hearing those words. It wasn’t a small thing to get her out of the Traceless Gate, and it wasn’t also a tiny thing to reward a hundred million Permanent Essence Pills to someone. How could a lone elder deal with it so casually? Wouldn’t they need to host a congregation with all the sect’s disciple and present the reward with full respect?

“Elder Qian Song, I think I should thank him personally for this.” After Zhai Chuman said those words to the middle-aged female cultivator, she immediately stepped forward and asked Ning Cheng. “Dao friend took the three out of the Traceless Gate. Yet, I don’t even know what to call this dao friend.”

If Ning Cheng had left as soon as he came out, and there wasn’t any reward of 100 million Permanent Essence Pills, Zhai Chuman might not have even asked Ning Cheng’s name. After all, Ning Cheng had only made a deal with her. And after everyone came out, they wouldn’t owe each other anything.

But now the reward of 100 million Permanent Essence Pills made Zhai Chuman a little confused. No matter how big was the award, her sect wouldn’t refuse or have any trouble in putting up so many Permanent Essence Pills. But what made her even more confused was the act of having just one sect elder dealing with the reward of so many Permanent Essence Pills. It just felt too outrageous to her, no matter how much she thought about it.

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile, “My name is Ning Cheng.”

The middle-aged female cultivator only showed some embarrassment on her face. But internally, she had other thoughts. Handing over 100 million Permanent Essence Pills to Ning Cheng? How was it possible? Ning Cheng won’t be leaving this place alive anyway.

The late-stage Eternal cultivator who had previously spoken about a celebration quickly spoke up. “Sacred Lady Man, Junior Apprentice Sister Qian Song is more than qualified to take care of these things. You should rest for a while. Maybe Sect Master might come out in some time. Let us take care of such minor issues.”

Zhai Chuman nodded, “Okay, Elder Jiao Yang.”

After speaking, she then said to Ning Cheng again, “Dao Friend Ning, you go first. I will come to say goodbye to you later.”

When Ning Cheng heard Zhai Chuman’s words, he instantly realised that Zhai Chuman had also grown suspicious of what she had just heard. She said that she would come to see him off later, which again proved her intention.

Seeing Sacred Lady Man finally agreeing to leave, the middle-aged female cultivator also felt relieved. At the same time, the other middle-level Eternal cultivator also decided to follow Ning Cheng.

“Brother Ning, wait……” Xiong Wuzhi stopped Ning Cheng this time.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Xiong Wuzhi smiled and said to Zhai Chuman. “Junior Apprentice Sister Chuman, this time, we managed to come out thanks to Brother Ning Cheng. I think Brother Ning Cheng has a good heart, so I want to talk to him more. Besides, I don’t think I would be coming to attend Junior Apprentice Sister Chuman’s celebration. When Brother Ning Cheng leaves, I will also depart with Brother Ning Cheng.”

Bian Zhuo sneered before speaking. “Brother Xiong, I don’t think you’re going to get that reward of 100 million Permanent Essence Pills just because you went with Ning Cheng.”

Xiong Wuzhi smiled, “What you said is correct, but so be it.”

Ning Cheng knew that Xiong Wuzhi didn’t want to come with him for the reward of 100 million Permanent Essence Pills. Since Xiong Wuzhi wished to walk with him, then it probably was because he felt that pursuing Zhai Chuman wouldn’t bear any fruits, which forced him to make this decision.

Zhai Chuman naturally understood Xiong Wuzhi’s character. So, she smiled and said, “Alright, Senior Apprentice Brother Wuzhi will join Dao Brother Ning first. Please wait for me to go and greet my master and Sect Master before coming to say goodbye to you both.”

Xiong Wuzhi wasn’t a person from Traceless Immortal Pond. But Zhao Chuman’s words also forced the people from Traceless Immortal Pond to keep Xiong Wuzhi and Ning Cheng together, at least for now. Otherwise, it would become too obvious.

Ning Cheng and Xiong Wuzhi followed the two Eternal cultivators to a luxurious reception hall. As a top-grade Starry Sky Emperor, Ning Cheng could see that the room contained numerous relatively high-grade arrays the moment he entered.

After the two Eternal cultivators brought Ning Cheng here, they immediately left.

Xiong Wuzhi’s spiritual consciousness casually swept through the hall before he smiled and spoke to Ning Cheng. “Brother Ning, I’m surprised you dared to enter the Traceless Gate with your low cultivation.”

He didn’t feel anything abnormal on sensing the presence of array formations within the guest hall. After all, the Traceless Immortal Pond was a major sect. It would have been weird if its buildings didn’t contain any array formations.

Ning Cheng smiled, “Dao Friend Wuzhi, your cultivation might not be much higher than mine. If you can go in, then why can’t I?”

Xiong Wuzhi didn’t feel any anger. Instead, he only nodded, “Truth be told; when I entered the Traceless Gate, I was only at the middle-stage Life and Death Realm. It indeed might not have been much higher than you. But, Brother Ning Cheng, I treat you as a friend, yet you address me as a dao friend. It feels a bit like an outsider, ah.”

He thought that Ning Cheng spoke about his cultivation when he entered. Xiong Wuzhi indeed was only at the Life and Death Realm back when he entered the Traceless Gate. People naturally wouldn’t consider a Life and Death cultivator entering the Traceless Gate as a powerhouse.

“Let’s not talk about things like outsiders and all. Dao Friend Wuzhi and I haven’t known each other for a long time, so I don’t think we quite see each other as friends. Besides, I don’t think Dao Friend Wuzhi should be sitting here with me right now, but rather should go pursue Sacred Lady Man.” Ning Cheng spoke out casually.

Xiong Wuzhi sighed and said, “I am more than aware that it’s just a fruitless thing. Only Bian Zhuo could stay here and pursue her. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Brother Ning Cheng, at that time, you only poached a quarter of the starry sky spirit grasses. From that, I got a feeling that you’re a friend worth making. If replaced by me, I would have dug out at least half of it.”

“Don’t look at Bian Zhuo scolding you at that time. If replaced by him, I’m sure that he would have dug out everything in there. He probably would have even taken away the soil. I guess that only Junior Apprentice Sister Man wouldn’t take away those starry sky spirit grasses once she decided to settle down.”

Ning Cheng also agreed with Xiong Wuzhi’s assessment. “You’re right. If it weren’t for you and Sacred Lady Man coming out, I would have already taught him a lesson.”

Xiong Wuzhi naturally thought that Ning Cheng was bragging. But he smiled and said, “Next time, I will help you teach that Bian Zhuo, I can at least help from the side. The truth is, Bian Zhuo is a good person at heart despite having a murderous and arrogant personality. It’s the only reason why I barely managed to be his neighbour for so long. Of course, he also generously gave me a lot of those starry sky spirit grasses for alchemy. That’s one of the other reasons.”

As the two continued to chat, the middle-aged female cultivator named Qian Song walked in again. She spoke to Xiong Wuzhi, “Dao Friend Xiong, Sacred Lady Man has asked to meet you.”

Xiong Wuzhi, on hearing that Zhai Chuman had asked to meet him, immediately stood up and said to Ning Cheng. “Brother Ning, I will go meet Sacred Lady Man first and then come back to finish our chat.”

Ning Cheng also stood up and saw Xiong Wuzhi out. He estimated that Xiong Wuzhi wouldn’t face too much danger. Staying inside Traceless Gate for so long, even if Xiong Wuzhi had some cultivation resources initially, it would have already been used up by now. Besides, he was a close friend to Zhai Chuman, which meant that Traceless Immortal Pond would at least give him some face.

As soon as Xiong Wuzhi left, a middle-stage Eternal cultivator walked inside and immediately activated the restrictions within the hall.

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