Chapter 0827

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Chapter 0827: Acknowledging a thief as one’s father

As the distorted ripples of Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop spread out, Ning Cheng felt the space around him starting to disappear through his spiritual consciousness. Moreover, those twisted ripples swept away the spiritual consciousness permeating within the area, forming a void all around him.

Within this void, spiritual consciousness and celestial essence automatically melted away.

Ning Cheng encountered this situation before and understood that it only happened when he neared a spacial collapse. But this was the Traceless Immortal Pond’s public square, which meant that it was impossible to find a spacial collapse here. From this, Ning Cheng also understood that this, most likely, was the result of Wu Yuankong’s Laws of Space-related spirit technique.

Ning Cheng had also come into contact with the Laws of Space, and could now easily tear through the small spacial pockets within Traceless Gate. Therefore, the moment when Wu Yuankong used that move, Ning Cheng realised that his understanding of the Laws of Space was not as good as Wu Yuankong.

Void Silence Spirit Technique was Wu Yuankong’s most powerful spirit technique that made everything within its range collapse entirely. No one could resist it as long as they remained trapped within the void created by his Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop.

Space started to disappear rapidly around Wu Yuankong’s Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop and quickly swept towards Ning Cheng’s domain. In just a few moments, it quickly extended towards Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng didn’t understand Wu Yuankong’s spirit technique, but Wu Yuankong’s spiritual consciousness couldn’t compare to his spiritual consciousness. Therefore, when Wu Yuankong took action, his spiritual consciousness had already locked on to everything in space around him. As long as there was even the slightest fluctuation in the area around his body, even almost negligible, it couldn’t escape Ning Cheng’s perception.

Ning Cheng didn’t know that the void formed by the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop did not sweep in one direction. Rather, the collapse slowly moved towards the middle of a huge circle from the outside. Regardless, Ning Cheng had his guard up at all times.

Wu Yuankong was waiting for Ning Cheng to retreat. As long as Ning Cheng moved even one step, the space swept away by his Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop would completely collapse. It would form a real void around Ning Cheng. At that time, even if Ning Cheng grew suddenly stronger, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the shackles of his Nine Patterned Loop. At that moment, Ning Cheng would be entirely at his mercy.

The best way to deal with a Laws of Space-related spirit technique was naturally another Law of Space-related spirit technique. But Ning Cheng’s understanding of the Laws of Space wasn’t as good as Wu Yuankong. However, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t use his knowledge of the Laws of Space to block Wu Yuankong’s spirit technique. As for retreating, Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it.

The moment Wu Yuankong cast the Void Silence Spirit Technique; Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear also condensed countless spear traces. This spear or the spear traces weren’t as mighty as Wu Yuankong’s Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop that could devour space. But they created a unique space in front of the twisting ripples that Wu Yuankong had created and around Ning Cheng.

Space carved out by Ning Cheng had just formed when the twisted ripples from the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop blasted on it. Different Laws of Space collided, and celestial essence exploded, which tore out hollow void traces in the space between the two. These empty traces, however, remained centred around Ning Cheng, forming a huge circle around him.

Space-related spirit technique? Wu Yuankong sneered; he wasn’t surprised that Ning Cheng had comprehended a space-related spirit technique. If a cultivator who could display a Laws of Time-related spirit technique couldn’t understand a space-related spirit technique, it would have certainly surprised him.

But to his surprise, Ning Cheng also realised that his Void Silence Spirit Technique attacked from all directions.

However, even if Ning Cheng used a space-isolating move, and knew that his technique attacked from all directions, he couldn’t escape his Void Silence.

In his opinion, Ning Cheng’s spirit technique could only block his Void Silence for a few breaths at most. Once it passed, his Void Silence would completely devour Ning Cheng’s spirit technique.

Ning Cheng’s move wasn’t exactly a space-related spirit technique. At best, he only used his understanding of the Laws of Space to block Wu Yuankong’s spirit technique temporarily. And Wu Yuankong didn’t read it wrong. Ning Cheng could only stop his spirit technique for a few breaths.

However, for Ning Cheng, these few breaths were more than enough. He used this time to cast not a spatial spear pattern, but instead, the None-to-depend-on.

Sunset’s Twilight only contained a hint of conception, which could already affect Wu Yuankong. Therefore, Ning Cheng understood that None-to-depend-on was the best choice to deal with Wu Yuankong, who had too many distractions.

Time Wheel was a group-kill spirit technique. Although it could break Wu Yuankong’s Void Silence Spirit Technique, it couldn’t kill Wu Yuankong. At most, it would shock him into fleeing.

People like Wu Yuankong would always have a powerful means to escape. Therefore, once he decided to run, Ning Cheng wouldn’t be able to chase him down without expending considerable efforts. It also meant that the best time to kill him was when he was in the most distracted mental state.

The long spear powered up once again, but this time, it exuded one strand after another filled with the aura of dao charm.

None to depend on, bellowing yellow sands….

The skinny horse on the west wind road, intertwined with tear-filled robes….

The Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop suddenly slowed down, and its speed of devouring space also slowed down. Wu Yuankong showed a slight frown, staring at the empty void before him. Even when burning his essence blood, at this moment, he had fallen into a regretful feeling of reluctance to part.

He had already made up his mind to leave. After finishing dual cultivation with Zhai Chuman, he would have left this corner of the universe for good. But then, the beautiful figure of Pu Yinxiang appeared before his eyes. He could discard Zhai Chuman, but he could never forget Pu Yinxiang.

None to depend on; under the setting sun; the mountain road outside the village with billowing yellow sands; a heart wanting to look back……

Wu Yuankong turned his head slowly. He wanted to look at Pu Yinxiang once again. However, he didn’t see Pu Yinxiang. All he saw was sadness sweeping the world. But before he could wake up from this sadness, a boundless murderous aura invaded his mind.

A spirit technique……

Wu Yuankong’s body turned cold. He had fallen into his opponent’s spirit technique. Immediately, he discovered that the surrounding space no longer belonged to him, and he no longer was in charge.

Wu Yuankong had never felt so close to death since his debut.


At the extreme edge of the Traceless Public Square, as the sky full of seawater swept over, Pu Yinxiang and the others kept backing away as fast as possible. Even the remnant dao charm and celestial essence within the scattering seawater left quite a few people in a state of embarrassment.

Pu Yinxiang stepped on the still-spreading seawater and muttered, “This Ning Cheng is too powerful.”

Only she understood Ning Cheng’s level of strength. She had experienced the Sect Master using Endless Fantasy Sea a few times in the past. But she had never seen a situation where the Sect Master couldn’t recover the seawater after casting the Endless Fantasy Sea. Facing Ning Cheng today, since the Sect Master couldn’t recover the seawater after using the Endless Fantasy Sea, Wu Yuankong might end up losing this battle.

But regardless of whether Wu Yuankong lost the battle or not, Traceless Immortal Pond had already turned to rubble. Looking at everything, maybe she should take this opportunity to say a few things not privy to others. Perhaps she could even choose to escape from this place.

Bian Zhuo also sighed, “At the beginning, I thought I could kill him easily. But now I know that it’s he who could kill me without any effort. This person is much better than me.”

Zhai Chuman glanced at Bian Zhuo in astonishment. She and Bian Zhuo had stayed together for a relatively long time. Therefore, she knew that Bian Zhuo’s pride wouldn’t let him admit that someone else was much stronger than him. From this, she also understood that Ning Cheng’s strength truly destroyed Bian Zhuo’s heart.

Seeing Zhai Chuman look at him, Bian Zhuo showed a self-deprecating smile. “If Junior Apprentice Sister Chuman hadn’t shown kindness at the start, I’m afraid the three of us would have already fallen within Traceless Gate.”

Xiong Wuzhi remained silent. Except for the one sentence about helping Ning Cheng, he didn’t say anything.

Pu Yinxiang glanced at Xiong Wuzhi and suddenly said, “Chuman doesn’t know what Traceless Immortal Pond does, so she didn’t hide anything from you.”

Xiong Wuzhi, on hearing those words, immediately looked at Zhai Chuman.

Zhai Chuman, however, looked in the direction of Wu Yuankong and Ning Cheng’s fight. A moment later, she sighed and said, “I’ll always be a person from Traceless Immortal Pond, so I can’t escape its karma.”

Pu Yinxiang showed a wretched laugh, “Chuman, anyone else could say that they’re from Traceless Immortal Pond, but you can’t say that.”

Seeing Zhai Chuman looking at her in doubt, Pu Yinxiang once again glanced at the turbulent celestial essence fluctuations coming from the centre of the public square. She bit her lip in hesitation before speaking up, “Because your father’s name is Zhai Xilun……”

“My father?” Zhai Chuman asked in surprise. For as long as she remembered, people had told her that she was an orphan. That Sect Master Wu Yuankong had adopted her out of kindness. How could her master know her father?

Pu Yinxiang took in a deep breath and slowly said, “Yes, it was your father who brought you to the Traceless Immortal Pond. When your father brought you here, you were still a baby. Therefore, to gain control over the Laws of Space as fast as possible, your father decided to foster you at Traceless Immortal Pond.”

Zhai Chuman’s hands suddenly trembled. Since her father fostered her in Traceless Immortal Pond, why hasn’t she ever heard of her father?

Pu Yinxiang kept staring in the direction of Wu Yuankong, who was still fighting with Ning Cheng in the middle of the public square. She gritted her teeth and said, “Just to foster you, your father gave Traceless Immortal Pond tens of millions of Permanent Essence Pills. By the time you turned twelve, your father had gained an understanding of the Laws of Space and walked out of the Traceless Gate.”

Zhai Chuman, who by now had understood what kind of a sect was the Traceless Immortal Pond, trembled all over. “Master, you mean my father, he was, was……”

Pu Yinxiang gave a sad nod, “Chuman, you guessed it right. As soon as your father came out, several elders of the Traceless Immortal Pond besieged him within array formations. The battle turned the sky dark, and it rained blood. If it weren’t for Traceless Immortal Pond’s Entrapment Formations, I’m afraid your father would have already escaped.”

Zhai Chuman felt weak all over. She had unexpectedly acknowledged her father’s murderer as her father and had also almost married Wu Yuankong.

Pu Yinxiang immediately rushed forward to support the crumbling Zhai Chuman. “Your father was quite powerful. Even trapped within one of the Entrapment Formations, and under siege from several Eternal cultivators, he still managed to rush out of it and even killed three Eternal elders. Unfortunately, he went around looking for you and ended up trapped in another Entrapment Formation. In the end, he couldn’t get out of the Entrapment Formation the second time before finally falling in the Traceless Immortal Pond. The Traceless Immortal Pond also obtained twelve Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills from his body.”

“Later, Wu Yuankong also wanted to kill you. But I proposed that it would be better to let me keep you and let you cultivate the Wedding Dress Cultivation Method so that you could wear the wedding dress for him in the future. This way, Wu Yuankong left you alive. This time, Wu Yuankong had already made up his mind to leave the Traceless Immortal Pond. If you had refused him before, he would have killed you without hesitation after forcing himself on you.”

“Do you know why Traceless Immortal Pond always puts up a mission for every cultivator who enters the Traceless Gate? That, as long as they brought out a disciple of Traceless Immortal Pond from inside, they would receive a huge reward? It was all for you. If Wu Yuankong didn’t personally see your dead body, he would always have felt uneasy about it. As for me, I could only drag things out one day after another, and couldn’t help you much even if I wanted to help you.”

Zhai Chuman burst into tears and collapsed in Pu Yinxiang’s arms. She quickly understood everything and looked in Wu Yuankong’s direction with overwhelming murderous intent. Since the moment she had started cultivating, she had never thought of killing a person. But today, she not only wanted to kill someone, but she also wanted to do it immediately.

Before Zhai Chuman could rush up, however, a mournful scream emerged. Pu Yinxiang and other others stared blankly at the centre of the public square, looking at a flower of blood blooming in the air.

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