Chapter 0835

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Chapter 0835: The ninth round

“Universal Development Sect wanted Rainbowfall Sword Sect to hand that thing over, but Rainbowfall Sword Sect couldn’t. Therefore they asked Rainbowfall Sword Sect to compensate them with its mystic realm. Of course, Sect Master naturally didn’t agree to it. As a result, Universal Development Sect forced Rainbowfall Sword Sect into a competition for the Rainbowfall Mystic Realm, which Sect Master couldn’t refuse. Moreover, Universal Development Sect even invited Constellation Sect, Scarlet Cloud Faction, Green Feather Spirit Religion, Void Border Gate, Blue River Mountain and other sects to come over and act as a public witness.”

Ning Cheng immediately interrupted Yu Yanyun, “I don’t see the other forces acting as witnesses.”

If these forces wanted to act as witnesses, why would they send their disciples into the battle ring?

Yu Yayun angrily spoke up, “Sect Master knows that our Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples can’t match up to Universal Development Sect. But he also couldn’t give in to the demands, despite agreeing to it. Elder Lu Yun felt uncomfortable and didn’t want Universal Development Sect to occupy Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm alone. Therefore, he proposed that the seven forces should fight it out together and then determine the number of slots to enter the mystic realm based on the outcome.”

“Originally, Elder Lu Yun thought that Universal Development Sect would reject it. Once Universal Development Sect rejected it, it would also mean offending the other forces. Unexpectedly, Universal Development Sect had already negotiated with the other five about joining hands to snatch Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm. Elder Lu Yun’s proposal immediately worked in their favour. In the end, the six powers combined forces to kill Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s core disciples one after another under the pretext of competition.”

“Moreover, all the participating disciples have to be core disciples of their respective sects. Therefore, after the next round, I’m afraid that Rainbowfall Sword Sect would no longer have the power to remain in Sifting Orchid Star. It’s a publicly available regulation of sect competitions set down by the ancestors at the founding of the sect. Therefore, even our sect master isn’t qualified to stop this competition midway.”

Ning Cheng sneered, “I’m afraid that once all the core disciples of Rainbowfall Sword Sect die, this competition would immediately come to an end. I think that these six forces aren’t here just for Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm. Most likely, they want to erase Rainbowfall Sword Sect out of existence.”

Yu Yayun sighed and said, “Sect Master also said the same thing. After this competition, Rainbowfall Sword Sect might not survive for long. Other major sects would occupy the sect’s grounds. The death of Universal Development Sect’s disciple was just a trigger. But even without it, the other forces would have come after Rainbowfall Sword Sect sooner or later. Since the discovery of Rainbowfall Mystic Realm, many forces have been eyeing our Rainbowfall Sword Sect.”

“You’re just a disciple. So how do you know about these matters so clearly?” Ning Cheng looked at Yu Yayun suspiciously.

Yu Yayun looked up at the central platform directly above the public square before sighing. “My aunt is Sect Master’s dao companion. So, I naturally know about a lot of things. But my aunt is only one of the seven dao companions of sect master. Therefore, even though I know a lot about many things, I don’t have a clear understanding of them. You should quickly leave. Maybe we might get to meet each other later if fate decides it.”

Ning Cheng once again stopped Yu Yayun as she was about to leave, “Wait, are you planning to go up on the stage?”

Yu Yayun carried within her a monstrous, murderous intent, which meant that she wanted to take the stage and compete.

Yu Yayun nodded, “I’m still a core disciple of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. So, I naturally would have to go up and compete sooner or later. But even if I have to die, I will make sure to kill one or two of those bastards to avenge Liang Yi.”

“Good, good. Both grievance and gratitude need attention. It’s sometimes difficult to repay gratitude, but it very simple to avenge a grievance. Come, I’ll lend you this vine for now. Go up and fight to your heart’s content and kill all the core disciples of those sects.” Ning Cheng raised his hand and called out the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King before passing it along to Yu Yayun.

Universal Development Sect had colluded with other forces to bully Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Although this method of fighting was a bit more insidious, it wasn’t unreasonable, at least on the surface. As an Eternal cultivator, he could kill all these cultivators. He wouldn’t even need to put any effort. But it would end up creating a lot of problems for Rainbowfall Sword Sect later.

Roaming the starry skies, Ning Cheng had seen many instances of strong preying upon the weak. If you had the strength to prevail over others, then use that strength to speak. If your power wasn’t as good as others, then you had no choice but to bear with it. Just like Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s current situation, they truly didn’t have any other option other than to take it in silence.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect couldn’t leave Sifting Forest Star. Therefore, even if he took to the stage and killed everyone from those sects, it wouldn’t help Rainbowfall Sword Sect at all. Ning Cheng couldn’t stay in Sifting Forest Star all his life, but Rainbowfall Sword Sect had already established its roots here. Therefore, if he wanted to help Rainbowfall Sword Sect, and let it continue in this place, he had to think of other methods. If the other sects banded together to wipe off the Rainbowfall Sword Sect openly, the Rainbowfall Sword Sect would have already fallen a long time ago. Therefore, he had to also think of ways to prevent such a thing from happening.

Fortunately, they couldn’t do such a thing openly without creating problems for themselves. Therefore, the six forces, including the Universal Development Sect, came up with such an idea that seemed just on the surface. But, on the contrary, it was nothing but bullying. Ning Cheng decided to use the same tactics as them. He gave the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King to Yu Yayun, which also seemed fair on the surface, but was just another means to bully the bullies.

Since you want to destroy the core disciple of Rainbowfall Sword Sect with strength, let Rainbowfall Sword Sect also return the favour in kind.

Yu Yayun subconsciously took the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King, which only was an inch long. She didn’t believe it first, and had to ask for confirmation, “Is this an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan?”

Ning Cheng nodded, “This vine will automatically attach to your wrist and will help you when needed.”

He didn’t explain that it wasn’t an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, but an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King.

As soon as Ning Cheng’s voice fell, the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King turned into a vine tattoo and attached itself to Yu Yayun’s wrist.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother.” Yu Yayun gave a respectful bow. She had a vague feeling after this Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan attached to her wrist. Combined with the fact that this person could kill Liang Qiurui, this Senior Apprentice Brother of hers most likely had a late-stage Heaven’s Mandate cultivation. Or maybe he might even be a Heaven Seated powerhouse.

“By the way, I have another thing to ask. You said Universal Development Sect took away Feng Kai. Did Rainbowfall Sword Sect voluntarily send him out, or did they forcibly take him away?” Ning Cheng asked another question just when Yu Yayun was about to leave.

“It was the Eternal powerhouse of Universal Development Sect that came to our sect. Feng Kai knew that even if Sect Master fought with the whole sect on the line, it wouldn’t stop that Eternal powerhouse for even a moment. Therefore, after he told me those things, he took the initiative to give himself up to the Universal Development Sect’s Eternal powerhouse.” Yu Yayun understood why Ning Cheng asked this sentence and immediately told him the truth.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Go ahead. I’ll help you hold the line. Just remember to kill as many as possible.”


“Sect Master Xian, the eighth round has already ended. For the ninth round, Void Border Gate’s disciple has been standing on stage for quite a while, why hasn’t anyone come up?” On the public square over the sword stone, an elder from Universal Development Sect asked a middle-aged cultivator sitting not far away from him.

This middle-aged male cultivator was Sect Master Xian Chanxu of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. He truly regretted his decision right now. He felt sure that even if the other six forces competed with each other, they wouldn’t have lost a single disciple. It’s a pity that he hadn’t seen any of the different sects fighting each other yet. They had already decided before the ‘competition’ that since Rainbowfall Sword Sect was the host, they would preside over the first ten rounds.

The seven factions had already agreed and signed upon the rules of the competition, which meant that no sect could exit halfway. If one left midway, that sect must immediately withdraw from Sifting Forest Star.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect had existed on this Sifting Forest Star for as long as he could remember. It had taken many generations and incredible efforts to reach this place. It meant that he, Xian Chanxu, wasn’t qualified to decide on moving out, nor was he qualified to stop it midway. If he did, he would become the biggest sinner of Rainbowfall Sword Sect.

“Elder Bao, you underestimate the Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Isn’t there a disciple already on stage? Such a beautiful woman, sigh, I truly feel pity for her….” A middle-aged woman at the early-stage Life and Death Realm spoke with a smile.

She was not the only one who noticed it. Elder Bao had also seen her. But in truth, whether someone came to the stage or not, it wouldn’t have mattered to him at all. Therefore, he didn’t bother seeing a young woman dressed in a plain white robe walking onto the fighting stage.

“Yayun…..” Xian Chanxu’s expression changed, and he stood up immediately. The disciples from Void Border Gate who got onto the duelling platform were all late-stage Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. But Yu Yayun was only at the middle-stage Undead Realm. The difference in strength was too vast, and she would die without a doubt. But he soon sat down in grief. He was a Sect Master, yet he couldn’t do anything to prevent the deaths of the core disciples of his sect. The shame had already turned into sadness.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples weren’t as good as disciples from other sects. Moreover, amongst the disciples of Rainbowfall Sword sects, hardly anyone had reached Heaven’s Mandate Realm. When Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Celestial Bridge disciples took to the duelling platform, the other factions would send in disciples at the Undead Realm. If Rainbowfall Sword Sect sent out disciples at the Undead Realm, others would send out disciples at Heaven’s Mandate Realm. When his side sent out Heaven’s Mandate disciples, those bastards sent out full-circle Heaven’s Mandate, or even half-step Heaven Seated experts.

In this way, every disciple that they sent out would end up dead in the hands of their opponents.

“Void Border Gate, Bian Peng. Can this sister tell me her name?” Bian Peng’s eyes immediately lit up on seeing Yu Yayun. Even a particular part of his body started to get hot. He liked such women the most and wanted to ravish her immediately.

Yu Yayun’s face had already turned gloomy, and she didn’t even bother to speak before taking out a green sword. The sword had just come out when it transformed into countless sword shadows that locked onto Bian Peng’s spacial position.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples mostly walked the Dao of Swords. Yu Yayun didn’t have a high-level Dao of Sword-related spirit technique. But her sword shadow spirit technique still outclassed other ordinary sword techniques. Regardless of the backgrounds of others, in front of sword cultivators of Rainbowfall Sword Sect, they truly didn’t have any right to be arrogant.

Bian Peng showed a faint smile, “So hot-tempered, huh. Today, this big brother will let you know what a man is…..”

As Bian Peng spoke, he already brought out a pair of drums and locked onto Yu Yayun. He hadn’t hit the drums yet, but the vibrations immediately flustered Yu Yayun’s heart.

But just when Bain Peng was about to strike the drums, several rattans suddenly appeared out of thin air, binding him fully. Those tore his domain to pieces and even suppressed his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness.

Yu Yayun felt the suppression around her lifting and then saw the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King binding Bian Peng. Before she could even react to it, the sword shadows she had shot out earlier smashed into Bian Peng, and his body cracked into pieces like a crumbling statue. Even his essence spirit couldn’t escape death.

The entire Rainbowfall Sword Stone’s public square fell silent. The battle had ended in just the blink of an eye. Rather, it had finished before it had even started.

Yu Yayun felt even more shocked. She didn’t expect that Senior Apprentice Brother from Graceful Star Mainland to be so overbearing. He had only lent her a vine, yet it instantly killed Bian Peng who was a late-stage Heaven’s Mandate cultivator.

Fortunately, she quickly sobered up and put away Bian Peng’s ring. Then, with a fireball, she burned Bian Peng’s remains into ashes. As for the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King, it had already concealed itself after making it move, once again entrenching itself on Yu Yayun’s wrist.

At this time, the cultivator presiding over the competition quickly made an announcement, “Round nine, Void Border Gate’s Bian Peng fell, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins…”

After the announcement came out, the public square immediately erupted in shock and surprise. Some of the low-levelled disciples of Rainbowfall Sword Sect even started to scream like lunatics. After losing eight rounds in a row, they had finally won one.

“Long live Senior Apprentice Sister Yu….”

“Glory to Senior Apprentice Sister Yu….”

Various chants sounded out and even Yu Yayun, who initially had a murderous expression over her face, blushed with excitement. She had never experienced such treatment. She had come here fully prepared to die, but she never expected that not only would she not die, she also helped her sect kill one of those bastards this easily.

“Haha…” Even if a disciple won or lost the match, people at Xian Chanxu’s position wouldn’t show their emotions this easily. Yet, Xian Chanxu couldn’t help standing up and laughing.

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