Chapter 0824

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Chapter 0824: Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sect Master

“Thank you for sending the Permanent Essence Pills over.” As soon as the middle-stage Eternal cultivator came in, Ning Cheng smiled and stood up.

The Eternal cultivator sighed, “You’re too greedy. Otherwise, you might have had the chance to leave. My name is Liu Bingsen. You should remember it.”

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm voice, “You think I’m greedy and can’t walk away from this place? What kind of urine-infested place is your Traceless Immortal Pond? This father already understood it when he entered the Traceless Gate. It would be a strange matter if Traceless Immortal Pond let a cultivator who bought those jade strips leave Traceless Immortal Pond.”

Liu Bingsen felt surprised when he heard Ning Cheng’s words. What kind of turnaround was this?

“You knew?” Liu Bingsen asked subconsciously after a few breaths.

Ning Cheng looked at Liu Bingsen with a meaningful gaze, “What do you think? I have a lot of things to do and don’t have any time to waste in this place. Unfortunately, you came looking for me.”

If Liu Bingsen thought that Ning Cheng didn’t know about their underground business by now, he truly would be a fool. He instantly threw out a flaming-red sword, while unleashing the full force of his domain at Ning Cheng. At the same time, he also brought out a circular weapon.

Ning Cheng knew about this yet still dared to stay here. It showed that he had confidence in his abilities. Liu Bingsen immediately sent out a call for backup and understood that he might die today.

Ning Cheng didn’t stop Liu Bingsen from calling backup. But what Liu Bingsen didn’t know was that whether more people came here or nor, he would die today.

The moment he pushed down on Ning Cheng’s domain, it melted away like snow and ice meeting fire. Moreover, as soon as it hit Ning Cheng’s domain, a part of his domain immediately exploded and turned into nothingness.

Liu Bingsen felt a violent jolt. He understood that Ning Cheng hadn’t released his domain or imposing aura at all. Yet, Ning Cheng still suppressed him to the point that he couldn’t even resist. It showed that he wasn’t Ning Cheng’s opponent at all, and the difference wasn’t even a minor one.

Liu Bingsen couldn’t even take back the weapon he used to attacked Ning Cheng and just wanted to retreat.

At this time, Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear tore through the void between the two. The powerful spear intent completely enveloped Liu Bingsen. Before Liu Bingsen could even react, the long spear had already passed through his body.

“Laws of Space….” Liu Bingsen fell to the ground, and even his Essence Spirit couldn’t escape. Rather, he knew that even if his Essence Spirit could escape, he would only die again. When he fell, he understood that Traceless Immortal Pond had kicked an iron plat this time. Often walking by the river, one would eventually get their feet wet. Since he lived in Traceless Immortal Pond, it was only natural that he would touch the Laws of Space. Therefore, he understood that Ning Cheng’s application of the Laws of Space was the most practical of all.

Ning Cheng also looked at the long spear in his hand in disbelief. He wanted to kill Liu Bingsen using Traceless. Yet Liu Bingsen, the fellow who had just advanced to the middle-level Eternal Realm, couldn’t even stop him from firing a shot. It was something Ning Cheng had expected. Yet unexpectedly, his understanding of the Laws of Space had automatically merged with Traceless, making Traceless even more traceless.

Ning Cheng had initially come up with the Traceless Spirit Technique by observing someone else’s move. He knew that it contained some sort of law. However, Ning Cheng didn’t know anything about the Laws of Space at that time, which meant that Ning Cheng couldn’t understand it fully back then. Instead, he used his spiritual consciousness and celestial essence to force his spear to cross the spacial distance between him and his opponent in the shortest time.

No matter how short the time-frame, it would still take some time. But today, the Traceless he used suddenly transformed into a spirit technique that involved a direct integration of the Laws of Space. The spear’s trajectory had disappeared entirely. Rather, it simply ignored the void space between him and Liu Bingsen and reached Liu Bingsen in an instant.

Ning Cheng put away Liu Bingsen’s ring. Then, he threw out a dozen array flags quickly. Just when he finished throwing out the array flags, two Daoists shadows rushed inside. These two were from the group of four Eternal cultivators who had come to pick up Sacred Lady Man at that time. One was a late-stage Eternal cultivator, while the other was at the middle-level Eternal Realm.

“There’re so many Eternal ants in Traceless Immortal Pond.” Ning Cheng spoke with sarcasm.

The cultivators who came out of Traceless Gate were naturally powerhouses among powerhouses. Which one of these powerhouses was not wealthy? Moreover, these powerhouses came from all the central starry skies. How could they not have any treasures? Yet, Traceless Immortal Pond opened a black shop and took all the wealth of these powerhouses as their own. It would be impossible if they weren’t strong themselves.

“You killed Elder Bingsen?” The middle-level Eternal cultivator looked at Liu Bingsen’s body on the ground and muttered those words in disbelief.

Immediately, he brought out a weapon. Since Ning Cheng could kill Liu Bingsen, then Ning Cheng naturally could kill him too.

As for the late-stage Eternal cultivator, he immediately activated the guest hall’s killing array the moment he came inside. He also understood that Traceless Immortal Pond kicked the iron plate this time.

It’s not that Traceless Immortal Pond never faced such problems before; in the past, they had even lost three Eternal cultivators together. However, they still managed to use the array formations to kill that expert. At the same time, they also obtained twelve Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills from the body of that expert.

As soon as the killing formation activated, the two Eternal cultivators lost all traces of Ning Cheng.

The middle-stage Eternal cultivator shouted in surprise, “Elder Kui, something’s not right. It should be him who lost our tracks when we started the killing array. But why did we lose his trace?”

Ning Cheng’s cold voice came over, “You’re right. Next time, don’t rely on the Dao of Arrays to confront others without understanding the Dao of Arrays yourself. But I guess, you won’t be able to use it another time….”

Just as Ning Cheng’s voice ended, endless spacial knife lights emerged from the killing array. The Entrapment Formation suppressed the spiritual consciousness of the two Eternal cultivators, and the Killing Array shackled the celestial essence operation of the two. In the face of so many spacial knife blades, the two could do nothing but defend themselves using their weapons.

At this moment, they didn’t even know Ning Cheng’s position, so how could they deal with Ning Cheng?

A poignant setting sun appeared in front of the two, which immediately startled them. Although they hadn’t personally arranged the killing arrays in the guest hall, it was still a part of the Traceless Immortal Pond. It meant that the two of them naturally knew that none of the traps here had anything as beautiful as this setting sun in front of them.

“Elder Kui, no, I can’t get away……” The middle-stage Eternal cultivator exclaimed in surprise. Not to mention that the killing array had completely suppressed them, even without the killing array, they still couldn’t have escaped Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Dusk.

Besides, Ning Cheng was an Array Emperor, almost on the verge of becoming an Array Dao Master. Therefore, once he took personal control of the array formations here to restrain these two, it would be a strange matter if these two could break free.

How could this Elder Kui have the time to save that middle-stage Eternal cultivator? When the setting sun appeared in front of him, and everything around him came to a momentary stop, he understood it all. It was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique. Only a Laws of Time-related spirit technique would have such restraining power. Facing this move, he understood that he would only have one end; that is, death.

But since he reached the late-stage Eternal Realm in Traceless Immortal Pond, he naturally wouldn’t willingly wait for death. At this moment, why would he care about the killing array and the spacial blade lights? He only knew that he had to burn his essence blood and life essence. As long as he could break away from the restraints of this move even for a moment, he would escape immediately and leave to someplace far away. As for being the elder of Traceless Immortal Pond? He didn’t give a damn about it.

Even Zhangkang Tianji of Demon Domain wouldn’t dare to offend such a powerhouse. Since Traceless Immortal Pond wanted to seek its death, it could go right ahead. But he didn’t want to die.

Ning Cheng’s soft voice floated into his ears, “Elder Kui, do you want to leave? Why not wait until we finish talking?”

“Don’t do it. I’ll do anything you want me to do……” Elder Kui felt frightened, and the slight bit of imposing manner he had managed to gather, disappeared without a trace.

The next moment, the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear’s pale spear shadow pierced through his brow, and a bright red flower of blood bloomed within the entrapment and killing array. The middle-stage Eternal cultivator, bound within Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Dusk, went into shock on seeing the bright red flower of blood.

Ning Cheng didn’t even need to do anything. The next moment, countless killing lights within the killing formation quickly submerged his body. Only the scream that came later indicated his final presence.


“Chuman greets Sect Master, greets master……” Zhai Chuman walked into a slightly dim room and bowed.

The room had some slightly low-toned and quirky musical notes resounding within it, which made Zhai Chuman a little uncomfortable. Even as a Sacred Lady, she preferred not to come to this room.

At the end of the room, sat a middle-aged man with a white face. This middle-aged man had long hair, even longer than Zhai Chuman’s hair. At the bottom right of this middle-aged man sat a very beautiful female cultivator, with a slightly oval face. This female cultivator looked no worse than Zhai Chuman. Rather, the charm of a mature woman that exuded from her made her much more attractive than Zhai Chuman.

The middle-aged man was Sect Master Wu Yuankong of Traceless Immortal Pond, and the female cultivator seated under him was Pu Yinxiang, Zhai Chuman’s master.

After Zhai Chuman greeted them, Pu Yinxiang only gave a ‘hmm’ but didn’t speak. Instead, Wu Yuankong looked at Zhai Chuman up and down for a while before giving a satisfied nod. “Man’er, since you can advance to the Eternal Realm within Traceless Gate, and even cultivate to the middle-stage of Eternal Realm, you truly are qualified. You have not failed the expectations and hope I placed within you. My Traceless Immortal Pond will be depending on you in the future.”

Zhai Chuman quickly replied, “As the Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sacred Lady, this Chuman wouldn’t dare neglect it.”

After saying this, Zhai Chuman hesitated for a while before speaking. “Sect Master, the Immortal Pond even gave out 100 million Permanent Essence Pills as a reward to find me. Isn’t it too much?”

Wu Yuankong showed a slight smile, “Chuman, since you already reached the middle-stage of the Eternal Realm, there are some things we should tell you.”

As Wu Yuankong said this, he took a look at Zhai Chuman’s master Pu Yinxiang.

Pu Yinxiang nodded and spoke with a soft voice, “Chuman, do you know what comes after the Eternal Realm?”

Zhai Chuman hesitated for a moment before nodding, “I’ve heard a few things about it. After one’s cultivation reaches the peak of the Eternal Realm, they would find a higher realm. That is, the Dao Confirming Realm.”

Wu Yuankong followed with a sigh and said, “In this corner of the starry skies, rarely if ever cultivators would reach the full-circle of Eternal Realm. But even if they successfully reach the Dao Confirming Realm through some miracle, they still can’t set foot in the world of powerhouses.”

Seeing Zhai Chuman’s surprise on hearing those words, Pu Yinxiang spoke up with a soft voice, “Chuman, don’t worry. Among the four grand starry skies, maybe no one can leave this corner of the universe, but people from my Traceless Immortal Pond can. The first Sect Master of Traceless Immortal Pond had already left this part of the starry sky and went to a higher-grade positional plane.”

“The reason why my Traceless Immortal Pond can do what others can’t is all due to the Traceless Gate. It provides us with endless top-grade cultivation methods and cultivation resources.”

Zhai Chuman naturally knew that every cultivator who enters Traceless Immortal Pond would have to pay a lot of Permanent Essence Pills. It was what made her Traceless Immortal Pond rich. Not just her, who within the four grand starry skies didn’t know about Traceless Immortal Pond’s wealth?

But what she yearned for was information about the first Sect Master. How did he leave and enter those mysterious high-grade positional planes? Although she had been a Sacred Lady for a long time, she never understood this matter.

“Master, who is the first Sect Master of Traceless Immortal Pond?” Since Zhai Chuman already wanted to know about it, so she immediately asked.

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