Chapter 0831

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Chapter 0831: Old Man Kong He

“The material in your hand is what I need. If you want, I can exchange it for whatever you want.” Ning Cheng implored.

The raw material in Lan Yi’s jade box was a Void Shimmering Light Crystal, something Ning Cheng truly wanted. Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame had already become a Grade 5 Starry Sky Flame. Therefore, if he could get that Void Shimmering Light Crystal, he could then upgrade it to a Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame.

But that wasn’t the most important thing. Once the Celestial River Flame became a Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame, he could then use Nirvana Heart to upgrade it by another grade once again. What kind of flame would it evolve into after surpassing Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame? Even Ning Cheng had no idea about it. However, he understood that its existence would surpass all other starry sky flames.

An existence beyond starry sky flames should be a unique flame, at least in this part of the positional plane.

As long as the Celestial River Flame surpassed the level of starry sky flames, Ning Cheng could then use it for more things. He could even melt the Nirvana Spear and craft it into a long spear that truly belonged to him. Not only that, but it would also improve his expertise in artefact-crafting and pill refining.

Lan Yi gave an apologetical smile, “I’m sorry, but I want to use this material to seek out Master Kong He’s help. I need a top-grade starry sky battleship.”

Ning Cheng suddenly took out a ring and handed it to Lan Yi, “Look at the things inside this ring. If you like it, we can conduct the exchange.”

Although Lan Yi knew that she wouldn’t conduct the exchange, she still picked up Ning Cheng’s ring.

But when her spiritual consciousness swept through the ring, she couldn’t help but look up at Ning Cheng in disbelief. Ning Cheng had put a top-rank flight-type Dao Artefact in it, plus an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. Not to mention exchanging these things for her Void Shimmering Light Crystal, even if she had to give up everything she had to Ning Cheng, she would gladly do it.

Moreover, a top-ranked flight-type Dao Artefact was much more valuable than a top-grade Starry Sky Battleship. It wouldn’t matter even if it were a top-grade Starry Sky Battleship crafted by old man Kong He. Plus, even without a precious top-grade flighty-type Dao Artefact, she would have willingly given up everything she owned for that Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill.

As a cultivator at the late-stage Life and Death Realm, she stayed in this level for far too many years. This time, she had specifically come here to ask Master Kong He to refine her a starry sky battleship. That way, she could look for opportunities to enter the Eternal Realm. With such a chance in front of her, only an idiot would refrain from finalising the exchange.

“I’m willing.” Lan Yi didn’t even think about any consequences and immediately handed the jade box in her hand to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s excitement also didn’t lose out to Lan Yi. He truly wanted the Void Shimmering Light Crystal. And now he obtained one this easily. The feeling that arose from it made him feel truly comfortable.

After exchanging things with Ning Cheng, Lan Yi suddenly remembered the rules here. Quickly taking out another jade box, she then placed it on the stone platform in front of the guest hall.

After doing this, Lan Yi breathed in a sigh of relief and spoke with a grateful voice, “Many thanks, Brother Ning. Please do visit my Blue River Mountain in the future.”

Ning Cheng could easily take out an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill, which made Lan Yi understand that Ning Cheng’s cultivation far surpassed her. At least, it couldn’t be lower than her.

With the Void Shimmering Light Crystal in hand, Ning Cheng’s anger towards old man Kong He also dissipated considerably. If it weren’t for this old man, he wouldn’t have obtained this treasure.

But before the two of them could exchange a few more words, a sentence appeared on the screen in the guest room. “Congratulations Dao Friend Lan Yi. Your materials meet the requirements. Please enter and let this old man Kang He personally refine the battleship for you.”

When these words appeared, the other cultivators in the guest room showed envious gazes. On average, old man Kong He only took up one or two orders for crafting battleships every two or three days. No matter who the order belonged to, people couldn’t find a pattern or a connection. As such, they all just chalked it up to luck.

“Ah….” Lan Yi also felt surprised. She never thought that the materials she had randomly taken out would give her this opportunity. But now Lan Yi no longer wanted Kong He to refine a battleship for her. She just wanted to go back into seclusion and attack the barrier to the Eternal Realm immediately.

While Lan Yi remained in a daze, a grey-robed cultivator walked over and spoke to Lan Yi, “Dao Friend Yan Yi, please follow me.”

After speaking, he then turned to Ning Cheng. “Dao Friend Ning Cheng, your materials are also quite good. Heavenly Emperor Kong He also invites you to join. He will help you refine a high-grade starry sky battleship.”

When Ning Cheng heard that Lan Yi received an invite, he had immediately started to think of an excuse to go in with Lan Yi. However, he never expected that this person would also invite him. Initially, Ning Cheng felt that even if this old man Kong He took a fancy to his Space Crystal, he wouldn’t act against him in Kong He Emperor Mountain. At least, he would wait for Ning Cheng to leave Kong He Emperor Mountain before doing anything to him.

After the grey-robed cultivator finished speaking, he immediately left the guest room. He quickly turned onto a road paved with white jade.

Lan Yi could only keep up on seeing it. Ning Cheng also walked beside Lan Yi and whispered in a low voice, “These people all brought in top-grade artefact-crafting materials. If this old man Kong He didn’t help them in crafting artefacts, why would they willingly eat such a loss?”

Ning Cheng truly couldn’t understand why this old man Kong He required so many overbearing offerings. Moreover, everybody already knew that the probability of meeting him was so low, so why would so many people still show up in this place to give so many things?

Lan Yi knew that Ning Cheng didn’t understand how things here worked and sent him a simple voice transmission. “Typically, for cultivators who don’t know anything about artefact-crafting, if they obtained some top-grade materials, they wouldn’t sell them off in an auction. It’s only because of a lack of buyers. Moreover, it’s also useless to keep it on them. Therefore, most of them come here to try their luck with senior Kong He. After all, as long as Senior Kong He agrees, it would result in a huge profit. A starry sky battleship personally refined by old man Kong He, even if one didn’t use it, it could still fetch an enormous price in the market.”

“But wouldn’t you get an equally astronomical sum if you sent that Void Shimmering Light Crystal to the auction?” Ning Cheng felt even more puzzled. Whether it was the Breaking Void Water or the Refining Heart Fantasy Stone, both were indeed useless to the powerhouses. However, a Void Shimmering Light Crystal could sell for a sky-high price. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a priceless treasure, even for a high-level expert.

Lan Yi sighed and said, “I also felt a bit helpless in this regard. I heard that Coinage Sky Pool Mystic Realm is about to open and that there is a Starry Sky Radish Grass inside it. But this mystic realm has very high requirements for flight-type weapons. Therefore, even if a Void Shimmering Light Crystal could bring me enough money to buy a battleship, I wouldn’t do it. Moreover, no one can tell if ordinary battleships could fly within this mystic realm.”

“Moreover, if you sell the Void Shimmering Light Crystal through the auctions and then buy a flight-type weapon, it would take too long. After mulling over it for a while, I decided to use the Void Shimmering Light Crystal to invite Senior Kong He for his services. Yet, I ended up in your debt, and managed to obtain such a big harvest.”

When she spoke the last sentence, Lan Yi’s mood changed completely. It wouldn’t take much effort to describe her current emotions.

Ning Cheng also understood that Lan Yi made such a move out of desperation. If this Void Shimmering Light Crystal couldn’t please that old man Kong He, she would have taken a huge hit to her psyche and might even stop pursuing the Eternal Realm.

To Lan Yi, she felt as if she had taken advantage of him, but Ning Cheng didn’t think of it that way. It’s just that everyone had different needs and priorities.

“Do you think this old man Kong He is someone greedy?” Ning Cheng turned the topic back to old man Kong He.

Lan Yi hesitated before speaking, “Previously, I heard that if old man Kong He weren’t willing to help crafting artefacts, he wouldn’t accept the materials. But it eventually changed. But despite such a change, everyone would still willingly accept the loss, also….”

Lan Yi swallowed the last few words. Ning Cheng’s actions already spoke volumes that he wasn’t here to craft battleships. Yet, he still had to hand over the materials before leaving. It wasn’t something like willingly accepting it as a loss, but forcibly snatching things from others.

“Come in.” As the two talked, they had already reached the entrance to an array formation. With this voice, the restriction over the array entrance immediately opened.

After Ning Cheng and Lan Yi walked in, they saw a small public square surrounded by all sorts of restrictions. And in the middle of the public square, one could see all kinds of battleship parts, refined and piled up like a small mountain.

Ning Cheng felt a little dumbfounded. This place didn’t look like a high-tech battleship production area, but more like a garbage dump.

Sitting on the edge of this public square was an old man with white hair and beard. This old man held a piece of raw material in his hand and kept observing it.

This old man was none other than old man Kong He. When Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept towards this old man Kong He, he found that Kong He’s cultivation wasn’t any weaker than Qiao Jierui.

“Are you Ning Cheng? The one who took out the Space Crystal?” Old man Kong He ignored Lan Yi and instead looked at Ning Cheng.

Space Crystal? Lan Yi looked at Ning Cheng in shock. Only now did she come to know what Ning Cheng had taken out. But a Space Crystal was much more valuable than a starry sky battleship, right? Using a Space Crystal to ask old Man Kong He to refine a battleship, this….

“That’s right. I believe a Space Crystal should be enough to buy one of your battleships. But old man, you’re too greedy, saying that my Space Crystal isn’t qualified enough to ask for your services. By the way, since you called me over, it’s because I broke your so-called rules and swapped things on your turf, right?” Ning Cheng spoke with heavy sarcasm.

Old man Kong He stood up. One couldn’t have known about his stature because of his seated position. But now that he stood up, he looked like an iron tower. Moreover, despite being an old man, he gave people a sense of greatness and strength.

“Looks like you rely heavily on your cultivation to get things done. If I hadn’t asked you to come in, you would have come in regardless, right?” Old man Kong He looked at Ning Cheng and spoke with a calm voice.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “No, I wouldn’t have fought my way in here. I guessed that you would chase after me, and then try to snatch the rest of those Space Crystals from me.”

Old man Kong He raised his hand and grabbed at Ning Cheng. “You think too highly of your Space Crystals. In my eyes, those Space Crystals aren’t worth anything at all. Space-related spirit technique? Today, I will show you a true space-related spirit technique.”

Even if he didn’t aim the attack at Lan Yi, when old man Kong Yi tried to capture Ning Cheng, Lan Yi still felt her chest turning empty. She couldn’t even breathe properly.

The space around Ning Cheng also disappeared under old man Kong He’s grasp. Replaced by an ordinary cultivator, he or she would have no choice but to struggle fruitlessly in this space that didn’t belong to him or her.

A Law of Space-related spirit technique, huh. Ning Cheng understood it instantly.

Ning Cheng had fought against quite a few masters who had comprehended Laws of Space-related spirit techniques. Moreover, he had also touched the Laws of Space himself. Therefore, the moment when old man Kong He wanted to take control of the surrounding space; Ning Cheng punched out. It also contained a law-related spirit technique, but it wasn’t a Laws of Space-related spirit technique. This old man Kong He’s strength couldn’t compare to him, but it also wasn’t so low that he could despise it.

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