Chapter 0832

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Chapter 0832: The apex-grade starry sky battleship

The void space in the surrounding area hadn’t fully formed yet when everything came to a stop the moment Ning Cheng punched. As Ning Cheng’s fist moved, the void space within old man Kong He’s area disappeared.

Ning Cheng didn’t continue. If he wanted to continue, this old man Kong He would have already died.

“Laws of Time…..” Old man Kong He exclaimed. Ning Cheng, a young man who didn’t seem to be a threat, had displayed the Laws of Time. One had to know that even he couldn’t touch the edge of the Laws of Time after all these years.

Only now did he understand why Ning Cheng dared to come up with a Space Crystal because he wasn’t afraid of causing trouble at all. A cultivator who could touch the Laws of Time would have cultivation no lower than himself. He wouldn’t believe it otherwise.

Lan Yi, who struggled to breathe in the void, just felt a slight tremor around her, and heard old man Kong He speak the four words ‘Laws of Time’. She already felt shocked to listen to the words ‘Space Crystals’. Therefore, when she heard that Ning Cheng used the Laws of Time just now, she almost thought she had heard it wrong.

As a Life and Death expert that came from a decent-sized sect, Lan Yi naturally wasn’t an ignorant person. She knew full well about the power and also the inaccessibility of the Laws of Time. At least she hadn’t heard of anyone who understood the Laws of Time before today. It was no wonder that Ning Cheng could take out the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill without any care. It’s because Ning Cheng himself was a very powerful cultivator.

“You aren’t my opponent. I wouldn’t need more than half an incense stick worth of time to kill you.” Ning Cheng only stared at Kong He with a cold gaze.

Old man Kong He sighed, “You’re right. I’m not your opponent. Moreover, you wouldn’t need even half-an-incense stick worth of time to kill me.”

Ning Cheng looked at the array formations and restrictions across the public square once again before speaking. “Using such a shameless method to collect materials, it should be because of that silver-haired man, right? Did he coerce you?”

Old man Kong He sighed even more after hearing Ning Cheng’s words. “Unexpectedly, your spiritual consciousness can penetrate the shielding restrictions on the public square. That’s right. It’s indeed not me who collected these materials. But I’m not being coerced; I’m trading with him.”

After Kong He spoke, the old man raised his hand and waved. The array formation restrictions behind the public square parted like a curtain and a gap slowly opened.

Ning Cheng could already use his spiritual consciousness to bypass the restrictions behind the public square. It proved that not only was his spiritual consciousness quite powerful, but even his understanding of array formations had also reached a terrifying degree. Facing such a person, Kong He truly had no right to bargain. Therefore, instead of waiting for Ning Cheng to blow it open, he took the initiative to open it himself.

After removing the restriction, the public square’s area quickly expanded to more than 100 times its previous size. In the middle of this public square, one would see two leviathan-sized starry sky battleships. Even if people who didn’t understand anything about starry sky battleships would immediately realise that these two starry sky battleships contained enormous firepower.

From one of the starry sky battleships, a silver-haired man wearing a silver robe walked over slowly. He had an ugly-looking face, but his body oozed a robust imposing manner. The silver-haired man had a high nose and bluish eyes. Barring the ugly look of his face, Ning Cheng thought that this fellow looked quite similar to the western people he had seen in movies.

“Kong He, why did you bring someone else to this place without my permission?” The silver-robed man spoke with an uncomfortable-sounding voice after walking up to old man Kong He.

Kong He showed a weak smile, “Fu Si, I didn’t have many choices here. It’s because you took other people’s things.”

Kong He truly felt helpless. Kong He truly had no interest in Ning Cheng’s Space Crystal. According to his previous methods of working, if he needed the material, he would have helped its owner to craft a battleship. If he didn’t like the material, he would return it immediately. But his ‘partner’, Fu Si, didn’t care about it all. He wanted this material and also didn’t want him to craft the battleship.

“That Space Crystal came from you, right?” The silver-haired man named Fu Si glanced at Ning Cheng and spoke with a calm tone.

Old man Kong He remained silent. If Fu Si knew about the move this young man had used a moment ago was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique, he wouldn’t be so arrogant.

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile, “You’re right. That Space Crystal came from me. You took my Space Crystal, so presumably, you wanted to wait for me to go out before stopping me and check if I have any more Space Crystals, right?”

When Fu Si heard Ning Cheng’s words, he laughed and said, “You have a good head, talking to smart people is always easy. I wanted to do just what you said. I guess you’re now regretting taking out that Space Crystal.”

After speaking, Fu Si looked at old man Kong He and said, “Kong He, it’s not that I didn’t give you some face today, but I have to take those Space Crystals from this person. Don’t try to stop me.”

Kong He shook his head in silence. Even if he wanted to stop Ning Cheng, could he?

After Fu Si finished speaking, he waved his hand and the entire space filled up with a Wood-attributed aura. In the next moment, space itself started to harden slowly, as if it wanted to solidify. Even Ning Cheng’s domain, under this wood-attributed aura, gradually began to solidify.

Ning Cheng had already cleared the Celestial Scryer Tower. Therefore as soon as Fu Si made a move, he knew that it was a wood-attributed spirit technique. As long as one was in a wood-attributed place, this wood-attributed spirit technique could pose a significant threat to a cultivator. But facing Fu Si, who was a bit weaker than Kong He, Ning Cheng had a hundred different ways to kill him.

Kong He controlled the Laws of Space; as such, this wood-attributed spirit technique did not affect him. But Lan Yi’s cultivation didn’t match up to any of them. Therefore, she once again found herself shackled. But this time, it wasn’t the emptiness of space, but a unique kind of suppression caused by the solidification of space.

Ning Cheng had just thought of casting the Time Wheel and letting it sweep through Fu Si’s wood-attributed solidified space. He wanted to turn it into nothingness, but then the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King attached to his wrist immediately trembled.

Since this Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King wanted to fight, Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t do anything. Therefore, once it got Ning Cheng’s approval, the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King immediately materialised and stretched out countless branches.

These branches completely covered the space where the two people stood in just an instant. The wood-attributed spirit technique that Fu Si wanted to cast within the solidified area hadn’t launched yet. But the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King had already started absorbing the endless wood-attributed aura.

Space suddenly started flowing once again, and Lan Yi took in a deep breath before quickly backing away. Just a moment before, this wood-attributed spirit technique had fully sealed her. Not only could she not breathe, but she also couldn’t circulate her celestial essence. Facing such power, she truly didn’t want it to trap her again.

“Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King?” Fu Si instantly recognised the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King, and his eyes immediately flashed with a green light. An Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King was too important of an object for his family. What if he could take this Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King as his own?

As Fu Si thought of this, a wood-attributed dao charm flooded the wood-attributed spirit technique within his solidified space. At the same time, he threw out a black net. He wanted to capture Ning Cheng alive and ask him where he got that Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King.

With the continued influx of Fu Si’s wood-attributed dao charm, the shackles within the surrounding space started to harden at a much quicker pace.

Ning Cheng knew at a glance at his Underworld Ghost Rattan King couldn’t defend against it. It wasn’t that the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King couldn’t do it, but the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King’s cultivation wasn’t high enough. Therefore, with a wave of his hand, Ning Cheng put away the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King.

Then, one after another Time Wheels started blasting out from his hand.

The solidified wood-attributed space, in front of Ning Cheng’s Time Wheels, instantly turned into nothingness. They couldn’t even block it for an instant. After the first wave of Time Wheels blew through this surrounding space, Ning Cheng’s domain then immediately tore apart the rest of the surrounding wood-attributed solidified area.

“Bang-Bang-Bang…..” The first wave of Time Wheels, which tore through the surrounding solidified space, then blasted onto Fu Si’s black net. Before this black net could fall and close up, it suddenly blasted open. The rest of the Time Wheels quickly followed and tore the black net into shreds.

“Crack… Puff…..” Fu Si’s wood-attributed domain shredded apart in just an instant under the Time Wheels’ destructive power. Ning Cheng didn’t wait for Fu Si to bring out more powerful means and controlled one of the Time Wheels to smash into Fu Si’s lower body, turning it into nothingness.

“Stop, I’m someone from the Fu Si Clan, you can’t kill me…..” When Fu Si realised that he couldn’t beat Ning Cheng at all and that Ning Cheng also controlled every inch of space around him, Fu Si immediately panicked. Didn’t Kong He say that there weren’t more than ten people stronger than him on this side of the universe? How did such a young powerhouse suddenly appear?

Ning Cheng sneered, what about this Fu Si Clan? You wanted to kill me and now expect me to stop just because you say so, stop dreaming. As for this Fu Si Clan, he never even heard of it.

As two more Time Wheels blasted out, Fu Si could no longer beg for mercy. Except for a ring, Ning Cheng’s Time Wheels completely erased his body out of existence.

But just when Ning Cheng was about to put away the ring, he saw a black light suddenly cover it up before it disappeared into the endless void. Even Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness couldn’t catch up with this black light.

“So fast….” Ning Cheng looked in surprise in the direction where the black light had disappeared and showed a slight frown.

After some time, Ning Cheng then turned to Kong He and asked the old man, “Who is that person? Where does he come from?”

Old man Kong He shook his head, “I don’t know. His cultivation method is also quite strange. Yet, you easily defeated him. Most likely, it happened because he didn’t take you seriously. He had come here to find me to help him refine the most powerful starry sky battleship I had ever seen.”

“He understands starry sky battleships?” Ning Cheng asked in surprise.

“He doesn’t understand them, but he has a special kind of flame, which can dissolve Void Returning Sifting Metal. Besides, I also wanted to refine a top-grade starry sky battleship like this for myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the flames that could help me fuse the required materials, so I had no choice but to cooperate with him.”

Ning Cheng pointed to the two leviathan-sized ships in front of him and asked, “The top-grade starry sky battleships you mentioned should be those two, right?”

Kong He nodded, “That’s right. This kind of starry sky battleship has a much better use than flight-type weapons as it can ignore ordinary laws. Even if you pass through various Law World using it, you won’t lose the ability to fly because of the laws. I anyway had planned to leave this place after I finished it. I was only responsible for crafting the battleship. He took care of providing the necessary Void Returning Sifting Metal and the flame for melting it.”

“What is this Void Returning Sifting Metal? What level of flames are needed to melt it?” Ning Cheng asked in confusion. He truly didn’t know anything about Void Returning Sifting Metal.

Kong He didn’t answer Ning Cheng’s question. Instead, he stepped onto one of the battleships and pointed to a piece of cold black lump on it and said, “This is a piece of Void Returning Sifting Metal. But it would require at least a Grade 6 Starry Sky Flame to melt it.”

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness fell onto the lump of black metal and immediately understood Kong He’s words. Even his Celestial River Flame couldn’t melt this metal without advancing a level. However, he quickly focussed his attention on the starry sky battleship, which looked truly perfect in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

Ning Cheng didn’t care much about the concealed Radium Light Cannons and Flowing Sky Cannons. But what he did care was that this starry sky battleship was a perfect harmonisation between technology and artefact-crafting. Ning Cheng had never tried fusing technology and artefact-crafting techniques. But he understood that this thing could ignore relatively high-level Forbidden Space Restrictions, and could even ignore many of the spiritual power shackles.

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