Chapter 0826

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Chapter 0826: Comparing spirit techniques

“Him?” Zhai Chuman looked at Ning Cheng in shock. Wasn’t this the cultivator who brought her out of the Traceless Gate?

Why would Ning Cheng attack the Traceless Immortal Pond? Zhai Chuman’s heart currently felt like a shattered mirror. She wouldn’t have understood Ning Cheng’s actions it if it had happened a few moments ago. But now she fully understood why Ning Cheng attacked. Yet, her heart raged with all kinds of conflicting feelings. Traceless Immortal Sect was her sect, her home, a place where she lived for as long as she could remember. But facing Ning Cheng who tore through her Traceless Immortal Pond, and even killed so many cultivators, she couldn’t feel any anger even if she wanted.

The retribution of karma, sure enough, would eventually arrive.

Bian Zhuo and Xiong Wuzhi, who rushed out from a distance, also looked at Ning Cheng in disbelief. The two had always thought that Ning Cheng’s cultivation couldn’t compare to theirs, but now they understood that it indeed couldn’t compare to theirs. However, it wasn’t Ning Cheng who was far beneath them, but they were the ones far beneath Ning Cheng.

Bian Zhuo even felt cold sweat trickling down his back. He suddenly recalled the incident of Ning Cheng poaching those spirit grasses from the medicine garden. If Chuman hadn’t stopped him, he would have already turned into a dead soul under Ning Cheng’s spear.

Xiong Wuzhi also understood what Ning Cheng meant with his previous words about teaching Bian Zhuo a lesson. He had initially thought that Ning Cheng was only bragging, but now he understood that Ning Cheng wasn’t bragging at all, rather just stating a fact.

“I know, you’re the Sect Master of Culmination’s Mysterious Yellow Sect……” Pu Yinxiang exclaimed in surprise.

The only reason she had heard of Ning Cheng was due to the auction in Devil Domain. It is because Traceless Immortal Pond had auctioned off a Starry Sky Radish Grass there.

At that time, there seemed to be a cultivator named Ning Cheng, who taught a lesson to the three Island Masters of Spirit Devil Island. Even Qiao Jierui couldn’t deal with him. It’s just that she had never seen Ning Cheng before. Plus, Ning Cheng’s Culmination Grand Starry Sky and Traceless Immortal Pond were also too far away from each other. Moreover, Ning Cheng also had no connection with Traceless Immortal Pond. As such, she never thought that Ning Cheng would come to the Traceless Immortal Pond, let alone wreak such havoc.

“Brother Ning. You….” Xiong Wuzhi still asked in doubt. In his opinion, even if Ning Cheng had very powerful cultivation, he wouldn’t ruin a sect for no reason.

Ning Cheng showed a smile before speaking, “This sect is nothing but a black shop. Knowing that I might have obtained some treasures, they wanted to kill me and swallow my ring. Since the establishment of Traceless Immortal Pond till now, I wonder how many wronged souls have fallen to their hands. Regardless of if those wronged souls had any wealth, everything they had turned into resources for their black shop.”

“How could Traceless Immortal Pond be such a sect!?” Xiong Wuzhi said in shock before turning to look at Zhai Chuman in disbelief.

Zhai Chuman could feel Xiong Wuzhi’s disbelief and lowered her head in shame. Even she felt ashamed of being a part of such a sect.

Seeing Zhai Chuman’s expression, how could Xiong Wuzhi not understand. He immediately raised his hand and brought out a weapon before speaking. “Brother Ning Cheng, I, Xiong Wuzhi, like you, look down on such trashy sects the most. Please count on my help today.”

“Count me in too.” Bian Zhuo also brought out his black sword and came over, which made Ning Cheng feel a little strange.

Ning Cheng didn’t place any value on Bian Zhuo, but he had a good impression of Xiong Wuzhi.

Seeing her two good friends supporting Ning Cheng, Zhai Chuman lowered her head even more and didn’t say anything. No matter what conflicting feelings she had right now, she couldn’t let herself betray her sect.

Wu Yuankong’s anger slowly calmed down. Even if he turned angrier, it wouldn’t bring back the nine destroyed Heaven Connecting Array Entrance Pillars. Not just that, but even the Traceless Immortal Pond’s Traceless Public Square, the void waterfalls, and the other magnificent buildings also cannot be recovered.

The only thing he could, no, had to do was to kill this cultivator in front of him. So what if he was the Sect Master of the Mysterious Yellow Sect? Even if Demon Domain’s Heavenly Emperor Tianji came here, Wu Yuankong could still kill him. As for the two ants supporting Ning Cheng, he didn’t take them seriously at all.

Wu Yuankong stood over the public square ruined by Ning Cheng and took a step forward. At the same time, his domain’s imposing manner instantly spread out with him at the centre.

As Wu Yuankong’s foot fell to the ground, the piles of rubble around him automatically scattered into the void. And by the time his foot firmly landed on the ground, everything around his body got swept clean, just like a blast of time wheel.

Xiong Wuzhi and Bian Zhuo, who stood relatively far away from Ning Cheng and Wu Yuankong, couldn’t even stand straight. Under Wu Yuankong’s power, they understood that they couldn’t help Ning Cheng at all and had to retreat quickly.

Only when they retreated to the edge of Wu Yuankong’s domain did they stop in shock. They couldn’t even stand within Wu Yuankong’s domain. If they had to fight against Wu Yuankong right now, they would undoubtedly turn into corpses in an instant.

“He’s too strong.” Bian Zhuo murmured.

Xiong Wuzhi took in a deep breath but didn’t answer. He knew that Bian Zhuo wasn’t talking about Wu Yuankong, but Ning Cheng. Under such an imposing manner, they had no other choice but to retreat to the edge of Wu Yuankong’s domain. Yet, Ning Cheng, who stood right in front of Wu Yuankong, didn’t even move half a step.

Only his blue robe flapped around in the domain confrontation between the two. Moreover, this flapping wasn’t something resulting from Wu Yuankong’s domain suppression. It was truly a random event, like a cloth dancing around in fierce winds. From this, everyone understood that the imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s domain didn’t lose out to Wu Yuankong.

“You are very strong. You’re the strongest person I have ever seen. Even Zhangkang Tianji isn’t as good as you. Unfortunately, you ruined my Traceless Immortal Pond, so I have no other choice but to ruin you.” Wu Yuankong stared at Ning Cheng and spoke with a cold voice. He could sense the imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s domain and understood that his domain’s imposing manner couldn’t provide him with an advantage over Ning Cheng’s domain. However, he believed that Ning Cheng, like him, was doing his best. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fight against his domain’s imposing manner.

Ning Cheng replied with a calm voice, “You’re indeed better than Zhangkang Tianji, but among the opponents I’ve fought, you can’t even rank among the top three. As for ruining me, you should have at least waited to say that after you fall asleep.”

Ning Cheng didn’t lie. Ninth Prince, the red-haired Hong Lun, the eyeless cultivator, or even Chuan Xinlou, all of them were much stronger than Wu Yuankong. If he had to make a ranking of his opponents so far, Wu Yuankong wouldn’t come anywhere near the top three. At best, Wu Yuankong was only slightly worse than Qiao Jierui. When Ning Cheng was still in the Life and Death Realm, he could already defeat Qiao Jierui and even escape at will. Now that Ning Cheng advanced to the Eternal Realm, Wu Yuankong truly wasn’t someone he would take seriously.

“I hope that your methods are as powerful as your mouth. Otherwise, you will regret the things you did to my Traceless Immortal Pond today.” After Wu Yuankong finished speaking, his domain’s imposing manner came crashing down, and a glaring white circle surrounded Ning Cheng.

After Wu Yuankong’s glaring white circle appeared, the few people standing in the distance only saw a burst of white glare before feeling as if an endless flood had rolled in. As for what this white circle was, no one could say for sure, as the moment it appeared, Ning Cheng and Wu Yuankong disappeared from their view.

As the glaring white light appeared around Ning Cheng’s domain, Ning Cheng’s domain shrank a bit with a creak. A moment later, a seemingly endless flood of water covered him and his domain.

“Endless Fantasy Sea….” Wu Yuankong stood on the edge of the while circle like a huge statue waving at the sky.

As his waving hand came down, the endless ocean water suddenly rose into the air, trapping Ning Cheng from all directions. Moreover, waves of seawater appeared on the surface, with each over a hundred feet high.

This ocean not only locked space but also wanted to seal Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness and celestial essence. But just when the seemingly infinite ocean closed the area around Ning Cheng, the sea of cascading waves overturned and the raging seawater came crashing down.

It felt as if anything blocking the violent waves falling from the sky would get crushed into nothingness.

Ning Cheng didn’t move a muscle. Since Wu Yuankong couldn’t suppress his domain, how could Wu Yuankong’s Fantasy Sea Spirit Technique smash him into nothingness?

Even the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear didn’t move initially. Instead, it gathered waves of spear patterns. Even without Ning Cheng moving a muscle, these spear patterns then suddenly blasted out with the spear, and a setting sun appeared at the end of the overturned ocean that came crashing down.

Spirit Technique, Sunset’s Twilight.

The waves crashing down, suddenly paused. Wu Yuankong, who stood at the end of the overturned ocean, had nothing but shock in his eyes. All he saw and felt was stillness around him.

No one knew better than him what kind of spirit technique Ning Cheng had displayed. Despite cultivating to this day, he had never seen a single Laws of Time-related spirit technique, but he saw one today. It truly was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique; only a Laws of Time-related spirit technique could shock him this much.

As the sun sets, dusk arrives.

Coupled with the now-paused endless rolling waves, Wu Yuankong also saw a glimpse of what he yearned for till now. At this moment, he wanted to stay still and stop fighting to see more of what he desired. A thought emerged in his conscious mind that no matter how hard he struggled, in the end, his life was just like a sunset, an experience that would eventually come to an end.

No, this was not just a Laws of Time-related spirit technique; this spirit technique also had a hint of conception in it that influenced one’s state of mind.

Wu Yuankong understood this when the sun was just about to set, which was only half a breath of time. The next moment, the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop in his hand transformed into nine glaring white circles one after another and shot upwards. During the same moment, the violent waves that came crashing down from the sky exploded from the middle. At that very moment, the nine white circles suddenly shrank and appeared right in front of the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear’s tip that had just reached his brow.


Seemingly infinite and endless waves of water burst out from the circles, and the entire Traceless Immortal Pond seemed to have transformed into an ocean. This ocean completely submerged the Traceless Immortal Pond.

It was the first time that Wu Yuankong cast the Endless Fantasy Sea and couldn’t control the water that had blasted out in the sky. Ning Cheng’s attack had blown away the spirit he had condensed in the seawater.

Ning Cheng looked calm on the surface, but he sighed internally. His Sunset’s Twilight only stalled Wu Yuankong’s world for half a breath. Replaced with any other cultivator, Ning Cheng would have already killed them within half a breath. Wu Yuankong’s Endless Fantasy Sea was just too strong, powerful enough to stop his Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear.

Ning Cheng also understood that if he were at the middle-stage Eternal Realm, this shot would have killed Wu Yuankong instantly. But as someone at the early-stage Eternal Realm, even at its peak, it still had some distance to the middle-stage Eternal Realm.

Ning Cheng’s move only stopped the Endless Fantasy Sea for half a breath. Not only that, but the Endless Fantasy Sea’s power also isolated the spacial distance between Ning Cheng and Wu Yuankong. It didn’t allow Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory to break through space in front of it and kill Wu Yuankong.

But Ning Cheng also understood from the power of Wu Yuankong’s Endless Fantasy Sea that Wu Yuankong could only use this move one time. To use it again, he would have to fill those white circles with seawater he refined. Sunset’s Twilight had already scattered the refined water, which meant that Wu Yuankong wouldn’t be able to recall it right away.

When the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop’s white circles clashed with Ning Cheng’s spear, the force blew away Wu Yuankong. Even his face had turned pale.

Wu Yuankong had never imagined that he would be at a complete disadvantage in the first exchange.

“Void…… Silence……” Wu Yuankong bit his tongue, and the ripples from the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop suddenly distorted.

Even if he had to burn his essence blood today, he had to kill Ning Cheng.

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