Chapter 0834

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Chapter 0834: Siege caused by the array pattern

Before Ning Cheng could finish his jade strip, he felt the space surrounding him fluctuate. He rushed out of the room instinctively, but the next moment, the cabin erupted with a bright light before disappearing into the void.

The cabin escaped into the void? Ning Cheng understood a few things and quickly looked in the opposite direction, and found only one of the two huge starry sky battleships still present on the public square. As for the other one, it had disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng quickly rushed towards the remaining battleship and carefully scrutinised it. Fortunately, nothing had happened to the battleship, and everything inside of it also remained untouched.

Apart from old man Kong He and his battleship that disappeared from the public square, the other thing this place used to contain was the cabin filled with information. However, it had also disappeared.

Because Ning Cheng had immersed himself in imprinting a jade strip with his deductions inside the wooden house, he didn’t consider that such a thing would happen. Now that he sobered up, he quickly understood why it happened.

That old man Kong He truly didn’t have a good heart at all. Kong He allowed him to study the scientific and technological information he had collected within the wooden house. But the knowledge inside was a fusion of technology and artefact-crafting. Apart from a top-grade Weapon Emperor, nobody else could have comprehended even a part of the information within two years.

Besides, even if one were a Weapon Emperor, if this person didn’t have a mighty Sea of Consciousness and comprehension ability, this person wouldn’t be able to understand the information inside it.

In other words, replaced by an ordinary person, he or she wouldn’t have understood any of the knowledge inside the cabin before Kong He swept it away.

Fortunately, Kong He didn’t know that Ning Cheng was also a highly accomplished Weapon Emperor, let alone know about his Sea of Consciousness. Replaced by anyone else, they probably couldn’t have comprehended even one hundred thousandths of the information within these two years. It was also the primary reason why Kong He made such a generous offer.

From the looks of it, Kong He already had planned it all out. That is, once Kong He completed his battleship, he would immediately leave this place. And since that cabin was his blood, sweat and tears, Kong He naturally wouldn’t leave it behind.

After understanding this, Ning Cheng nearly raised his middle finger to Kong He with contempt.

Fortunately, even though Kong He was very stingy about that thing, he at least wasn’t a truly disgusting person. At least he didn’t leave with both battleships. If Kong He had decided to go with both battleships, it would have left Ning Cheng with no alternative.

After understanding Kong He’s thoughts, Ning Cheng no longer felt the need to give Kong He what he understood.

Ning Cheng didn’t stay here to finish perfecting this top-grade starry sky battleship. Instead, he put away the starry sky battleship and left Kong He Emperor Mountain. With his current ability, he could complete this starry sky battleship without any help. But it would take a considerable amount of time. As for Sifting Orchid, Ning Cheng could now restore it to its original state at any time without much effort.

Therefore, he decided to repair it slowly after he returned to Stately River Star.


Pill Rice Celestial River was the most famous technological celestial river among the four grand starry skies. Most of this celestial river’s planets and stars followed the path of technology, engaging in the specialised production-related activities. Moreover, laser weapons and various battleships were their best-selling items, along with planetary space locking equipment.

Grand Nursing Star, where Ning Cheng went before, was Pill Rice Celestial River’s most famous starry sky battleship production star. Even compared to the rest of the Pill Rice Celestial River, Grand Nursing Star far outclassed every other place when it came to starry sky battleship production.

However, not all planets and stars within the Pill Rice Celestial River were purely technological planets. At least Sifting Forest Star wasn’t one. Sifting Forest Star had a large number of starry sky sects, similar to other sects found in different grand starry skies. In other words, one would mainly find starry sky cultivators within this star. However, they still used technological products for some activities. Primarily, however, they used these technology-focused products for auxiliary support in cultivation.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect wasn’t a prominent sect within Sifting Forest Star, at best it was only a very ordinary sect. Even its current sect master, Sect Master Xian Chanxu, was only a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator. Even the sect’s most powerful cultivator, Elder Yu Bo, hadn’t come out in ages. People had only heard that he had reached the late-stage Life and Death Realm, but it was only a rumour without any evidence.

Ning Cheng had never been to the starry sky’s Rainbowfall Sword Sect before. But he could judge from Feng Kai’s posture in front of Liang Qiurui that Rainbowfall Sword Sect wasn’t a dominant sect within Sifting Forest Star.

But now that Ning Cheng came to Rainbowfall Sword Sect, he felt that his initial conjecture might have been a wrong one. Rainbowfall Sword Sect didn’t seem to be a small one, at least the area occupied by the sect looked and felt quite right. It had abundant Starry Sky Spirit Qi, and the mountain range surrounding it formed a naturally defensive array.

What surprised Ning Cheng, even more, was that the entrance of Rainbowfall Sword Sect looked very lively and crowded. If it were a makeshift market’s entrance, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have felt surprised. But as a sect entrance, he saw all kinds of miscellaneous people coming in and out of it. Moreover, the two sect disciples guarding the gate didn’t seem to care about it all, which made Ning Cheng a little puzzled.

Ning Cheng walked through the defensive array around the Rainbowfall Sword Sect along with the many other cultivators who entered and exited. As expected, no one came forward to stop him or even used their spiritual consciousness to look at him.

Was Rainbowfall Sword Sect open to outsiders to such an extent? Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out and quickly scanned the rest of the sect grounds. Soon, he saw the Rainbowfall Sword Stone. This Rainbowfall Sword Stone, however, was much larger than the one in Graceful Star Mainland. Even he couldn’t figure out if Graceful Star Mainland imitated the sword stone here, or if the sword stone here was an imitation of the one in Graceful Star Mainland.

Just past the sword stone, he saw millions of cultivators packed together over Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s public square. In the middle of the public square, however, was a duelling platform. The duelling platform had a few ordinary restrictions around it, with two male cultivators fighting each other in what appeared to be a serious fight.

Right above the Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s sword stone, he also saw a few people sitting, who Ning Cheng guessed as the various heads and elders of the sect. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept through them lightly and found quite a few Eternal cultivators among them.

Was the Rainbowfall Sword Sect this powerful? Did it truly have so many Eternal cultivators?

Ning Cheng initially thought that it was just a regular sect competition or maybe a grudge match between two sect disciples. But when one of the fighters beheaded the other, he understood that it wasn’t a competition but a deathmatch.

“Round seven, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Shang Yongzhan fell, Constellation Sect’s Fu Xu wins.” With the announcement, Ning Cheng realised that Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples were fighting against disciples of other sects. And that, Rainbowfall Sword Sect suffered a loss.

But Ning Cheng quickly noticed something wrong about the whole situation. He immediately pulled a Celestial Shatterer cultivator next to him and asked, “My friend, I just came here. May I ask why Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples are fighting against disciples from Constellation Sect over the duelling platform?”

This Celestial Shatterer cultivator could feel that Ning Cheng was someone much stronger than him. Therefore, he didn’t dare show any neglect and replied. “My friend, what you said isn’t correct. Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples aren’t just fighting against disciples from Constellation Sect. Rather, it’s a competition between seven forces. Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples are fighting against disciples from Constellation Sect, Scarlet Cloud Faction, Green Feather Spirit Religion, Void Border Gate, Universal Development Sect and Blue River Mountain.”

“Why?” Ning Cheng felt even more baffled. Since it was a battle between seven factions, why put the battlefield in the middle of Rainbowfall Sword Sect?

The cultivator whispered, “I heard that it’s because Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Liang Yi and Feng Kai joined forces to kill Universal Development Sect’s Liang Qiurui. They had even snatched a treasure from his body. Universal Development Sect immediately came here with big fanfare demanding Rainbowfall Sword Sect compensate the Universal Development Sect for its loss. Universal Development Sect claimed that the treasure stolen by Feng Kai was something extraordinary and asked Rainbowfall Sword Sect to surrender its Rainbowfall Mystic Realm.”

“Rainbowfall Mystic Realm?” Ning Cheng frowned and asked again.

“It’s only the cultivation mystic realm of my Rainbowfall Sword Sect and also the source of my Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s starry sky spirit grasses. Those people are just too shameless and want to grab it for themselves…..” A teeth-grinding voice emerged from behind Ning Cheng.

Hearing this voice, the Celestial Shatterer cultivator who just explained a few things to Ning Cheng stopped answering Ning Cheng’s questions and quickly squeezed into the crowd.

“Are you from the Rainbowfall Sword Sect?” Ning Cheng asked, looking back at the young woman behind him.

This young woman had hatred clouding her eyes, but wore a snow-white robe and similarly white-coloured accessories over her head. If one talked about a fusion between pretty and filial piety, this woman vividly reflected it with her attire.

However, Ning Cheng could tell that this young woman dressed in white, not to look pretty, but rather more out of filial piety. Plus, from the anger and hate in her eyes, he understood that something terrible had happened to someone dear to her.

The young woman glanced at Ning Cheng with a cold gaze before turning around and leaving. She didn’t bother to answer Ning Cheng’s question.

“Round 8, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Ru Yanhong fell, Green Feather Spirit Religion’s Kang Ke wins….” At this time, another announcement came from the battle ring.

Ning Cheng felt even more troubled by it. Why have Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples fallen twice in a row?

“Eight people from Rainbowfall Sword Sect have already fallen, do they still want to continue?” Someone in the crowd whispered, but Ning Cheng heard it. From this, Ning Cheng understood that someone wanted to put pressure on Rainbowfall Sword Sect.

He quickly speeded up and caught up with the pretty young woman in white robes and said, “This Junior Apprentice Sister, I’m also a disciple of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Feng Kai and I know each other, may I know where Feng Kai is right now?”

The young woman stopped and looked at Ning Cheng in confusion. After a while, she frowned and said, “Since you’re a disciple from my Rainbowfall Sword Sect, don’t you know that Feng Kai has already died?”

“Feng Kai died?” Ning Cheng asked in surprise.

The young woman in white robes could tell that Ning Cheng wasn’t pretending. Therefore, she said, “Which peak do you belong to? Did you just return to the sect? Otherwise, how could you not know what happened right in front of the sect’s entrance?”

Ning Cheng vaguely guessed that this matter might have something to do with that array pattern. Therefore, he suppressed the murderous spirit surging within him and asked. “I’m not a disciple of Sifting Forest Star’s Rainbowfall Sword Sect, but Graceful Star Mainland’s Rainbowfall Sword Sect. I met Feng Kai two years ago. At that time, Universal Development Sect’s Liang Qiurui was chasing after him, and I helped Feng Kai kill Liang Qiurui. Later, Feng Kai gave me an item and said that it was an item obtained by Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciple Liang Yi. Initially, I came here to meet up with him as promised, but now I want to know who killed Feng Kai.”

“You were the one who took that thing?” The young woman in white robes exclaimed in surprise.

“What the hell is going on?” Ning Cheng’s tone immediately turned sharp.

The young woman in white robes gave Ning Cheng a respectful bow, “Greetings, Senior Apprentice Brother. I’m Yu Yayun, Liang Yi’s dao companion. After Feng Kai returned, he gave me some cultivation resources and then immediately went into seclusion. I never had the chance to ask him anything. However, a year later, Universal Development Sect came to my Rainbowfall Sword Sect and forced us to give up Feng Kai.”

“Feng Kai told me about Liang Yi’s death before he left, but we heard no news about him after they took him away. I’m afraid he has already fallen. I think he did not divulge that Senior Apprentice Brother took that thing. Otherwise, Universal Development Sect would have known about it. But now, six different forces besiege my Rainbowfall Sword Sect. I’m afraid that after today’s battles, Rainbowfall Sword Sect will gradually die out. Senior Apprentice Brother, since you come from the same ancestral sect as our ancestors, you should leave this place quickly.”

In Yu Yayun’s view, since Ning Cheng could kill Liang Qiurui, someone with Heaven’s Mandate cultivation, it meant that Ning Cheng’s cultivation surpassed hers. It was also the reason why she addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Senior Apprentice Brother’.

Ning Cheng waved his hand, “We’ll talk about other things later. I heard that it was a competition between seven forces, so why did it become six sects besieging Rainbowfall Sword Sect?”

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