Chapter 0828

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Chapter 0828: The Starry Sky Rainbowfall Sword Sect

Dao charm of various spirit techniques spread out and the centre of the public square cleared out.

A huge circular pit also suddenly appeared in the Traceless Public Square, which already looked fragmented. This circular pit looked as if a compass had drawn it, without even the slightest bit of distortion or jagged edges.

Right above this circular cavity, Ning Cheng looked like a god standing in the void. He still held a long spear in his hand, while Wu Yuankong hung at the tip of the long spear. However, at this moment, the Traceless Immortal Pond’s Sect Master was already a corpse.

While the few people watched this scene in a daze, the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand shook, and Wu Yuankong’s corpse turned into slag before falling off. A ring then fell into Ning Cheng’s hand. Following Wu Yuankong’s death, the Serene Water Nine Patterned Loop also flew into Ning Cheng’s hand. This weapon was of a higher grade than his Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, so Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t let it go.

Seeing Ning Cheng step over towards them Pu Yinxiang murmured, “It’s the end of Traceless Immortal Pond.”

She didn’t know if she had to feel happy or sad about it. In any case, she also grew up in Traceless Immortal Pond. With Traceless Immortal Pond now finished, she didn’t have anywhere to go.

Ning Cheng walked over to Xiong Wuzhi and smiled before speaking, “Brother Xiong, I’m leaving. Do you want to leave together?”

Xiong Wuzhi sighed, “Brother Ning, looks like I have a problem with my vision. I thought you were in the Heaven Seated Realm at most. I didn’t expect that I would have to look up to your cultivation. If I weren’t still a Starry Sky Grade 8 Pill Emperor, I would have thought that I failed too much in life already.”

Cultivators like Xiong Wuzhi naturally had a unique sense of pride. But Ning Cheng’s strength had given his pride a huge blow.

Ning Cheng only showed a slight smile but said nothing. If Xiong Wuzhi knew that he was also a Starry Sky Grade 9 Pill Emperor, he might just end up losing his mind.

But Xiong Wuzhi also had a bit of thick skin. Despite experiencing such a blow to his pride, he still spoke, “Brother Ning, I plan to come to your Mysterious Yellow Sect. I don’t know if Sect Master Ning would accept me?”

Bian Zhuo spoke from the side, “You just said that you are a Starry Sky Grade 8 Pill Emperor. You should be very proud about it; how could Brother Ning not take you in?”

Compared to Xiong Wuzhi, he was the one who took the biggest hit. In comparison, he had much more pride than Xiong Wuzhi. But facing Ning Cheng, he understood that his pride meant nothing.

Ning Cheng quickly said, “I naturally will welcome you. I also have a person practising Alchemy in my sect. After Brother Xiong goes there, you will meet him right away.”

Xiong Wuzhi laughed, “Okay, that settles it. But I can’t go now. Since Junior Apprentice Sister Chuman’s sect changed so drastically, I have to stay here to help her stabilise the sect before I can go there.”

Zhai Chuman also walked over with red eyes. She bowed to Ning Cheng and said with a grateful voice, “Many thanks, Brother Ning, for avenging the murder of my father. This Chuman will forever remain grateful to you.”

Seeing Ning Cheng’s doubtful gaze, Pu Yinxiang quickly said, “Traceless Immortal Pond conspired against Chuman’s father. Chuman didn’t have any knowledge about it before now.”

Ning Cheng had already understood that Zhai Chuman truly had no idea about Traceless Immortal Pond’s nasty affairs. Therefore, after confirming the same, he also quickly replied, “We both had the same enemy. Killing that fellow is also for me. If I hadn’t killed him, he would have killed me anyway. Anyway, goodbye. And if you want, I can also welcome you to my Mysterious Yellow Sect.”

After Ning Cheng finished speaking, he didn’t wait for the others to speak up. He brought out the Starry Sky Wheel and quickly disappeared from the sect grounds of Traceless Immortal Pond. He had already spent a few years in this place and felt quite anxious to go back.

Watching Ning Cheng leave, Zhai Chuman gave out a quiet sigh. She turned around and said to Pu Yinxiang, “Master, I’m leaving too.”

Pu Yinxiang pulled Zhai Chuman to the side. “Even if Traceless Immortal Pond faced utter destruction, if Wu Yuankong remained alive, we would have had to escape. Even though we might not be able to escape, we would have no choice but to escape. But since Wu Yuankong has already fallen, the Traceless Immortal Pond no longer has any other Eternal cultivators except for the two of us. Let’s stay here and cultivate for now.”

“That’s right, Junior Apprentice Sister Chuman, Traceless Immortal Pond is safe now. Plus, with the dense Starry Sky Spirit Qi here, why not stay here for cultivation? Bian Zhuo and I will help you rebuild the sect again. If I had not already agreed to Sect Master Ning, I would have also stayed here to cultivate.” Xiong Wuzhi also tried to persuade her.

Bian Zhuo spoke up with a disdainful voice, as if trying to make up for his lost pride, “So what if you promised Sect Master Ning. I’m afraid that if I were a Pill Emperor, that Mysterious Yellow Sect would have also taken me seriously.”

Xiong Wuzhi spoke with a calm voice, “I’m also proficient in array formations.”

Pu Yinxiang suddenly spoke after sighing. “Sect Master Ning Cheng most likely is an expert in the Dao of Arrays and is close to reaching the level of an Array Dao Master. Otherwise, even if stronger than Wu Yuankong, he couldn’t smash apart a Heaven Connecting Array Entrance Column in one shot.”

“That’s right. The guest halls contained a lot of Entrapment and Killing Formations, yet Brother Ning didn’t suffer even the slightest damage. If he wasn’t an expert in array formations, he couldn’t have done it.” Xiong Wuzhi also mulled over it.

Zhai Chuman felt even sadder. Traceless Immortal Pond’s Entrapment Formation had also trapped her father. But in the end, he fell to the hands of Traceless Immortal Pond.


Of course, Ning Cheng wouldn’t worry too much about the Stately River Star. With Cang Caihe presiding over it, and with his Star-protecting Grand Array, no one would dare to make any trouble.

At this moment, Ning Cheng had already understood a slight bit of the Law of Space. Therefore, the first thing he wanted to do right now was to study the teleportation array below the Thorn Tooth Lake. With his current proficiency in the Dao of Arrays and his understanding of the Laws of Space, he felt confident enough to study the teleportation array thoroughly. At the same time, also advance to the level of an Array Dao Master.

Chasing Bull still controlled the Starry Sky Wheel, while Ning Cheng sorted through all the rings he obtained and felt very satisfied with the harvest. Although he guessed that the Traceless Immortal Pond stored its dedicated cultivation resources in another place, he still received quite a huge haul. Just the number of Permanent Essence Pills had reached 500 million, with seven star veins. He also got a relatively huge pile of starry sky spirit grasses and various other materials.

Plus, he also obtained a Breaking Boundary Talisman from Wu Yuankong’s ring, which wasn’t any worse than the one he received from that silver-haired woman.

After putting away the things, Ning Cheng felt unwilling to waste time and continued to stay in his cabin to study the Dao of Arrays.

A few days later, Ning Cheng was still deducing a model of the teleportation array, when a vague array trace suddenly awakened him.

If it were a few days ago, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have noticed any array traces. But because he comprehended a bit of the Law of Space, it invariantly improved his proficiency in the Dao of Arrays by quite a lot. It allowed him to sense array traces. Therefore, the sudden fluctuation of an array trace naturally startled Ning Cheng at this time.

Ning Cheng quickly rushed out onto the Starry Sky Wheel’s deck and spread out his spiritual consciousness.

“Master, we have just arrived at the juncture of Demon Domain and Spirit Heaven Grand Starry Skies.” Chasing Bull reported on seeing Ning Cheng coming out.

Ning Cheng ignored Chasing Bull’s words and asked, “Did you see any flight-type weapon passing by our Starry Sky Wheel just now?”

Chasing Bull quickly replied, “Yes, two flight-type weapons passed by our side just now. It seemed as if one was running away while the other chased after it.”

“Was one of them a large black-coloured Celestial River-grade battleship?” Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness had noticed the black-coloured Celestial River Battleship. However, that battleship had already reached a considerable distance from him, and he could no longer feel the fluctuation from that array trace.

“Yes, master.” Chasing Bull replied quickly.

“Chase after it.” Ning Cheng said without hesitation.

The more he studied the Dao of Array; the more Ning Cheng felt that the Dao of Arrays was something incredibly vast. Moreover, from the limited knowledge that he had, he understood that array traces were something only Array Dao Masters could touch. It indicated that Ning Cheng had either reached a point infinitesimally close to the level of an Array Dao Master or had already become one. It was the only explanation he could come up with why he could sense that array trace.

“Okay.” Chasing Bull had seen the two flight-type weapons pass by his Starry Sky Wheel, which made it very upset. If it weren’t for his master’s instructions, it would have immediately speeded up and forced those two airships to stop. He wanted to boast at those ants in the two airships that “Look, you bastards, I’m the fastest.”

The Starry Sky Wheel was naturally the fastest flight-type weapon. Therefore, after Chasing Bull quickly chased after them, the black-coloured battleship running away suddenly stopped within a half-an-incense stick of time. The black-coloured battleship seemed to have realised that it couldn’t escape, so the owner decided to stop running. A thin man then appeared on the deck of the battleship.

Chasing Bull couldn’t help but despise it. This battleship didn’t even have an attack weapon.

After a moment, the flight-type weapon chasing after it also stopped. This flight-type weapon that came later was a silver-coloured Celestial River Battleship. However, it was also of a higher grade compared to the black-coloured Celestial River Battleship it chased after.

This time, however, Ning Cheng could feel the fluctuations of that array trace more clearly from the black-coloured Celestial River Battleship.

After the silver-coloured Celestial River Battleship stopped, a male cultivator also walked out of its cabin. This male cultivator reminded Ning Cheng of the Artefact-crafting Grandmaster Le Wu, who he had seen in Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. He had the same pointed head, which looked a little funny.

This fellow had higher cultivation compared to the thin man who he chased after, at the late-stage Heaven’s Mandate Realm. The thin man, on the other hand, was only a middle-stage Undead cultivator.

“This junior is Liang Qiurui, a disciple from Pill Rice Celestial River’s Universal Development Sect and is out hunting for defectors. Many thanks for the senior’s help.” The pointy-head cultivator spoke with a relatively polite voice. Regardless of whether this person stopped his target for killing or helping, he would have to thank him first.

The thin cultivator on the black battleship yelled out angrily, “Liang Qiurui; you sure are shameless. Since when are disciples of my Rainbowfall Sword Sect defectors of your Universal Development Sect?”

Ning Cheng on hearing that Liang Qiurui say that he came from Pill Rice Celestial River, immediately felt his heart move. He had naturally heard of this celestial river and knew that it was a technology-reliant celestial river. He had once participated in an auction, and the person hosting the auction had explicitly stated that the Celestial River Battleship up for auction was a product from Pill Rice Celestial River. It also proved that this Pill Rice Celestial River had some legitimate fame attached to it.

Ning Cheng was a sentimental person. Plus, with the destruction of Sifting Orchid, the one thing that had saved his life many times in the past, he had somewhat grown attached to it. Ning Cheng had always wanted to repair Sifting Orchid back to its original state. But he simply had no idea of the technology base of Sifting Orchid. Although Ning Cheng understood that Sifting Orchid was just a lifeless 5-star Battle disc, Ning Cheng had vowed to get Sifting Orchid repaired. He didn’t have the time before and had other things on his mind. But since he heard about Pill Rice Celestial River this time, he immediately decided to go there and see if he could fix it.

Ning Cheng already felt delighted hearing about Pill Rice Celestial River. But Ning Cheng felt even more surprised when he heard the words ‘Rainbowfall Sword Sect’. Ning Cheng never expected to see disciples from Rainbowfall Sword Sect so far away from Culmination Grand Starry Sky. In any case, with his curiosity kindled, he wanted to know if this Rainbowfall Sword Sect had any connection to the one in Graceful Star Mainland.

“Wait, let me ask you something. You just said that you come from Rainbowfall Sword Sect, is that right? Which Rainbowfall Sword Sect is it?” Ning Cheng asked.

The thin male cultivator heard Ning Cheng’s question and quickly bowed before replying. “Junior Feng Kai is indeed a disciple of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. The Rainbowfall Sword Sect of Pill Rice Celestial River’s Sifting Forest Star.”

“I didn’t state it clearly. What I meant to ask is, who is your Sect Master? Which interface did your first Sect Master come from?” Ning Cheng asked again.

The universe simply had no bounds. As such, it was highly possible to find many sects with the same name. Thus, Ning Cheng had to confirm it.

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