Chapter 0836

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Chapter 0836: Insta-kills

Three seats away from Xian Chanxu, a short-haired man with a pointed face turned blue from anger when he heard this laugh. The other five sects faced no problems against disciples of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Yet, when it was his Void Border Gate’s turn, it resulted in the death of their disciple. It truly was a slap to their face.

Moreover, the disciple who just died was a disciple with the highest potential in Void Border Gate. Yet, such a high-potential disciple had fallen in this backwater Rainbowfall Sword Sect for no reason at all.

Before the cultivator presiding over the competition could announce the start of the tenth round, a man jumped onto the battle ring.

Xian Chanxu’s laughter stopped immediately. The cultivator who had come up this time was someone he knew. It was Constellation Sect’s disciple Fu Xu who had killed Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s core disciple, Shan Yongzhan in the seventh round.

Seeing another person stepping onto the stage, the host quickly called for the start of the tenth round. Many cultivators watching the battle in the audience also calmed down. They couldn’t help but look at the duel between Fu Xu and Yu Yayun nervously.

But no matter how strong Fu Xu was, he hadn’t reached the Heaven Seated Realm. Moreover, even if he did reach it, facing the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King, it still wouldn’t help him at all. Yu Yayun had just cast her sword shadows and unleashed her domain to clash with Fu Xu’s domain when the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King tore through Fu Xi’s domain.

In just a few breaths, the fully activated sword shadows blasted Fu Xu into slag. Fu Xu had fallen much faster than Bian Peng. At least Bian Peng had fully unleashed his domain and had almost activated his weapon before dying. Yet, Fu Xu had fallen before he could bring it out.

Yu Yayun couldn’t help but stare blankly at the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King’s tattoo on her wrist. Her opponent had died before she had even moved. This….

The cultivator hosting the competition responded quickly. He immediately announced, “Round ten. Constellation Sect’s disciple Fu Xu falls, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins…..”

Yu Yayun instantly killed Fu Xu; it happened again. The public square immediately erupted in uproar. At least in the previous fights, the opponents had put up a decent fight before death. Yet, in the past two rounds, the opponents couldn’t even exchange a move before dying the moment they stepped onto the stage. 

Ning Cheng secretly scolded the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King as an idiot. If it continued to fight like this, would it still kill any of those core disciples? He immediately sent the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King a message, ordering it to stay low. If it killed those opponents in one strike, the plan would fall through quickly. He wanted Yu Yayun to kill those disciples personally. Otherwise, how was it any different from personally stepping onto the stage and killing those disciples from other sects? Why would he send Yu Yayun?

The public square over the sword stone remained noisy. However, no one wanted to step onto the stage to fight. Two Heaven’s Mandate cultivators had died instantly. The other cultivators weren’t fools; wouldn’t it mean death if they went up?

No one went up, but some of the sect elders and sect masters on the main stage kept talking about it. Yu Yayun’s means had shocked everyone.

“She has a very powerful companion beast, something like a vine….”

“Much like a Starry Sky Grade 7 Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King….”

“Impossible, how high is her cultivation? Could someone like her even control a Starry Sky Grade 7 Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King?”

“Using such a companion beast is tantamount to cheating.”

“Yes, it’s cheating. If all of the sects gave high-grade companions beasts to the disciples on stage, would it even be a fight? It would be nothing more than a fight between beasts.”


The discussions on the main stage made Xian Chanxu’s face pale with anger. These sects were just too shameless. Although he also wondered why Yu Yayun became so powerful, Yu Yayun’s usage of those vines still fell within the confines of the rules. It had nothing to do with cheating.

“Sect Master Xian, your Rainbowfall Sword Sect truly likes to cheat, huh. You even used such a high-grade companion beast to help your disciples. What’s the point of this competition then? If you truly want to go ahead with such a farce, then let’s also give our sect’s top-grade companion beasts to our disciples for the fights.” That Elder Bao from Universal Development Sect, who had ridiculed Xian Chanxu before, once again made a mockery out of him.

He knew that Yu Yayun’s companion vein wasn’t of low rank. However, he felt sure that it wasn’t a Starry Sky Grade 7 beast. Besides, Sifting Forest Star couldn’t cultivate a single Starry Sky Grade 7 beast. Even if it could cultivate it, Yu Yayun certainly didn’t have the qualifications to control it.

Xian Chanxu sneered. “If you can’t win, just say you lost. Why bother making up excuses? Eighth core disciples from my Rainbowfall Sword Sect had fallen one after another, did you see me make a single complaint? Sure enough, people can say anything if they’re shameless. My Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciple has been waiting for a while, yet no one had stepped onto the duelling platform. Why hasn’t anyone gone up there yet?”

Bao Xuan suddenly stood up, full of murderous aura, “What does Sect Master Xian want to teach me here?”

Xian Chanxu’s face turned pale. He knew that he could compare to Bao Xuan in strength, but these bastards have bullied his sect too much. He naturally wouldn’t shrink back and suddenly stood up and said, “Teach you, I dare not. I just seek truth from facts. Maybe Elder Bao likes to use excuses, but my Rainbowfall Sword Sect doesn’t rely on excuses whether we win or lose.”

After saying this, Xian Chanxu immediately reeled in his words despite wanting to say more. The reason for this unfair competition was the Rainbowfall Sword Sect wasn’t as good as the other sects.

Ning Cheng felt quite happy seeing the conflict on the main stage. As long as this Bao Xuan dared to take the initiative, he would use the Time Wheel to turn all these offenders into nothingness. Then, he could use that excuse to destroy the rest of those sects.

But to Ning Cheng’s disappointment, another Eternal cultivator stopped Bao Xuan. From the looks of it, this Eternal cultivator had also understood that if they wanted to occupy Rainbowfall Sword Sect, they absolutely couldn’t use such a tough stance. They all needed a valid reason before they could take action. Otherwise, they would have to face endless troubles in the future. Therefore, they couldn’t use Bao Xuan’s argument.

After the Eternal cultivator stopped Bao Xuan, a person standing behind him took the initiative. “Master, Elder Bao, I will take the eleventh round. It’s also for my big brother. Let me take the initiative here.”

The Eternal cultivator nodded, “Qiuqi, you have to be careful. Her vine is a little weird. If I saw it correctly, it should be an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King. However, it’s tough to raise an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King to Starry Sky Grade 7. That little female cultivator on stage shouldn’t have the means to do it.”

Although he said that Yu Yayun couldn’t do it, what he meant was that Rainbowfall Sword Sect couldn’t have raised an Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King to Starry Sky Grade 7.

The cultivator who volunteered to fight gave a cautious bow and nodded before stepping into the air and reaching the duelling platform.

Seeing this cultivator on stage, Xian Chanxu couldn’t help but frown. He knew this cultivator too, the premier genius disciple of Universal Development Sect, Liang Qiuqi. His elder brother Liang Qiurui was the cause of this incident. According to Universal Development Sect, Lian Qiurui died because of Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Moreover, Liang Qiuqi’s cultivation had already reached the full-circle of Heaven’s Mandate Realm. Rather, he was already a half-step Heaven Seated cultivator, someone just below the Heaven Seated Realm.

But despite Universal Development Sect sending out this disciple, who had already reached the half-step Heaven Seated Realm, Xian Chanxu couldn’t say a word against it.

After Yu Yayun killed two people in succession, someone finally dared to take up the challenge. The public square over the sword stone once again erupted with enthusiasm. Some of the cultivators who knew about Liang Qiuqi’s origins even started to cheer for him crazily. At the same time, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples wholeheartedly cheered and prayed for Yu Yayun.

Liang Qiuqi didn’t do anything when he came up. Instead, he stared at Yu Yayun calmly and spoke up with a flat tone, “My name is Liang Qiuqi. Better remember it. I don’t want you to die without knowing the name of the person who killed you.”

Yu Yayun’s seductive body looked like a piece of wood in his eyes. He didn’t have the same gaze as Bian Peng at all.

Yu Yayun’s tone remained as cold as glacial ice, “You should also remember my name, that it was a disciple from my Rainbowfall Sword Sect that killed both of you brothers.”

“So my elder brother truly died at your Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s hand……” Liang Qiuqi’s voice carried a knife-like killing intent. After speaking, he didn’t wait for Yu Yayun to answer at all and immediately burst forth with his killing intent-filled domain.

Since Ning Cheng had already instructed the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King not to kill Liang Qiuqi instantly, it didn’t act immediately. As such, Yu Yayun’s domain cracked apart like an eggshell under Liang Qiuqi’s domain.

Yu Yayun hadn’t made any moves before she got suppressed under his domain’s powerful imposing manner. It even caused her to vomit a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Seeing Yu Yayun spitting blood, the sect elders from the other sects secretly breathed in a sigh of relief. It seems that Yu Yayun could only amount to this much. As long as one restrained that vine, Yu Yayun would become a fish over the chopping block.

Liang Qiuqi also felt relieved. He truly felt a little scared when facing Yu Yayun. But since Yu Yayun no longer could resist under his domain’s imposing manner, he naturally felt a lot of relief. The other sects also relaxed, but the people from Rainbowfall Sword Sect felt their hearts in their throats.

Liang Qiuqi raised his hand and brought out a Yin Yang Divination Disc. He wanted to suppress Yu Yayun entirely and as quickly as possible before taking her away from this place. Since Yu Yayun knows who killed his big brother, how could he let her go?

The moment he brought out the Yin Yang Divination Disc, it transformed into two discs filled with the aura of Yin-Yang. With Yu Yayun’s strength, and under the suppression from this Yin Yang aura, she found it hard to breathe, let alone resist. Despite holding her long sword, she couldn’t even move a muscle.

But at this time, the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King finally moved. Countless rattan vines spread out and confronted Liang Qiuqi’s domain in an instant. Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King’s rattan vines even resisted the Yin Yang aura from Liang Qiuqi’s Divination Disc.

Liang Qiuqi surpassed Yu Yayun in every aspect, but no matter how great his strength, he couldn’t compete with the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King. If not for Ning Cheng’s orders, Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King could have already held an absolute advantage over this fight.

Yu Yayun’s body suddenly loosened, and she immediately understood that the ghost rattan had made its move. Taking advantage of this chance, she quickly brought out her sword shadows.

The duelling platform quickly filled up with endless rattan vines, Liang Qiuqi’s Yin Yang Divination Aura, and Yu Yayun’s sword shadows.

Celestial essence explosions rang out, but these explosions came from the Yin Yang Divination Discs striking the restrictions at the edge of the duelling platform. It truly created a shocking scene for the spectators.

It didn’t matter if it was the main stage of the public square or the countless cultivators watching the battle underneath the platform. They all kept their gazes peeled at the fierce fight over the duelling platform. After two instant kills, the eleventh round finally gave them a decent match to watch.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” The sword shadows slashed down while the Yin Yang Discs criss-crossed over each other. However, the number of rattan vines on the battle stage kept decreasing.

Most of the cultivators watching the fight thought that Liang Qiuqi’s Yin Yang Divination Disc finally had managed to overwhelm those rattan vines. As long as the battle continued, Yu Yayun’s rattan vines would eventually clear away. Even Liang Qiuqi felt that the rattan vines had lost their power as it attacked him, which made him grow less vigilant. He snorted and stimulated his celestial essence to its limit. It was time to strike. He no longer wanted to remain in a stalemate against a low-levelled cultivator like Yu Yayun.

Only a few Eternal cultivators felt something wrong about the situation, despite Liang Qiuqi having the upper hand.

Just when Liang Qiuqi stimulated his celestial essence and wanted to cast a big move, two rattan vines abruptly protruded from his feet. Directly ignoring his domain, the two vines managed to restrain him completely. These two rattan vines were several times stronger than the previous rattan vines. Therefore, even if Liang Qiuqi struggled with all his might, he couldn’t move even a bit.

No, Liang Qiuqi quickly realised that things had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. But Yu Yayun’s sword shadow surged over at this moment and tore through his body unimpeded.

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